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Download QuickBooks Desktop- Complete Guide

Download QuickBooks Desktop- Complete Guide

Learn how you can install and QuickBooks Download Desktop

Carrying out day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping activities manually isn’t possible for businesses. So, they need to get their hands on accounting software that offers the right set of features to carry out their daily activities smoothly. One such accounting software is QuickBooks Download Desktop. It is loaded with various features and functionalities that are helpful to any sized business, regardless of the industry they belong to. If you have decided to incorporate this accounting software in your business process, then it is definitely a great decision.

All you need is to perform the right set of steps that are required to install and set up this software. In this article, we will be discussing the steps that you need to follow to get your accounting software and start using it. Thus, if you are interested in knowing more about QuickBooks and the steps involved in its setup, make sure to read the article till the end. However, if you are a newbie and don’t want to perform the steps manually, then you can take assistance from our tech geeks at +1(844)405-0907 and they will provide you with instant support services. Like: QuickBooks Tool Hub , QuickBooks File Doctor, QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Process to Download QuickBooks Desktop

Download QuickBooks Desktop

The steps to download QuickBooks are quite easy. However, as a user, you might have to keep certain things in mind, which we will be discussing later in this article. Note that, you can convert your QuickBooks desktop pro. This requires the following steps:

quickbooks desktop

Step 1: Essential factors

Before you start with the installation and download QuickBooks procedure, make sure to check the following things:

  • Ascertain that the system meets the necessary configuration
  • Ensure that your internet connection is stable
  • Always buy a legitimate version of QuickBooks
Home Screen Overview

Step 2: Buy and Download QuickBooks

  • The very first step here is to head to the official intuit website
  • After that choose the version of QuickBooks you wish to download
  • You can compare the price of QuickBooks Desktop, Enterprise, Pro, and Premier on the website itself
Download QuickBooks desktop version
  • And then click on the product your wish to download QuickBooks and purchase
  • Once done with that complete the payment process by entering the payment details
  • And furthermore, you will get your license and product code
  • Moreover, a confirmation will be sent to your email
  • And you will also be able to see the download QuickBooks tab
  • Now, click on the tab
  • And select the location where you wish to save the file
  • Once done with that, click on save and your QuickBooks download will start
  • Let the process end and then it will direct you to the installation process

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Step 3: Download QuickBooks Desktop

  • The very first step here is to open the folder where you have downloaded all the files
  • After that open the QuickBooks.exe file that you downloaded earlier
setup .exe file
  • Perform the onscreen prompts and head forward
  • After reading the Software license agreement, click on the Next button.
  • Type in the Product key and License number as per your software purchase.
  • Now click on Next twice.
  • Type in the QuickBooks Product ID and License Number and head to the next step

Step 4: Choose the Installation type

The user can pick any of the two-installation options as per the requirement and convenience.

1. Express Install

express install options

If you are:

  • Using QuickBooks for the first time
  • Reinstalling QuickBooks
  • Or going to use the software on just this computer and will not be a part of any network.
  • then you should opt for this installation.

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Steps for this Installation method

  • The very first step in this process is to click on the express option and also click on the next tab
  • After that click on the Install tab
  • After the install ends, choose open QuickBooks and get started with your software

2. Custom and Network Install

custom and network install

Go for this method if:

  • You are hosting company file on a server
  • Setting up a multi-user network
  • Installing QB Desktop on a server rather than the respective device

Steps for this Installation method:

  • To start with, the user needs to choose the Custom and Network Option
  • After that click on the Next button.
  • Once done with that choose the Option that best uses QuickBooks as per your preference.
  • Now go for the Change the Install Location option.
  • And also click on Browse to choose the folder where you want to put your QuickBooks files.
  • You now have to click on the Next tab to start the installation process
  • And open QuickBooks when the process ends

Step 5: Activate your QuickBooks Desktop

After performing all the above steps, it is time to activate QuickBooks. This involves the following steps.

