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QuickBooks is an accounting software that is generally used to keep track of the day to day business transactions. Not only this, but people can also manage sales and track expenses with the help of this software. Along with that, it is now possible to generate specific reports with much ease. While being super handy and having an amazing user-friendly design, QuickBooks can also be prone to errors. It’s amazing features and functionalities doesn’t make this software impenetrable. A few of the nastiest errors can find their way into the strong defenses of this accounting software. This also brings in a halt in the normal working of the software. One such error is QuickBooks Abort Error.

You might have several questions in your mind like, what is QuickBooks Abort Error? How is this error generally caused? How to get rid of this error? What are the symptoms of QuickBooks Abort error? and many more. Well, to answer all your questions, we have come up with this article.

In this article, we will be discussing each and every fact associated with QuickBooks Abort Error and also the quick fixes that can help the QuickBooks users to shun off the error. However, a swift solution can be, getting in touch with QuickBooks desktop support team at our toll-free number .i.e. +1-844-405-0907. They will resolve all your queries in no time.

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Insight into QuickBooks Abort Error

Basically, QuickBooks Abort Error is the error that damaged the QBWUSER.INI file. At times, due to this error, QuickBooks crashes unexpectedly, while saving process or also at the time of making changes to the files. Merely because of regular crashing, the majority of the operation of QuickBooks generally stop working. At times when the transaction is too heavy for the software, there are possibilities for this error to occur.

QuickBooks Abort Error - Screenshot

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Factors causing the QuickBooks Abort Error

Talking about the factors causing such error, we have enumerated below some of the most common causes of this error. Let us have a look:

  • Any damage to QBWUSER.INI file.
  • In case the antivirus program is having a battle with QuickBooks.
  • Another case can be when there are different versions of QuickBooks on the system that are creating a clash.
  • If the firewall system is not correctly configured for working with QuickBooks, then this error might occur.
  • In case the user accidentally interrupted the save process, by either shutting down or switching to the sleep mode.
  • Somehow the flow of data between the storage locations has been interrupted might lead to such error.
  • A corrupted hard drive can be another reason to such error.
  • Any kind of damage to windows operating system might also lead to such error.

Symptoms of the QuickBooks Abort Error 

It is important to spot the issue in order to perform the right steps to eliminate it. One can try to identify the abort error in QuickBooks using the steps below:

  • Random system crashing can be a major factor to spot this issue
  • Another sign can be frequent shutdowns and that too without any error message.
  • In Windows 8, the QuickBooks Desktop gets terminated out of nowhere, then you can expect this issue.
  • In case the software freezes regularly and it shuts down the whole program automatically. 
  • The program aborts and there is also a chance of Fatal App Exit.

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Quick Fixes to Resolve QuickBooks Abort Error?

The solution list to this error is not huge, but there are a few effective ones. To get the best results, the QuickBooks users can follow the below-enumerated methods. Or can get help from QuickBooks error support professionals and take their help in dealing with such irritating errors.

Solution 1: Use QuickBooks File Doctor tool

  • Install the QuickBooks file doctor tool.
  • After that, double-click the icon to launch the tool.
  • Now check the results.
    • If it shows “No error detected” then the files are ‘OK
    • In case it shows error detected, follow the next step
    • Repair your file and then restore the backup.

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Solution 2: Checking the status of QuickBooks

  • This is a very simple procedure. The user is required to go to the ‘files option‘.
  • After that tap on ‘Utilities‘ option.
Check the hosting status of QuickBooks - Screenshot
  • Once done with that, tap on the ‘stop hosting‘ to multi-user access.
  • Now, the user is required to open the company file on the multi-user mode.
  • Lastly, the user is required to look for the check-mark in the box, which is labeled as “Open file in multi-user mode.

Solution 3: Renaming the QBWUSE.INI file

  • The very first step in this process is to enable the hidden folders where the ‘QBWUSE.INI file‘ is saved.
  • Now, navigate to ‘location: \ [user name] \AppData\Intuit\quickbooks[year]\
  • Once done with the above steps, the user is required to right-click ‘QBWUSE.INI‘ .
  • The next step is to click on ‘rename‘ and add ‘.OLD‘ at the end of the file name.
  • Now, moving ahead, the user is required to rename the ‘.ecml file
  • Once you have followed all the above steps, just try again and open the file

Once you complete the steps, if still you are facing problems while signing into your company file. Then most probably there are damaged files in your company file. At this situation you have to restore an earlier backup of that file.

