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Fix QuickBooks Error 15103 when updating Desktop or Payroll

Fix QuickBooks Error 15103 when updating Desktop or Payroll

Are you looking for the right set of steps to deal with QuickBooks error 15103? If yes, then reading this blog post till the end will surely help. This is one of the most common error and belongs to QuickBooks 15000 series error. This error generally occurs in your system when the user tries to download QuickBooks Desktop or payroll updates. Incorrect configuration can cause these errors. As a result of such an error the user might not be able use the improved features of the QuickBooks payroll service.

In the QuickBooks series 15000 there are many different series codes. Here we are going to discuss QuickBooks Error 15103 and how to resolve this error. It can be seen with a error message that says “The update program is damaged or the update program cannot be opened”. To know more about the causes and fixes of such an error make sure to read this post till the end. Or contact us for any further information at +1-844-499-6700.

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What leads to QuickBooks error code 15103?

This error can be seen due to the following factors. Let us have a look.

  • You can face this issue if the shared download drive wasn’t mapped correctly
  • In case of a missing file or component for payroll updates
  • Or if there is a damaged window files
  • Also, if a firewall setting can block payroll updates in QBDT
  • QB file copy service is disabled
  • Moreover, if you are unable to verify digital signatures, then such an error can be seen

Steps to fix QuickBooks error 15103

Before you perform the steps to fix QuickBooks error 15103

Process 1: Clean install QuickBooks

  • Firstly, uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The next step is to download and start the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.
  • Now, manually Rename the QuickBooks Desktop installation folder.
  • After that, reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The user should lastly check whether the QuickBooks update error 15103 is still there or not.
QuickBooks Clean install Tool

 Process 2: Install digital signature certificate

  • The user should first start a window search for QBW32.exe which is in the C:\Program File\ Intuit\ QuickBooks. And to find the QBW32.exe window.
  • If QBW32.exe does not appear in the initial search then click on the more result in window search.
  • Click on the computer icon on the next screen.
  • Now, from the search result, find QBW32.exe which has a type of application.
  • In this step click on QBW32.exe then go to the Properties option.
  • Now, tap on the Digital Signature tab and make sure that Intuit inc. is selected or not in the signature list.
  • The user should head to the Details option.
  • In the digital signature, the Detail window clicks on the View Certificate.
  • Now, click on Install Certificate in the Certificate window.
  • The user should now click on the tap button on Next until the finish tab appears, then hit on Finish.
  • After that restart your computer system.
  • When the restart successfully completed then open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The last step is to download the update again.

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 Process 3: Edit internet explorer settings

Internet explorer QuickBooks
  • At first the user should open your Internet Explorer.
  • And click on the gear icon and then choose Internet options.
  • After that move to the security tab > Trusted Sites > site.
  • The user should then add the following website
  • For US version of QuickBooks:-  * or *
  • For Canadian version of QuickBooks:- * or *
  • The next step is to click on the Close button.
  • Now, choose the Apply option and then OK.
  • End the process by verifying whether the QuickBooks error 15103 continues.

 Process 4: Configure antivirus defender

QuickBooks port number image
  • The user should setup firewall anti-virus defender to check that the QuickBooks files are saved and secure. 
  • If the firewall is not fixed it will damage QuickBooks files when you try to download updates and reinstalling any version.

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 Process 5: Verify internet and settings of QuickBooks

Configure internet settings
  • The user should ensure that the QuickBooks files have internet access of incoming and outgoing, configure your firewall and antivirus.
  • When the user tries to download the update and the firewall is not associated with QuickBooks can be because of the 15xxx series error.

 Process 6: Download update in safe mode

Safe mode with networking
  • The user should first open your system in safe mode.
  • After that download the update.
  • The user should then restart the system in normal mode.
  • The last step is to re-download the update and verify whether it continues or not.

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Process 7: Go for normal startup mode

  • At first, the user should head to run window by clicking on Windows+R together.
  • The user will have to enter in MSCONFIG in the Run box and click on OK.
Type msconfig in Run box - Screenshot
  • After that choose the Normal startup.
Normal startup
  • Now hit a click on the apply button and then the OK tab.
  • The last step is to restart your system.

 Process 8: Use quick fix my program

  • The very first step is to download the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • After that, the program is completely installed on your computer.
  • The user should head to the Program Problems tab and click on the Quick Fix my Program.
QuickBooks fix my program
  • Have patience, as this might take some time to start.
  • The last step is to reopen the QuickBooks Desktop.

Process 9: Rename the downloadqbxx folder

  • The very first step is to open the folder where the QuickBooks update files are present.
  • Find the downloadqbxx folder
  • Here the xx denotes the version number of QuickBooks Desktop
Rename the downloadqbxx file
  • The user needs to now right-click on the folder and choose rename
  • After that, add old to the end of the folder name and press enter
  • The last step is to update QuickBooks desktop again

Process 10: Start the reboot.bat file

Run Reboot.bat file - Screenshot
  • The very first step is to close the QuickBooks desktop
  • Now, right-click the QuickBooks icon and then select the properties tab
  • After that, move to the open file location, and then you have to type in reboot/reboot.bat at the top right search bar
  • Select run as admin and click on yes
  • The user will then have to apply to the changes, and reboot the system, and also reopen QuickBooks
  • The user will then have to click on update if you agree to install the updates on the system

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This article tends to provide the best possible assistance in fixing the error successfully. However, if for some reason the user isn’t able to deal with such an error, then contacting our QuickBooks Support professionals at +1-844-499-6700 is suggested. We are a team of technical professionals working on fixing all sorts of QuickBooks-related issues instantly.


