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Company file is one of the most crucial elements in QuickBooks. It contains sensitive information and requires extra attention. However, at times due to certain issues, the company file might get corrupt and it could lead to data damage in QuickBooks. To avoid any sort of data loss in such scenarios, taking a timely backup of QuickBooks is a must. These backups can be restored easily in case of such mishaps. Restoring company file backup involves some basic set of steps, which we will be exploring in today’s article. Thus, if you are interested in understanding what those steps are, then make sure to stick around this piece of writing.

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Here is how you can create a comapny file backup- Click to know more!

What is restoring backup for QuickBooks?

Well, when there is any issue with the QBW file, in that case, the stored data becomes inaccessible, affecting the smooth functioning and risking the crucial data. This is why, it becomes essential to restore the backup of the company file. This is only possible when the backup of the file is created earlier. To restore the backup of the file from the local backup, you might need to have the password for the admin account. There can be some set of steps to restore the backup files in QuickBooks. Let us find out what those steps are:

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Steps to restore backup files in QuickBooks Desktop

Follow the Below Description that troubleshoots your Issue within a few minutes. This will restore all necessary QB data files instantly.

Note: First, Do one thing, first click on the download button to upgrade your QuickBooks to the latest versions that helps to recover data lost files from removed QuickBooks and also helps to restore backup files in QuickBooks

Perform a clean installation on your computer device. Then run your utility and follow the given instructions as restored from the deleted or lost QuickBooks files safely and efficiently or say from a recycle bin.

  • Firstly, launch the latest QuickBooks software on your PC/Laptop. Then click on the ‘Recover Files’ button key. It will aid in restoring all various data from the removed files or a folder of this software.
Restore Data Files Step 1
  • After that select the “Recover Deleted Files” option located under the tab that indicates how to restore deleted QuickBooks files. In case, a user has lost or mistakenly deleted their QuickBooks folder or a file, then it is required to give a one-click “Recover Lost Files” option through which you can take back up for all your vital files.
Restore Data Files Step 2
  • After you do so, choose the drive from where you have lost your QuickBooks files instantly. Then select the tab to the ‘Next’ button that informs the users about all details related to the QuickBooks file restoration process.
Recovering Data Files Step 3
  • This accounting software displays the above list of all restoration of QuickBooks files. Here the client can easily see the ‘file type view’ and ‘data view’ heading.
Recovering Data Files Step 4
  • Now choose the given mentioned files that you want to restore. Store them in their desired location by just giving a click on the save button.
Recovering Data Files Step 5

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Steps to Restore a Company file in QuickBooks from the local backup

The user can try to perform the below-stated set of steps to restore a backup company file that is to be shifted from the local drive, in case the backup company file is on an external device like a USB or hosting service like a box. Let us have a look:

  • At first, the user needs to click on the file from the menu bar
  • Then select the open or restore company
Open or restore file in QUickBooks
  • The user needs to then select restore a backup copy option to restore the data from the backup copy. And then hit the next tab
Restore Your Backup
  • The user will then see a window asking for the location of the saved backup copy. Then select the local backup to restore the company file from the backup stored on the network or removable media
  • Remember, if you have saved the backup copy online, then you simply have to pick the online backup option instead of the local backup
Local Backup option
  • Now click on the next tab and also hit the continue tab
  • Use the open backup copy dialog box that appears to navigate to and select the local backup copy for the restoration process
Restore backup files in QuickBooks
  • Later on, head to the open tab and also return to the open or restore company window
  • Note that, instead of performing the steps above, make sure to choose the file from the menu bar and then select the name of the local backup file to use
  • This will open up a window named Open or Restore Company and it will ask you where you want to restore the file
  • Hit the next tab
Restore from backup
  • Now, click on the save company file dialog box and select the damaged company file to overwrite the data with the data from the backup copy
Save the backup
  • You now have to select the company file and hit the save tab
Confirm as save backup
  • Followed by clicking on yes tab and replacing the file
  • Hit yes again along with the OK tab
  • Note that you can continue with the steps to finish restoring the file.
  • After that, enter a different name for the admin account into the username field
  • Enter the password
  • Make a new password and confirm the password
  • Take the challenge question and enter the answer
  • Hit ok tab
  • And end the process by re-entering the transactions into the company file

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Final Note!

I hope by following these quick steps you have successfully restored your data files in QuickBooks Desktop. However, if still you are unable to restore QB Data Files or Looking for technical assistance, then ask your doubts directly to our technicians by calling our QuickBooks data recovery support number at +1-844-499-6700. We offer instant support offered by our trustworthy professionals that is always ready to serve you.


Some Important FAQs Related to this Issue

What is the process of restoring backup files in QuickBooks?

Restoring backup files in QuickBooks is a simple process that involves selecting the backup file you want to restore and then following the on-screen instructions. To restore a backup file in QuickBooks, you need to go to the “File” menu, select “Utilities,” and then select “Restore.” From there, you can choose the backup file you want to restore and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

How can I reach QuickBooks support for assistance with restoring backup files?

If you need help with restoring backup files in QuickBooks, you can reach QuickBooks support by calling our toll-free number +1-844-499-6700. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you with any questions or issues you may have.

What should I do if I receive an error message when attempting to restore a QuickBooks backup file?

If you receive an error message when attempting to restore a QuickBooks backup file, it is recommended that you check the file for any corruption. Also, if the file is corrupted, you may need to create a new backup file. Now, try the restore process again. If the issue persists, you can reach out to QuickBooks support for further assistance.

Can I restore a backup file from a different version of QuickBooks in my current version?

Yes, you can restore a backup file from a different version of QuickBooks in your current version. However, we suggest you upgrade to the latest version of QuickBooks before attempting to restore the backup file. This will ensure that the restore process is successful and that all of your data is safe.

How do I ensure that my QuickBooks backup file is being created properly?

To ensure that your QuickBooks backup file is being created properly, you should regularly verify the backup file by attempting to restore it. It allows you to check if your data is being back up correctly. If you encounter any issues, you can reach out to QuickBooks support by calling +1-844-499-6700 for assistance.

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