Fix Error: QuickBooks Payroll update error (Unable to send usage data)

Fix Error: QuickBooks Payroll update error (Unable to send usage data)

QuickBooks is financial software that is installed into the system and customizes all the accounts in a systematic schedule. However a few QB users have reported certain technical glitches at the time of updating the payroll. Today’s article is going to be all about QuickBooks Payroll Error: ‘Failed to send usage data’ at the time of updating QuickBooks desktop. We will be discussing the causes and troubleshooting steps to the error.

This error occurs due to the incorrect time zone of desktop or you have created Accountant’s copy. Here we are going to share some easy and quick methods to fix this error. Once you follow these steps you can easily fix this typical error code by your own.

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Why Error: Failed to Send Usage Data Error Occurs in QuickBooks?

This problem may occur due to the following reasons:

  • When your time zone is incorrect into a computer or a laptop.
  • Also, in case the user creates a copy of an Accountant.

You may see the following error message on your desktop screen:

payroll-error-unable-to-send-usage-data - screenshot

Steps to Fix Error ‘Failed to send usage data’ while update

Follow the below methods to resolve error: failed to send usage data in QuickBooks. However, if you are looking for instant help then contact our QuickBooks payroll customer service team that will look forward to your concern and provide you a feasible solution. Our U.S based technical advisors are available 24/7 to provided you perfect solution for your problems.

Solution 1: Edit Your Payroll Service Key

First Method that Resolves this issue as promptly:

  • Go to the employees section and then select My Payroll service option. After that, select manage your Service Key.
  • Now click to the edit option, then go to next step and check your dialog box on as Open Payroll Setup and hit the finish tab. This will send your service key button and make it as to activate.
Edit Your Payroll Service Key - Screenshot
  • After that go back to main setting page.
  • To do so this, select to go employees and then click on My payroll service option. Then click on send usage data tab. If above method fail to fix this pitfall then try second method & ready to perform it in as professionally.

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Solution 2: Check the date & time of the file location in your System

In Windows 7:

If you are a Windows 7 user, you need follow the below points as described here:

  • First of all, open your computer system and double-click on the date and time icon and change the date and time. (Note: You can see the date and time option on the bottom of the screen)
  • If you are unable to change the date and time from your system, then go to Start option and click on control panel.
  • Here you need to select the clock, language or region option to change the date and time. (Note: Here you can see two more option date and time settings and region and language)
  • Now click on the option to change date and time settings.
  • After that on the Date and Time button, the user is required to click on the Change date and time button.
Windows Data and Time Settings - Screenshot
  • Followed by selecting the current date and time, and hit OK key button.
  • If you want to change the order of a time zone then you can easily click on the change time zone button as shown on the screen.
    • Give a one click on the time zone as scroll down in the drop-down arrow keys by using the system keyboard.
    • Then the user is supposed to choose it as the correct time zone.
    • If the user is present in a daylight saving time zone, then hit the Automatically modify clock for Daylight Saving Time tick-box.
  • After this, you need to click on the OK key button and then click to the OK option as it again.
  • After that, verify the time and date are correct in the system or not. If not, ask expert advice by connecting to our techies that have great skills in deploying extreme services.
In Windows 8:

If you are a Windows 8 user, you need follow the below points as described here:

  • First of all, open the Control panel option.
  • And then hit Clock, language, Region heading.
  • The next step is to click on the set date & time, that is present under the heading date & time settings tab.
  • Moving ahead, the user is required to click on to change the date & time button, in a new date or time tab.
  • After that, the user is supposed to correct date as well as time and hit OK.
  • The last and final step is to verify the correctness of date and time.

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Solution 3: Ensure if there exists an Accountant’s copy

In case the Date and time are absolutely correct, then it is recommended to toggle the time zone (correct, wrong, correct) by following the simple steps listed below:

  1. Coming to the third solution, in case an Accountant’s copy exists, the user is supposed to remove the restrictions manually, or he/she can wait until the Accountant’s copy is returned. But still do not forget that when the user is removing accountant’s copy he/she needs to verify with the Accountant.
  2. After that, the user is required to send the data to Intuit.
  3. The next step is to delete all the online transactions, if the error continues to grow.
    • Now the user is supposed to click on Edit option from top menu bar
    • And then the user should press CTRL+F key
  4. Moving ahead, click on the Advanced tab.
    • And then in the Filter box, the user is required to carry out the following steps:
      1. Visit the drop down menu, and select the filter Detail Level and then select the Summary only.
      2. After that the user is supposed to move to the drop down menu and then choose the filter Online Status also choose Online to send.
      3. The next step is to move to the drop down menu and then select the filter Posting Status also select Filter option.
  5. Coming to the end, the user is required to hit Find button from Find screen.
  6. Followed by, reviewing the results:
    • If the user detects any non-payroll transaction, then he/she needs to complete the processing.
    • And if the user finds the paychecks, then removing them the very next moment and then making an attempt to send to Intuit again is the only option that the user should follow. If it is done successfully, then the user needs to recreate the paychecks.

