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How to Transfer Data Files from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop?

How to Transfer Data Files from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop?

Learn the easy steps to move QuickBooks Online company files to QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Online is cloud-based accounting software that has many distinguishing features that makes it the most preferable software among businesses. Another trump card of QuickBooks is that it can easily access company files online without any geographical limitations. Although it also lacks certain attributes available on QuickBooks Desktop which makes it very difficult to work in QuickBooks Online for grown businesses or business firms that are trying to expand, so it becomes necessary to switch from QuickBooks Online to Desktop. Also, there can be other reasons that tend you to convert or move the QuickBooks Company data files from online to desktop. However, this process of transfer and conversion of QuickBooks Company files might be quite confusing and onerous for many users.

Thus, if you are seeking for a reliable method that can be perform in the conversion or migration of Company file from QuickBooks online to QuickBooks desktop follow this article till end, here we have described the conversion process in depth.

Moreover, if you want to perform the process by your own manually then feel free to reach out to our 24*7 QuickBooks technical support experts by simply calling them i.e +1-844-405-0907! Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to serve you out round the clock with the entire process in the best possible way.

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Fundamental points to keep in mind before carrying out the Conversion Procedure:

As above that this process of conversion might be a little tedious for many users, so to avoid any mess that can be created further in the ongoing process.

There are some fundamental points that need to be taken into consideration before implementation; a few of them are as follows:

  • User must check the Internet explorer version before carrying out the conversion procedure, it should be version 10 or above otherwise it will create certain issues later, particularly compatibility issues. Hence it is suggested to the user to check the version before conversion by performing the necessary steps and if found outdated then update to the required version of version 10 or above for smooth conversion.
  • Another factor to keep in my mind is that desktop software should be a 2004 edition or later version as conversion with an older version than 2004 edition or later is not possible.
  • User should ensure that QuickBooks desktop software should be compatible and internet explorer has to be 32-bit as 64-bit version will show an error and create hindrances in the conversion process.   
  • Direct conversion is not possible if you are using Mac version of QuickBooks. The process of transformation for the Mac version might differ from the normal one.  
  • User should have access to at least one invited accountant account if he/she is already master or company administrators to avoid any disarray later.
  • User needs an activeX to carry out conversion thus he/she must get active before performing the steps. 
  • Conversion will get restricted to certain item products, vendors, customers, services etc. if you are using a non-US edition.  

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Advanced Steps to Convert and transfer your Company file from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop

The user has to perform the below-listed steps after he/she is ready to move the company file from QuickBooks online to QuickBooks desktop:

STEP-1:  To set up security settings in Internet explorer or Microsoft Edge.

The process of transferring company files from QuickBooks online to QuickBooks desktop starts with setting up security settings in Internet explorer or Microsoft Edge. Perform the below-listed steps to carry out this process:

QuickBooks Company data files from online to desktop
  • Start with right-clicking the Internet explorer icon and drag the mouse to run as an admin option.
  • Click on run as admin option.  
  • Go to tool icon and choose the internet option.
  • Go to the security and trusted sites option and click on the sites tab.
  • In next step, in Add, this website to the zone field, the user needs to enter * and *
  • Further, uncheck the “Require server verification for all sites in this zone”.
  • Close the trusted site’s window and click on Apply option.
  • Now uncheck the Enable protected mode.
  • Then Go to the Okay tab.
  • Next, close the box and re-open Internet explorer to disable the protected mode.
  • Finally to end the process, leave internet explorer open.

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STEP-2: To set up the QuickBooks Desktop for Export.

This second step involves the setting up of QuickBooks Desktop for Export. For this follow the steps in the same way as given below:

  • At first you are required to right-click the QuickBooks desktop icon.
  • After you are done with this Go to the Run as admin.
  • If in case the QuickBooks desktop is not installed in your system, then you can download the trial version.
  • Once done with the downloading process now you can ensure to move to the File and then select the Close company option.
  • Finally, leave the QuickBooks desktop open while completing the rest of the steps.

STEP-3:  Procedure to export QuickBooks Online data

  • Start this step by opening the version of QuickBooks that the company file will be converted to. Keep in mind not to go with No company open window and avoid opening a company fill till then.
  • After opening the version login to QuickBooks online account.
  • Drag your mouse to the gear icon and click on it.
  • Under tools tab, select the export data option.
Export company files from QuickBooks online to QuickBooks Desktop
  • Choose the reason from the pop-up window and click on continue tab.
  • Under the download company data select learn more.
  • Review the export overview and select the get started tab after the overview.
  • In next step, go to Install for ActiveX control and choose Install ActiveX Control to confirm the installation.
  • Once done with installations then choose Continue after option.
  • Select the data to export and then hit the Continue tab.
  • Also review the limitations of data to export and again opt for the Continue option.
  • Finally enter all the relevant contact details, afterward, choose the Continue further.

