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In the modern world, accounting & bookkeeping completely changed from the traditional ways. Now the paperwork has been eliminated and the advanced digital accounting applications take over its place. In the pace of growing technology as well sheer amount of work using such application is the best possible way to reduce manual effort and speedup the business operations. One of the top-notch financial accounting software is QuickBooks. This technology oriented accounting & bookkeeping software suit has been created & designed by Intuit Inc.

Unfortunately, this cutting edge software comes with a decent cost but still suffers through ‘QuickBooks Errors’ that obligate the QB operations that are necessary for an enterprise or business house. This is where Intuit Inc. introduced the QuickBooks File Doctor tool. This tool is specially designed to prevent the QuickBooks data file(s) from damage & corruption. It is also able to assist the users to resolve the network issues manually.

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What is QuickBooks File Doctor?

Intuit combined 2 connection diagnostic tools in one program that is QuickBooks File Doctor. In earlier, intuit has a two various program to resolve different issues. One was QuickBooks connection file diagnostic tool (QCFD) and the another was QuickBooks network connection diagnostic tool (QNCD).

QuickBooks Desktop File Doctor tool (QBFD) is a in-built tool that is integrated in QuickBooks 2016 and the later versions. This file doctor tool is mostly used to detect and solve the QuickBooks errors that occurs in your company file over network. You can use this tool if you think there is any data damage or you are receiving -6000 series errors preventing you from opening your company file.

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List of QuickBooks Database Errors

Here are some of the QB errors that can be fixed by using the QuickBooks File Doctor. Some of error codes that arises when QB user unable to open/access the company file(s).

Error -6000 -301Error -6000 -82
Error -6000 -77Error -6150
QB Error -6147QB Error -6130

Some of the errors that occurs when QuickBooks opens in multi-user mode or network:

QuickBooks Error H202Error H303
Error H505QuickBooks Error H101

Here are some of the facts that are logical that may cause the QuickBooks Data Corruption/Damage:-

  • When the QuickBooks Database file dimensions reach beyond its limit which is 200 MB for 450 MB, QuickBooks Pro & for Enterprise.
  • Lack of Specification together with the resources. i.e. RAM, Network Interface, Virtual Memory, Network Cables, Routers, etc..
  • Improper QuickBooks shutdown can cause this issue.
  • In Case, if you don’t have proper UPS the abrupt power fluctuation or fall can become a reason that may hurt the entire disk.
  • Due to The malicious attack of this malware or virus on the hard drive that stores QB database.

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Types of QuickBooks file doctor tool

  • The QuickBooks file doctor stand-alone version

(Note: You can download the most recent File Doctor version from the internet). The stand-alone version is used from the web server where only the QuickBooks Database Server Manager component is installed for file hosting objectives.

  • Built-In File Doctor for QuickBooks Desktop 2016 and later.

Important Note:

  • QuickBooks File Doctor Tool (QBFD) only works with in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. It is NOT compatible with QuickBooks for Mac systems.
  • For QuickBooks 2015 and later QuickBooks versions, you may be get a prompted on your screen that displays Please run the internal (built-in) version of QB File Doctor.
QuickBooks File Doctor Resolves Following Errors - Screenshot

System Requirements

  • To access Network diagnosis and repair settings use the Admin login in Windows systems.
  • For Multi-user repair and diagnosis settings user should first verify that QuickBooks Hosting is in ON mode.
  • QuickBooks File repair Settings: (optional)

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When to Use File Doctor tool?

  • To combat the errors and technical issues QuickBooks File Doctor have been introduced.
  • It is a simple and effective software that detects and repairs different variety of files and also fixes the corruption of data.
  • This software is also used to fix network diagnosis, windows problems and many others.
  • This tool helps the users in checking all the damaged files and then instantly getting them fixed.
  • QB File Doctor is said to be the easiest way to troubleshoot and fix errors.

How Does QuickBooks File Doctor tool help?

