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After you purchase and start using QuickBooks, if you need more users to access a QuickBooks desktop company file at the same time, then you simply need to buy additional user licenses. However, there is a limit set for the number of users to access the same company file. Talking about the number of user licenses: QuickBooks Desktop Premier lets 5 users work in the same company file. Whereas, QuickBooks Desktop Pro lets 3 users work in the same company file. And if you need more than that, the QuickBooks desktop enterprise is ideal for you, as it lets up to 30 users work on the same company file at the same time.

If you are planning to add a user license to your QuickBooks, here is how you can do it. This segment is going to highlight the complete set of steps for buying an additional user license, along with the other necessary information. Thus, stick around to this piece of writing till the end, or you can further connect with us at +1-800-360-4183, and we will provide you with quick support and assistance related to QuickBooks.

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Steps to find out how many user licenses you have

Before you begin the purchase process, it is essential to check the number of current licenses you have. This can be done using the steps below:

  1. In QuickBooks, press F2 on the keyboard and open product information.
Product information - Add a User License to your QuickBooks
  1. Further, check out the number listed for user licenses.
  2. Heading forward, carry out the same steps for each workstation.

Steps to find price to add users to QuickBooks license

To find out the price to add users to your license, try carrying out the below steps:

  1. Move to the help menu in QuickBooks and further choose manage my license.
  2. You now have to opt for buy additional user license.
buy additional user license
  1. Followed by selecting add seats online for current pricing.

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Steps to purchase QuickBooks Multiuser License

To purchase an additional user license, you need to carry out the steps below:

  1. Move to QuickBooks and navigate to the help menu.
  2. Further, choose manage my license and buy additional user license.
  3. Note that, in case buy additional user license isn’t available, then your QuickBooks might already have maximum users.
Manage my license - Add user license in QUickBooks
  1. You now have to go for the option to buy licenses online or by phone.
  2. Perform the directions on how to add user licenses.
  3. Later on, install QuickBooks desktop on additional computers based on the number of licenses you have.
  4. Make use of the same license and product number you have to install QuickBooks desktop.
  5. Lastly, after you install, carry out the onscreen prompts to activate QuickBooks.

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Steps to sync your license data

To sync online, you need to navigate to the help menu and further choose manage my license. Later on, go for the sync license data online option to update new license info.

You can carry out the steps to sync your license data manually if you install QuickBooks on a computer that doesn’t have internet access. The steps that would work here are:

  1. Initially, head to QuickBooks, and further navigate to help tab.
  2. You now have to opt for manage my license.
  3. And go for buy additional user licenses.
  4. Now, choose phone option.
  5. And also enter the same validation code you got when you purchased the additional license.

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Buying additional user licenses isn’t a tough nut to crack. Once you are well versed with the steps above, it becomes easy to get your hands on extra user licenses. However, if you are stuck at any point, or if you want professional guidance in purchasing and adding users to QuickBooks license, then in that case, give us a call at +1-800-360-4183, and let our technically sound QuickBooks support team help you with your queries.

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