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Errors in QuickBooks is quite common, as it is full of features and functionalities which requires heavy code and algorithms. However, these errors can be eliminated using some set of steps. In today’s segment, we are going to discuss one such error i.e., QuickBooks error code 6000 301. This error code generally appears with a warning message as shown below. However, the QuickBooks error code 6000, 301 is quite familiar with the QuickBooks desktop users. This is basically a 6000 series error that occurs due to any sort of issue with the company file. Any issue with the company file requires immediate assistance, as it relates to the core information.

You may see the following error message on your computer screen:

Warning: An error occurred when QuickBooks Desktop tried to access the company file. Please try again. If the issue pertains, contact the Intuit Technical Support & endow them with the following QB error codes: (-6000,-301).

quickbooks error message 6000-301
QuickBooks Error Message -6000, -301 – Screenshot

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Why QuickBooks Error Code 6000, 301 arises?

In this way, if one thinks about the QuickBooks Error 6000 304, the error occurs when a user is attempting to open a QuickBooks company file with (.qbw), and the disk space is not enough is the primary error. This error occurs over the screen as shown above and due to this QuickBooks becomes difficult to manage and handle.

However, If you want to fix this error code instantly with the professional help – you can consult with the QuickBooks error support team at +1-844-499-6700.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 6000, 301

The Error can cause due to the following ways. One or more of the QuickBooks desktop files gets damaged. These file(s) are given below:

  • Transaction Log (.TLG) file
  • Network descriptor (ND ) file
  • Data Source name ( DSN) file
  • If the data company file is not working
  • Encryption Software installed.
  • This error can be experienced when the .QBW file is damaged or corrupted
  • The database name file available on your desktop gets damaged
  • Another reason can be if you try to install encrypted software. The process of operaing QuickBooks will be hindered.
  • If you are trying to open the QuickBooks desktop company file and the same file is located on the hard disk offer desktop, which is accessing the QuickBooks database server manager.
  • The software used is outdated and needs an update with the latest QuickBooks software launched by intuit

Symptoms of QuickBooks error

There can be certain factors that indicate such an error in QuickBooks. Let us have a look:

  • In case you are unable to open or access the corrupted company file
  • Or if the QuickBooks application is responding slowly than usual
  • Another sign can be if the QuickBooks software is asking to recreate the company file to access it freely
  • You need QuickBooks support files, or you might not be able to use QuickBooks

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What are the effects of QuickBooks error code 6000, 301?

Well, the QuickBooks error code 6000, 301 can lead to the following consequences. Let us have a look:

  • One of the basic effects can be that the user is unable to access the damaged company file
  • Or as a result of this issue, one might have to rebuild the same company file
  • Another impact can be a massive time crunch
  • Another consequence of this issue can be if the downloaded company file lands into some error.
  • Or issues related to excess data usage and time management can also be experienced

Fix QuickBooks Error Code 6000, 301 (Company File Error)

Check out the possible systematic solution for QuickBooks error code 6000, 301. Follow the steps in sequence to get the best result.

Solution 1: Repair your QuickBooks desktop

Since the QuickBooks is all about giving enough of the application to be stored over the computer and the related excel file(s) it is necessary to delete the files which are of no use or have got corrupt.

Here is the easy step to remove QuickBooks error:

  • Go to the “Start” or “Windows” menu => open the “Control Panel” tab => click on the “Programs” tab => click on the “Programs and Features” tab.
Uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks file or program
  • Select the QuickBooks & click on the “Uninstall” icon.
  • Click on the “Next” tab once the QuickBooks installation window appears.
  • Select the “radio” button next to “Repair” icon. Click on the “Next” tab & then the “Repair” tab.
Repair QuickBooks  Desktop
  • Click on the “Finish” icon.

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Solution 2: Update the QuickBooks Software

How to update quickbooks - Automatic update

One can try to perform the below set of steps to update the QuickBooks software. The steps differ for manual and automatic methods. Let us have a look:

Manual update

  • The user needs to close company/logoff, from the File menu.
  • After that click on the File tab and also go for the Exit option.
  • The next step is to right-click the QuickBooks desktop icon.
  • And then, click on Run as admin
  • Ensure that you are on No company open screen.
  • After that, go for the Update QuickBooks option from the Help menu.
  • Once done with that, click on Options tab
  • And then, hit a click on Mark all tab
  • Go for Save tab.
  • Now, click on Update now.
  • And then, click on Reset update and click on the Get updates tab.
  • Close QuickBooks desktop, when update complete message appears on the screen.
  • Open QuickBooks desktop and click on Yes tab.
  • Reboot the system and you are done with the process

