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QuickBooks is accounting software. It allows the business of all sizes to handle payroll related issues. Once setup is completed then maintaining payroll with the program in your business is quick. It is then simple to do QuickBooks Payroll.

It calculates that each employees gross pay. You can write the paycheck, record the transaction in your QuickBooks checking account. And also keep track of your tax liabilities, and pay them on the payroll working.

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Steps to Do Payroll in QuickBooks

This video will surely help you if you want to pay your employees using QuickBooks + Payroll.

1. Navigate the Employee Center of QuickBooks by choosing Employees Menu

  • Choose the Employee Center at the QuickBooks screen and click on the left side of the “Online Banking” button.

2. Navigate to the Payroll Module

  • On the Employees main page, you need to click Get started with payroll on the right side of the screen.

3. Information about your company

  • QuickBooks Collect the details alongside the company name as well as the address, this includes information about your federal tax ID Number. You can view your most company information by choosing Company Information from the Company menu.

4. Information about your payroll items

  • Including company expenses related to a payroll of QB manages a list of items that affect the amount of a payroll check. QuickBooks creates the number of payroll items for you, and you added others as you need them.

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5. Add Your Employees

  • Now you’re ready to add your employees. Click Add employee on the left of the screen.

6. Tax tables for federal, state and local withholdings

  • QB uses tax tables to calculate payroll, and you get the current tax tables and keep them current when you subscribe. You have to calculate and enter your payroll tax dedications manually for each paycheck.

7. Enter Your Pay Schedule

  • To enter pay schedule, you need to click on the Enter a pay schedule button beneath the question.
  • To enter your employee’s pay schedule, you need pt select a pay interval from the drop-down menu options readily available underneath the question: Just how often do you pay your employee?

8. Enter How Much You Pay Your Employee

  • Successive, you’ll need to answer the question: ‘How much you pay your employee?

9. Now Enter the Employee Deductions

  • After that you need to answer again the given question – ‘Does your employee have any kind of deductions?’ (Examples: retirement, health care).
  • However, ‘No’ is one of the most usual answer, you can hit click on the Pencil icon to add any type of deductions your employee may have noted on his/her W-4 form.

10. Enter the Employee Payment Technique

  • Finally you have to answer the given question ‘How do you intend to pay your employee?’ Click on the Pencil icon beneath the concern to choose exactly how you wish to pay your employee.

11. Add Employee

  • Next, Click on Done button in the lower right of the screen when you’re ended up including your first employee.

12. Finally Run Payroll

  • Finally once you have added all your employees, you are prepare to run payroll.
  • In the Run Payroll Module, you’ll require to get in a couple of information, such as the number of regular pay hours your employee worked as well as how many overtime hrs. (if there is any) your employee worked.

We hope that now you understand that how to use payroll and sometimes it can be confusing in that case do not hesitate and immediately contact our QuickBooks Payroll Customer Service team by calling on our toll-free number at +1-844-499-6700.


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