Conclusive Lines!!

With this we conclude our article, and also hope that the above stated information will help the users to fix Error – QuickBooks Payroll “Failed to send usage data” while update.

However, if the problem still persists then the user can seek for technical guidance and help from accounting experts. You can dial our toll-free i.e. +1(800) 880-6389. Feel free to connect with our QuickBooks support technicians that are available 24/7.


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11 Most Common Payroll And Bookkeeping Mistakes You’re Probably Making

11 Most Common Payroll And Bookkeeping Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Are you a small or mid-sized business holder? Or an entrepreneur?? You should take a gaze upon the frequent payroll & bookkeeping mistakes. Suppose if you present the gift card to the business employee’s & reckon them as a cash payment. Are you sure that you have a fast and easy payoff system for the taxes whilst you overpaid the employee’s?

It might be possible that you are using the vendor payments as payroll before receiving the Form W-9? If you don’t, then IRS would probably penalize you with some serious fines. Now read this technical article to avail complete insight on this topic.

Avoid 11 Common Payroll & Bookkeeping Mistakes

Avoid these 11 common payroll and bookkeeping problems that small company holders tend to make.

1. Failure to Issue Form 1099 Correctly

Be sure that the Form 1099 be supposed to be issued only to self-governing or independent contractors & also to the vendors who endow the business with over $600 in services. If you are failing to do so, you could tend to steep penalties.

2. Classify Employees as Independent Contractors

Your staff-member may be usually either independent or self governing contractors or employees. Selecting the correct classification is essential. Different forms are involved (1099 versus W-2), & some staff may be subject to tax preservation.

3. Proper Fringe Benefit Value Not Included Appropriately

You can take account of company cars, spousal travel, country club dues, and also housing benefits into the Taxable Fringe benefits. But it can be complicated to analyze fringe benefit value accurately.

4. If You Are not Including the Fair Market Value of Prizes, Gift Cards, and Awards in Employee Income Totals

The majority awards are noticed as a taxable fringe benefit & the Gift cards are identified as cash should be assumed as a taxable wages.

5. Excluding Travel and Commuting from Employee Income

In numerous cases, commuting & travel expenditures are not measured as taxable income for an worker. But there are a number of unique cases such as travel expenses for short-term coursework that lengthen can be subject to income tax.

6. If You Are Doing It All Alone

There is a crisis with Small business owners & entrepreneurs. They at all times struggle to deal with payroll tasks on their own. But they end up experiencing more pressure, stress, and may make costly errors.

7. Exclude Reimbursements for Expenses from Re-portable Wages

The correct exclusion of reimbursements for expenses depends upon an accountable plan where operating cost are reimbursed. Only if there is a business relationship, other reimbursements should be built-in in the taxable salary.

8. Executive Income is Not Including in Non-qualified Deferred Compensation

Here is the thing that may be Executive compensation is a subject matter to an excise tax. You be familiar that if this is neglected, there is a relief program. But only certain oversights are eligible.

9. Neglect Backup Withholding for Vendor Payments

You probably know this very well that a company pays the vendor before receiving the Form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification). It could be subject of matter to a payment of 28 percent for backup withholding.

10. Not Depositing Withheld Taxes in a Timely Manner

Withheld taxes suppose to be deposited in regular payment terms of semi-weekly or monthly basis. However, some amounts need a deposit on the next business day. If you are unable to deposit it appropriately..! This can tends to late fee deposits, penalties, and also interest charges ranging from two to 15 percent.

11. Thinking your way through the task

Entrepreneurs will as a whole theory their way via accounting when they aren’t entirely specific what they’re doing. The problem is mystery mixes after time, potentially leaving a year of books that you have to fix at evaluation time.