You can try these steps in case the above steps are not helpful to your.

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Solution 4: Reinstall and then clean install

clean install tool in quickbooks - screenshot

You need to uninstall and then reinstall your QuickBooks desktop using clean install.

Solution 5: Create a new windows admin user

Create a new Windows Admin User - Screenshot
  • Press ‘Ctrl+R‘ keys to open the ‘Run‘ command, on your keyboard,
  • After that type ‘Control Panel‘, then choose the ‘OK‘ button. After that open the Control Panel‘ settings.
  • Now choose the ‘User Accounts‘> ‘Manage Another Account‘> ‘Create a new account‘.
  • Finally type in the user name, then choose the ‘Administrator and then click on Create‘.

Solution 6: Disabling the Antivirus program and Windows defender

For Antivirus program

  • You need to simply access the antivirus software and head to the settings of the program. 
  • Look for the Option to disable the program and click on it.
  • Furthermore, save the changes and restart the device.

For Windows Defender

  • Here, you need to enter space beside the windows icon and also enter windows defender. 
  • The next step is to click on the first option
  • And search for the option with which you can disable the windows defender
  • Now, save the changes and restart the device.

Solution 7: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, from QuickBooks Tool Hub

Step 1: Download the QuickBooks Tool Hub

  • Start with downloading the tool hub from the official intuit website and then save the file to the system
  • Furthermore, open the file downloaded i.e., QuickBooksToolHub.exe.
  • You are then required to perform the onscreen prompts to install and agree to the terms and conditions. 
  • Open the tool hub by double-clicking on the Tool hub icon.

Step 2: Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, from the tools hub

  • You need to now open the QuickBooks Tool Hub program.
  • Followed by selecting the Installation Issues tab.
  • Now, choose the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from here and run it
  • After the QBinstall diagnostic tool successfully scanned and fixed the problem, you need to reboot your computer.
  • Also, launch the desktop version of QuickBooks to complete the process and check if the issue still persists.

Solution 8: Run the verify and rebuild data utility

  • You can simply open QuickBooks desktop and choose the File menu at first.
  • Later on, click on the Utilities option, and along with that, click on Verify data. 
  • If no error message gets displayed after verifying the data, then no need to run the Rebuild tool. 
  • In case the error message stating “Your data has lost integrity” appears on the screen, then you will be required to repair the damaged data file.
  • Also, choose the Utilities option under the File menu. 
  • And further click on the Rebuild data option.
  • Click on the OK tab on the backup company file popup window. 
  • Also, go for a location on the system to save the backup of the company file. 
  • Now, click on OK button.
  • Once the backup file is successfully saved on the desktop, the Data rebuild process will begin. 
  • End the process by selecting the Backup option from the File menu.

Solution 9: Configuring the Windows firewall manually

  • Start with opening the Windows start menu.
  • Followed by entering in Windows firewall and open the same.
  • Now, go for the Advanced settings.
  • And also, right click the Inbound rules and then choosing the New rule option.
  • Furthermore, go for the Port and then hit Next.
  • Make sure that TCP is selected.
  • In the Specific local ports field, enter the Specific ports needed for QuickBooks.
  • Go for Next and also, select the Allow the connection and hit Next.
  • Make sure that all the profiles are marked. 
  • Click on Next.
  • Also, create a rule and also name it. 
  • Click on finish tab to end the process

Solution 10: Grant permissions for the QuickBooks installation folder

  • Here you are required to head to the following location after launching the Windows File Explorer: The path is C:/Program Files/Common Files.
  • Now, in order to modify the security settings for the common files folder, right-click on it, and also choose “Properties”. 
  • Head to security where you may choose the edit option.
  • Followed by clicking on users under group or usernames
  • Once done with that, change and enable the write, read, read, and execute rights.
  • Also, click on apply tab
  • Hit ok to end the process

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Winding Up

The above-enumerated are a few of the methods that might help the QuickBooks users to get rid of this error. These steps can be easily performed by the newbies. We conclude this article, with the hope that following the above enumerated steps might be helpful for you to get rid of such errors.

However, if the methods and solutions didn’t work, then it should be noted that the issue can be deep-rooted. Thus, it would be better to consult QuickBooks premier support team, as they will come up with some effective resolution strategy. In such cases, you can dial our toll-free number .i.e. +1-844-405-0907, and our team of experts and QuickBooks professionals will be there to assist you.


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