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Errors associated with QuickBooks company files can be extremely annoying at times. One such error that have been recently reported by QuickBooks users is: QuickBooks update unable to add the item to the list. This error isn’t pretty common, but can further escalate issues, especially related to company files. This QB error generally arises when you try to convert QuickBooks for a Mac to QuickBooks for Windows. To help you out in dealing with this particular error, here we are with this write-up sharing the complete insights and practical solutions to address this error effectively.

However, if you need any sort of technical guidance at any point in time, then in that scenario, do not hesitate to connect with our technical support professionals right away at +1-844-499-6700. Having said that, let us further understand this complex error in detail.

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Warning messages related to the error

  • “QuickBooks unable to add item to the list” (in multi-user mode)
  • “QuickBooks is unable to finish the operation for ADD item into the list and needs to restart”. “QuickBooks will get open automatically”.

This notification is also followed by a QuickBooks unrecoverable error.

Contributing Factors for the occurrence of QuickBooks 2023 unable to add item to the list Error 

There are several factors that are responsible for unable to add item to the list error. Here are a few common ones:

  • Corrupted QuickBooks Company files can lead to the problems of adding items to the list.
  • An outdated version of QuickBooks software can land you into such an error.
  • You can further come across this issue if you try to add a New Employee item to the list.
  • The large size of the list items can sometimes cause issues with the performance of QuickBooks.
  • Insufficient user permissions to add items to the list can also hamper certain actions.
  • Corruption in QBWUSER.INI file can also cause certain problems in adding items.
  • The use of QuickBooks in multi-user environments can impact network connections that affect data communication.

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Potential Methods to rectify New VAT code – ‘’unable to add items to the list error”

In order to settle this QuickBooks update unable to add item to list error, follow the procedure mentioned below. You will have to find the items that hampers the addition of the new items to the list which can be located easily with the help of the QBWIN.LOG file. Furthermore, you will have to prepare a backup for QuickBooks Desktop and later on convert the particular file.

METHOD I: Start the procedure by locating the file (QBWIN.LOG file) in the QB directory by opening the file in the notepad or in the MS Word. And the Steps are:

  • Right-click on the file, and go for Open with option, and then from the list of programs opt for the Notepad.

METHOD II: Now move ahead and find out the errors between verify a log and end verify log. If you cannot find the errors between these sections then you can search them in between: “rebuild log, 

LVL_ERROR – QuickBooks has faced a problem and needs a shut down.” 

METHOD III: To do this, go for the following: ‘’LVL-SEVERE-ERROR _the list element write failed to abort Transaction and is forcing for a roll back now. 

Verify Results - quickbooks update unable to add item to list
  • Error notification: Item that is causing the issue message

Record was not added to the transaction table. For e.g.: LVL_SEVERE_ERROR – list element failed to abort database transaction and is forcing rolling back now.

  • List name: Payment Method.
  • Item name: E-Check. Error Message: Record cannot be added to a transaction table. Error code: -6032.’’

QuickBooks for a Mac file

  • Begin the process by moving ahead to the list menu.
  • Thereafter, go to the right List of components in order to find out the particular item that is recognized above.
  • In this step you are then required to find out the list of the components in the QBWIN.LOG and fix it or remove it.
  • And to remove an item, pick it and then select Edit, followed by pressing the Delete option.
  • In the next step conversion of the file to QuickBooks Desktop is required and then post that create a backup of this file.

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What if the item is not listed in QBWIN.LOG File?

Suppose that you are unable to list the item in QBWIN.LOG File, then for this:

  • At first, launch QuickBooks for Mac and open the company file using QuickBooks.
  • In the next step rebuild the company file, using the below steps:
    • Navigate to the File menu
    • And then go for the Utilities option
    • Opt for the Rebuild Data option.
Rebuild data in quickbooks - quickbooks update unable to add item to list

Other effective solutions to QuickBooks update unable to add item to list

  • Utilizing the QuickBooks Repair tool is quite helpful in resolving all kinds of issues related to QuickBooks installation and data-related problems.
  • Furthermore, you update QuickBooks to latest release and try to fix all kinds of bugs and problems.
  • Be sure that you don’t exceed the limit of the list items in the QuickBooks. For the large database try to optimize it or update the QuickBooks plan.
  • Also, verify the duplicate items in your list of QuickBooks.
  • Ensure that you don’t use any special characters, symbols, or additional names of the items. Abide by the standard punctuation or alphanumeric characters.

Note: Don’t forget to create the backup of your data before doing any significant changes in order to avoid any potential loss.

Fix QuickBooks Company File in Use Error

Summing Up!

Now that you know the steps to fix this error, hopefully, you will be able to get rid of QuickBooks unable to add item to the list error. However, if none of the above steps work, you can immediately reach out to our QuickBooks technical support professionals by dialing our toll-free number +1-844-499-6700. They are available 24*7 to provide you with specific assistance based on your issues.

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