Automatic Update

  • The user is suggested to click on Update QuickBooks from the QuickBooks help menu.
  • After that, head to the Update now tab in the Update QuickBooks window.
  • Now, Checkmark the box.
  • And remove the previous update downloads by Resetting update.
  • This might increase the amount of time required for the update.
  • The user is now required to click on Get updates and the current release will download.
  • Also, reboot the system and Accept the option to install the new release, when rebooting QuickBooks

Solution 3: Rename the QuickBooks .ND files

Renaming the .ND and TLG Files - Gif
  • Opening the folder which contains the company file.
  • Just have the file(s) with the same name as the QuickBooks file but with the extension .tlg along with .nd and/ or .dsu.
  • Right-click with each file along with selecting Rename. Adding the word .OLD to each of them.
  • This rebuilds your company data files and keeps away from a default database.

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Solution 4: Make a Restart of your Computer system

Reboot or restart the computer to resolve the quickbooks error -6000 -301
  • First of all you need to restart your computer system.
  • Also reboot the computer where you have saved your company file.
  • If still the problem persist, try next solution step.

Solution 5: Use QuickBooks File Doctor tool

Intuit QuickBooks File Doctor tool for resove the quickbooks error -6000 -301
  • First of all you need to download the QuickBooks File Doctor tool and get to install into your system.
  • This tool will automatically detect the problem and try to fix them automatically.

Solution 6: Disable the encryption software (if find any)

  • Now get to communicate to the software merchant for your encryption software for specific guidance on disabling the software.

Note: We do not suggest encrypting the QB Company file using any third-party encryption software. You can contact the encryption software’s vendor for detailed instructions about how to disable it.

Solution 7: Copy the Company file to the Desktop

The user can also copy the company file to the desktop to check if there is any issue with the company file.

  • At first, right-click on the desktop and then head to new and folder options respectively
  • Now, head to the original location of your company files.
  • After that, right-click the Company file and hit on Ctrl + C keys to Copy the file.
  • The user is then rneeds to head to the newly created folder on the Desktop and hit on the Ctrl + V keys to paste the file.
  • Now, press and hold the Ctrl key until the No Company Open Window pops up on the screen.
  • After that, go for the Open or Restore an Existing Company option.
  • And pick the company file that you copied to the desktop folder, then hit on Open.

Winding Up

I hope you find this blog helpful in resolving QuickBooks error code 6000 301. Furthermore, if queries still persist then feel-free to ask your doubts directly to our experts at our 24/7 QuickBooks support helpline number i.e. +1-844-499-6700 which is accessible for 24/7. We will be happy to help you out in this.

Some FAQs Relating to QuickBooks Error 6000 301:

What is a QuickBooks company file?

QuickBooks company file is one of the core components of QuickBooks that stores essential and sensitive company information. As the file has the sensitive data, it is essential to keep a timely backup of the file, to avoid missing essential company data.

What is QuickBooks tool hub?

Intuit the developer of QuickBooks offers various tools to eliminate errors that come across when working on QuickBooks. One such tool is the QuickBooks tool hub. This is a one-stop destination for all QuickBooks tool requirements. It gives access to a plethora of tools like file doctor, install diagnostic, connection diagnostic, etc.

How to fix QuickBooks error code 6000?

QuickBooks error code 6000 can be easily tackled by performing the steps to rename the .nd and .tlg files. You can check out the detailed article to fix this issue permanently in QuickBooks.

How to download QuickBooks desktop?

One can easily download QuickBooks desktop software from the official Intuit website. The software is subscription based, which means one has to have license and product key to access the software. 

What is QuickBooks Error 6000, 301?

QuickBooks Error 6000, 301 is a common error that occurs when a user tries to open a company file stored on a different computer. This error message suggests that the company file is damaged or inaccessible.

What are the causes of QuickBooks Error 6000, 301?

The main causes of QuickBooks Error 6000, 301 are:
Corrupted or damaged company file
Incorrect folder permissions
Damaged network data
Improper installation of QuickBooks

What should I do if QuickBooks File Doctor doesn’t resolve the error?

If QuickBooks File Doctor doesn’t resolve the error, you can try the following steps:
Ensure that the hosting is turned on for the computer where the company file is stored
Try to open the company file in the single-user mode
If the issue still persists, you can call QuickBooks support at +1-844-499-6700 for further assistance.


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