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Company file is one of the most crucial elements in QuickBooks, as it stores all the sensitive data of the business. At times, these company files might get damaged for some or other reasons. A damaged company file can be one of most devastating errors that you might come across. A corrupted data file can end up in loss of crucial data, and ultimately hampering the productivity of a business. However, to save you from all these worries, Intuit, the developer of QuickBooks has designed a couple of tools and functionalities that can assist you in eliminating these ‘QuickBooks Errors’ from the root cause. Not just company file issues, there are certain network issues as well that can be experienced when working on QuickBooks accounting software.

As a result of damaged company file, you might face errors like 6150, 6000 82, 6000 305, 6000 301, 6147, 6130, etc. Moreover, you might find missing or blank customer, vendor, or employee lists. All these errors can be eliminated successfully using a couple of tools, one of which is the QuickBooks file doctor tool. In this piece of writing, we have tried to elaborate the complete steps to eliminate the damaged company file and network issues using the file doctor tool. Thus, if you are interested in dumping these errors permanently, stick around to this segment till the end, or you also have an option to connect with our technical support team at +1-844-499-6700, and get answers to all your queries from professionals.

Having said that, let us explore further about the damaged company file and network issues in QuickBooks.

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What leads to Damaged Company File and Network Issues?

QuickBooks users might often come across damaged company file error due to the following reasons:

  • A quick cause can be if the version of QuickBooks isn’t compatible with the windows operating system.
  • Another reason can be if the file extension of the company file is wrong.
  • You can also come across this issue in case of sudden power surge or if the system shuts down inappropriately.
  • When the QuickBooks Database file dimensions reach beyond its limit which is 200 MB for 450 MB, QuickBooks Pro & for Enterprise.
  • Lack of Specification together with the resources. i.e. RAM, Network Interface, Virtual Memory, Network Cables, Routers, etc.
  • In Case, if you don’t have proper UPS the abrupt power fluctuation or fall can become a reason that may hurt the entire disk.
  • Due to the malicious attack of this malware or virus on the hard drive that stores QB database.

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Effective Methods to Fix Damaged File and Network Issues

There can be a handful of steps that can fix damaged company files, but one of the most effective measures is to make use of QuickBooks file doctor tool and a few other tools. Let us check out the steps involved in fixing the damaged company file and network issues in QuickBooks successfully:

Step 1: Download and Install QuickBooks Tool Hub

Accessing various tools in QuickBooks has become much easier with QuickBooks tool hub. You can make use of the Tool hub on windows 10, 64-bit, for the best experience. The steps involved in downloading and installing QuickBooks tool hub are as follows:

  • At first, close QuickBooks.
  • You now have to download the most recent version ( of QuickBooks tool hub.
  • Once done with that, save the file where it can be accessed easily.
  • It should be noted that, in case you have installed tool hub earlier, then check out the version installed by heading to the home tab.
  • Now, open the file you downloaded earlier i.e., QuickBooksToolHub.exe
  • Perform the on-screen steps to start the installation process and further agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Once the installation process ends, make sure to double click the icon on the windows desktop, which will open up the tool hub.
QuickBooks tool hub

Note that if you are unable to spot the icon, then search it in windows for QuickBooks tool hub and choose program.

QuickBooks tool hub - Fix damaged company file and network issues

Step 2: Run Quick Fix my File

After installing QuickBooks tool hub, you can try fixing the error using the quick fix my file tool. It is designed in a way to help QuickBooks users to eliminate the error permanently with company file. The steps to be performed here are as follows:

Quick fix my program
  • You can choose the company file issues tab from the tool hub.
  • After that select the Quick fix my file
  • The tool will perform necessary diagnoses and fixes.
  • You now have to choose the ok tab when it completes the fixation process and launch QuickBooks.

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Step 3: Run QuickBooks File Doctor

In case the quick fix my tool didn’t help you much in eliminating the damaged company file error, you can try performing the steps related to QuickBooks file doctor tool to fix the company file and network issues.

QuickBooks file doctor tool - fix damaged company file and network errors
  • Start with heading to the tool hub downloaded in previous steps.
  • Choose company file issues.
  • You now have to choose Run QuickBooks file doctor.
  • This might take up to a minute or two.
  • Wait for the tool to open. However, if the tool doesn’t open, manually search for the QuickBooks file doctor tool and open it.
  • Now, in the QuickBooks file doctor, choose the company file from the drop-down menu.
  • You now have to choose check your file and hit the continue tab.
  • Lastly enter the QuickBooks admin password and choose the next tab.

Note that the scan time usually depends upon the size of the file. The estimated time is around 10-15 minutes. Moreover, the scan might show up unsuccessful even after fixing the error. After the scan ends, try opening QuickBooks and the company file and check if the error gets fixed or not.

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Winding Up!

Though we have tried to scribble the complete information related to the damaged company file issues and file doctor tool in the above article, in case, you are facing any difficulty, you can click on the Help (?) icon that will take you to the support page. And to get instant help, you can dial our toll-free QuickBooks help number @ +1-844-499-6700 and get in touch with our advisors now.


Frequently Asked Questions About QuickBooks File Doctor

What is a company file in QuickBooks?

Your QuickBooks company file is a crucial element of QuickBooks that saves all your financial info and grows with your business. You can save multiple company files for multiple businesses. Each business needs to have a separate company file.

How do I repair a corrupted company file in QuickBooks?

You can repair corrupted company files using rebuild data tool.
1. Head to file menu and move to utilities tab and choose rebuild data
2. Select ok on the QuickBooks information window
3. Let the tool repair the file
4. Hit ok tab
5. Move to the file menu and let the tool check your file for any data issues.

How do I fix QuickBooks network connection failure?

You can fix the error by:
1. Rebooting the system and router
2. Disabling the antivirus and firewall temporarily.
3. Running file doctor tool in QuickBooks
4. Verify and rebuild company file

How do I restore my QuickBooks company file?

To restore your QuickBooks company file, you can perform the below steps:
1. Go to the file menu, and choose open or restore company.
2. After that, choose restore a backup copy and hit next.
3. You now have to choose local backup and hit next.
4. Once done with that, browse your computer for your backup company file.
5. Choose a folder to decide where to save your restored company file.

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