What is error message 15103?

The error usually occurs due to a damaged or corrupted file, although there can be other possible reasons for this error. The error 15103 QuickBooks Desktop states that the update program is damaged or cannot be opened, and thus, you need to address this error code immediately.

How do I reset QuickBooks desktop update?

The user can try to fix the issue using steps below:
1. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
2. Go to the Help, then select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
3. Select Update Now.
4. Select the Reset Update checkbox.

How do I fix a firewall issue in QuickBooks?

The user can try to fix this issue using the steps below:
Step 1: Download the QuickBooks Tools Hub and run QuickBooks File Doctor.
Step 2: Update QuickBooks.
Step 3: Check your firewall settings.
Step 4: Set up your folder permissions.


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QuickBooks Remote Access from Another Computer

QuickBooks Remote Access from Another Computer

Interested in accessing QuickBooks accounting software remotely? Well, QuickBooks lets its users remotely access the software and perform necessary accounting activities at a click. QuickBooks remote access lets you work in QuickBooks from a different computer than your server. However, before you can access QuickBooks desktop remotely, you need to map server or host computer as a network drive. And further set up computers that will access the files for multi-user mode and then set up the folder where the company file is stored.

To help you easily access QuickBooks desktop remotely, we have curated this piece of writing sharing the complete information. Note that, in case you have an issue when mapping the drive when you use UNC, try to use the IP address of the server. Moreover, if there is any query or if the user requires our assistance at any point, then contacting our team at QuickBooks enterprise solutions help number i.e. +1-844-499-6700, is suggested.

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What is QuickBooks Remote Access?

QuickBooks Remote Access is one of the safest and most secure servers with the help of which the users can access the system from any other computer with an Internet connection. QuickBooks Remote makes it easy for the users to access QuickBooks, email, and other programs & documents regardless of place and time. It also allows the users to transport a file or folder between machines. Without any difficulty, QuickBooks remotely allows you to print the documents from a remote computer to a local printer. This simply means that you log in to QuickBooks remotely without being closely present on the system on which it is installed.

Advantages of QuickBooks Desktop Remote Access

With the help of WebEx tool that supports online meetings & communication services, the user can easily and swiftly access the QuickBooks software from anywhere, at any time.

  • The user can import/export a QB file or a whole folder from one system to another and vice versa
  • Also, this software saves the traveling time and office infrastructure cost for accounting purpose
  • Another benefit that it offers is that Copy & Paste among remote machine and local PC’s is possible
  • It is possible for the users to effortlessly and smoothly print, from the remote system to a local printer
  • Client or managers can without any hassle track or trace the activities or actions of the accountants
  • Lastly, one of the basic purposes served by this accounting software is that multiple users can work together on the same QuickBooks file

QuickBooks Remote Access Cost

The user will have to pay for the QuickBooks Remote Access software. As it is not free, it is accessible in two different versions.

  • Full Desktop Access ($99.75/month)
  • QuickBooks Access ($77.95/month)

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Intuit Support Remote Access Options

Hosting QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud: The very first option is hosting QuickBooks desktop on cloud, as Authorized hosting of QuickBooks desktop software on any third-party servers is now permitted by Intuit. The authenticated users can access QuickBooks installed on the server of hosting providers from anywhere via Internet.

Using QuickBooks remote access tool: This option is suggested by the experts as this tool can easily connect to the remote system that has the QuickBooks accounting software installed in it. The basic tasks such as copying files from local to remote and vice versa, printing files using local printers, accessing QuickBooks data folders and files remotely, etc. can be smoothly performed by this tool.

Switching to QuickBooks Online: The third and the last option that the users have is to Convert to QuickBooks online (QBO) from QuickBooks desktop. For the ones who don’t know what is QuickBooks online, it is basically a solution from Intuit working entirely on cloud and increasing efficiency of the software. The user can access QuickBooks from any device that has an internet connection.

QuickBooks Remote Access login

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Easy Steps to Access the QuickBooks Desktop Remotely

  1. First of all, the user should visit the Intuit Inc. official website and then sign up for the QuickBooks Remote Access
  2. After that Log-in the account credentials such as registered mail ID, password, etc. on the QuickBooks Remote Access website. It should be noted that before login, the user should launch the Web browser on the system through which he/she needs to access the QuickBooks software remotely
  3. Once done with that, download the remote access tool installation file, followed by tapping the “Setup computer” icon
  4. Now, in the “Nickname” field, the user has to type in the System nickname, and then tap on to the “Next” icon
  5. Moving ahead, the user is supposed to tick the checkbox next to the options to initiate each time a remote session is logged in. The options include: “Automatically reduce screen resolution to match”, “Use full-screen view by default”, “Disable this computer’s keyboard and mouse” and “Make this computer’s screen blank”
  6. Jumping on to the next step, the user is supposed to tick the checkbox next to the applications, in order to attain access remotely on this system
  7. Click the “Next” button
  8. Coming to the end of the process, the user needs to tick mark the box for the authentication option to use. In that case the user can enter a passcode or can also use a phone number. When he/she accesses QuickBooks desktop remotely, the passcode option permits to enter the passcode on the login page. The phone number option needs that the tools call the user, and then prompt for accessing the code each time.
  9. The final step is to hit “Finish” button

