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Meeting across various errors while using company files in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows is a routine experience and can be frustrating also. Have you ever found yourself in trouble due to QuickBooks File in Use Error?  In this case, you are not alone here. Well, no need for panic and let’ kick out this unexpected error through all the troubleshooting steps discussed in this article (in detail). Follow this article till the end and get your QuickBooks experience back on track. You can also reach out to our technical support team for any sort of technical guidance at +1-844-499-6700.

Let’s get to know about this QuickBooks Company file in use Error

Commonly, these errors are known as Locked file errors. Usually, you get this QuickBooks Company file in use error message when the QB company file is open in multi-user mode or is in use by some other running app.

Company file in use - QuickBooks locked file errors

In the QuickBooks Desktop, many users can change the data file as setting the multi-user hosting of QuickBooks is quite easy. One of the most important reasons that is responsible for this error is incorrect hosting configuration. And if the file access rights are not assigned then QuickBooks won’t allow many users to access the data of the file. This is usually done for security purposes. So, in that case, QuickBooks shows different warning messages as per the causes and conditions.

Resolve Error: QuickBooks already has A Company File Open

Specific Warnings you get while trying to open the company file on QuickBooks

Warning I

  1. Company file in Use. Kindly wait!
  • Only one user can work on a task at one time.
  • You have to wait for a while since another is working that must be completed after that you can proceed further.

Warning II

  1. Sorry, at this time you cannot change this (transaction). 
  • (Another user) is already performing the task that uses that in this transaction.

Warning III

  1. The automatic entry of (transactions) is being skipped
  • Because (Another user) is already accessing them.

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Possible Reasons for the occurrence of QuickBooks File in use Error 

There can be numerous reasons for the occurrence of this error message. Some of the very common reasons are written below:

  • When the QuickBooks Database server manager is not running on the Computer then this Company file in use error is more likely to occur.
  • When there is inappropriate multi-user hosting configuration on the server and on the network workstations.
  • If the company file is present in multi-user setup in QuickBooks, then also this file in use error is likely to occur.
  • When an error message QuickBooks not loading a Company file pops up on your screen since any other user is already doing some alterations in the QuickBooks Company file that you are trying to access.
  • You will not be allowed to use the file properly in case of any QuickBooks installation errors.
  • This error can also caused by network connectivity issues between the host computer and the workstations.

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Methods prescribed for the fixation of this QuickBooks file already in use error

There are certain circumstances that cause this locked file error to occur, so in accordance with them, various methods are available to fix this issue. Let’s get started by following the below-mentioned steps:

CASE 1: If another user is performing some action

As already stated above, this error usually comes in when any other user is doing any task in the same QuickBooks file that allows only one user to perform at once.

In such circumstances, you can start performing your task, once the other user finishes off. 

CASE 2: If the Error consistently points out any particular user

In this case, this error repeatedly points out any specific user who is not using QuickBooks at present, follow the below steps for this:

  • At first, you need to refer the user mentioned in the error, close down, and then reopen the QuickBooks on their workstations.
  • After this, open QuickBooks on a different workstation.
  • Then navigate to the Company menu and select Users, then you have to click on View Users.
View users- QuickBooks company file in use
  • Now request that the user mentioned in the error sign out QuickBooks on their workstation.
  • In the last one, go back to the list of users. If in case the particular user is no longer shown as being logged in. You are then required to complete the task without encountering any issues.
  • If the user still displays as logged in, then go with the solutions for both “Waiting for Company File” and “Error on multiple workstations” provided below.

CASE 3: If the error states “Waiting for company file” or “Company File in Use. Please Wait”

These kinds of error messages generally state issues with QuickBooks performance in multi user mode. For instance network issues, application conflicts, database errors, and a server or workstation that doesn’t meet the system requirements for QuickBooks Desktop.

Steps to Fix the Performance Issues by Improving QuickBooks Desktop

Sometimes QuickBooks responds slowly which may be brought on by automatic pop-ups. To avoid this, you may turn off auto pop-ups in QuickBooks.

Bills preferences

  • Sign in to your company file as the admin.
  • After that, you have to opt for the Edit from the menu; you have to then Choose Preferences.
  • Now you need to select Bills and go for the Company Preferences tab.
  • Finally uncheck Warn about duplicate bill numbers from the same vendor and lastly click on the OK tab.

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How to deal when the Company File in Use QuickBooks Error appears on the Multiple- Workstations?

In this circumstance perform all the solutions given below for this error.