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Important Point: You will receive an email to end the Export Conversion with steps within a few minutes to hours depending upon the amount of data prepare. This recipient of email depicts that data has been compile and now you can move ahead for next step.

STEP 4: To Terminate the Exporting of Data.

This step is the final step of the entire process carry out in the end in order to execute the conversion process.

  • Now Choose the Export Data in the QuickBooks Online.
Get export overview
  • Then In QuickBooks Online, First go to the Export page and move to the Setting Tab.
  • Perform the same steps again and get ready to export the QuickBooks Online Data.
  • Hit the Continue tab to download on exporting data from QuickBooks Online Page.

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Shift to QuickBooks Desktop Page

Before moving ahead ensure that No Company Open Screen appears and in case Company file Open please verify and visit file and Choose the Close Company option.

  • Select the Preferred option and then hit the Continue Tab.
  • Now click On the Download button.
  • After you are done with download process, save the company file window appears on the screen where you need to choose the location to save the file.
  • Then a pop-up window appears asking the user where to save the file.
  • Next go for the Convert Now option.
  • In the application certificate hit the Yes button prompts each time.
  • Lastly opt for the Continue and choose the Done option
  • Click on the Finished Tab and then Run Reports which will end the process.

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Winding Up!

Well, we are at the end of this article and we hope that the relevant information shared about the Conversion or migration of Company File from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop in this article will be productive for you if you follow up the steps as it is.

Yet at any point of time if you still get stuck in exporting files from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop then you can straight away contact our QuickBooks Support team of QuickBooks professionals at +1-844-405-0907 Our professionals will technically assist you with utmost dedication in the entire process of conversion. And in no time, they will clear all your clouds of confusion in the best possible way.

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What are the File types and Extensions used by QuickBooks Desktop?

What are the File types and Extensions used by QuickBooks Desktop?

How to learn about different file types and extensions used by QuickBooks Desktop:

With no doubt QuickBooks is one of the biggest names in the accounting software industry with its innumerable features. And because of these multitudinous features it is used file types and extensions used in QuickBooks Desktop by many business owners or accountant in order to run their small to medium sized business. While managing all the financial aspects like your invoices, pay bills, tax payment, bank account tracking and cash flow, QuickBooks encounters with many types of files and their QuickBooks file extensions used for different purposes in the program to save the data. Different type of file extensions are used with different editions of QuickBooks, such as QuickBooks 2017 will be using different file extension than that of used by QuickBooks 2018. So, in order to know more about these file extensions and their types used by QuickBooks read this comprehensive article till the very end.

What do you understand by File Extensions and QuickBooks File Extensions?

At first, File extensions are the abbreviations generally found at the end of the file name which indicates the type of content and the purpose of the file.

Some common file extensions used are:

  • A JPEG uses the .jpg or .jpeg extension (for example, image.jpg)
  • A Word document uses the .docx extension (for e.g. – CoverLetter.docx)
  • An Excel spreadsheet uses the .xlsx extension (for example, budget.xls)

Whereas QuickBooks file extensions are the file extensions that are exclusively owned by QuickBooks that keeps the track of the big data. QuickBooks file extensions are generally in the format of .xxx. Most commonly used QuickBooks file extensions are .QBW, .QBO, .QBB etc.

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Importance of using QuickBooks File Extensions

It is important to be emphasized that, different types of QuickBooks file extensions have different aspects and are used for different purpose. Let’s check out the importance of different file extensions given below:

  • With the help of file extensions, it becomes easy for the users to determine what type of content a particular file contains where everything is clearly labeled.
  • With the help of file extensions, it becomes easy for the user to organize their accounting data by categorizing the same kind of file extensions. This prevents data from merging and also facilitates auditing.
  • By just looking at the file extension user can easily identify the type of file which indeed saves a lot of time.
  • File Extensions helps in easy identification of file type that help desktop to open the file in the right application.
  • QuickBooks file extensions assist in verification of authentication of data files in order to safeguard data files.