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Alternate Way for Remote Accessing QuickBooks

  • In this process, the very first step is to launch the Web browser on the system. After that log in to the account via the QuickBooks Remote Access website.
  • The user is then required to check out the box that was used earlier to define the system nickname. After that hit the “Connect” icon.
  • The user is required to authorize the desktop by using the password or by means of phone authentication. In case the remote tool calls the user and prompts for passcode. Then the user is supposed to enter the passcode on the phone.
  • To end the process, hit the “Remote Access” drop-down menu, followed by opting for “End QuickBooks Remote Access Session”.
ways to Access QuickBooks Remotely

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Open a company file on a remote computer

You can work in QuickBooks from different computer than the server. However, you will have to map server or host computer as a network drive. Furthermore, set up computers that will access the files for multi user mode and then set the folder where the company file is stored. In case you have trouble when you map network drive when you use UNC, you can try to use IP address of the server.

Install QuickBooks database server manager on the remote computer

The QuickBooks database server manager is used to configure the QuickBooks server for multi-user access. The steps involved in installing database server manager are:

  • At first, download and install QuickBooks Desktop on the main computer.
  • Once done with that, choose switch to multi-user mode on the QuickBooks file menu
  • You now have to choose yes in the multi-user hosting setup required window.
  • Also, note that QuickBooks installs and runs QBDBMgrN.exe as a background service. This service must be running on the system storing the company file even if QuickBooks is not open.
  • Now, select ok tab on the multi-user setup information window
  • And then, add necessary users by going to company and selecting users then set up users and roles and choose new tab.

Optional: Turn Network Discovery On and Password Protected Sharing Off

The server requires network discovery turned on and is visible to try opening the file using a UNC path. Along with that, windows will ask for a network password in case the password protected shairng is turned on. In case this happens, you can either log in using the network password or turn off the feature. You can carry out this process on the server or host computer and all the workstations that need access to QuickBooks remotely over the network.

  • The very first step is to open the control panel.
  • After that, select network and sharing center and then choose change advanced sharing settings
  • The next step is to expand the profile type that you are using at the moment.
  • Now, under network discovery, you need to choose turn on network discovery.
  • Once done with that, choose turn off password protected sharing under password protected sharing.
  • The last step is to choose save changes.

Locate then open the company file

  • You need to first choose open or restore company from the file menu.
  • The next step is to choose open a company file and hit next tab
  • Now, browse the location of the company file.
  • In case your company file is mapped to drive E, then you need to look for the company file name E: in the list.
  • The user will then have to choose the company file from the list and click on open tab.
  • Toward the end, enter the username and password.

Conclusive lines!!

With this we come to the conclusion of this post, and we expect that information that we have tried to convey with the help of this article might help the user in accessing QuickBooks desktop remotely. If in case you have any queries or are facing any kind of difficulties – you can contact our QuickBooks certified experts and technicians at our toll-free helpline number i.e. +1-844-499-6700.

Our QuickBooks ProAdvisors will look forward to your concern and provide you with a feasible solution for all your accounting problems. Thus, do not hesitate in talking to our technical support team.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Is QuickBooks remote access still available?

Yes, the remote access feature is still available for users. One can make use of QuickBooks remotely regardless of the location.

What is the purpose of remote access?

The remote access feature allows the user to gain access to their devices over network from any place. The user can also perform different activities, manage company files and also perform all the usual accounting tasks.

What are the requirements for using QuickBooks Remote Access?

The major perks of using this feature of QuickBooks are:
1. QuickBooks should be installed on the remote system
2. The user is required to set up hosting service and mapping the network drive
3. You should have seamless internet connectivity

How to map a network drive?

One can perform the below stated steps to map a network drive:
1. The very first step is to click on windows tab
2. Now, move to my computer
3. Also, click on the computer tab and also select the option to map a network drive
4. The last step is to opt for a drive letter that is unused.
5. Also, click on browse


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How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15222?

How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15222?

Learn what steps you should apply to fix QuickBooks error code 15222

Over the past few years, QuickBooks has become one of the best accounting software available today. In fact, it has changed the way accounting is done thus bringing a lot of benefits for its users. In fact, many small and medium businesses have benefited from QuickBooks. However, as it is a robust software, it often crashes affected work. Many users face QuickBooks errors which can be a trouble especially if they are not resolved on time. One of the most common technical issues faced by users is QuickBooks Error Code 15222.

QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15222

In this article, we will discuss this error in detail. However, if you have any questions or need any additional help seek assistance from QuickBooks error support service providers.

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What is QuickBooks Error 15222?

QuickBooks error 15222 basically indicates that you are unable to use QuickBooks in a proper manner. Such an error is also seen when the software is unable to connect to the network. Such an error can occur due to a bad internet connection. When you face this issue, try to connect to a better internet connection, as this might fix the issue to a certain extent.

What Causes QuickBooks Error Code 15222?

Users generally get the QuickBooks error code 15222 when they are trying to download a QuickBooks Payroll or trying to update the QuickBooks Desktop.

So, here are a few of the reasons why this issue happens.

  • Antivirus and firewall installed in the computer or Antispyware, anti-adware, and antimalware see the QuickBooks Desktop update as a threat.
  • Internet Explorer is not the default browser.
  • The registered digital signatures are not working, and they are the function of Internet Explorer.

