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Get the east steps to Upgrade/Convert your QuickBooks for Mac company files to a newer version

Upgrading or converting your QuickBooks for Mac company files to some new version occasionally is highly essential. Despite the unique benefits and features, an upgrade QuickBooks for mac company files can make sure a flawless and uncomplicated procedure for your organization. Upgrading your QuickBooks company file is a simple task, and this article is created to inform you of some basic things before you start upgrading your QuickBooks.

In this article today we are going to explain you that how to Upgrade/Convert QuickBooks for Mac company files to a new version. However, you can take expert advice from the QuickBooks Support team. You can further give us a call at ++1-844-499-6700, and we will provide you with instant support and assistance.

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Things to know before you start upgrading QuickBooks company file

  • Make sure that you have your new version of QuickBooks Mac Desktop software installed before you begin upgrading your company file to enable it to work with the latest version.
  • In case you are the solitary user in your company file, then you are automatically an administrator. Else, you are required to sign in and continue with the upgrade.

Important: Please note that in case you are not an administrator and trying to update your QB company file, you will find the message, “The Company file needs to be updated. You can ask your QuickBooks administrator to update file”. Thus you are required to switch to Admin the user and then retry.

  • Save QuickBooks Mac Desktop company file locally on the system you are accessing it from.
  • It is not suggested to upgrade the file while saved on the network or a mapped drive as this can cause the conversion to be unstable and may risk the file of getting damaged.
  • Once you are done with the conversion of the file to the newer version, the older version of the QuickBooks will not be opened.

Nevertheless, the QuickBooks Mac Desktop automatically creates backup of your data file before upgrading it. If in case you are required to use the older version of this you can restore the backup with the old version of QuickBooks Mac Desktop.

If the conversion procedure gets interrupted, you can easily restore the backup with the new version of QuickBooks Mac desktop start upgrade again.

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How to Ensure a flawless Upgrade of your QuickBooks Mac File?

Below are some of the hacks which make sure of having a flawless upgrade from the last version of QuickBooks desktop to the new version:

  • Rebuild your data and verify the same.
  • If the verification is not successful, make use of the QuickBooks log file to locate and resolve the errors.
  • After the upgrade is over, run data utility to make sure that the converted data file is in the perfect shape.

Repeat step 2 if this fails.

Prepare Mac Company file for upgrade

  • See if there are any special characters in the company file name and change the name of the file if they are found.
  • Now, run the ‘custom transaction detail report‘ and enable memo column in that report and then change the date range to all.
    • Check for any memos which contain more than ‘50 characters‘ or any special characters.
    • If found, make sure to edit‘ these transactions and shorten the memo or eliminate special characters.
  • Now run the ‘rebuild utility‘ and backup the data file when prompted and make sure not to overwrite any existing backups.
  • Close QuickBooks accounting software.

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Steps to upgrade Your QuickBooks Mac Company file

  1. First of all ensure that you are logged out of your company file.
  2. Launch a newer version of QuickBooks Mac Desktop.
  3. Select ‘File‘ and then ‘Open or restore company‘.
  4. You need to login as a company admin.
  5. Now browse your data file, choose your company file and then tap to ‘open‘ that.
  6. Now read the information on upgrade dialog. Select ‘upgrade to continue‘.
  7. Log into the company file as an ‘Administrator‘.
  8. Choose ‘OK‘ on following dialog that states the file has been upgraded.
  9. Once the file gets upgrade:
    • Make sure to store the backup in a safe location until you are certain that will not need it again.
    • In case you copied the data file from any other system to upgrade it, copy it again.
    • In case you are unable to find your data file in its original location and if it is not in the particular folder, search your hard drive for .QBW and you will be able to find all the QuickBooks company files.

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We hope you shall be able to upgrade/convert your QB accounting software for Mac Company file to a newer version after reading this blog post. However, in case you face any issue or need assistance with your QuickBooks, you can reach us at ++1-844-499-6700. Our QuickBooks for Mac technical support team is readily available 24/7 to help you out in best possible manner.


FAQs Related to Upgrading QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

How do I update QuickBooks on my Mac desktop?

You need to perform the below set of steps update and install the QuickBooks desktop for Mac:
1. You need to choose check for QuickBooks updates from QuickBooks dropdown menu
2. After that, go for install update, if the newer version is available.
3. The next step is to click on install and relaunch options when asked to.

How much is QuickBooks for Mac upgrade?

You can purchase a desktop version with an annual licensing fee of $349.99 per year or get the online cloud version for $15 per month for the first three months, then

Is there a QuickBooks desktop 2023 for Mac?

QuickBooks Mac Plus 2023 is available on an annual subscription that costs $549 for one user. There are other plans as well for more users, and all the plans include unlimited customer support.


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