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QuickBooks Payroll is an advanced accounting software. It makes invoicing, bookkeeping, and billing significantly easy for business owners and accounting experts. Read this article till the end to about the causes and solutions for QuickBooks error 12152. Some of the tasks that anyone can perform using this software include:

  • Tracking sales and expenses
  • Accepting and making payments
  • Scanning receipts and other documents
  • Preparing taxes

However, some issues may stop you in your track while using this software and impact your productivity. QuickBooks payroll Error 12152 is one such error. One of the primary reasons that trigger this error is interrupted Internet connection. Once this error occurs, you may have a hard time connecting to the server. But don’t worry, this QuickBooks error is fixable.

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What is Payroll Update Error Code 12152?

QuickBooks Error 12152 typically stands out up when you have problems with the Internet Connection setups that makes it difficult for the software to connect to the servers and gives concerns with the updates. Before continuing to the solution of QuickBooks payroll error 12152 make sure your Internet connection is established as well as permits you to connect to verified websites.

Symptoms of Payroll update error 12152

  • This error 12152 appears when a program crashes the dynamic windows
  • When similar programs running on your system, the device crashes along with having error 12152
  • Error 12152 displays on a screen & this react when gradually to a mouse
  • As occasionally a user find their device gets freezes for a couple of a moment

Causes of QuickBooks Update Error 12152

  • QuickBooks is unable to read the license data
  • Some new windows that has API keys but that are not working as legally
  • A few quite common reasons that are incorporate wrong or fizzled installation in QB software
  • A un-installation of programming that may have left invalid sections in your registry windows
  • Any consequences of an infection or malware assault
  • Improper framework shutdown it is just because of a power disappointment or have some another factor for this error code
  • Deleting an important framework document or registry section, and in addition various different causes
  • The prompt reason for this error in QuickBooks software that mistake is an inability which effects to run all typical operations by a framework or a part of an applications.

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Troubleshooting of QuickBooks Error Code 12152

Check out the solutions for QuickBooks Error Code 12152 as:

Solution 1: Check Date and Time

  • First of all, check its date as well as time on your system
  • On the clock, give one right click
  • Now let us adjust your date & time
Windows Data and Time Settings - Screenshot
  • After this restart your QB desktop software & check for all error codes

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Solution 2: Verify Internet connection settings

  • First verify all your internet connection settings that is working on a system
  • Now run your program
  • Then launch an internet settings options
  • To do so, click on advanced option
  • After this, click to the advanced reset option

Solution 3: Download and Repair QuickBooks

  • After this download the application
  • Now start your app to be installed & launched it on your system
  • If errors persist, click on the option to Scan & make your deviations as detected
  • For fixing all errors, click on an option to Repair All

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Solution 4: Admin Access

  • Start your Computer
  • Then login as administrator tab
  • Click on the start key button
  • Then click on all programs > accessories > system tools & after this finally, click to the system as to restore
  • Under the new window, choose to restore my PC as earlier time option tab
  • Now click to the next heading
  • In the given list, just click on to ‘restore the point’ list. Select the latest system to restore that point from a displayed screen. After this just press to the next tab.
  • Into a confirmation window, give a single click on the next key button
  • When restoration process is completed, then restart your PC system

Solution 5: Fix registry entries

  • Select or click on the Start key button
  • Enter or type as Command in the given dialog search box. Remember don’t hit the enter key yet!
  • On a system keyboard, hold the Ctrl+ shift keys instantly & then press or hit the enter key
  • With the help of a permission dialog box, it will asks as prompted
  • Then click to the yes option
  • If the cursor of your mouse blinks, this opens the black box
  • Now type or enter as regedit. After doing so, hit the enter key
  • If want to take back up then choose the error 12152 related keys as instructed
  • Now select export from the main file menu
  • Then select the folder type and save into the list as where the client wants to save their IE backup keys
  • Under the File Name box, now type a name for a backup file for instance, IE backup. If need any technical assistance, ask expert guidance
  • Make sure that under the Export range box just type as selected branch is chosen by the user
  • Apply to save all changes that you have been made recently
  • Along with a .reg file extension. This file has been saved now
  • For a related registry entries, Take now a back up into your Internet Explorer web browser

Solution 6: Uninstall and Reinstall QuickBooks

  • The very first step is to move to uninstall and download QuickBooks
  • After the software is established on the system, and then open it
  • Now, find the scan option and run it
  • The user will then see a list of issues or errors
  • The last step is to click on repair all option to eliminate them

Solution 7: Head through Microsoft Windows Framework along with time displayed

  • The user will have to verify the framework of the system is authentic and the time displayed is correct
  • The user is suggested to repeat the steps and also verify the framework through the settings tab.
  • The last step is to reboot the software and access it again.

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I hope the solution methods given above are helpful for you to resolve QuickBooks error code 12152. If still you are facing the same error then get in touch with our QuickBooks Error Support team by dialing toll-free 1-844-405-0907. Our professionals work for twenty-four hours a day and all weekdays as 24/7/365


What is payroll error 12152?

This issue belongs to the 12xxx family of error codes that are related to the installation issues in QuickBooks. This error typically appears when updating QuickBooks to newer versions.

What are the causes behind such payroll errors?

This installation error may be encountered for several reasons, including:
1. Erroneous internet settings.
2. Using an older version of QuickBooks.
3. License data not identified by QuickBooks.
4. Technical issue with API keys in Windows.
5. Virus intrusion in the system.

How do I fix payroll error codes in QuickBooks?

These errors can be resolved with the help of following steps:
1. Configuring the internet settings.
2. Correcting system date and time.
3. Restoring the system.
4. Attempt updating QuickBooks in the Safe mode.
5. Clean install QuickBooks desktop


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