When users get the error 15222, then they are not able to download the payroll or update QuickBooks Desktop. This is also because that the QuickBooks Payroll subscription is active in the computer

Expected Outcome

You will be able to download payroll or QuickBooks Desktop updates.

How to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error code 15222?

To resolve the QuickBooks error code 15222 follow the below-mentioned steps.

Solution 1: Update your QuickBooks core data files

In case, your system has any antivirus or antispyware installed, then you will require to update the applications listed below to allow some exceptions.

  • QB32.exe and qbupdate.exe process
  •, and domains

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Solution 2: Install a digital signature certificate

Another method is to install the digital signature certificate. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

  • First thing to do is close QuickBooks Desktop in your system.
  • Users might not be able to see the digital signature if QuickBooks is opened.
  • Now search for the ‘QBW32.exe file‘, it is located in ‘C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooks‘.
  • Now right-click on ‘QBW32.exe‘, and select the ‘Properties‘ option.
Digital signature certificate
  • After this choose the ‘Digital Signature‘ tab and do ensure that you have selected the ‘Intuit Inc‘ from the signature list.
Install a digital signature certificate - Screenshot
  • Now choose the ‘Details‘ Option
  • After this select the ‘View Certificate‘ option from the Digital signature details window.
  • Now from the Certificate window choose the ‘Install Certificate‘.
Install certificate - Screenshot
  • After this click on the ‘Next‘ tab once the finish icon is displayed on your computer screen.
  • Now go to the ‘Finish‘ button.
  • Once done reboot your system.
  • Now open QuickBooks to easily download the updates.
  • Download the updates again.

Solution 3: Verify your Internet connectivity

  • You need to check your ‘internet connectivity‘ and ‘modem settings‘ once.

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Solution 4: Update Antivirus and Antimalware in Your System

Update Antivirus and Antimalware in Your System - Screenshot

Update antivirus, antispyware, anti malware in your computer and set the following exceptions by including the given domain – ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘qbw32.exe’, and ‘qbupdate.exe’.

Solution 5: Turn Off the Windows Firewall

Perform the following tips to turn off Windows Firewall:

  • Click on the ‘Startbutton at the bottom left of your screen.
  • Go to the ‘Settings‘ option.
  • Next, click the ‘Windows Security‘ option.
  • Click Open Windows Security’ and then ‘Firewall and Network Protection‘ option.
Firewall and Network Protection - Screenshot
  • Choose ‘Public Network‘, Domain‘, and ‘private Network‘ in sequence.
Public network domain - QuickBooks error code 15222
  • Switch off the Windows Defender Firewall‘ containing the network types.

Check the internet connectivity: Bypassing the router

  • Remove the ‘Ethernet cable‘ that connects the modem to the router.
  • Next, plug that Ethernet cable directly into the system and ‘restartthe ‘router‘.
  • Check if the system can recognize the system linked to it.

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Solution 6: Use QuickBooks Tools Hub

QuickBooks Tools Hub can detect and fix many basic errors. Here is how you can use it:

  • Download ‘QuickBooks Tools Hub‘ (if you already don’t have).
  • Instigate the ‘installation‘ process.
  • Close ‘QuickBooks‘.
  • Open the file you downloaded.
  • Start following the on-screen instructions and continue with the ‘installation’ process.
  • Read and agree to the terms and conditions’.
  • After the installation process is complete, double-click on the icon to open the ‘Tool hub‘.
QuickBooks File Doctor (QuickBooks Tool Hub) - Screenshot
  • Click on ‘Program‘ problems.
  • Click ‘Quick fix my program‘.
Run Quick Fix My Program - Screenshot
  • Open ‘QuickBooks Desktop‘.
  • Open the ‘data file‘.

Solution 7: Set Internet Explorer as the default browser

At times, one can experience the issue if the Internet Explorer is not set as the default browser. Thus, one would have to set the internet explorer as the default browser using the set of steps below:

  • The user needs to first run the Internet Explorer browser.
  • After that, move to the tools tab and also select the Internet options
Internet options - Error code 15222
  • Now, head to the programs tab and also click on the make default option
Reset default browser
  • The user needs to click on the ok tab
  • And also end the process by updating QuickBooks software. This would resolve the error up to a certain extent.

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Final Words..!

These steps are not that complicated, and users can easily fix the QuickBooks error code 15222. But if the problem persists then seek assistance from QuickBooks Payroll Support team +1-844-499-6700. You will get a feasible solution for your QuickBooks-related problems from the accounting experts.


What is error 15222 when updating QuickBooks?

The QuickBooks error code 15222 is often seen when the user is having outdated version of QuickBooks desktop. The system security applications sometimes block QuickBooks from accessing the internet connection resulting in error 15222.

How do I manually update payroll in QuickBooks?

Updating payroll manually in QuickBooks is possible using the steps below:
1. The very first step is to choose employees in the QuickBooks payroll
2. Once done with that, choose get payroll updates
3. Also, choose payroll update info

Why is QuickBooks payroll not updating?

QuickBooks payroll not updating error can be seen due to incorrect or invalid information entered in the paycheck. A corrupted QuickBooks installation file can stop the successful update download. Operating the application through user details instead of admin credentials.


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QuickBooks Condense Data Utility: Repair your Data Files

QuickBooks Condense Data Utility: Repair your Data Files

QuickBooks Condense Data Utility often assists in streamlining the company data file and enhancing performance. Intuit, lets the QuickBooks users to make use of the condense data utility feature and reduce the size of the company file to make it more compatible and easy to use. To use this utility, you simply need to use the QuickBooks condense data tool. This tool comes in handy, when the file size is way too large and causing issues. This particular tool was introduced in the year 2019. The tool keeps the data intact and ensures that your overall file size is usable.

