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Recurring glitches and technical snags are quite common in QuickBooks, which might further lead to frequent freezing or even crashing of the software. In this segment, we are going to discuss the QuickBooks Freezing Problem. This simply means that the software hangs and doesn’t take any commands for some time. It rather creates a new off-screen window running in the background, and when the user tries to close the software, the window doesn’t shut down, ultimately leading to the freeze issue. 

Freezing errors in QuickBooks can be quite annoying, as they might interrupt the smooth working of the software and would further end up in losing the unsaved data. To learn more about this error, you can simply scroll through this segment carefully. Or can also consult our QuickBooks tech support professionals at +1-844-499-6700, and let them help you with the issue ahead. 

What is QuickBooks Freezing up Error?

QuickBooks freezing issue usually stops the overall functionality of the software, as it might start showing random glitches and pauses. When the QuickBooks is showing a freezing issue, then it isn’t possible to work on it. QuickBooks freezing up error is usually seen when the company file exceeds the limit of storage and cannot work properly due to storage issues. In case the system is outdated or corrupted, or if the user is having damaged company files, then experience such an error is most probable.

What instigates the QuickBooks freezing error?

Coming across this issue is possible when the installer freezes while installing the QuickBooks software. Usually, it might get stuck on the installing ABS PDF driver window. Other than that, there can be a bunch of other factors triggering this issue. Let us have a look:

  • One of the basic factors causing this issue can be if the windows OS is out of date. 
  • Furthermore, in case the company name is too long, then you might end up in such an error. 
  • The user can also experience this issue if the PDF and preference files get damaged. 
  • Moreover, if the file doesn’t permit the user to operate the window, then such an error can be seen. 
  • Another possible reason can be, a damaged Windows operating system or a missing QBWUSER.INI file
  • You can also face similar issues if there are applications running in the background. 
Windows OS information

Possible Symptoms Indicating the QuickBooks Freezing Problem 

Identifying the error becomes easy with the following signs and symptoms. Let us have a look: 

  • In case the system slows down or freezes for a few seconds. 
  • Or if processing operations in QuickBooks becomes much more difficult. 
  • Also, in case the QuickBooks slows down and doesn’t respond to the inputs. 
Memory status in Task manager for quickbooks -QuickBooks Freezing Problem

Effective Fixes for QuickBooks Freezing Problem

There are a bunch of solutions that you can perform to get rid of the QuickBooks freeze error. Let us check out each of the solutions one by one:

Method 1: Use the QuickBooks refresher tool 

  • Under this process, you are required to close the QuickBooks desktop. 
  • After that, download QuickBooks refresher tool. 
  • Now, save the file on the desktop. 
  • Post that, run the QBRefresher tool. 
  • Re-open the QuickBooks desktop. 
  • And this would fix the issue up to a certain extent. 
using QuickBooks Refresher tool

*Note: QuickBooks refresher tool is no more available for download from the Intuit’s website. You can download the QuickBooks Tool Hub as an alternative.

Method 2: Use the Task Manager to close QB-related programs

  • This process requires you to sail to the task manager and then click on ctrl + Alt + delete. 
  • After that, select any open QuickBooks program that initiates with the letter QuickBooks or intuit. 
  • Now, click on end task to end the process. 
  • And lastly, shut down the task manager and reboot the software to see if the error gets fixed or not. 
Closing QuickBooks from task manager

Method 3: Restore the Portable Company File

In case you are experiencing any data issues, then the software allows you to create a portable file in QuickBooks that can be used to address the issue. This can be done using the steps below:

  • The very first step is to access/open the QuickBooks file and opt for File. 
  • Now, select the Create Copy option.
  • Also, click on the Portable Company File and then click on Next. 
  • You are now required to select the location to save the portable file and then click on save and hit ok tab. 
  • To restore the portable file, you can move to the file menu and select open or restore company option. 
  • Now, click on next and select restore a portable file option. 
  • The next step is to look for a portable file and select it. 
  • Also, click on open and next respectively. 
  • The last step is to click on save after changing the location of the company file. 
Restoring a portable file

Method 4: Use the Rebuild Data tool

  • Here, you simply need to open the file menu and head to the utilities tab. 
  • Once done with that select the rebuild data option
  • Followed by heading to the QuickBooks information window and also clicking on the ok tab. 
  • The user should now perform the onscreen steps to save a backup. 
  • And wait till it repairs the file. 
  • In case you are able to move the mouse, then the tool is working. 
  • Now, hit ok tab. 
  • Open the file menu and head to the utilities tab and also choose the verify data option. 
  • Towards the end, wait for the tool to check the file for the data issues. 
  • In case the tool doesn’t diagnose any issues, then click on ok tab. In case the issues are detected, then choose the rebuild now tab. 
Rebuild data in quickbooks - QuickBooks Freezing Problem

