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QuickBooks is the finest accounting and bookkeeping software made by Intuit. When your credit card has been replaced it means that your account number has been changed. Now, you want to retain all the historical data for the Credit Card (CC) and just want to update the credit card number. Even when you have disabled web connect and reconnect but still the old number remains and therefore I am unable to import downloaded transactions. In this post, we are going to update Credit Card or billing information in QuickBooks with the help of quick steps.

In case you want immediate help or technical assistance to update credit card on your QuickBooks then feel free to seek help from our QuickBooks Payroll Support team by dialing our toll-free  +1-844-499-6700.

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What are the Common Errors while updating credit card information in QuickBooks?

  • The client just influences partial installments on its credit to card bills
  • Records Payable is used to enter bills for rotating obligation adjusts
  • All Master Card bills are recorded to a like cost account
  • Master Card accounts are not accommodate


  • Records payable alter is high with different charge card bills
  • Costs appear to be outrageously elevated
  • The ledger adjust seems the solution

Steps to change or update your credit card information

Before you get started A few things to know

  • Only a System Administrator or Company Administrator user can update payment information for your account.
  • Payment info updates must be done using QuickBooks Online in a web browser. You won’t have the ability to update the payments details from the mobile app.
  • If you have purchased your QuickBooks Online subscription through an app store (iOS or Android), you require to update your repayment details via the application store directly.

At the present time, you can only pay for QuickBooks Online with MasterCard, Visa, or AMEX. EFT and also ACH are not accepted.

Also, if you have actually QuickBooks Online packed with Payroll, updating your credit card info in QuickBooks Online instantly updates your Payroll subscription.

  • Firstly, Select the Gear icon on the Toolbar, and then select Account and also Setups
  • Select the Payment & Subscription tab
  • After that select Edit option that is Under the Payment method
  • Now Enter the full credit card information by typing in the complete card number, name on card, expiration day, and also CVV or security code
  • Verify the invoicing/billing address In QuickBooks Online is the same payment address on the credit card statement
  • Finally click on the Save changes option

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Some other points you need to know:

As we all know that credit card number is the part of the information and QuickBooks needs to connect to the bank plus you will have to get in contact with your bank to cancel the online services mutually to it. Any fees for this service will continue until it is completely cancelled.

Online services for the old credit card number may be still active and that the reason the old number was retained when you reconnect the account. Now, you will be able to disconnect the credit card account from the QuickBooks.

Follow the steps mentioned below to solve the below listed error-

  • Firstly, Click on List menu
  • After that Choose Chart of Accounts tab
Chart of accounts option - Screenshot
  • Now, select the credit card account and then click on the pencil icon to edit it
  • Click on the Online Settings tab
  • Choose Not enabled from the Downloaded Transactions drop-down menu
  • Select OK button

The data downloaded from the old credit card will remain hidden until you add the service again.

Set the online services for the new credit card number and here we have discussed the steps mentioned below-

  • Choose the Banking option
  • Click on the Bank Feeds
  • Choose the option Set Up Bank Feed for an Account
Set Up Bank Feed for an Account - Screenshot
  • Now, follow the on-screen prompts to import the transactions via WebConnect

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We hope that the above steps really did help you in updating the account number for a credit card.


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