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Types of QuickBooks File Extensions that are used commonly:

Different types of file extensions that are commonly used while working with QuickBooks are categorized below:

  File Extension                  File Type   Characterization
‘.QBW’  QuickBooks Company FileIt is used by QuickBooks software to store accounting data, letters, logos, images and other relevant info of company file which is saved by using ‘.qbw’ file extension.
‘.QBO’QuickBooks Online Bank Statement FileA file saved by ‘.qbo’ extension holds electronic bank statement that can be easily opened up by QuickBooks software during the process of downloading transactions from the back.
‘.QBB’QuickBooks Backup FileFiles usually saved by ‘.qbb’ extension are backup files of QuickBooks company file that are created by QuickBooks accounting software and usually hold the backups of financial records, images, logos, templates, and letters.
‘.QBM’QuickBooks Portable FileFiles that saved by ‘.qbm’ extensions are the compressed version of ‘.qbw’ files usually created by QuickBooks accounting software while moving a company file.  
‘.QBX’Accountant’s review copy (Export file)File with ‘.qbx’ extension are the files crafted by QuickBooks software during the generation of accountant’s review copy of QuickBooks Company file. This is the export file that can be sent to your accountant.
‘.QBA’QuickBooks Accountant Copy working file.A file with ‘.qba’ file extension is an accountant copy that is sent by clients for the accountant’s review purposes.
‘.QBJ’General Journal Entries FileA file with ‘.qbj’ extension is the file created when the user wants to add journal entries created by the accountant, to send a general journal entries file.
‘.QBY’Accountant’s Copy import fileA file with a .qby extension is the file send to the QuickBooks users after the accountant review their accountant copy and makes changes. This is the import file where users can easily apply changes to the company file.
‘.ND’Network Data FileWhile accessing to multi-user mode, QuickBooks usually crafts file with ‘.nd’ as extension that helps QuickBooks to manage the user access settings
‘.TLG’Transaction Log FileQuickBooks always keeps track of changes made to your company file since the last backup. This QuickBooks software saves this information in a file which is named with a ‘.tlg’ extension. So the next time when you take a back up of your company file, it will automatically reset the file.
‘.LOG’Event Log FileFiles with ‘.log’ extension are created by QuickBooks to record essential events. This log files are mainly used for troubleshooting purposes. Two types of LOG files are:Qbwin.log – records issues detected during a rebuild.QWC.log – record the QuickBooks Event log errors of Web Connect.  
‘.DES’Layout Designer Template fileFile with a ‘.des’ file extension is created by QuickBooks when the user exports a customized form template. It is easy to export this file and can be used in other company files or sharing with others.
‘.QBR’QuickBooks Report Template File. A file with a ‘.qbr’ extension is created by QuickBooks when the user wants to export a memorized report template.
‘.QBSTBL2.USA ‘US Tax Table FileA file with ‘.qbstbl2.usa’ is created when you run a payroll in QuickBooks Desktop that gives you current tax table. This file also gives all the latest payroll info that will be required to calculate the payroll taxes easily.

Final Words!

There are numerous file extensions and file types available but it is not necessary to know all of them. But the file types and extensions used in QuickBooks Desktop that are listed in the above table of this article are the most commonly known and widely used by QuickBooks Desktop where each one has the significant role in business accounting. This article covers everything that is essential for the users to have an outlook of variety of file extensions. Once you get general idea about them you will find that they will make processes smoothen, produces a faster workflow and also saves your time.

Moreover, you can also get in touch with our 24/7 QuickBooks enterprise support team with the help of our dedicated support line i.e. +1(844)405-0907 Our team will provide you with the most relevant information and will ensure that all your queries related to QuickBooks are answered in the best possible way and in the least possible time.

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How to Update QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Latest and Release date?

How to Update QuickBooks Desktop 2023 Latest and Release date?

Easy ways to keep your QuickBooks Desktop 2023 software to the latest and release date

Each year, QuickBooks releases its latest version with updated features and functionalities. As the year 2023 is around the corner, the new version QuickBooks desktop 2023 is already in the market. It did release in September 2022. The new update has a lot of new features for regular users, as well as accountants. To find out the information related to the features, cost and the license policy, make sure to stick around the piece of writing till the end or connect with our team professionals at +1(844)405-0907, and get assistance from experts and certified QuickBooks professionals.

Pricing of QuickBooks desktop 2023

It is announced that there are no discounts on all desktop products on any medium. Below is a table sharing the complete pricing information.

QuickBooks Desktop ProductsPrice
QuickBooks 2023 Desktop Pro Plus$549
QuickBooks 2023 Desktop Mac Plus$549
QuickBooks 2023 Desktop Premier Plus$799
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 23.0Price is unchanged for 2023 launch
QuickBooks 2023 ProAdvisorPremier Bundle $799
QuickBooks 2023 ProAdvisorEnterprise Bundle $1299

Pricing for QuickBooks online version 2023

QuickBooks Online Version ProductsPrice 
QuickBooks Online Simple Start $30/mo
QuickBooks Online Essentials$55/mo
QuickBooks Online Plus$85/mo
QuickBooks Online Advance$200/mo
QuickBooks Online Multi-Company PackageParent Entity-30% off current retail price. $20 for each additional file. 

