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Let’s suppose, I work for a company which has a base contract with me and we want to bill from that contact and then add change orders as required. How can you do that or do you a new QuickBooks Module for that?

This is known as Progress Invoicing. It is first created by an estimate and then bill from it. Follow the steps mentioned below to do progress invoicing.

  1. Open QuickBooks software
  2. Press F1 key so than Help window could open
  3. Search for Progress Invoicing for details
  4. But, to do that ensure that to turn it On in Preferences
  5. Click on Jobs & Estimates
  6. Now, select Company Preferences

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The Progress Invoicing window for QuickBooks for Mac is found in Sales & Invoicing

  1. Open your QuickBooks for Mac again
  2. Go to Preferences
  3. Click on Sales & Invoicing
  4. Check in the box to the left of Customer and/or job estimates are prepared, and I want to create progress invoices from estimates
  5. Close the window

We hope that the steps mentioned above to enter a contract with the total amount and then bill from that contract has helped you a lot and if not then get in immediate contact with our QuickBooks Customer Support team by calling them on their toll-free number at  +1-844-499-6700.


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