  • If you have lost some of the important files of the company or any employee data then QuickBooks file doctor tool will assist in accessing the company files without any hassle.
  • In case you are unable to access company files and facing the QuickBooks Error 6000 series like 6146, 6150 and 6130 then this software fixes all the problems.
  • When you face network issues and mainly accessing the multi-user setup problem (H101, H202, H303, or H505 errors), this tool can prove to be very effective.
  • QuickBooks File Doctor can resolve if your file is severely damaged and cannot open it.

Steps to download and install QBFD Tool

The user can perform the steps below to download and install the QuickBooks file doctor tool.

  • At first, download the QuickBooks tools hub and then move to the downloads by pressing the CTRL + J keys together.
  • Heading forward, save the file
  • Click on the file you downloaded in the steps above i.e., QuickBooksToolsHub.exe
  • Followed by hitting the yes tab
  • You now have to click on the next tab and also the install option
  • Moreover, hit the finish tab
  • Click on the icon to open the QuickBooks tool hub
  • After the tool hub opens, head to the company file issues tab and perform the steps to run the file doctor tool

Essential points to consider before running the tool

One has to keep the following points in mind, before heading forward.

  • For the user, it is essential to have the admin credentials before accessing the file doctor
  • Moreover, ensure to have proper internet connection
  • Make sure to follow the size limit i.e., 1.5 GB
  • Ascertain to install a single version of QuickBooks on the system
  • The user is suggested to update QuickBooks to the latest version before accessing the tool
  • If you are windows OS user, then only you can access this tool, as it isn’t available for MAC.

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How to Use QuickBooks File Doctor tool?

This video will help you to understand the complete procedure for using the QuickBooks file doctor tool (QBFD). Checkout the steps to operate or run the QuickBooks File Doctor tool correctly:

  1. Go to the Intuit QuickBooks official website and download the QuickBooks File Doctor tool on the computer.

Note: If the system already contains any File Doctor version then it will appear as a green File Doctor icon on the computer. In case, you have older version of QuickBooks File Doctor then recommended uninstalling it and downloading the latest version File Doctor.

  1. Once the download completed, perform double-click on the qbfd.exe file and later, follow the instruction to install the QBFD tool.
  2. After the proper installation, QB File Doctor opens automatically. In case, you don’t see File Doctor opening – go to the green icon at the “Task Bar” windows. 
  3. Search for the desired QB company file in the drop-down list. In case, you don’t see the QB company file list – hit onto the “browse” icon & proceed to continue with the given instructions.
  4. Choose one of the options given below:-
    • Both QB file damage & network connectivity: If you detect any damage in the QB company file, or you encounter 6xxx series errors such as -6150, -6000 -305, -6000 -82, etc.
    • Network connectivity only: In case, you are using QuickBooks in multiple user environment & receive error code H202 or H303 or H505 while opening the QB Company file in multi-user environment.
  5. If instructed, type-in the QB Company file Admin password and later, hit onto the “Next” tab.   
  6. Once redirected to select the ‘Host/Server’ or ‘Computer’.
  7. Ensure that you select the right option..!
    • In case, you are running the File Doctor on the system other then host computer or server – then select the “Workstation” icon.
    • In case, the QB File Doctor running on the server – then, hit onto the “Server” icon.
  8. Select one of the given alternative below in a condition when instructed to share the company file:-
    • Yes: This option supposes to be chosen if File Doctor run on the system hosting QB Company file.
    • No: This option supposes to be chosen if File Doctor doesn’t run on the system hosting QB Company file.
  9. Finally, wait for the QuickBooks File Doctor to finish the diagnoses.
  10. Close the QuickBooks File Doctor after the QuickBooks diagnosis and repair procedure finishes.

Limitations of QuickBooks file doctor tool

There are certain limitations of the QuickBooks file doctor tool, which include the following:

  • QBFD tool lacks is that QuickBooks company file size is lesser than 2GB.
  • The internet connection is obligatory to upload the company file.
  • Another pitfall is that the admin credentials are a must.
  • Network connectivity diagnosis and repair option doesn’t work in properly, in case the user is having multiple QuickBooks versions installed.
  • Network connectivity diagnosis and repair option will also not work in case of database server manager is installed on the system.