Method 5: Uninstall the QuickBooks desktop software

  • Under this process, you are supposed to click on Windows + R to access the run command. 
  • After that enter in control and click on the enter key. 
  • Now, click on programs and features tab. 
  • You should then click on uninstall a program option. 
  • Followed by selecting uninstall/change tab, in order to uninstall QuickBooks
  • Perform the onscreen prompts to end the process. 
Uninstall QuickBooks

Method 6: Clear the browser cache and temporary files

Often the cache files might create issues in QuickBooks, especially slow and QuickBooks Freezing Problem. Thus, the user should try to clear browser cache and remove the access data which slow down the system. 

clean browser history or cache - QuickBooks Freezing Problem

Method 7: Use QuickBooks tool hub

  • For this, you need to download the QuickBooks tool hub
  • After that, save it on the system where you can easily find it. 
  • And then double-click on the QuickBookstoolhub.exe to run the program on the system. 
  • Now, perform the onscreen steps to install the tool. 
  • Once done with that, open it by double-clicking on the QuickBooks tool hub icon.
Using Quickbooks Tool hub to fix freezing problems

After performing the steps above, you can access various tools using the steps below:

Step 1: Use Clean Install tool from tool hub program
  • Head to the Installation Issues tab and select the Clean Install tool.
  • Now, open the QBcleaninstallutility.exe file.
  • And click on I accept when the license agreement.
  • Go for the QB version and then click on the Continue option.
  • Lastly, click on the OK button and then when you see QuickBooks is now ready for a clean install, please install it to the default directory.
Step 2: Run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool to fix QuickBooks Freezing Problem
  • Select the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool from the installation issues tab in the QuickBooks tool hub. 
  • And then, run the QuickBooks install diagnostic tool. 
  • Wait for the tool to detect any issues and resolve them. 
  • Now, restart the system and make sure that the elements are updated correctly. 
Step 3: Run the QuickBooks File Doctor from the tool hub program
  • To run file doctor, please select the QuickBooks file doctor tool from the company file issues tab. 
  • After that hit the enter tab. 
  • Select the company file, by selecting browse. 
  • And check the network and file systems by clicking on the option. 
  • You should then hit the enter tab. 
  • And also type in the admin password and hit next. 
  • Let the scan complete.
  • Once the tool detects and eliminates the issues, make sure to restart QuickBooks Desktop.
Step 4: Use QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • The user is first required to go for QuickBooks Database Server Manager from the Network Issues menu in the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • After that perform the onscreen steps and let the tool fix the issue. 

Method 8: Disable the input services

  • Under this process, press Windows + R and enter in MSC. 
  • After that, click on ok tab. 
  • Now, double-click the system input service. 
  • And then, click on the stop the service option. 
  • Now, double-click the input services and select the properties tab. 
  • Disable the start-up type and hit on the OK button.
  • Lastly, shut down the services menu and then reopen QuickBooks.
Disable the input services for windows - QuickBooks Freezing Problem

Method 9: Edit the DAT and DDF files

  • Here, firstly close the company files 
  • After that, search for the company directory and rename ‘DAT’ to ‘OldUserPRef.DAT.’
  • Now, delete each file with the DDF extension.
  • Open the company and click on confirm to save the payments from the same directory.
  • After that click on print to print successfully

To Conclude! 

We end this segment right here, with the hope that the information discussed above might be of some help in dealing with the QuickBooks Freezing Problem. On the contrary, if you are facing some issue in getting rid of the error or if you are getting the same error again and again even after performing the steps discussed above, then in that scenario, we recommend you connect with our QuickBooks Desktop tech support professionals. Give us a call at +1-844-499-6700 and we will provide you with instant support services. 

FAQs- QuickBooks Freezing Problem

What to do when QuickBooks Freezes?

When your QuickBooks software freezes try to check the internet connection. If there is any issue with the internet, then you can try restarting and fixing the issue. You can also disable other programs to fix the issue, if it is caused due to hindrance of any other program.

Why does QuickBooks keep freezing?

There are a couple of reasons due to which you can experience this issue:

  • QuickBooks trying to open too many files together.
  • You have a lot of applications open at the same time.
  • The system might not have enough memory to handle all the information.
  • Compatibility issue with other programs on the system can also cause such an error.

How do you unfreeze QuickBooks?

You can unfreeze QuickBooks using the steps below:

  1. Head to utilities from file menu
  2. Click on rebuild data and click on ok tab.
  3. Move to file menu and head to utilities and select verify data
  4. In the next step, you will be asked to rebuild now or view errors.
  5. Click on ok tab and QuickBooks freezing issue will not show up anymore.

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