There is a bug in El Captain which causes QuickBooks to crash on launch and if the form window is minimized when last exited then some users will have success in deleting the QuickBooks preferences files, some users have had success changing to the window then work-space and then manual. In case, if you delete your preference files then prepare yourself to re-register on QuickBooks.

To delete your preference files:

  • Close QuickBooks if it is running.
  • In the finder hold down the option key.
  • Click on Go and then click on Library
  • Library window will open and then double click on the Preferences
  • Drag ALL files of the form to the trash (where xxxx is a year, like 2016)
  • Reboot your QuickBooks

Hopefully, the steps mentioned above to repair your QuickBooks as it is crashing then do not worry just get in immediate contact with our QuickBooks help team by calling on our toll-free number .i.e. +1-844-405-0907.

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