Method 1: Look out for multiple host computers and stop hosting on all workstations

  • For this, go to the QuickBooks and open it.
  • In the Next step, click on the File menu, and Select Utilities.
    • Now, if Stop Hosting Multi-User Access displays on the menu list, then click on it and later click on Yes to confirm it.
    • Also if you see Host Multi-User Access appear on the menu list, then proceed to the next step.
Host multi user access in QuickBooks
  • Now, you can quit the QuickBooks.
  • Furthermore, repeat all the above steps sequentially on all the workstations that do not host the company file.
  • Now reopen the QuickBooks and then try to do the task that prompted the error.

Here is how you can: Access company file located on a remote computer

Method 2: Stop and restart QuickBooks services on the server

  • To begin this, Go to your QuickBooks server and keep in mind that on all your workstations QuickBooks should have closed.
  • Now, go to the Start menu and later click on  Run
  • After that in the Open field, type services.msc, then click on the OK button.
services.msc- QuickBooks company file in use
  • From the name column, click on QuickBooksDBXX. 
  • The item you choose totally depends on the version of QuickBooks Desktop that you are using:
  1. QuickBooksDB30 = QuickBooks 2020
  2. QuickBooksDB29 = QuickBooks 2019
  3. QuickBooksDB28 = QuickBooks 2018
  • Hit on the Stop link option. 

Note: This step will terminate all users’ access from the company file.

  • Now click on the Start link. 

This step will allow users to access the company file again while they are signing in.

  • Reopen the QuickBooks and then try to do the task that give rise to the error. 

Method 3: Use the QuickBooks Tool Hub on the server

The QuickBooks Tool Hub has various that are quite helpful tools to fix common problems. 

We suggest you check out the below steps to fix this error

  • At First, Download the tool and then install the tool hub on your computer.
  • Once done with installing, open the tool hub and go to the Program Problems tab.
QuickBooks program problems - locked file errors in QuickBooks
  • And On the Program Problems tab, you have to run all the tools. When you are done with all the tools, now Re-open the QuickBooks, and then do the task that prompted the error.

Method 4: Reinstall QuickBooks on the server

Here you need to perform all the steps related to the clean installation of QuickBooks and also check if the issue gets fixed. You can make use of QuickBooks clean install tool to perform these steps and reinstall QuickBooks on the server.

QuickBooks clean install tool

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How to deal when the QuickBooks Company File in Use Errors appears only on the Single Workstation?

In some instances sometimes this error occurs only on a user’s workstation, this is due to the fact that there is an issue with their QuickBooks or Windows permissions. Below are the steps to fix this issue. Follow them as it is:

Method 1: Create a new user in QuickBooks

  • Begin the procedure by opening your QuickBooks, and go to the Company menu now click on the Users, and choose Set up Users and Roles.
Set up users and passwords - quickbooks company file in use
  • Later, go to the Users and Roles window, and now click on New. Then move to the User Name field, add a name. If you need so, you can add and confirm a password.
  • In this step, choose the Roles from the window menu, and click on a role, also click on Add, and hit on OK.
  • Suppose you want to make other necessary changes to the Role, and then click on the Role List tab, followed by clicking on Edit. After making changes to the permissions choose the OK option.
set up users and roles
  • Now Click on Close in the Users and Roles window.
  • Now, on the current workstation sign out from QuickBooks. 

      After that, again login as the freshly created user.

 Examine the user’s access once to make sure that all setup is good as you need. This will add user to QuickBooks.

Method 2: Create a new Windows user with admin credentials

In this method, at first, you need to create a new Windows user with the help of admin credentials. Follow the below steps for this: 

  • Log in to Windows with the newly created user account on the workstation.
Create a new windows admin-quickbooks company file in use
  • Right-click on the QuickBooks icon on your desktop and click on Run as administrator. 
Running quickbooks as admin - quickbooks company file in use

This will allow you to carry out the task on the workstation without perceiving any issues.

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Ending Words!

After performing all the suggested methods discussed above we assure you that you can easily resolve this locked file error in QuickBooks Desktop also known Company file in use error.

However, if you still encounter similar issues repeatedly or if you require our technical assistance at any point in time, then feel free to consult our QuickBooks Technical support professional by dialing this number +1-844-499-6700. We are here to serve you anytime soon and be more than happy to help you out.

Our team involves certified QuickBooks professionals who work round the clock to provide immediate support services. We are here to serve you anytime soon. We welcome you with your issue and be more than happy to help you out.

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