QuickBooks Condense data utility

To help you understand QuickBooks condense data utility better, we have drafted this segment right here. Thus, stick around this article and find out the quick ways that can help you condense your data using the tool. However, if you need any technical guidance, you can contact our team at +1-844-499-6700, and let our certified professionals help you fix the issue.

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Condense Your Data using QuickBooks Condese Data Utility

Now that you have an idea about what QuickBooks Condense Data Utility is, it is time to understand the right steps that can be performed to condense your data. Let us have a look:

Condense QuickBooks Data While Keeping All Transactions

  • Here you simply have to opt for File and then go for Utilities
  • Now, choose Condense Data
  • After that, go for Keep all transactions, but remove audit trail info to date
  • The next step is to click on Next
  • Once done with that, choose Close.

Condense QuickBooks Data by Removing Selected Transactions

  • Under this procedure, you will have to opt for File tab.
  • Later on, choose Utilities
  • Once done with that, go for Keep all transactions, but remove audit trail info to date.
  • The next step is to choose Next.
  • Lastly, let the process complete, and choose Close.

Condense Data by Removing Selected Transactions

  • The very first step is to choose File and then go for Utilities
  • After that, choose Condense Data
  • You now have to choose Remove the transactions you select from your company file.
  • Now, select Next tab
  • The next step is to choose the transactions you would like to remove and then hit Next.
  • Choose how transactions would be summarized, and then click on Next
  • Select how inventory should be condensed, and click on the Next tab
  • After that, choose the recommended transactions you would like to remove and then hit the Next tab
  • You now have to go for the list entries you would like to remove and click on the next tab
  • The last step is to choose begin condense and wait for the process to complete.
  • Hit close and end the process.

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Understand QuickBooks Condense Data Utility Better!

There are a few factors that you can know to understand the QuickBooks Condense Data Utility in a better way. Let us Explore:

QB Condense Data Repair isn’t Reversible

After you condense your company file, note that it can’t be undone. You can try other solutions first, before you perform the steps related to condensing the data. Here are some quick reasons to do so:

  • Having a large data file
  • You have close to a list limit
  • In case you have upgraded your hardware
  • Your Accountant and technical support have discussed other options and are willing to proceed with condensing

Condense Data Utility in QuickBooks may or may not affect the size of the company file

  • It might reduce the size as it’ll remove transaction details and list entries.
  • Furthermore, open transactions won’t get condensed and the file size won’t be affected
  • The condense won’t be available, in case there is no significant change to the file size.

Condense Data Repair might not fix Data file damage

There can be scenarios, when QuickBooks condense data repair might fail in fixing damaged files, in such scenarios, you need to try the following:

QuickBooks Condense Data Repair doesn’t remove certain transactions

Transactions Description/Reason
Payroll TransactionsIn case the condense date is before 12/31/2018 or if an employee’s W2 isn’t reviewed.
Invoices, payments, credit memos, and refund checksIn case they are not linked to each other in a proper manner.
Payments recorded to Undeposited FundsIf they haven’t been deposited to a bank account.
Bills, bill credits, and bill payment checksIn case they are not linked to each other in a proper manner.
Estimates linked to invoicesEstimates are non-posting entries and can’t be condensed into journal entries, which are posting transactions.
Sales tax not paid in Pay Sales TaxPaying sales tax with checks leaves invoices open which are non-condensable.
Transactions linked to a non-condensable transactionExample: You entered an invoice on 12/15/2015 and the corresponding payment on 1/15/2016, then ran the Condense Data utility through 12/31/2015. Both won’t be condensed. This is because the invoice is linked to a payment made outside the period.

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Condense Data Utility Affects Various Reports

Account and item-based reports

The account-based reports will be accurate due to entries on accounts aren’t affected:

  • Profit and Loss (accrual)
  • Balance Sheet (accrual)
  • Statement of Cash Flows (accrual)
  • Trial Balance (accrual)

The item-based reports will be blank due to all of the item data is gone.

  • Sales and Purchase reports
  • Job Costing reports
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Aging report

Cash Basis Reports

Cash basis reports for the condensed period will not be accurate. There aren’t any links from cash into income or from cash out to expenses.

Reports filtered by Class

Note that, any transactions summarized by the utility won’t have classes assigned. When you run a profit or loss by class report will show amounts in the unclassified column.

Sales Tax Liability Reports

It is important to note that the invoices with sales tax no longer exist. A condensed journal entry basically has an amount credited to income accounts. QuickBooks will not be able to identify what part of the income is taxable and which part is nontaxable. Moreover, the tax collected comes from the invoices, which no longer exist, so it will show zero.

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Sales and Purchase Detail Reports

The reports draw their data from items on invoices and bills. As there are no more invoices and bills, there will be no more items and the reports will be empty.

A/R Collections Reports

The A/R collection report will usually show the condensed journal entries under No Name. The entries will contain the entries to A/R that aren’t linked to closing transactions and are considered as open. The total is zero as all of the invoices in the file are paid.

A/R reports won’t show the condensed journal entries as they have a default filter of Names All Customer: Jobs. You need to remove this filter and the A/R aging reports that will show the condensed journal entries.