How to use the QuickBooks file doctor built-in version (For 2016 & later)?

Before heading forward with the steps, there are certain factors that can be taken into consideration.

  • The built-in file doctor supports Windows 10, 8, 7 and MS Server 2003-2012
  • The user can repair Network and company file errors using it
  • This tool can be used for US, UK and Canada-supported QuickBooks desktop versions
  • The tool is capable to fix corrupted and damaged company files
  • It is used for file and data repair. And QuickBooks doesn’t need to be installed on the system
  • If the .NET framework 2.0 is not presented on the desktop, then the QuickBooks file doctor tool will install it through the diagnostic tool.

There are certain versions of QuickBooks accounting software that are released by Intuit after the year 2015, which consist of the QuickBooks file doctor tool built-in feature. The steps below can be used to access them.

  • The first step is to launch QuickBooks, and also ensure that the company file remains unopened.
  • And then head to the file menu, followed by selecting the Utilities option.
  • Now choose repair file, in order to run the QuickBooks file doctor tool.
  • Once done with that click on the browse option, and then go for the company file that requires to repair and hit Open option.
  • Now, go for the type of fix which ever you want, from the Show advanced settings window and then tap on next option.
  • And, enter the administrator ID and password and then select next.
  • The last step is to launch the company file once again.

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Quick Option

Even though QB File Doctor is an effective tool to solve multiple errors in QuickBooks, but it cannot resolve all. To solve them you need to take professional help.

If there is any other problem occurs while using QuickBooks File Doctor tool, or if the file doctor fails to do repair damaged company file then we recommend you to take help from our QuickBooks Support team by dialing +1-844-405-0907.

We help you in:

Our Intuit certified ProAdvisors are highly skilled & well-experienced and also capable to handle all major bookkeeping related tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions About QuickBooks File Doctor

Que: What is QuickBooks File Doctor Tool?

Answer: QuickBooks File Doctor tool is a tool that authorizes the user to rectify the errors and resolve the issues in the best possible manner. This tool is available in two versions, one which is built-in and the other named as stand-alone version. Both the versions are utilized to check and fix the errors that occur in the company file. In a nutshell, QuickBooks File Doctor tool is a tool to get rid of errors and issues that the user encounter while using the QuickBooks Software.

Que: Which errors can be resolved with the help of file doctor tool?

Answer: QuickBooks File Doctor Tool is generally used to rectify errors such as Error -6150, Error -6000 -82, Error -6000 -305, Error -6000 -301, Error -6147, Error -6130. Also, the file doctor tool can be used in case when the users have missed or blank lists for the customers and employees. Not only this, but the file doctor tool can also be used in case when the file is strongly damaged and doesn’t open.

Que: What is the difference between built-in file doctor tool and stand-alone version?

Answer: QB File Doctor tool has two versions, one is the built-in file doctor tool, and another is the stand-alone version. File Doctor stand-alone version is generally used from the server and is not built-in. Whereas, the built-in version of the file doctor tool is the version that is available in the QuickBooks version 2016 and later. As per the experts, out of the two versions, QuickBooks file doctor tool stand-alone version should be preferred.

Que: What does QuickBooks file doctor do?

Answer: Basically, QuickBooks File doctor tool is used to diagnose and resolve errors, such as Error -6150, Error -6000 -82, Error -6000 -305, Error -6000 -301, Error -6147, Error -6130. This tool acts as a savior, in case the file is strongly damaged, and the user is unable to open it.

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Winding Up!

In case, you are facing any difficulty, you can click on the Help (?) icon that will take you to the support page. And to get instant help, you can dial our toll-free QuickBooks help number @ 1-844-405-0907 and get in touch with our advisors now.


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