  • The very first step here is to open your QuickBooks desktop and press the F2 key on the keyboard.
  • Now head to the Help menu, and pick Activate QuickBooks desktop option.
activate and download quickbooks desktop
  • Open the product information window
  • Later on, verify the registration status and the license number.
  • If the status is showing Activated, then you can use the software
  • Else, choose ok tab to close the Product information window.
  • Head to the Help menu and also click on Activate QuickBooks tab.
  • Update the software if asked to
  • And end the process

QuickBooks Versions available for Download: Overview

List of versions you can download:

QuickBooks Version 2022
QuickBooks Version 2021
QuickBooks Version 2020
QuickBooks Version 2019
QuickBooks Version 2018
QuickBooks Version 2017
QuickBooks Version 2016
QuickBooks Version 2015
QuickBooks Version 2014
QuickBooks Version 2013
QuickBooks Version 2012
QuickBooks Version 2011
QuickBooks Version 2010 & 2009
QuickBooks desktop 2022 (Pro Plus 2022, Pro Plus 2022 Payroll, Premier, Accountant, Mac & Enterprise 22.0)
download quickbooks desktop pro 2022

This is one of the latest versions of QuickBooks available for download and is 38% smoother and faster as compared to the previous ones. It offers 64-bit faster processing. The user can manage their accounting and bookkeeping activities along with payroll activities easily using this version. This version will help you to track business performance, backup data, and enhance the overall productivity with the App.

QuickBooks Version 2021 (Pro 2021, Pro Plus, Mac, Enterprise 21.0)

Updating to QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 version offers tons of features needed to manage various accounting and bookkeeping activities. You get a simple dashboard offering features like invoice tracking, payments, tracking sales, bank feeds, receipt management, automated statements, payroll liabilities, etc.

QuickBooks Version 2020 (Desktop Pro, Premier, Accountant, Mac & Enterprise 20.0)
download quickbooks desktop pro 20

The QuickBooks Enterprise or desktop 2020 version helps in combining emails, adding customers’ PO numbers, customer payment reminders, etc. If you choose the premier version, it allows you to collaborate with 5 users at the same time and classifies the transactions automatically.

QuickBooks Download Version 2019 ( Pro, Premier, Accountant Plus, Mac, Enterprise)

This version allows you to carry out your daily accounting activities smoothly and also helps you in tracking the invoices, and payments, generating reports, handling taxes, etc. If you choose premier or other editions, then it will come with additional benefits.

Download QuickBooks Version 2018 (Pro, Premier, Mac & Enterprise)

Talking about this particular version, it offers features such as multi-monitor support, payroll reminders, merging vendor records, and much more.

Downloads QuickBooks Version 2017 (Premier, Pro, Accountant Plus, Mac, Enterprise)
download quickbooks desktop premier 2017

Downloading this particular version of QuickBooks brings in features like scheduled reports, smart search, feature tour, multi-user mode, etc. And when you use QuickBooks accountant plus, then it will make paying users quicker, and also the toolbox will help you to process multiple invoices, reclassify transactions, and also alter the sales tax errors.

Download QuickBooks Version 2016 (Pro, Premier, Accountant, Enterprise & Mac)

Downloading this version will help in performing the accounting activities smoothly. You can perform the necessary steps to download and use this version. It is available in pro, premier, accountant, enterprise, as well as mac editions.

QuickBooks Downloads Version 2015 (Pro, Mac, Premier, Enterprise & Accountant)

You can use this version of QuickBooks to manage your invoices, payments, and track receipts. It is available for Mac users as well offering add vendor and multi-user mode features.

QuickBooks Downloads Version 2014 (Pro, Premier, Mac, Accountant & Enterprise)
install and downloads quickbooks desktop pro 2014

Using the 2014 version, you can track expenses, and income, use enhanced email features and check reports for bounced checks.

Download QuickBooks Version 2013 (Pro, Premier, Mac & Accountant)

The 2013 version offers simple workflow navigation, journal entry syncing, QuickBooks Ribbon, and other necessary features to manage the daily accounting activities.