Points to consider

According to the business size, one should choose the right product. In case the user is running an enterprise and want to grow in future, choose the product accordingly.

  • QuickBooks Desktop is a full-fledged and efficiently designed software.
  • QuickBooks Online is used for the business purpose that needs to be streamlined
  • QuickBooks is perfect for all business sizes.
  • QuickBooks online is a dynamic software that has a list of features and functions covering every aspect of accounting, bookkeeping and financial reporting of any size of business.

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Features of QuickBooks Desktop 2023

Here are some quick features and functionalities included in QuickBooks desktop plus 2023:

Upgraded mileage tracker:

The vehicle mileage monitoring feature isn’t a new feature introduced in QuickBooks desktop plus 2023, yet the users have access to track vehicle mileage. This can be accessed from the company menu. It should be noted that the mobile devices that support iOS have the ability to update track mileage.

Upgrade mileage tracker in quickbooks desktop 2023

Also, a connection and login to an intuit accounts is required to access this feature. Only the users of QuickBooks desktop enterprise, pro plus, and premier plus can track mileage on mobile devices that support iOS. It further allows the user to easily record, monitor, and view company mileage in one location using a desktop computer or a mobile device.

New Cash Flow Hub

With this new feature, one can easily examine, manage and track the cash flow. The cash flow hub feature serves as the central hub and allows accessing the accounts being tracked. This further helps in tracking the available cash, and also controlling the money-in and money-out transactions. One can also check out the account balances, add accounts to the list of accounts being tracked, analyze the trends in the cash balances, monitor the performance of the cash flow hub over a certain time period, and also control past-due invoices and payments.

Cash Flow Hub in the new quickbooks desktop 2023

This feature is currently accessible to all 2023 desktop plus, enterprise, and accountant users in the US. The user can choose the cash flow hub from the company menu to access this feature and then click on manage the accounts to see the reports. 

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Latest Node Card Reader:

Another feature is the latest node card reader. Well, this feature is accessible to QuickBooks desktop pro plus, premier plus, accountant plus 2023, and all editions of QuickBooks desktop enterprise 23.0 with an active QuickBooks payments account. This feature can be easily accessed by clicking on the pick customers tab and then heading to the received payment from the menu bar. With the help of this feature, the software supports a latest node card reader, which enables the user to access contactless cards, apple pay, google play, and a variety of other types of payment from the clients.

latest node card reader feature

As the QuickBooks payments feature is integrated with QuickBooks, when the user starts using this new feature, the payments are instantly recorded and matched, which ensures that the books remain structured without any additional work. 

Employment or Earnings Verification by Equifax:

employment or earnings verification

This new feature is offered by QuickBooks and Equifax combined to automate requests for verification of employment and income information for the users of active QuickBooks desktop payroll service user. This feature makes responding to information requests quicker and easier. The QuickBooks desktop preferences can now see a Benefits and HR tab. The company preferences tab will have a section titled income and employment verification. 

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Optimized Payment Links Tracking in QuickBooks Desktop 2023:

Coming to this feature, it is available for the QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Accountant Plus 2023, and all editions of Desktop Enterprise 23.0, having an active QuickBooks payments account. By sending a payment link, one can easily collect the money for purchases that do not require an invoice and also the new payments links dashboard lets you see the status. It is further helpful in getting the money without creating an invoice for initial consultations, advance deposits, and much more. Moreover, the new payment links dashboard allows keeping the track of the progress of the request and issue reminders. You can simply send a link to your customers by text message or email them to make a payment.  

HCM with 401(k) Guidelines-

The HCM with 401(k) guidelines feature is available for QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, Accountant Plus 2023, and all editions of Desktop Enterprise 23.0, with an active Assisted Payroll subscription. The user can simply start by adding a 401k payroll deduction and, if needed, the addition to the list of payroll items. The user will then have to head to the employees option and also choose the employee center from the menu bar to assign the 401 (k) items to particular employees.

HCM with Guideline 401

The employees will be largely benefited from the retirement programs and when the users have a subscription to QuickBooks desktop 2023 assisted payroll2, guideline and QuickBooks offers users fully integrated 401(k) plans. One can easily choose and set up a plan in QuickBooks Desktop that is suitable for their business and staff. Once they are set up and running aided payroll with their new contributions, there are no further actions to be taken, as the Guideline receives the information and contributions automatically.

