In this article I am going to discuss about QuickBooks re-sorting and it’s benefits. Re-sorting QuickBooks is a quite simple way to resolve a number of problems that occurs in QuickBooks for Mac or Windows operating systems. While using QuickBooks, one faces a lot of errors disturbing the work of the business and causing unnecessary delay. Sometimes, rebooting the system, restoring a company files, rebuilding data helps to resolve the issue but these are not of rescue all the times.

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Re-sorting QuickBooks Lists

  • List is out of order
  • New entries appear on the top of the list
  • Items of reports are out of order
  • Account numbers in Chart of Accounts can’t be turned on
  • No transactions are displayed in the appropriate Center when customer, vendor or employee are highlighted
  • The name filter in the drop-down of Advanced Filter doesn’t work properly
  • Also, the ‘quick-type’ feature doesn’t work properly

In this case, you shall start re-sorting the list as this will help rebuild the index wont actually change any information.

Some Important Points to be Noted:

  • If a QuickBooks user has access to the list, he/she can re-sort the list easily
  • Once the list is re-sorted, close QuickBooks and reopen to check if the problem has been resolved
  • Rearrange the lists and also note that manual changes will be lost

Vendors, Customers, Employees and other Names

QuickBooks is the software that contains a master name list that has the names of vendors, customers and employees. These lists can also be re-sorted separately. You can find the master name list easily:

Open ‘Write Checks‘ window, put cursor in ‘pay to the order of field press ‘Ctrl + L‘ keys and open the list. This will open the master name list. Check the Include Inactive checkbox and click Name button, select ‘Re-sort list‘.

When you find that the user account does not have any banking permissions, then you can do this in ‘Make General Journal Entries‘ window, Time/Enter Single Activity Window or Advanced Find window. This will help you re-sort the individual customer, vendor, and employee list.

Chart of Accounts, Payroll Items and Items

There are many lists in the Lists Menu which can be sorted by opening them from the Lists menu, selecting the re-sort List, clicking the List button, and include inactive checkbox. In case, you do not find the re-sort option in the Lists menu, you would definitely find it in the View menu.

Memorized Reports

Memorized Reports also face re-sorting problem and sometimes, this can be troublesome in QuickBooks.

  • Select Reports and then Memorized Reports in the main menu bar.
  • Click on the Reports button in the lower left corner and select Resort List.

QuickBooks for Mac

Re-sorting Lists helps with QuickBooks for Mac.

  • If you want to find the master name list, open Write Checks window.
  • Put cursor on Pay to the Order of field, holding Command/Apple key down, and press L key to open the list.
  • Also ensure that all the names are selected.
  • Go to Edit and select re-sort List.

I Hope you found this article helpful. However, if you are unable to re-sort QuickBooks lists, then we can help you with this. Just contact us at our QuickBooks helpline support number .i.e. 1-844-405-0907 and our experts will guide you the right way.


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