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Are you troubling with QuickBooks error code 3120 in your QuickBooks point of sale application? if yes, then this post is just for you. There are numerous kinds of errors which as a user you face while working on QuickBooks software. Today, here in this blog we are going to discuss the causes of QuickBooks error code 3120 and the steps to solve the same.

What’s QuickBooks Error Code 3120?

QuickBooks Error 3120 can be noticed when you get this following message which says- “Object X specified in the request cannot be found”.

quickbooks error code 3120 - Screenshot

In a more specific and technical way we can say that the trouble occurs when the payment download crashes while you try to do it through the invoices which seemed accurate.

When deals requests or buy requests are fulfilled, a bill or receipt or/and item receipt is synchronized to QuickBooks from the Rapid Inventory and then connected to the start of exchange. In that case, the start of exchange will be erased or physically checked shut and most probably you will face this message.

Reasons for QuickBooks Error Code 3120

Here is the list of reasons for QuickBooks Error Code 3120-

  • When the mapping of the account has not done accurately
  • Damaged or Corrupted first exchange
  • Business arranges in Rapid Inventory is ruptured
  • No match-up back to QuickBooks when comparing invoice
  • QuickBooks POS (Point of Sale) for desktop is set inaccurately

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Troubleshooting of QuickBooks Error Code 3120

Implement the steps mentioned below to repair the error 3120:

  1. First of all Go to Point of Sale or POS
  2. Click on File
  3. After that Select Preference
  4. Then choose Workstation
  5. Select the Account Preferences
  6. Make sure that on the Basic and Advanced tabs the account types are selected for the mappings are right

Note: The square brackets [] indicates that none account is been selected.

  1. If you need then update the account and then click on Save.
  2. Check for default mappings for QuickBooks Desktop in the overview of the financial exchange.
  3. Do the financial exchange with the help of QuickBooks Desktop.

I hope the steps mentioned above to troubleshoot the QuickBooks POS Error 3120 has helped you a lot. However, if you need further help or technical support assistance for your accounting related problems then do not hesitate to seek advice from our 24/7 QuickBooks Error Support team by calling on their toll-free number at  +1-844-499-6700.


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