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Process Clearances for Bills and Purchase Orders:

This feature is in QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant 23.0 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise (Platinum, Diamond) 23.0. The user needs to simply log in as the admin user to configure the approval process. After that, from the menu bar, go for Company and then choose Set up Approval Processes to access it. With the feature to approve purchase orders and bills in a single dashboard, one can easily maintain business supervision and aid in reducing fraud.

And with the bill and purchase order approval workflow, the user can easily delegate accounts payable and purchase order activities. Ongoing monitoring of approved transactions with automated audit trail information, such as the name of the approver, the creator’s information, and any relevant comments automated prompt notifications to staff members can help in working before deadlines. 

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Inventory Expiration Dates on Lot Numbers:

The inventory expiration dates on lot number feature is in the Enterprise Accountant 23.0 and QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise (Platinum, Diamond). One can access this feature by signing in as the admin user. After that choose edit tab and preferences tab. Followed by selecting the items and inventory from the menu bar. Once done with that, the user needs to go for the Serial/Lot No. & Expiration tab after clicking the Advanced Inventory Settings button. Once enabled, the user can pick which items need a lot number and, if necessary, an expiration date.

inventory expiration dates on lot numbers

This feature offers thorough multi-level categorization and supports expiration dates, which might help the user in managing the inventory easily and successfully. And by assigning, the inventory expiration dates and putting them in transactions like sales orders, invoices, etc., the user can simply minimize business losses and sell goods quickly. Furthermore, by adding expiration dates in client interactions, the user can enjoy lower business liability. The user can also use the reports on inventory that has expired or is going to expire by lot or serial number, as well as a history of transactions, to take prompt action. 

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Improved Report Optimization In QuickBooks Desktop 2023:

Users with large company files often face issues with the report compilation time with some of the more complicated reports in QuickBooks. This advanced feature will improve report compilation performance for bigger company file sizes (>300 MB). However, the reporting interface won’t change, these reports load more quickly than they did in earlier versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2023.

Improved Accounting Software for Mac Plus 2023:

Improved accounting in QuickBooks Desktop for MAC 2023

Moreover, you can mark the payment paid automatically and alert when the money is transferred, saving a lot of time. Once you pay the vendors using a card or bank transfer, you can simply increase financial flexibility by sending money via physical check or bank transfer. There are additional fees for paying with a credit card, using the optional Fast ACH and Fast Check expedites services, and other options.


Towards the end of this segment, we believe that the information shared in above might be of some help in understanding the features of QuickBooks desktop 2023. If you are still having any queries or if you require our assistance at any point in time, then connect with our tech support team at +1(844)405-0907. Alternatively, you can just with us by clicking on the chat now button. We are a team of certified QuickBooks professionals who work round the clock in providing instant support services.

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How to Generate an Invoice in QuickBooks Desktop?

How to Generate an Invoice in QuickBooks Desktop?

How to learn the process of creating an invoice in QuickBooks desktop and online:

Hunting for ways to create an invoice in QuickBooks desktop? QuickBooks is among the most dependable and composite accounting software in the market that has sprawled a revolution across businesses and accountancy sectors. It is sophisticated and innovative QuickBooks accounting software trusted by hundreds of thousands of business owners and accountants throughout the world.

So, if you are looking for the process of generating invoices in QuickBooks desktop and online follow this blog post till end where everything relevant to this is discussed in detail.

It is available in both desktop and online versions where every year a new version of the application is launched with wide range of new and improved features such as financial management, invoice raising, inventory handling and more. For the felicitous growth of Business firms, it is very essential for the entrepreneurs and managers to maintain the flow of cash in the most suitable way, you might generally look for the process to create invoice in QuickBooks means to manage the receivables of account through invoices. This feature of crafting an invoice can be easily done with the help of QuickBooks Desktop.

What is meant by invoice?

QuickBooks invoice

Invoice means ‘promise to pay’, In other words it is an asset and liability for the seller and the buyer. It is also defined as the itemized commercial document that is used for recording the sales transactions between a buyer and seller like paper receipt from a store or online record from an e-trailer

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Elements of an Invoice.

  • ‘Invoice’ word
  • Invoice number.
  • Date
  • Terms of payment
  • Contact number and Name of the seller.
  • Contact number and Name of the buyer.
  • Description of Goods and services.
  • Terms and conditions.

How creating an invoice in QuickBooks Desktop can help you?

Creating an invoice is a part of accounts receivable workflow in QuickBooks.

