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How to learn about different file types and extensions used by QuickBooks Desktop:

With no doubt QuickBooks is one of the biggest names in the accounting software industry with its innumerable features. And because of these multitudinous features it is used file types and extensions used in QuickBooks Desktop by many business owners or accountant in order to run their small to medium sized business. While managing all the financial aspects like your invoices, pay bills, tax payment, bank account tracking and cash flow, QuickBooks encounters with many types of files and their QuickBooks file extensions used for different purposes in the program to save the data. Different type of file extensions are used with different editions of QuickBooks, such as QuickBooks 2017 will be using different file extension than that of used by QuickBooks 2018. So, in order to know more about these file extensions and their types used by QuickBooks read this comprehensive article till the very end.

What do you understand by File Extensions and QuickBooks File Extensions?

At first, File extensions are the abbreviations generally found at the end of the file name which indicates the type of content and the purpose of the file.

Some common file extensions used are:

  • A JPEG uses the .jpg or .jpeg extension (for example, image.jpg)
  • A Word document uses the .docx extension (for e.g. – CoverLetter.docx)
  • An Excel spreadsheet uses the .xlsx extension (for example, budget.xls)

Whereas QuickBooks file extensions are the file extensions that are exclusively owned by QuickBooks that keeps the track of the big data. QuickBooks file extensions are generally in the format of .xxx. Most commonly used QuickBooks file extensions are .QBW, .QBO, .QBB etc.

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Importance of using QuickBooks File Extensions

It is important to be emphasized that, different types of QuickBooks file extensions have different aspects and are used for different purpose. Let’s check out the importance of different file extensions given below:

  • With the help of file extensions, it becomes easy for the users to determine what type of content a particular file contains where everything is clearly labeled.
  • With the help of file extensions, it becomes easy for the user to organize their accounting data by categorizing the same kind of file extensions. This prevents data from merging and also facilitates auditing.
  • By just looking at the file extension user can easily identify the type of file which indeed saves a lot of time.
  • File Extensions helps in easy identification of file type that help desktop to open the file in the right application.
  • QuickBooks file extensions assist in verification of authentication of data files in order to safeguard data files.

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Types of QuickBooks File Extensions that are used commonly:

Different types of file extensions that are commonly used while working with QuickBooks are categorized below:

  File Extension                  File Type   Characterization
‘.QBW’  QuickBooks Company FileIt is used by QuickBooks software to store accounting data, letters, logos, images and other relevant info of company file which is saved by using ‘.qbw’ file extension.
‘.QBO’QuickBooks Online Bank Statement FileA file saved by ‘.qbo’ extension holds electronic bank statement that can be easily opened up by QuickBooks software during the process of downloading transactions from the back.
‘.QBB’QuickBooks Backup FileFiles usually saved by ‘.qbb’ extension are backup files of QuickBooks company file that are created by QuickBooks accounting software and usually hold the backups of financial records, images, logos, templates, and letters.
‘.QBM’QuickBooks Portable FileFiles that saved by ‘.qbm’ extensions are the compressed version of ‘.qbw’ files usually created by QuickBooks accounting software while moving a company file.  
‘.QBX’Accountant’s review copy (Export file)File with ‘.qbx’ extension are the files crafted by QuickBooks software during the generation of accountant’s review copy of QuickBooks Company file. This is the export file that can be sent to your accountant.
‘.QBA’QuickBooks Accountant Copy working file.A file with ‘.qba’ file extension is an accountant copy that is sent by clients for the accountant’s review purposes.
‘.QBJ’General Journal Entries FileA file with ‘.qbj’ extension is the file created when the user wants to add journal entries created by the accountant, to send a general journal entries file.
‘.QBY’Accountant’s Copy import fileA file with a .qby extension is the file send to the QuickBooks users after the accountant review their accountant copy and makes changes. This is the import file where users can easily apply changes to the company file.
‘.ND’Network Data FileWhile accessing to multi-user mode, QuickBooks usually crafts file with ‘.nd’ as extension that helps QuickBooks to manage the user access settings
‘.TLG’Transaction Log FileQuickBooks always keeps track of changes made to your company file since the last backup. This QuickBooks software saves this information in a file which is named with a ‘.tlg’ extension. So the next time when you take a back up of your company file, it will automatically reset the file.
‘.LOG’Event Log FileFiles with ‘.log’ extension are created by QuickBooks to record essential events. This log files are mainly used for troubleshooting purposes. Two types of LOG files are:Qbwin.log – records issues detected during a rebuild.QWC.log – record the QuickBooks Event log errors of Web Connect.  
‘.DES’Layout Designer Template fileFile with a ‘.des’ file extension is created by QuickBooks when the user exports a customized form template. It is easy to export this file and can be used in other company files or sharing with others.
‘.QBR’QuickBooks Report Template File. A file with a ‘.qbr’ extension is created by QuickBooks when the user wants to export a memorized report template.
‘.QBSTBL2.USA ‘US Tax Table FileA file with ‘.qbstbl2.usa’ is created when you run a payroll in QuickBooks Desktop that gives you current tax table. This file also gives all the latest payroll info that will be required to calculate the payroll taxes easily.

Final Words!

There are numerous file extensions and file types available but it is not necessary to know all of them. But the file types and extensions used in QuickBooks Desktop that are listed in the above table of this article are the most commonly known and widely used by QuickBooks Desktop where each one has the significant role in business accounting. This article covers everything that is essential for the users to have an outlook of variety of file extensions. Once you get general idea about them you will find that they will make processes smoothen, produces a faster workflow and also saves your time.

Moreover, you can also get in touch with our 24/7 QuickBooks enterprise support team with the help of our dedicated support line i.e. +1(844)405-0907 Our team will provide you with the most relevant information and will ensure that all your queries related to QuickBooks are answered in the best possible way and in the least possible time.

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