Few Examples include:

  • Not categorizing costs properly
  • Overlooking tax deductions
  • Missing filing on declaring target dates since guides weren’t done in a timely manner

In case, you are also facing some unnecessary penalties from the IRS – you should Hire a professional bookkeeping service to handle your business payroll tax concerns and reporting..! Because the bookkeeping services give you a tension-less accounting experience and also help you to grow your business.

To know more on this topic or to hire a specialized bookkeeper for your business – you can dial our toll-free QuickBooks payroll helpline number with no hesitation .i.e. +1-800-880-6389.

Our Certified accountant and bookkeepers are ready there to help you out in your accounting and payroll related problems. We have covered a large area in all over the USA and other countries.


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Why You Should Opt For QuickBooks to Fix Your Payroll Issues

Why You Should Opt For QuickBooks to Fix Your Payroll Issues

Why experts recommend QuickBooks to resolve payroll problems

QuickBooks is an advanced accounting software that is trusted by millions of business owners and accountants worldwide. This software helps the users perform tasks related to accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll with ease. However, sometimes QuickBooks receives some errors and glitches despite being a robust software. This article is crafted to assist you in case you have been facing payroll related issues.

New payroll features in QuickBooks offer improved business experience to users, but payroll problems may cause a delay in their work and can also cause a shutdown. It’s necessary that you verify a payroll sheet at least twice before concluding it, in order to avoid any kind of further mess. You can also code up multiple devices in the software to further reduce your manual work.

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Different types of payroll problems

Accounting is quite a daunting task and more often than not it may be challenging. In case the business being served is too large, the job may be even tougher as the payroll of the employees is a very sensitive thing to do.

Not everything can be performed manually. And if tried, there might be more chances of encountering various errors. Though, many of the payroll problems encountered by organizations can be fixed using QuickBooks accounting software.

Below enumerated are different types of payroll problems organizations have reported:

  • Overtime issues
  • Employee misclassification
  • Unreliable time records
  • Untimed payroll processing

1. Overtime Issues:

An organization may have employees getting different payouts. Furthermore, not all employees work for regular hours. While some sources decide to work for extra hours to earn extra wages, a company may also require some employees to deliver more hours to meet some delivery agreements. The working hours and payment must be included in the profiles of every individual employee.

As per the Fair Labor Standards Act, all organizations should pay their employees with the fair, which should be one and half-hour higher than their regular work period. For that, it is mandatory to create and maintain the overtime data sheet to keep the payroll process simple.

2. Employee misclassification:

A company might not give every individual the status of an employee. The owners may also hire freelancers or sources on contract to get some work done. In situations like that, it’s necessary to keep a note of such work agreements.

The process incorporated to pay the organization’s permanent employee may vary from the process through which the freelancers are supposed to pay. The same may apply when reporting to IRS, the processes may be dissimilar. W2 cases are supposed to be used for the company’s employees and 1099 should be used for freelancers and other non-employees.

3. Unreliable time records:

If you must use paper time cards, the unpredictability in timing may cause an issue. If an employee or resource is unable to use his paper time cards, the payroll for the employee may be delayed. In the time records, the error may display the salary underpaid or overpaid.

The payroll management must be performed with a significant software like the QuickBooks. Among all the apt accounting applications, QuickBooks is especially known to help the small- and mid-sized business enterprises. Make sure that you have an updated version of QuickBooks to solve payroll related issues.

Using QuickBooks may enable you to record the in and out timings of all the employees. The software assists you to maintain a clear calculation of the time records and also assists you in processing the payroll with ease.

Maintaining the accurate data of overtime for all the employees of the firm manually is not possible. Thus, it’s imperative to use QuickBooks accounting software that can help you create and maintain records of the firm’s employees. When it’s time to push the payroll, details can be extracted from QB without any manual assistance.

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4. Untimed payroll processing:

Employees working for an organization may have multiple commitments related to their payout. A delay in processing the payroll may impact their commitment towards work. If there appears any sort of error in the payroll management, then fixing it manually may take a lot of time. If you want seamless payroll processing every month, you can opt for an updated version of QuickBooks accounting software.

Author’s words!!

There are multiple ways to fix payroll issues, out of which a few are described in this article. However, using a robust accounting software like QuickBooks is something that ensures a seamless payroll system. Also, you can contact our Pro Accountant Advisor team whenever you have a query or you need assistance.