  • It helps in maintaining records of sale.
  • It helps in tracking payment on both seller and buyer’s end.
  • It acts as a legal proof, which is gives legal safety as well.
  • It gathers both Business data and essential data.
  • It is helpful in sending email invoices easily to the customers directly from QuickBooks.
  • It is helpful in updating financial statements in real time.

How to craft an Invoice in QuickBooks desktop?

Before starting with the process of creating an invoice one important thing that people should take into consideration is to ensure having all the required details for creation.

Basic Steps for generating an invoice from scratch in QuickBooks:

Follow the steps in the same ways that are listed below:

  • Select create invoices from the home screen or the customers menu.
generating an invoice from scratch in QuickBooks
  •  Select the customer or customer job from the list, In case the customer or job is not on the list yet, then select the add new option.
customer information for QuickBooks
  • Now fill the relevant information at the top of the form such as the Date, invoice number, Bill to/Ship to, P O. number, Rep, Ship, Via, F.O.B and terms.
  • Select the items. It should be noted that the when you choose or adds an item, the description and amount are categorized on the basis of  description and unit cost entered when it was set up that too on its own. While creating invoices you can also delete or modify this.

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  • This step is optional if you wish to apply for a discount, for this you need to create a discount item.
  • At first move to the list menu from the home screen.
  • Select item list.
  • Now right click anywhere, followed by selecting new.
  • Go to the type drop down and then select discount.
  • Furthermore, you need to enter the item name/number and a brief description.
  • Then you need to enter the discount amount or percentage in the Amount or % field.
  • In case the discount amount varies, you will have to leave the amount or percent field blank and then enter the amount directly on the sales forms.
  • Choose the income account to be used to track discounts from the account drop-down.
Invoice in quickbooks
  • Choose an appropriate tax code for the item.
  • Also Tap on OK button.

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To Create an invoice from a sales order:

A sales order is a document or record of a sale generated by the seller promised to deliver to the customer in the future, but haven’t fulfilled yet. Some business firms use this sales order feature of QuickBooks Desktop to track these sales.

Here’s how you create an invoice from sales order

  • Select the “Sales Orders” icon from the home screen.
  • In the Sales Order form use the “find” button to select the sales order you wish to create an invoice for.
  • Now click on the “Create Invoice” icon.
  • Next you’ll get a pop-up window asking if you want to create an invoice for all sales orders or just for selected items. Select the option of your choice and then click on the “OK” button.
  • If you want to create an invoice for selected items, you’ll see a new pop-up box that allows you to select what you want to invoice now.
  • Go to the options that are suitable for you and then click the “OK” button
  • This will take you to the invoice screen occupied with the information from the sales order, Here you can edit and send the invoice as described in the previous section.

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To Create an invoice from an estimate:

  • If  you use estimates in QuickBooks Desktop, you can easily convert them to invoices because some customers require an estimate before agreeing to work with you, or perhaps your internal workflow requires you to enter estimates for jobs you are bidding or have won but not yet invoiced.
  • The process of creating an invoice from an estimate is nearly identical to creating an invoice from a sales order, so here is only the three key differences between the two:
  • At first start by clicking on the “Estimates” icon on the home screen.
  • Here you can only create one invoice per estimate, unlike sales orders where you can invoice for multiple sales orders on one invoice.
  • If you are using progress invoicing — a handy feature that allows you to bill projects in phases — you will be prompted to choose how much of the estimate you wish to bill on this particular invoice. This process is very similar to that for choosing sales order items to include on an invoice.

Winding up!

However, if you feel the need of technical assistance or in case of any queries, please feel free to contact our helpline i.e. 1(844)405-0907 where our team of QuickBooks enterprise support and industries best accounting professionals with years of experience and expertise are ready to assist you, let our experts carry out the process for you. Our sole aim is to provide the best possible support services to our clients. So, you can call us anytime without any hesitation, we will be happy to serve you.

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How to Download and Install Trial Version of QuickBooks Desktop (30-days trial)

How to Download and Install Trial Version of QuickBooks Desktop (30-days trial)

Learn how to download and install trial version of QuickBooks desktop ( QuickBooks pro, premier and Enterprise Solutions)

Dicey about investing in QuickBooks? Often when deciding whether to incorporate QuickBooks for day-to-day accounting activities or not, business owners get confused. However, to help in decision-making, Intuit offers a 30-day free trial for QuickBooks Mac, Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. These trial versions can be easily downloaded with the help of a few links. Intuit permits download and install trial version of QuickBooks desktop valid for 30 days only and once it expires, the user will have to purchase the license key to continue using it. If you are also interested in trying QuickBooks and its functionalities before buying the license key, then this article will be of great assistance to you.