Downloads QuickBooks Version 2012 (Pro, Premier, Mac & Accountant)

This version is great for small businesses who are looking for software to manage personal and tax finances. The user can track income and expenses without much hassle.

QuickBooks Download Version 2011 (Pro, Mac, Premier, & Accountant)
 quickbooks desktop 2011

To access features like paid customer invoices, batch invoicing, collections center, inventory tracking, etc, you can use the QuickBooks 2011 version.

Download QuickBooks Version 2010 & 2009 (Mac, Pro, Accountant & Premier)
QuickBooks desktop premier version 2010 & 2009

Track income and expenses and add multiple list entries using this version of QuickBooks.

Final words.

Now that you know what are the steps that you can carry out to download and set up QuickBooks successfully, it is time to implement those steps and make the most out of this software. However, in case of any queries or if you are stuck at any point of time, then our tech support professionals can help you with the process ahead. You simply have to contact our team at +1(844)405-0907 and let them perform the procedure for you. We are a team of technically sound QuickBooks professionals who work round the clock to provide immediate support and assistance.

How to Transfer QuickBooks Company Files to QuickBooks Online

How to Transfer QuickBooks Company Files to QuickBooks Online

How to move your QuickBooks Company data file from QuickBooks online to QuickBooks Desktop:

QuickBooks Online is an ama software, especially when it comes to accessing company files online without any geographical restriction. It is packed with features and is preferred by most businesses. However, QuickBooks online might lack certain features that are available on QuickBooks desktop. This is why, when businesses grow or try to expand, they tend to switch to QuickBooks desktop. And this migration process demands the move QuickBooks Company file to QuickBooks online as well.

Thus, in this article, we are going to elaborate on the steps that can be performed in the migration of the company file from QuickBooks online to desktop. Thus, if you are seeking similar information, make sure to read the article till the end. If you are someone from a non-technical background or if you are skeptical about performing the steps manually, then feel free to reach out to our tech support professionals at +1(844)405-0907 and ask them to perform the required steps to migrate the file successfully.

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Essential tips before moving ahead with the conversion

The process of converting the company file from QuickBooks online to the desktop can be a little tricky. However, there are certain pointers that need extra attention to avoid any kind of a further mess. Here is a list of essential points that you need to focus on before implementing the steps for migration or conversion.

  • Often users miss out to keep a check on their internet explorer version, which can create certain issues later, especially compatibility issues. Thus, it is suggested to perform the necessary steps and check the version of the internet explorer being used. Note that, the internet explorer should be windows version 10 or higher to perform the conversion smoothly. If not, then the user might need to perform the steps to upgrade to the latest version.
  • Another point that you can’t afford to miss out on is that the desktop software must be the 2004 edition or the later one in the case of windows. The reason behind this can be that conversion is only possible with 2004 and later versions.
  • Note that the QuickBooks desktop software should be compatible with internet explorer. And internet explorer should be 32-bit. This is because the 64-bit version tends to show up an error and hinders the process.
  • In case you are making use of Mac version of QuickBooks, then direct conversion is not possible. And also, the process for this conversion might be different from normal one.
  • Also, the user should have access to at least an invited accountant account if you are already a master or a company administrator, to avoid any kind of mess later.
  • The user might need an ActiveX to carry out the conversion. Thus, before performing the steps, make sure to get ActiveX.

Steps involved in transferring, migrating, or moving company file from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks desktop

Now that the user is ready with to migrate the company file, he/she is required to perform the below steps to successfully move the company file from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks desktop. Thus, make sure to implement the below-listed steps wisely:

Step 1: Setting up security settings in Internet explorer

The process starts with setting up the security settings in internet explorer or Microsoft Edge. The steps below are to be performed to carry out this process. Let us have a look:

  • The process starts with right-clicking the Internet Explorer icon on the Run as admin option.
run quickBooks - quickbooks company file to quickbooks online
  • Once done with that, the user is supposed to click.
  • The user is then required to go for the Tools icon
  • Followed by selecting the Internet options.
  • Once done with that, the user needs to go for the Security and trusted sites option.
  • Here, one must click on the Sites tab.
  • After that, in Add this website to the zone field, the user is supposed to enter: * and *
internet explorer quickbooks desktop
  • The next step is to uncheck the “Require server verification for all sites in this zone “.
  • And also, close the trusted sites window.
  • Later, go for the Apply option
  • After that uncheck Enable protected mode.
uncheck Enable protected mode
  • After that click on the Okay tab
  • And close and re-open Internet explorer to Disable the protected mode.
  • To end the process, one must leave internet explorer open.

Step 2: Setting up QuickBooks desktop for Export

The second step is to set up the QuickBooks desktop for export. This process involved the below sub-steps:

  • At first, the user is supposed to right-click the QuickBooks desktop icon
  • Once done with that go for the Run as admin tab
  • In case the user hasn’t downloaded the QuickBooks desktop already, then it is suggested to download the trial version.
  • Once done with that, the user is supposed to move to the File and then go for the Close company option.
Close company - move quickbooks company file to quickbooks online
  • After that leave the QuickBooks desktop open at the time of completing the rest of the steps.

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Step 3: Getting ready to export QuickBooks online data

After the above steps, the user will have to prepare for the export. This involves the steps below:

  • The very first step here is to open the version of QuickBooks that the company file will be converted to.
  • Note that the experts recommend to avoid opening the company file and also don’t go for no company open window.
  • Once done with that, the user is supposed to log in to the QuickBooks Online account.
  • After that, opt for the Gear icon
  • Now, under the Tools tab go for Export data.
Export data - move quickbooks company file to quickbooks online
  • And opt for the reason from the pop-up window
  • Also, click on continue tab
  • And then, select Learn more under the download company data.
download company data file
  • The next step is to review the Export overview.
Export - quickbooks company file to quickbooks online
  • And choose the get started tab
  • After that go for Install for ActiveX control
  • Pick to Install ActiveX Control Now to confirm the installation.
convert quickbooks company file to quickbooks desktop
  • And also select to Continue after the installation comes to an end.
  • Now, pick the Data to export
  • Hit the Continue tab
  • Review the limitations of the data to export.
  • And click on the Continue tab respectively
  • The last step is to enter all the contact information and then choose the Continue option.

It should be noted here that the user might receive an email with steps to end the export conversion within a few minutes to hours. This depends upon the amount of data prepared.

Step 4: End exporting the data

This is the last set of steps to be performed to complete the process.

  • At first, get back to the export page
  • And then, head to the setting tab
  • The user is then required to select the Export data in QuickBooks Online.
  • Once done with that, the user should perform the same steps and prepare to export the QuickBooks online data.
  • After that go for the Continue tab to download on the exporting from QBO page.
  • And switch to QuickBooks desktop.
  • The user needs to ascertain that No company open screen appears and also check if the company file is open
  • We suggest the user to visit the file and choose the Close company option.
  • Also, go for the preferred option
  • The next step is to choose the Continue option.
  • And click on the Download option.
  • Once done with that the save the company file window will appear on the screen
  • And the user will be required to pick a location to save the file.
move quickbooks company file to quickbooks online
  • After that a pop-up window will appear asking where to save the file
  • After which the user will have to go for the Convert now option.
  • And hit the yes tab each time in the application certificate.
  • Now, choose Continue and then select Done.
convert quickbooks company file to quickbooks online
  • Go for the Finished tab and then Run reports to end the process right here
Check reports after converting QuickBooks Company file

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Final Words..!

This brings us to the end of the article, and we expect the reader to successfully move the company file from QuickBooks online to desktop making the best use of the steps listed above. On the contrary, if the user ends up in some or the other error or if the user gets stuck at any point in time, then contacting our tech personnel at +1(844)405-0907 is suggested. We are a team of certified QuickBooks professionals who work round the clock in providing the best support for QuickBooks-related issues. Thus, feel free to share your queries with our team and let them help you with the issue.