We feature a Payroll support team of QuickBooks experts that is available round the clock at +1-800-880-6389. Our experts ensure quality assistance and ensure to provide the most relevant information for all QuickBooks related queries.


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Comprehensive guide to add an EIN to Existing Payroll Subscription

Comprehensive guide to add an EIN to Existing Payroll Subscription

Understand how to add an EIN to an existing QuickBooks desktop Payroll account

QuickBooks accounting software has helped millions of small and mid-sized business owners in managing their accounts and records effectively. A few Add-ons to the software can make it one of the most useful accounting software to another level. One such tool that the user can add to the existing QuickBooks Payroll subscription is EIN. Many QuickBooks users find it troublesome to add EIN to QuickBooks payroll. Thus, we have come up with this article, where we will be discussing the step by step process to add EIN to QuickBooks Payroll Basic, Standard or Enhanced subscription.

However, for expert assistance, do not hesitate in speaking to our QuickBooks payroll technical support team via our toll-free number i.e. +1-800-880-6389. Our team will be there to assist in you in a single call.

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Requirements and Limitations:

Well, there are certain requirements, as well as limitations for adding EIN to QuickBooks payroll. Below is the list of essential requirements and limitations.

  • The user will have to use the same registered copy of QuickBooks Desktop on the same machine, in order to process payroll for all companies on one payroll subscription.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Payroll is programmed to support just one company data file per EIN. If you try to use more than one company files under the same EIN and payroll subscription, you may encounter errors.
  • The contact details and QuickBooks Desktop payroll administrator for the payroll subscription will be the same for all companies that you add to a single subscription.
  • If you use Direct Deposit (DD) to pay your employees, you can choose to have several companies (separate data files with different EINs) with Direct debit on the same DIY Payroll subscription.
  • Each QB Desktop Payroll service can add a limited number of companies to a single subscription. Please note that the limit does not depend on number of employees but company data files.
  • If the user is an Enhanced Payroll for Accountants license owner, then it is recommended not to give service keys to the clients. This might expose the payroll subscription account to unauthorized users.
Service Maximum number of EINs
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic 3
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Standard 3
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced 3
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced for Accountants 50
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted Each EIN is charged separately. Discounts apply for multiple companies

Steps to add an EIN or another organization to your subscription

  1. Choose the “Employees” menu.
  2. And then Go to “Payroll” option.
  3. Select “Use My Existing Payroll Service” from the top menu bar.
  4. In Account Maintenance window, choose “Add File“.
  5. Choose the “Add to Subscription Number” XXXXXXXXXX-(SUBSCRIPTION NAME) radio button.
  6. Put in your information that includes of Zip code and select other “I have an existing subscription if you do not see your own subscription in the list.”
  7. If the radio button (Add to Subscription Number XXXXXXXXXX-(SUBSCRIPTION NAME) is not available, that means the payroll service has already been authenticated in the company file.
  8. You can move the EIN to your existing subscription, if you have a service key in the file and you wish to “add the EIN” in your existing subscription (you can contact us if you face an issue).
  9. Tap on “Next” button.
  10. Click next again to add the company EIN at no extra fee when the “Review Information” window appears.
  11. Select “Print”, or go back to QuickBooks. You will find a payroll subscription window open to validate and the service is added automatically.
  12. Verify the “Service Key” now.
  13. Click on “Employees” section
  14. And go to “My Payroll Service” option
  15. From the top menu bar, select “Manage Service Key” opt.
  16. Tap on “View “and it will open up the new service key with an Active Status.

Important: You will not find the payroll subscription number when you click “Use My Existing Payroll Service” if you bought a subscription directly from Intuit before creating a payroll company file.

If you face the mentioned issue, check the following solution

Tips to follow If you purchased a subscription directly from Intuit prior to creating a payroll company file:

  • Find the service key of the “EIN” that have to add.
  • Use Intuit’s Automated Service Key or “Disk Delivery key” tool.
  • Contact our QuickBooks experts if you need help.
  • Provide the EIN to us, and we will provide you with a unique service key. (Please use the automated service key or disk delivery key tool, in case you receive updates by disk.)
  • Click “Employees” section.
  • Go to “Payroll” menu.
  • Enter “Payroll Service Key” from the top menu bar.
  • Tap on “Add” and put in the service key as one number without hyphens.
  • Next, Click “Add” and put in your service key, in case the “company file” already has the payroll service key.
  • Now Click on “Next” button.
  • Click “Finish” button.

