QuickBooks Error Code Status 3170: There was an error when trying to modify a vendor/customer list element

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 3170 - Host Docket

Error Message: [QODBC]  Error: 3170 – There was an error when modifying a data extension named  ‘Sent To FS’. QuickBooks error message: This action needs a valid  closing date password.

Generally, for all entrepreneur Intuit QuickBooks is an answer that maintains the bookkeeping and the money for undertaking. In some cases, at the time when we trying to modify a vendor/customer list element and the process couldn’t be get completed then QuickBooks Error Code 3170 message displayed in computer’s screen. It conquered error and all your blunders effectively. This QuickBooks software additionally encourages its clients with the choice of web-based saving money in different ways. Even this keeps a good track the made interactions. Underneath we will learn how QuickBooks Error Code 3140 arises? Let’s see what can be done.

This Error Code can be occurs “When there is a duplicate name between QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale and QuickBooks Desktop”

What is QuickBooks Error 3170?

QuickBooks Status code 3170 - Host Docket

What are the Main Causes of QuickBooks Error 3170?

  • It is due to when user is trying to modifying a vendor/customer list element and it is not completed or company files get corrupted.
  • When your active programs in the windows get crash, an error code appears 3170.
  • Downloading process corrupts suddenly or performs in an inadequate establishment of a QuickBooks programs.
  • The other programs will perniciously or it’s erroneously deleted from QuickBooks-related documents.
  • In run time errors 3170, for instance, a blunder of error 3170 that causes due to many variables & it is critical that we invest for each conceivable issue that keeps repeated again-n-again.

Some of the given steps in this article need you to perform steps that will result to irreversible changes. So We recommend you that you have QuickBooks Point of Sale backup and QuickBooks Desktop backup before following the troubleshooting steps.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 3170?

Now question comes in mind that how to fix this QuickBooks Error Code 3170? To fixation of this error code we need to follow some quick troubleshooting steps.

Check out these solutions as given below:-

Solution: 1

  • Firstly, we need to examine in QuickBooks Desktop point of sale in the Activity Log.
  • All the names of a customer/vendor are under the line before this error 3140 appears.
  • Users need to follow these steps as given below, if none then you can other option.
  • Now, click on the customer list & from the customer main menu of a point of sale.
  • Just click on a customer a one right click on a column header and then choose the QuickBooks status to sort your list and then search any client names with Non-posting or your error status just click on the QuickBooks header file.
  • Under the vendor list, just follow the same procedure.
  • After do so, just click on your name as vendor/customer, on to the QBs desktop.
  • Give a one click on the customer center (Vendors >Vendor center), is shown under the Customers main menu. Hope so you are going perfectly with these troubleshooting steps.
  • Now Under the Activity Log, give a right click on the name as listed there and then choose to edit the option.
  • At the end of the name in the menu, first add this numeric number as’1’ and then click to the OK button.
  • Now run the program of your financial exchange.
  • It requires to merge the editing name & thus, a new name was made or you can say created by financial exchange under the QuickBooks desktop.
  • Now on the edited name, press the double click.
  • After this, remove that ‘1’ numeric and then click to the OK key button.
  • This helps to merge the client or a vendor QuickBooks prompted & that’s created by financial exchange.
  • At last Step, Click on the Yes option.

I hope you are all done with these troubleshooting steps and the QuickBooks Error Code 3170 is now resolved. If still the error code is appearing then you can go with the method 2 given below. for Instant help call QuickBooks Error Support Number+1(800)-880-6389.

Solution: 2

  • First of all, click on the start key button.
  • Under the search option, enter the update option and then hit the enter key on your keyboard.
  • The Windows update dialog box, this will appear on your desktop screen.
  • Now click to install your updation key. Only if updates are available.

Hopefully that this article helped users to get instant help and fix QuickBooks Error 3170 as perfectly. If still error persists you need to speak with our QuickBooks Support Number through calling at our toll free number +1(800)880-6389 which is available for 24 hour of customer service.

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