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Today, in this post we are going to discuss how to upload QuickBooks Files to QuickBooks Online.

Steps to Upload QuickBooks Files to QuickBooks Online (QBO)

Implement the steps mentioned below to upload QuickBooks Files to QuickBooks Online-

  1. First of all, open your computer
  2. After that upload your file
  3. Open QuickBooks Desktop
  4. Click on ‘Company
  5. Then ‘Export company file‘ to the QuickBooks Online.
    • Click on ‘Help
    • Update the QuickBooks
    • Select all the updates stated in update now window
    • Click to make an Update
    • Hit a Click on ‘Close
    • Click on ‘File‘ and then ‘Exit
    • Restart QuickBooks and finish the installing the updated when prompted
  6. Enter your ‘QuickBooks Online login details‘ and agree the ‘Terms and conditions‘ and click on ‘Submit
  7. If you inventory your file and import from the latest version of QuickBooks your data into or select to create a new company
  8. Click on ‘OK
  9. An e-mail will be sent to your e-mail id and your work is done
  10. Upload the file for QuickBooks Online. After this, we will compare the ‘Profit and loss‘ and band sheet

We hope that this answer has cleared all your questions regarding to the uploading QuickBooks File to QuickBooks Online and if your still need any help then feel free to seek help from our QuickBooks online support team by calling on their toll-free number at +1-844-499-6700.


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