The invoices are the most important document when you are using QuickBooks Enterprise without invoice you will not be able to get paid.

Steps to follow when you create an invoice in QuickBooks:

  • On your dashboard go to “Invoicing“.
  • Choose the “Customer” field for which invoice has to be created.
  • Choose the “Time period” for the payment.
  • Fill in the product you have sold and then “Add“.
  • If you want to send an invoice via email then enter the email address of the customer.
  • Preview your invoice.
  • Choose the “logo” for your invoice.
  • Using predefined templates customize your invoice anytime.
  • Click on “Save & Send” when you are ready to send an invoice through email.

For more details on how to make your invoice pretty contact our Payroll Customer Service helpline at +1-844-405-0907.

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