Audit Trail Reports

  • Only edited, voided, and deleted transactions are removed from the audit trail report when condensing.
  • Moreover, the condense data doesn’t remove the audit trail report.
  • The audit trail report info option will be available in case a company file has a significant amount of edited, voided, or deleted transactions.


  • Note that the opening balance for your next reconciliation will be correct as the condensed journal entries are cleared transactions
  • The checks and deposits no longer exist, so the reconciliation reports might be incorrect or gone.
  • The statement date gets incorrect as the last reconciliation ismissing.

Note: Before you condense, and reconcile all accounts, print all reconciliation and discrepancy reports, or save these reports in PDF format. Also, backup the company file.

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Toward the end of this segment, we believe that the reader might be able to successfully condense QuickBooks data file using the condense data utility. However, in case of any queries, or if the user needs our technical assistance at any point in time, then in that case contact us at +1-844-499-6700, and our certified ProAdvisors will help you with your queries immediately.


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Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error 1334

QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Not Working – [FIXED] 

QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Not Working – [FIXED] 

Did you see a warning message: This company file is on another computer and QuickBooks needs some help connecting? Or you were trying to access your company file in multi-user mode and failed to do so? Well, this can be a common problem with QuickBooks, especially when you switch from single-user mode to multi-user mode. As a result of QuickBooks multi user mode not working error, either you might not be able to use QuickBooks at all, or you might come across a few errors here and there including QuickBooks error H202, 6000 series error, etc. The mess doesn’t end here, these issues can further be escalated to the server system without appearing on the system and this could lead you to QBDBMgrN not running on this system error. 

Multi-user mode not working error can be extremely devastating, as multiple users get interrupted in the middle of their activity at times. Thus, it becomes essential to find a quick fix for the same. To understand this error better, here we are with this segment sharing not just the details about the error, but also some effective fixes for the same. However, if you need any sort of technical assistance at any point in time, then in that scenario, get in touch with us at +1-844-499-6700 and we will provide you with answers to all your queries. 

Check This Out: Install and Set up Multi-User network in QuickBooks Desktop

What is QuickBooks multi user mode not working issue? 

QuickBooks multi user mode not working

Multi-user feature in QuickBooks lets multiple users make use of company files at the same time. Whereas, any sort of issue with multi-user mode can slow down productivity. Using QuickBooks in multi-user mode requires a separate license on every workstation. You can come across this particular error, especially when you try to open a company file that is present on a server. 

Factors causing QuickBooks multi user mode not working error 

There can be a bunch of factors causing QuickBooks multi user mode not working error. Let us evaluate each of the reasons one by one:

  • One of the basic reasons can be improper configuration of hosting settings
  • Or if the system firewall or antivirus software is causing issues in connecting to QuickBooks
  • Improper Windows file permissions.
  • You can further come across such an error if the software installation is not on the server
  • Be prepared for a similar issue if the QuickBooks database server manager is not installed on the server system or cannot open QuickBooks company file
  • In case you have a corrupted .ND file in your database
  • If your QuickBooksDBXX services have not started already, then you can experience this issue in QuickBooks

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Essential Tips to consider before performing the solution steps 

Before you head to the solution steps enumerated below, it is essential to go through the following prerequisites: 

  1. Well, it is crucial to install QuickBooks database server manager before you begin with the fixation steps. 
  2. Furthermore, ascertain that the version of server manager that has been installed by you on the system matches your current QuickBooks version in use. 

Effective Methods to fix QuickBooks multi-user mode not working issue 

Now that you know enough about QuickBooks Mult-user mode, it is the right time to explore the set of steps and procedures that can be implemented to eliminate it. There are a handful of methods that you can try and incorporate in QuickBooks. Let us explore each of the methods one by one: 

Method 1: Reinstall QuickBooks 

Often many errors can be easily eliminated by simply uninstalling and reinstalling QuickBooks. Reinstallation eliminates a bunch of bugs. Here are the steps that can be performed to reinstall QuickBooks successfully: 

  1. Start by clicking on the start tab
  2. Once done with that, navigate to the control panel 
  3. Furthermore, you need to search for QuickBooks under the programs and features. 
Uninstall programs and features - QuickBooks multi user mode not working
  1. There you will then have to click on QuickBooks and perform the uninstallation procedure. 
Uninstall QuickBooks desktop
  1. Heading forward, you need to move to the official website of Intuit and then head to downloads, and then opt for the version you are looking for. 
  2. Towards the end, click on the multi-user mode hosting and further switch to it. 

Method 2: Configure Default Setting 

Have you checked the configuration of the default settings? There is a probability that the default settings are misconfigured. And fixing these settings will fix the issue up to a great extent. You can implement the following steps and try optimizing the default settings. 

  1. Begin with opening QuickBooks and you have to then click on the file tab. 
  2. After that, go for the utilities tab. 
  3. Followed by opting for the host multi-user access option. 
  4. The next step is to add the number of users that you want to the company file. 
  5. You will further have to then click on the cancel tab. 
  6. And if the multi-user mode is already enabled, then you simply have to disable it. 
  7. The last step in the process is to create different login credentials and this concludes the process, 

Here is how you can: Add a User License to your QuickBooks Software

Method 3: Switch to multi-user Hosting to fix QuickBooks multi user mode not working

  1. This method requires you to simply open QuickBooks and further update the company file to the latest version. 
  2. You will further have to opt for the file menu and then navigate to the utility tab,. 
  3. The next step is to select host multi-user access 
Host multi user access
  1. Conclude the process by performing the onscreen steps in case the previously hosted multi-user setup is present. 

