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Did you just hit upon QuickBooks file exists error? Well, we can help you with it. QuickBooks file exists error is often witnessed with a warning message that abruptly states “The file you specified cannot be opened. It must already be in use by another program or a read-only file“. Other than this, you can also see an error message that states “The Windows error was the file exists“.

File exists error in QuickBooks

You might be disturbed by this error when you try to download payroll, or when you are paying scheduled liabilities, and also when opening a federal or state form. This can be tricky error to deal with for you, but once you go through the right set of steps to eliminate the error permanently, it would be easy to get rid of it. You can simply scroll through this segment for further information. Meanwhile, if you feel the need to speak to QuickBooks professionals for any sort of expert guidance, then in that scenario, you can get on a call with the team at +1-844-499-6700.

Brief into the file exists error in QuickBooks

The file already exists or the file you specified doesn’t cannot be opened error is often seen when working on various accounting operations like paying scheduled liabilities, opening a state/federal form, and also when downloading a payroll update. This error is directly related with the company file, and so you might find it difficult to work on QuickBooks. Thus, it is recommended to perform the set of steps suggested to deal with the error as soon as possible.

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What leads to QuickBooks error the file exists?

As we mentioned earlier, there can be a bunch of factors triggering the QuickBooks file exists error. Let us explorer each of the factors one by one.

  • In case the windows user account control is interfering with QuickBooks
  • Another reason can be if the internet connection is performing slow
  • The user can also face similar issue in case of improper internet and firewall security settings
  • This error can also be seen when the error message appears when installing QuickBooks
  • Or the QuickBooks software is outdated
  • Not enough admin rights can also be a major factor causing this issue.

Important points to consider

Before you jump on to the steps to tackle these errors, it is crucial to go through some important pointers.

  • Initially, you need to click on the ok tab till the message gets updated
  • Furthermore, close and again open QuickBooks software
  • Later on, ensure that you are using the latest QuickBooks version
  • Another essential point is to close QuickBooks and reboot the desktop
  • When restarting QuickBooks, make sure to right-click the QuickBooks icon and select the run as admin option

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Effective measures to fix the QuickBooks file exists error

You do have a bunch of solutions to deal with the QuickBooks file exists error. Below we have tried to elaborate the most effective solutions. Let us check it out together:

Method 1: Reinstalling QuickBooks

  • The very first step is to press windows + R and open run box
  • After that, enter appwiz.cpl
appwiz.cpl - File doesn't exists error
  • The next step is to click on the QuickBooks software twice and also choose uninstall
Uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks
  • The user should follow onscreen prompts to eliminate QuickBooks from windows
  • Once done with that, the user should download a clean install tool from the authorized website and save it on PC
  • The last step is to use it for installing QuickBooks

Method 2: Check for QuickBooks updates

  • The user should first open QuickBooks and click on the product information option
  • After that, select the correct QuickBooks version
Product information window
  • The user should then press search and also click on get latest updates
Update QuickBooks
  • Once done with that make a folder and save the file
  • Now, double click the installation file so that the update process can be initiated
  • The last step is to restart the system

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Method 3: Turn off User account control in windows settings

  • The very first step is to press windows + R
  • And then type control panel and click on ok tab
  • Once done with that search for users accounts from the search bar which is at the top of the control panel
  • Click on the change user account control settings
  • After that click on yes and move the slider down to never notify and turn off UAC
Turn Off UAC in Windows

Method 4: Allow full control access to the user

  • Start the procedure by updating the windows permissions by simply opening the Windows Start menu
  • Furthermore, you need to type in File Explorer and open it from the Search bar
  • You need to look for the QuickBooks program file and it might show up as below:
Windows permission - file exists error
Processor TypeFile Path for QBW32.EXE
32-bitC:\program files\intuit\quickbooks (year)
64-bitC:\program files x86\intuit\quickbooks (year)
  • Now, select open file location by right clicking the QuickBooks desktop
  • The next step is to press backspace
  • Now, select properties by clicking on the right tab
  • The user should then press edit tab and also select add
  • After that select everyone and also click on ok tab
Windows Permissions for Common Files - Screenshot
  • The user should then choose full control option
Allow full control - file doesn't open error
  • And then click on apply tab
  • The last step is to ensure that everyone option is opted and also select the user