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How to Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 102?

How to Fix QuickBooks Banking Error 102?

QuickBooks, the world’s leading accounting software is instrumental in putting small and mid-sized business owners, entrepreneurs and accountants close to their business goals. Though it’s an innovative software, it’s not entirely free from errors. One error that as a user you may receive is “QuickBooks Banking Error 102”.

This error may occur when your bank’s website has some technical glitches, website maintenance is going on, or a server has some issue in transferring data between website of the bank and QBO. If you are facing this error, these following tips may help you. If you want quick resolution of any QuickBooks Issue then you can contact our QuickBooks error support team that remains active 24/7.

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Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error code 102?

Here are some suggestions to resolve the banking error 102.

Tip 1: Check if Your QuickBooks Online Requires Account Updates

If there is no maintains sign on your bank’s or credit card’s site or any other issue you can find out, you should manually update your account details in QuickBooks Online. There will be an update button at the top right-hand corner. Click the button and it will provide you with more information with updates. You should try to run at least three manual updates at the hours that aren’t supposed to be busy for the bank website.

Manual updates:

Not all accounts are automatic. Some may demand manual updates. In such a case, you will be informed in connection interview. While, in case of an auto update, if you don’t see the current days details after an auto update, you will have to update your information manually.

  • Go to the “Menu” at the left corner of your screen and select “Banking.
  • Select “clear unwanted accounts” if you wish to update only selected accounts.
  • Choose “Update now.
  • Provide your “MFA (Multi-factor Authentication)” upon being prompted and select “Continue” to update the details.

One manual update will have you covered for 90 days. A new listing mentioned in those 90 days will be downloaded. Doing this will ensure that even if you require to leave the days between updates, despite you will get the most updated information even if your account is connected to your bank account.

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Tip 2: Check if your Account Details are Accurate

Try to login to your bank’s account using the URL provided by your bank with online banking. In case you fail to connect to your bank, follow the given six steps. Check out the below mention details adding your bank accounts to download and fix transactions in QB Online – The banking error 102 might be caused because you are not able to connect to your bank.

Steps to connect to your bank account in QBO

Here is how you can connect to your bank Account in QuickBooks Online:

  • Go to the “Menu” at the left corner and select “Banking.
  • In case you are linking to a bank for the first time, go to “Search” and see if the name of your bank is there.
  • If you are already linked to a bank, click “Add Account” and find the name of your bank.
  • Choose your bank from the list.
  • For the website of your bank, put in your “User ID/Login ID” and Password
  • Click “Continue”.
  • If needed by your bank, furnish the added security verification steps, and click “Connect securely”.
  • Click on the symbol of the bank to the left of your account to connect it and from drop-down menu, select your bank type or credit card account. In case you do not have an existing account, you will find an option “Add + new” to make a new account.
  • After you join your account for the first time, QuickBooks software will download online transactions for last 90 days and also your banking and cc transactions overnight. Transactions can also be downloaded for less number of days.
  • Select “Connect”. It may take a couple of minutes or longer.
  • Once the download is complete, you will automatically go back to the banking page. Next, the “Review” tab will consist of transactions that were downloaded from your bank or financial institution. You can review, classify and accept the transaction in QuickBooks.

In case your bank is not listed, or you fail to connect or the data you require in older than 90 days, you will have contact your bank or download transaction from the site of your bank and then upload them to your QuickBooks.

Tip 3: Read all Account Information or Notifications

If you can login successfully, read messages, notifications or warning that you may have received from your bank. This may tell you what is not working properly. Furthermore, you should able to check your account summary, history, and transactions with ease.

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Tip 4: Let the bank take action

In case you are still receiving the error, you should wait for your bank to work on it. They may be trying to fix any probable issue with your server. Give your bank at least 24 hours to work on it.

Tip 5: Check if Your Account is New to the Bank

You may also get the banking error if you have recently opened your account, or that is new to the bank or credit card. Please note that some new accounts do not function with online banking. In this case, you should contact your bank/credit card provider for more details.