In today’s article, we are going to share the download links for different trial versions of QuickBooks. Thus, make sure to read the segment with much care. Before heading to the download links, keep in mind that the QuickBooks desktop 2016 version is no longer supported by Intuit and is not compatible with Windows 10. However, if you require any technical assistance, then feel free to consult our tech team at +1(844)405-0907 and they will provide you with instant support and assistance.

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QuickBooks Desktop Trial Links for United States (US)

In case you are planning to buy the QuickBooks desktop trial links for US version, then you can check out the below trial links. You can use the link for the version you want to use and then save the install file. Make sure to save the file where you can access it easily. It should be noted that the trial links are different in each case. This means that the trial links for Pro/premier/ enterprise/ Mac might vary. Thus, make sure to keep this in mind while using a trial link.

Download the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 Free Trial

Download QuickBooks Desktop Pro 22.0 Free (30-day Trial)

Download QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2022 (30-day Trial)

Download the QuickBooks Desktop Premier Accountant 2022

QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant 2022

Download QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 22.0 Free 30-day Trial

Download QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise SU 22.0

Note: It should be noted that there is no need for any code in order to open the trial version.

Download QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 22.0

Download the QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Free Trial

Download QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 21.0 Free 30-Day Trial

Download QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 (30-day trial)

The user can make use of the codes listed below to install the QuickBooks Pro 2021 trial version:

  • License #:  0421-9621-3866-298
  • Product #:  989375

Download the QuickBooks Mac 2021 (30-day trial)

Download the 30-day trial for QuickBooks Desktop 2020

Download QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 – 30-day trial

Download QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020 – 30-day trial

Download QuickBooks Desktop Premier Accountant 2020 – 30-day trial

Download the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 20.0 – 30-day trial

Download QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise SU 20.0 -30-day trial

Download the 30-day trial for QuickBooks Desktop 2020

Are you interested in using QuickBooks desktop pro? Well, QuickBooks desktop pro is a version of QuickBooks that is recommended to small and medium-sized businesses and allows the user to pay bills, print paychecks and sales order reports, craft an impeccable business, and even remote access QuickBooks. You can download and install trial version of QuickBooks desktop pro using the below links. You can also make use of the codes listed below for downloading and installing the software for free.

  • License #:  0421-9621-3866-298
  • Product #:  611951

Trial Link for QuickBooks Desktop for Mac (Only USA)

If you use Mac, then you might need to download QuickBooks for the Mac version. The Mac version of QuickBooks also involves a couple of features like tracking the inventory, paying bills, sending email invoices, managing business expenses, and finances, etc. You can use the following link to download the Mac version.


QuickBooks Desktop Trial Links for Canada (CA)

If you are interested in downloading the Canada version of QuickBooks, then the below links might help. The features are like the US version up to a certain extent.

Download the QuickBooks Desktop 2021 Free Trial

Click on the link according to the version you want to download.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021

QuickBooks Desktop Premier Accountant 2021

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 21.0QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise SU 21.0

Download the 30-day for QuickBooks Desktop 2020

Download the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 – 30-day trial

Download QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020 – 30-day

Download the QuickBooks Desktop Premier Accountant 2020 – 30-day

Download QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Solutions 20.0 – 30-day

Download QuickBooks Enterprise SU 20.0 – 30-day trial

QuickBooks Desktop Trial Links for United Kingdom (UK)

Note that the UK version for QuickBooks desktop is quite similar to the other countries in context to features. The link for downloading this version is different. Choose the link according to the version you wish to use.

Download the QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2020 – 30-day trial

Download QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2020 – 30-day

Download QuickBooks Desktop Premier Accountant 2019 – 30-days

Trial Links for Previous Versions of QuickBooks Desktop (US)

If you are looking for the trial links of older versions, then you can find them below:

Download QuickBooks enterprise 18.0 – 30 days trial:


Download QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2018- 30 days trial:


Download the QuickBooks desktop for Mac 2016 – 30 days trial:


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Trial Links for Older Versions of QuickBooks Desktop (CA)

For simply downloading the Canadian version of QuickBooks desktop, use the below links:

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2018 (Canada Only) – 30-day trial

QB Desktop Premier 2018 (Canada Only) – 30-day trial

QuickBooks Desktop Premier Accountant 2018 (Canada only)-30-days

QB Desktop Enterprises Solutions 18.0 (Canada only)- 30-day trial

QuickBooks Desktop trial links for the United Kingdom (UK)

The United Kingdom version of QuickBooks can be downloaded using the links below.