Method 5: Run QuickBooks as a system administrator

At times, launching QuickBooks as an admin can work great in tackling unwanted errors. Therefore, it is suggested to try launching the software with admin controls and check if the error gets eliminated or not. The steps you need to perform in this process are as follows:

  • Initially, you need to hover your mouse over the Windows Start icon and then click on the same to open it
  • Later on type in QuickBooks within the Search bar
  • Moreover, look for the results that show up in the search window
  • You are then required to follow it up by clicking on the right click option on QuickBooks version that you want to open
  • Later on, pick the Run as Admin option from the drop-down menu
Run QuickBooks as an administrator
  • Run the Payroll Updates
  • And perform your usual QuickBooks operations and check if the error related to the payroll are rectified or not

Method 6: Run file doctor from QuickBooks tool hub

File doctor tool works well for repairing and restoring the company file related issues. You can download the QuickBooks tool hub program, using the set of steps enumerated below.

  • Start the procedure by closing your QuickBooks desktop
  • Furthermore, you need to download the latest QuickBooks tool hub program from official Intuit website.
  • Double click the downloaded file named as QuickBooksToolHub.exe. This will initiate the install process.
  • You are now required to follow every step that is appearing on your desktop screen to install and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the software
  • Once the tool hub is installed successfully, it will create an icon on the desktop, which you simply need to double click.
QuickBooks tool hub - file exists error
  • From the tool hub, you need to head to the company file issues tab.
  • Further, Run QuickBooks File Doctor tool.
  • Note that the file doctor tool might take up to one minute to open.
QuickBooks file doctor tool
  • You are now required to select the Company File from the drop-down menu
  • Select the Check your file and then click on Continue option
Can't open company file dialog box - QuickBooks file doctor
  • You are supposed to enter your Admin password and further click on Next tab

Method 7: Configure the Internet and firewall security settings

  • Start off by clicking on Control Panel from the start menu
  • Once done with that, choose Windows Firewall and then click on Advanced Settings
  • Now, select the Inbound tab
  • Followed by clicking on the New Rule to create a new inbound rule
Create a new rule in firewall settings - File exists error
  • Choose Port
  • Click on the Next tab
  • Once done with that, enter the number of ports
  • You are then supposed to choose the next tab again
  • Followed by navigating to the Allow Connection option and also click on next
Allow the connection - file doesn't open error
  • Assign a name to the rule an also click on Finish tab

Method 8: Eliminating the printing forms error

  • This process requires you to open the desktop and further press Windows + R
  • Click on the Enter tab
  • You are now required to move to the Devices and printers option
  • Right click the Device and select the remove the printer option
  • Exit QuickBooks and then open Task Manager or you can also click on Ctrl + Alt + Del to access the task manager
  • Locate the QBW32.exe and then right click the same
Close QBW32.exe process - QuickBooks File exists
  • You now need to end process by clicking on the same
  • Navigate to the C drive> Program Data > Intuit > QuickBooks
  • Once done with that, end the process by deleting the find name QBPRINT.qbp and restart the system

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Winding Up!

With this, we come to the end of this article, where we hope that the information shared in above might help in fixing QuickBooks error the file exists. However, if the error persists for some reason, or the user needs any of our assistance, then calling our QuickBooks support team will work. We are a team of experts who work round the clock to provide the best possible QuickBooks assistance to all QuickBooks users. Just dial the toll-free QuickBooks support number i.e. +1-844-499-6700. Our experts will be get in touch with you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I fix a corrupted QuickBooks file?

To fix the corrupted QuickBooks file, you can use the rebuild data tool which is built-in t QuickBooks and this would fix the issues related to the company file. The steps involved are:
1. Head to the file menu and move to the utilities tab and choose rebuild data
2. Select ok on the QuickBooks information window
3. Let the tool repair the file
4. When the tool finishes its process, make sure to click on ok tab
5. Head to the file menu, and hover over the utilities tab and choose verify data
6. Let the tool check your file for any sort of data issues

How to fix QuickBooks failed to open files error?

If you are unable to open the company file in QuickBooks, then the steps below might help.
1. Make sure to update QuickBooks and also check your file type
2. Don’t save the desktop when you close QuickBooks
3. Turn off hosting on workstations
4. Open a sample company file
5. Or move a company file to another location

How does a QuickBooks file get corrupted?

Often a QuickBooks data file can get corrupted due to several reasons. These include hardware or software issues, abrupt system shutdown, network connection errors, large file size, virus/malware attack, etc.


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