Method 4: Update QuickBooks to fix QuickBooks multi user mode not working

Using an outdated version of QuickBooks can always drag you in some or the other issue. Thus, we advise you to update QuickBooks to the latest release. This involves the following steps: 

  1. Initiate the process by opening QuickBooks and further make sure that Windows is running as an admin 
  2. You will then have to choose the update QuickBooks desktop option under the help tab 
  3. Once done with that, you will have to select the Update Now tab on the update window. 
  4. And further go for the get updates tab. 
  5. Restart QuickBooks after downloading updates and then it will ask you to install the updates. 
  6. After that click on install now and this will update your QuickBooks. 
  7. Now try to open the QuickBooks company file and check if the error continues to trouble you. 

Method 5: Ping your server from a workstation to fix multi user not working error

Makes sure to turn on network discover before starting the process. The steps involved in this particular process to ping the server from a workstation are as follows: 

  1. Head to the start menu on the server and workstations where QuickBooks is stuck in single-user mode. 
  2. After that, enter the network into the search bar to launch the Network and sharing center. 
Network and sharing center- multi user mode not working
  1. You will then have to change advanced sharing settings by clicking on it. Followed by turning on file and printer sharing and network discovery after that. 
  2. You now have to get the name of the server. 
  3. Followed by entering CMD into the run window from the search bar and then try to hit enter tab. 
  4. Type in the line ipconfig/all in CMD window and then hit enter tab. 
enter cmd in the run box
  1. After that, right next to the hostname on the screen is the server name. 
  2. You will have to note down the hostname. 
  3. Followed by heading to the workstation so that you can test the server. 
Ipconfig- QuickBooks multi user mode not working
  1. Now, launch the run command window. 
  2. And the enter CMD. 
  3. Towards the end, enter the command ping_[your server name]. 

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Method 6: Add Server to Windows Host file 

It is easy for Windows to identify and connect with the server system that has company file saved on it. Thus, we advise you to add sever to the Windows host file. The stepsto perform are:

Edit the Host File in QuickBooks
  1. Start by accessing the Windows host file on the system having the issue using notepad. 
  2. After that, if required, open the notepad as admin. 
  3. You will then have to type Server’s IP address after the last IP address. 
  4. And furthermore, enter the server name when holding the tab key. 
  5. Once done with that, head to the file menu and opt for save tab. 
  6. Hit exit tab. 
  7. And towards the end, you need to check if the error with multi-user mode continues. 

Method 7: Work on Firewall Configuration 

There can be a situation, where the firewall configuration is not proper. In such a scenario, what we recommend is to configure the firewall settings using a few basic steps enumerated below: 

  1. The very first step here is to use the Windows start menu and then access the control panel 
  2. Once done with that, search for Windows Firewall and then click on the enter tab. 
  3. Now, click on Allow an app through the Windows firewall tab. 
  4. Choose the public list checkbox for QuickBooks by clicking on the change settings 
  5. You need to then choose public for the application after clicking on the ok tab. 
  6. Later on, check if the issue continues. 

Method 8: Rename tlg and ND files 

.Nd and .tlg files

The network data and transaction log files can at times get damaged or corrupted due to some reasons. Fixing this is possible by renaming them. You can try to rename the tlg and nd files using the below steps: 

Product information tab - QuickBooks multi user mode not working
  1. Open QuickBooks and press F2 this will open a product information window. 
  2. You will then have to go through the file information and there you will find the tlg and nd files. 
  3. Rename the files by adding OLD at the end. 
  4. And then, check if the error still persists. 

Method 9: Create a company file folder 

Create a company file - multi user mode not working
  • Create a new company file and make sure you perform the steps on the host computer
  • Set up folder and permit windows to access permissions for the new folder.
  • This will help to share the company file across systems.
  • Copy the qbw file to the new folder and check if the company file in multi user mode is opening. In case it opens uyp, then this indicates that the issue has been resolved.
Multi user mode in QuickBooks

Learn to Create or Add Another Company File to QuickBooks Online

Method 10: Check if QuickBooks is able to send data

This particular process of checking if QuickBooks is able to send data involves a few set of steps. Let us explore them one by one: 

Step 1: Change the settings of firewall and antivirus 

One of the major causes of this issue can be if the firewall or antivirus program is hindering the connection. Thus, we suggest you to create firewall exceptions to let QuickBooks transfer the required data. Perform the steps below:

Add files to firewall - QuickBooks multi user mode not working
  1. You will first have to press the Windows key and click on the control panel 
  2. After that find and select the Windows firewall option. 
  3. Choose the option to approve an app through the Windows firewall option. 
  4. Now, click on the checkbox next to the public list for the QuickBooks application. 
  5. After that, click on Change Settings. 
  6. You will then have to click on ok tab and then click on the public for the application. 
  7. Towards the end, you need to run QuickBooks in multi-user mode and check if the error still persists. 

Step 2: Test-Path and make sure Quickbooks can communicate with the server 

You will now have to turn on network discovery to fix QuickBooks multi user mode not working error. The steps that can be performed here are: 

  1. In order to launch the run command, press the windows tab and then press the Windows + R tab. 
Type ping servername
  1. Now, type the ping server name and then hit the enter tab. 
  2. Make use of UNC on the system to access the server’s shared folder. 
  3. By the end of this post, you need to use UNC path to return to the QuickBooks business file. 