QB Desktop Pro 2018 (the UK only) – 30-day trial

QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2018(the UK only) – 30-day

QuickBooks Desktop Premier Accountant – 30 day

System Requirements for QuickBooks Desktop Trial Versions

Well, before install the trial versions for QuickBooks, it is essential to ascertain whether the system is ready to run the software or not. There are a handful of system requirements that you need to abide by for the smooth running of the software. Let us have a look:

System requirements for QuickBooks desktop and enterprise solutions

In case you are planning to install QuickBooks desktop or Enterprise, then you would have to check the following system specs.

For QuickBooks Pro/Premier 2019 and Enterprise 19.0

  • Browser Requirement – You might require Internet Explorer 11 (32 bit)
  • Hardware and Operating Software requirements (Client and Server)
    • Processor: 2.4 GHz minimum
    • RAM: 8GB RAM is Recommended, whereas 4GB is minimum
  • Database Servers
    • Optical Drive
      • 4X DVD-ROM drive required for CD installations.
    • Screen Resolution
      • Display optimized for 1280 x 1024 screen resolution or higher with up to 2 Extended monitors.
      • Best optimized for Default DPI setting for a given computer.
    • Disk space
      • Minimum 2.5GB of disk space (additional required for data files).
      • Additional software: 60MB for Microsoft .NET 4.6 Run-time, provided on the QuickBooks CD.
    • Windows
      • US version of Windows is a must
      • Regional settings are supported when set to English.
      • Administrator rights needed for the server computer when hosting Multi-User access.
      • Natively installed

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Software Compatibility

The user can easily integrate the software with different apps. The list of apps supported is as follows:

  • Microsoft Office
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale V18.0 and V12.0
  • Pro-Series tax years 2017 and 2016
  • Quicken 2018, 2017, 2016
  • QuickBooks for Mac 2016
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Business Planner, Payroll and viewing forms require Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.0 or later.
  • Payroll and other online features and services need Internet access with at least a 56 Kbps connection speed (1 Mbps recommended). DSL or cable modem is recommended.
  • Gmail, Yahoo Email, Windows Mail, Hotmail and AOL (i.e Mozilla Thunderbird Email Client*). Note: *Supports plain text version in Mozilla.
  • Internet Explorer 11.

Firewall and Antivirus software compatibility

  • The user might need Windows Server Firewall (all editions)
  • Windows 8.1 Firewall (all editions)
  • Windows 7 Firewall (all editions)
  • Microsoft Security EssentialsAvastNortonLifeLock (formally Symantec)
  • MalwarebytesESETKasperskyBitdefenderMcAfeeAvira, AVG

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Steps to Download the trial versions

QuickBooks desktop trial version - screenshot

The user needs to first note down the license and product number. Once done with that, the user can perform the below set of steps:

  • At first, the user should close the programs opened in background
  • After that reboot the antivirus program
  • And click on the link for the respective version of QuickBooks
download and install QuickBooks desktop trial version - download promt
  • Now, enter the license and product number
license number
  • Once done with that click on run tab to download the product and click on yes when asked to
  • The next step is to click on next option
  • And a license agreement will open up
  • Now, click on I agree … and enter the license and product number
  • Hit next tab
  • Select the install option
  • And let the process to complete
  • Wait for some time and after the software is downloaded, make sure to activate it

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Steps to activate the trial links in QuickBooks

The below set of steps can be performed to activate the trial links in QuickBooks. Let us have a look:

  • At first, the user needs to open the QuickBooks company file and then activate the software
  • The user will have 30 days to activate the QuickBooks software
activate the QuickBooks software trial version
  • Now, the user needs to click on activate tab
  • And enter the information
  • Click on create an account option
creating an account trial version
  • And also enter all the details to review the customer account
  • And select the next tab
  • And head to the confirmation window
  • After that save the records or print the page

Steps to move to Pro Edition

In order to move to pro edition, the user needs to perform the below steps:

  • At first open the QuickBooks account.
  • Now, head to the file
  • Select the switch to another edition option.
switch to another edition option
  • After that click on the version from the list appearing on the screen.
  • Check the information windows and tap on switch or toggle.
toggle to the pro edition - screenshot
  • This process might take some time
  • The process to switch to QuickBooks pro might take a few moments. The user will be required to wait for a moment, and the new edition will be displayed in the title bar. And you are good to go.
toggle to the pro edition - screenshot 2

To Wrap it up!

We end this segment right here, with the hope that the information discussed above might have helped you in downloading the trial version of the QuickBooks version you are looking for. However, in case of any query, you can consult our QuickBooks Support team at +1(844)405-0907 and they will providing you the instant support and assistance.

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