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Winding Up

If the error still exists, you can call our round the clock QuickBooks online support team at +1-844-405-0907 and speak to our experts. We will fix the QuickBooks banking error 102 as well as any other QB related issue for you in the least possible time.


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Steps to use the built-in QuickBooks File Doctor

How to Reconciling Bank and Credit Card Accounts in QuickBooks?

How to Reconciling Bank and Credit Card Accounts in QuickBooks?

Learn the Procedure to Reconcile your bank accounts and credit card accounts in QuickBooks

Reconciling bank and credit card accounts assists the users in catching any irregular, incorrect or unidentified transactions that might end up in wrong account balance. Reconciliation is the process in which the user can compare the financial transactions that are entered in the QuickBooks software with the bank/credit card company’s records. The QuickBooks experts recommend to reconcile the bank & credit card accounts in QuickBooks software on a regular basis, as this will ensure the accuracy of accounting records. Many users are unaware of the benefits of reconciliation. Reconciling the bank and credit card accounts assists the users in the following ways:

  • QuickBooks accounting software accounts for all the financial transactions, which includes payments, reports, deposits, statements, and bank fees.
  • Also, with the help of reconciliation, all the financial transactions that are present in the QuickBooks bank register, along with their ending balances, tally with the actual bank or credit card account.

Reconciling is a step by step process, and in this article we will be explaining the entire process in detail to Reconcile Bank and Credit Card Accounts in QuickBooks. If you want to understand the step by step process of bank and credit card account reconciliation in QuickBooks software, then stick to this blog till the end.

You can also get in touch with our QuickBooks desktop support team for expert assistance, by simply dialing our toll-free number .i.e. 1-844-405-0907.

Points to remember:

Before you start reconciling the account, keep the following points in mind:

  • Make sure to have the copy of the bank or credit card statement.
  • Take the backup of the QuickBooks company file.
  • The next point to remember is to type in all the uncleared financial transactions for the statement period.
  • Also, the user is required to set up the bank/credit card account in QuickBooks accounting software that too with the accurate beginning balance, in order to avoid any nuisance.

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Steps to Reconcile Bank and Credit Card Accounts

Once the user begins with the process, he/she will witness two main screens on the system.

1. Start Reconciliation Window

In this particular window, the user is required to select the bank account to reconcile & also analyze all the details that are associated to it. It should also be noted that all the important information present in the window is correct, before jumping to the next step.

To visit the Begin Reconciliation window, the user is required to visit the Banking menu, followed by hitting the Reconciletab.

Steps to be followed by Users having QuickBooks Merchant or Payments account:

If QuickBooks Desktop detects that you are not signed in to the Payments account, then in that case a Sign In prompt will show up on the screen. This is to make sure that the account is effectively signed in, and also connected to a legitimate company ID.

Reconcile your Bank
  1. To begin with, in the Account section, the user should select the bank/credit card account that is supposed to be reconciled.
  2. It should be noted that the Statement Date will be filled on its own. In general, it supposes to be 30 or 31 days, after the statement date that the user entered for the earlier reconciliation. The user can alter the date as per the requirement.
  3. Also, the Beginning Balance will get filled in automatically, which will be the total of all formerly cleared transactions. The user is required to make sure that the beginning balance is equal to the opening balance as per the statement.
  4. The next step is to type-in the corresponding balance from the statement, in the Ending Balance section.
  5. In case the financial reports display a service charge/interest that you haven’t yet type-in into the QuickBooks records, then mention those amounts into the Service Charge and Interest Earned field respectively. Also, DO NOT type-in the charges that have been previously typed-in as QuickBooks financial transactions.
  6. Moving ahead, the user should click the Locate Discrepanciesicon, in order to find out the available financial reports that will assist the user to locate discrepancies & other reconciliation problems. There is an option to Undo & Restart Reconciliation tab at the Locate Discrepancies window.
  7. The last and final step is to click on the Undo Last Reconciliation button, in case the fixation requires by you to revert to the former reconciliation.

