Easy Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Connectivity Error Code 12057

To let you know about the QuickBooks Connectivity Error Code 12057, you have to first understand the 12000 series errors. Generally, the QuickBooks error 12000 series is reported by the Microsoft Win32 Internet application programming interface (API). Winlnet API is used by QuickBooks Desktop to access the standard internet protocols such as HTTP, FTP, and Gopher. The 12000 series of errors appear while downloading or receiving the updates.

In this article today we are going to explain you about one of the most common error code 12057. Know all the possible causes behind of this error with the best troubleshooting steps.

List of QuickBooks Error 12000 Series

Check out the list of QB 12000 series error and its causes:

  • From QB Error Code 12001 to 12006: These error codes appear when the QuickBooks unable to complete the update. To resolve these errors, you should verify that the internet connection is working properly.
  • QB Error Code 12007: The QuickBooks error code 12007 appears when the QB unable to trace the IP address of the server. To fix this issue, it is recommended for you to check the internet connection is fine.
  • QB Error Code 12008 to 12164: The QuickBooks error code between error 12008 to error 12164 appears when the QuickBooks unable complete the update. You can fix this issue by simply checking if the internet connection is good or not.
  • QuickBooks Error 12052: It is a nonspecific error message that can be easily solved by checking the internet connection.

What May Causes QuickBooks Connectivity Error 12057?

  • You have an internet connection.
  • Unable to connect with Intuit servers for updates or transmissions.
  • QuickBooks fails to communicate with Intuit Servers.
  • Incorrect Network SSL configuration settings.

Solution of QuickBooks Error 12057

Below are the steps to solve the QuickBooks Connectivity Error Code 12057:

  • Close or shutdown the QuickBooks.
  • Open or turn on the Internet Explorer.
  • Go to Tools => Internet Options.
  • Choose the Advanced
  • Now Go to the Security group & scroll down.
  • Click on the “Check for server certificate revocation” & “Check for publisher’s certificate revocation” to clear the checkbox.
solve the QuickBooks Connectivity Error Code 12057
  • Close & reopen the Internet Explorer.
  • Minimize the Internet Explorer.
  • Open the QuickBooks software again.
  • Attempt payroll updates again.

After following all the steps mentioned above, open a web browser or website you don’t generally visit to check the internet connection outside of the QuickBooks. If you are unable to view the website or web page, the problem is with Internet connection outside of the QuickBooks.

If you are able to see the website, follow the below steps

  • In the QuickBooks, go to ‘Help‘ =>’Internet Connection Setup‘.
  • Choose to ‘Use my computer’s Internet connection settings‘ to establish a connection when this application accesses the Internet. Select ‘Next‘.
  • Go to ‘Advanced Connection Settings‘. Choose the ‘Advanced
  • Go to the ‘Security group‘ make sure that the Use ‘SSL 2.0‘ & Use ‘SSL 3.0‘ options are selected.
  • Choose ‘OK‘. Select ‘Done‘.
  • Check the ‘Internet Security‘ & ‘Personal Firewall setting configuration‘.
How to resolve the Errors 12002 12007 12009 12029 or 12031-Pro Accountant Advisor

If the QuickBooks Connectivity Error Code 12057 still persists, then you can contact the QuickBooks Payroll Support team instantly. Or you can directly make a call to the certified team of QuickBooks experts at +1-844-405-0907.

Our efficient and certified team at Pro Accountant Advisor are here to solve all the issues related to QuickBooks Errors, QB Installation Errors, QB Update Errors, QuickBooks Data Recovery and other.


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