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Get all the information of about the best Inventory Management tools that help with Inventory Management for small business

Inventory management can be simply put as a record of stocked goods of a company. So, this is the pure management of all the products and inventory. Inventory management comes with a number of benefits right from managing goods to streamlining the process of stocking and giving companies a good control of their business.

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Best 25 tools designed to streamline Inventory Management for small Businesses.

Here are some of the best 25 tools specially designed for small business and will help you manage your inventory in a better way:

1. Unleashed:

Virtual inventory management is no longer a dream with Unleashed. With this software you can take control of inventory health and scale your business. Unleashed provides you with a Cloud-based dashboard. Its starting price is $60 a month.

2. AdvancePro:

With an advantage to integrate all the QuickBooks records into the AdvancePro system, AdvancePro comes with a series of high-performing inventory and warehouse management tools. These tools can be customized to the needs of a small business.

3. InFlow:

InFlow is an online inventory management system providing business from different industries. The software makes it easy for the business to receive orders and reorder stock. The good news is that it offers a free package for the new small businesses.

4. Ordoro:

Popular in the industry as the smartest shipping app, Ordoro is a cost-effective solution for business to goods inventory for shipping operations. The pricing plan of this software starts from $25 a month.

5. Lettuce:

With the use of Lettuce inventory app, one can integrate the systems which include payment processing, shopping, CRM among many others. The starting price of this app is $59 a month.

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6. Infoplus:

Providing a highly effective inventory management system, Infoplus is a web-base system that is highly suitable for retail, beverages and electronics business. Its pricing plan start from $379

7. Retail Inventory:

Starting from a Basic package of $20 per month, Retail Inventory is considered as a comprehensive inventory management system and includes an option to scan barcodes as well.

8. Inventory Now:

Making inventory tracking quite easier, Inventory Now provides business the complete overview of their inventory. Moreover, you also have an option to check about a particular inventory item number any time, and is considered suitable for small and medium sized business. It’s starting cost is $4.99.

9. Cin7:

Offering real-time tracking of inventory and sales, Cin7 is a point of sale and inventory management system. Its price starts at $249 a month.

10. Stitch Labs:

A retail business has a benefit of this tool as they can take control of their inventory from anywhere and anytime. In addition to the Stitch Labs inventory management, it also allows them to go for order processing. It also syncs availability across all sales channels and warehouses. It’s starting price is $499 a month.

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11. SalesBinder:

Popular as the all-in-one inventory management software, SalesBinder has all the basic tools relevant for a small business. A business cannot just manage their inventory but also manage their invoices, customers, suppliers and purchase orders. You can also find a free platform on this management tool. Its Bronze package is available at $19.

12. TradeGecko:

TradeGecko allows business to manage their sales and stock. It also allows them to create inventory reports and automate shipping. Its plan starts from $79 a month.

13. RedRock Warehouse Manager:

It is an efficient inventory management tool which is suitable for the small business dealing in retail, manufacturing and e-commerce fulfillment. It is integrated with the QuickBooks’ records.

14. Wasp Inventory Control:

Wasp Inventory Control provides businesses the real-time approach to the inventory and includes a printer, supplies and a mobile device.

15. JumpStock:

An all-inclusive inventory management system, JumpStock lets businesses to take care of their full inventory requirements. Its price starts at $99 a month.

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16. SOS Inventory:

SOL Inventory management software integrates with QuickBooks and allows businesses to manage their inventory at multiple places. Its plans range from $25-$200 per month.

17. TRXio:

TRXio integrates with QuickBooks and allows businesses to manage their inventory at multiple places. Its plans range from $25-$200 per month.

18. Fishbowl:

Fishbowl integrates with QuickBooks very easily and I highly flexible for small businesses. It also includes a 14-day free trial.

19. OrderBot:

Right from automating time-consuming orders, OrderBot is famous for its quick automation in shipment process as well. This system is capable of creating customization packing slips. Owing to its customizable features, businesses are required to use a quote based request for few of their requirements.

20. Clearly Inventory:

Featuring a simple interface, Clearly Inventory is ideal for those firms that are involved in investing so much of their time in understanding the new software. The software allows the businesses to pay for what they need as and when they expand.

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21. LoSoftware:

A free software solution for the businesses, LoSoftware operates in e-commerce, service-based industries and retail. This is easy-to-use software which provides a good control over stock to the businesses.

22. Stockpile:

Delivered by Canvas applications, Stockpile saves a lot of time and money on the inventory tasks. You can add inventory, record sales, and take returns.

23. Zoho Inventory:

Allowing small businesses to manage their inventory and orders with great efficiency, Zoho Inventory provides a multi-channel selling and inventory control. Its basic package costs $29 a month and $249 per month for a professional package.

24. NCR Counterpoint:

A business dealing in retail, mail-order or wholesale can use this cloud-hosted point of sale software. NCR Counterpoint comes with a range of features to automate purchase orders and a host of other payment processing features.

25. Goldenseal Accounting:

Goldenseal Accounting has been designed for small business and offers a complete set of accounting and inventory management services. This accounting system is considered suitable for construction firms and other such business. The basic version of this system is available at $495.

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The above mentioned software has its own role and function. These software are important management tools for small business and are easily available. You can also avail the trial facility for these. Just download the tools and enhance your multi-channel inventory management strategy.

If you wish to discuss anything about these management tools, you can get in touch with our experts at our QuickBooks Enterprise toll-free number i.e. +1-844-499-6700.


FAQs Related to Inventory Management

What is the best inventory method for a small business?

The most common inventory accounting method is FIFO because it typically provides the most accurate view of costs and profitability. However, because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, it’s a good idea to talk with your accountant or tax expert to determine what will work best for your business.

What are the 4 types of inventory management system?

Inventory management tries to efficiently streamline inventories to avoid both gluts and shortages. The four major inventory management methods include just-in-time management (JIT), materials requirement planning (MRP), economic order quantity (EOQ) , and days sales of inventory (DSI).

What are the 3 key measures of inventory?

Crucial metrics that you should keep a close eye on over the course of the year are: inventory turnover, average days to sell, return on investment, and inventory carrying costs.

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