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Today, here with the help of the steps mentioned below you will now able to access QuickBooks Database.

12 Steps to Access QuickBooks Database Easily

Implement the steps below in an orderly form.

  1. First of all open your computer and then “Download and install QuickBooks“.
  2. Create a “Table in Microsoft access” is a product of many users. It will allow you as user to use your “QuickBooks Data files” in the same session as access database.
  3. Select the option in “File” and then click on “New“.
  4. Select the “Blank Database” and then click on “OK” button.
  5. Default database file name db 1 appear in the box. Then you can “Edit” and given the more relevant name e.g. – “QB link.mdb.
  6. Save the file as type: – “Microsoft Access Database“.
  7. Click on “Create” and then click on “NEW” Button.
  8. Select link table click on “OL“.
  9. Change the “First of type” list to the settings for “ODBC database“.
  10. Then select the “QuickBooks related database service name” (Customer) you set up with the ODBC driver.
  11. These can one of us our pre-installed database service names or one that you have created.
  12. Select one or more “QuickBooks tables” to “Add you Microsoft access project” and then click on “OK“.

We hope that with the help of content mentioned above you are now able to access QuickBooks Database and if you still have any doubt or query related this topic or any other task then feel free to seek advice from our QuickBooks online support team by calling at +1-844-499-6700.


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