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The payroll function will be activated once you follow the steps mentioned above. Also, a new Tax Table will be downloaded in the QuickBooks desktop company file.

Author’s words!

Adding EIN to QuickBooks payroll subscription doesn’t include any rocket science, all it involves is a few steps. The given steps will assist you to move or add an EIN to a different QuickBooks desktop payroll subscription. If you still need assistance with this process, you can contact our QuickBooks online support .I.E. 1(800)880-6389 and talk to a certified QB expert.

Our experts have the right tools, technology, and expertise to assist you with any QuickBooks related issue in the least possible time. Thanks for your valuable visit. You are always welcome here anytime soon.


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Intuit Payroll: QuickBooks Smarter Payroll & E-Taxes

Intuit Payroll: QuickBooks Smarter Payroll & E-Taxes

As we all are aware about QuickBooks accounting software which is made especially for a small, medium or a large sized business. It helps to run your business more efficiently with payroll software that is the right option for you to work together. In this article, all users need to pay attention as we discuss about QuickBooks payroll account information that fits your business needs. 

This article guides all users how QuickBooks Payroll is beneficial for any specific-industry.

QuickBooks Payroll Benefits

The time is now to calculate all your accounts as automatically with effortless payroll.

Make Payroll effortlessly by doing following work as:

  • Easy to calculate paychecks accurately.
  • Simply done all calculation payroll taxes in a automatic.
  • Due to QB payroll, avoid tax penalties, by hundred percent guaranteed.
  • Works with or without QuickBooks software.

It fits with your Business requirements

  • This is really fits your business requirements having multiple flexible pay types & its deductions available here.
  • Set up as hourly, an employee’s salary, its time off/on, health care benefits, retirement & more about.

Free Direct Deposit through Payroll

  • Through QuickBooks payroll, a user can print checks by using a direct deposit at which colleagues prefers.

Managing payroll taxes easily

  • QuickBooks users can file and pay e-taxes electronically as well as automatically. Even they can handle them for you and get a no-penalty as guarantee. This makes the user easier to work through this QB payroll software.

QuickBooks Online with Enhanced Payroll Services

Other Additional Features of QuickBooks Payroll as listed below:-

Print Pay Cheque

Print Pay Cheque - Screenshot

By using payroll software, get to print pay cheques on pre-printed cheque stock its right from QuickBooks software.

Run your Payroll & let us calculate all taxes

Run your Payroll in QuickBooks - Screenshot

Now run your payroll together with QuickBooks and calculate payroll taxes right in QuickBooks as automatically.

Payroll reports

Run all payroll reports in QuickBooks applications to get all info you need to keep things as safe and run in a smooth manner.

Payroll reports in QuickBooks - Screenshot

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit - Screenshot

It is to pay all employees by a direct deposit for getting no extra ordinary cost.

File & Pay taxes

File and remit your payroll taxes with the help of CRA or Revenu Quebec.

Year & Forms

Prepare your accounts as yearly and updated all tax forms through payroll systematically till the end of the financial year summaries including employee forms like T4s and Releve 1s by online.

Records of an Employment

It’s too simple now to prepare file Records of Employment when an employee resigns or as leaves the firm.

Employee Access

Employee Access in QB payroll - Screenshot

All employees can update their personal financial info as confidential and view their pay stubs and tax forms through online.

Pay Contractors

Pay Contractors in QB Payroll - Screenshot

Pay contractors and automatically creates the file T4As at the end of a financial year.

Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation report - Screenshot

By using payroll together in any organization it calculates automatically, instantly tracks, and remits workers compensation pending dues or other deductions made for each worker in a company.

Connect with QuickBooks

Get to connect with QuickBooks to your bank account and this automatically match your income and further expense along with bank transactions from anywhere or at anytime.

Final words..!

As QuickBooks Payroll is one of the most popular software that is used for all sized organizations either it’s small, medium or a large organization. If troubling somewhere then ask expert guidance by contacting to our expert QuickBooks Payroll customer support at 1800-880-6389 avails for round the clock. Our technicians are highly trained and proficient in resolving innumerable pitfalls at the troubled-situation.

Feel free to ask your queries directly to our QuickBooks Experts where QB users will get a unique knowledge for Payroll version and can able to run their business more efficiently with QuickBooks together. This enhances the way to your business and made easy to calculate all company’s perks. We are available 24/7 hour of customer service.


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