Step 3: Head to the company file following the UNC path 

Step 4: Create a new company file folder 

Step 5: Configure firewall exception for QuickBooks program and port 

  1. Start by clicking on the Windows tab 
  2. You will then have to access the Windows firewall setting and then type Windows firewall into the search box. 
Disable firewall and network protection
  1. After that, select the firewall advanced option that is in the left sidebar. 
  2. The inbound and outbound rules are located on the advanced settings tab. 
  3. Select inbound rules and this will prompt you to choose new rules. 
  4. Select the port in the new rule windows and then choose TCP. 
Create a new rule in firewall settings
  1. Add the port based on the version of QuickBooks. 
Configure firewall ports and add exceptions
  1. Perform the same steps for outbound rules.
    • For QuickBooks desktop 2019, enter 8019, XXXX
    • For QuickBooks Desktop 2020, enter 8019, XXXX
    • Type port numbers 8019, 56728, and 55378-55382 for QuickBooks Desktop 2018 
    • Type port number 8019, 56727, and 55373-55377 for QuickBooks Desktop 2017
  2. The next step is to add QuickBooks to the firewall. 
  3. Instead of selecting a port, add QuickBooks program to our inbound and outbound firewall rules. 
  4. Select new rule under advanced firewall configuration. 
  5. You will now have to select the application and then head to the directory that contains the executable file for the program. 

OnlineBackup.exe – IntuitSyncManager.exe – QBUpdate.exe – QBLaunch.exe – QBCFMonitorService.exe – QBServerUtilityMgr.exe – QBDBMgrN.exe – QBW32.exe QuickBooksMessaging.exe – FileMovementExe.exe – FileManagement.exe – DBManagerExe.exe Dbmlsync.exe – AutoBackupExe.exe 

  1. These files should be included in the inbound rules 
  2. In order to apply the outbound rules, follow the same steps. 
  3. And towards the end, you will have to restart the system to fix the issue.

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Method 11: Check Whether QuickBooks Services are Running 

Under this method, you will have to verify that the server PC is running QBCF Monitor Service and QuickBooks DBXX. Here is how you can do it: 

  1. Here you need to enter services.msc in the Windows search box and then click on enter tab. 
services.msc- QuickBooks multi user mode not working
  1. Look out for the service window to see QuickBooks DBXX service. In case this doesn’t show up, you need to follow the steps below
    • Make sure the server is correctly installed with the database server manager. 
    • You will also have to check if there is any upgrade available for the QuickBooks database server manager. 
    • Ensure that the hosting is enabled on the server in case the full software is running on the system. 
  2. Double-click on the QuickBooks DBXX service. After the service starts, you will have to select the run or start tab. 
QuickBooksDBXX service - QuickBooks multi user mode not working
  1. Under the recovery tab, select the option to restart the QuickBooksDBXX service. 
  2. Repeat the steps for the QBCF Monitor Service. 

You need to open QuickBooks in multi-user mode on each of the workstations and check if the issue continues. 

Method 12: Verify the host mode settings of every user’s server 

  1. Select the QuickBooks file menu on the system. 
  2. And then, hit the utilities tab. 
  3. In case you see host multi-user access on the list, simply move to the other system. 
Host multi user access in QuickBooks
  1. However, if you stop hosting multi-user access, then simply enable the QuickBooks software in single-user mode and then disable the hosting. 
Stop hosting multi user access
  1. After disabling the hosting mode, check if the issue continues. 

Method 13: Using QuickBooks database server manager 

If the above 12 methods didn’t help, try this last method that involves the use of QuickBooks database server manager. The steps involved here are: 

QuickBooks tool hub
  1. Start by opening the QuickBooks tool hub program. 
  2. And head to the network issues tab. 
Network issues tab
  1. Once done with that, select QuickBooks database server manager. 
  2. Now, enter QBDBM in the start menu. 
  1. And if you are unable to locate it, you need to browse for the same. 
  2. Click on ok tab and also click on start scan to let the database server manager perform the necessary steps. 
QuickBooks database server manager - QuickBooks multi user mode not working

A quick alternate method 

Using the QuickBooks file doctor tool can also work in certain cases. You can try performing the steps related to accessing the QuickBooks file doctor tool using QB tool hub and let the tool perform a necessary scan and fix. This might fix your error up to a certain extent. 

You might find it helpful: How to Install, Update, and Set up the QuickBooks Database Server Manager?


This segment has tried to unveil a lot of fixation measures for QuickBooks multi user mode not working. Hopefully, implementing any of these methods might help you in successfully eliminating the error. Just in case you are unable to tackle through the issue even after performing the steps above, then feel free to reach out to our technical support professionals at +1-844-499-6700, and we will provide you with answers to all your queries. 

FAQs Related to QuickBooks Multi-User Mode Not Working Error

Why is my QuickBooks multi-user mode not working?

QuickBooks might not be installed on the server. The host settings might not be configured in proper manner. Another reason can be if the firewall or antivirus might not be allowing communication between the systems.

How do I force QuickBooks to open in multiuser mode?

You can click on the multi-user mode checkbox, before opening QuickBooks. The next time you login, your QuickBooks file should always open in multi-user mode.

Why is QuickBooks opening in Single-user Mode?

This can be due to network setup. One can download and run QuickBooks file doctor to fix company files and network issues in QuickBooks desktop.

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