What is the need to undo last financial reconciliation?

The need to undo the last financial reconciliation arises when the user can’t figure out the discrepancies during QB reconciliation or if the user wishes to change the date of the opening balance. Also, it should be noted that after the user undo the earlier reconciliation, the beginning financial balance will revert to the preceding beginning balance & all the previously cleared financial transactions will be uncleared.

  1. If all details are right, click on the “Continue” tab, in order to carry on to the Reconcile window.

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2. Reconcile Screen

Now comes the reconcile screen, where you will be able to refine the preference that is to be matched against the bank statement. This is where the user selects the financial transactions to clear. If a zero difference is displayed on the screen, once the user selects all the financial transactions that show on the statement, then congratulations! This enables you to simply click on the Reconcile tab and also this completes the reconciliation.

Reconcile screen
  1. Hide financial transactions after the statement’s end date: The is required to put the confirmation mark in the box, if the user desires to display the financial transactions covered only by the statement period on which the task is performed. This will help the user to avoid perplexity, especially if the user is “behind” in the reconciliation process.
  2. Type-in the Transactions in QuickBooks: These are listed & separated into two fields – the Checks and Payments (Money out) and Deposits & other Credits (Money in).
    • If the user is reconciling the credit card account, then in that case the fields will be Charges and Cash Advances (purchases) and Payments and Credits (payments to the credit card company).
    • Now, the user will be required to authenticate the financial transactions against the actual bank or credit card statement.
    • Followed by selecting only the one that appears on the statement & also ensure that the amounts are identical.
    • Lastly, it should be noted that as the transactions are selected, the Cleared Balance changes.

What if there are manifold Financial Transactions?

In such case by default, the financial transactions are scheduled as per the date. In case there are a lot of financial transactions for statement period, the it might be easier for the user to resort transactions, especially if he/she is trying to spot a transaction with a specific amount, reference, etc.

  1. The first step in this process is to click once, and it will automatically sort the financial transactions.
  2. And then clicking on it for the second time, will reverse the sort.
  3. For example, if the user wishes to organize the financial transactions according to the amount, then he/she is supposed to click on the Amount column header.
  4. The financial transactions are rearranged in ascending or descending sequence.
  5. Items marked as clear: This field shows up the total number, total amount of Deposits, and also Check selected by the user. Certain banks endow the identical summary of the financial transactions on their statement. This section saves a lot of time for the user, if the user wishes to verify for the discrepancies.
  6. Mark All/Unmark All: When the user will click on any of these buttons, he/she will select/deselect the financial transactions. If the user reconciles on a customary basis, and if all transactions for the statement period were entered correctly, then selecting all the financial transactions at once might contribute to save time. The user is required to ensure that the reconcile window shows a zero difference between the ending balance and cleared balance.
  7. Go To: This section opens or edits the financial transaction from the reconciliation screen. It is helpful in case when the user wishes to do small edits on the financial transaction, before the user marks it reconciled or cleared.
  8. Matched: If the account that the user is attempting to reconcile is setup for online banking, then in that case he/she is supposed to click on this button and it will automatically choose the financial transactions that were downloaded & auto-matched.
  9. Columns to Display: Selecting this specific button will allow the users to opt for the sections that the user would like to display.

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Now question comes that why it’s necessary to select columns?

QuickBooks software displays the Date, Amount, Payee, and CHK # columns by default. But the exception is only for the Amount column, the user can add or remove the other areas to avoid perplexity. For example, in case the statement demonstrates the reference # for most of the financial transactions, then the user can select to present only the CHK # & AMOUNT columns. With the help of this method, the user can simply spot and mark the financial transactions.

  1. Modify: The user can press this tab, if the user wishes to make modification at the last moment on the details/information’s that the user has typed in to the Begin Reconciliation window.
  2. This field endows the user with a peep of the reconciliation figures.
    • Service Charge, Ending Balance, and Interest Earned: All of them are based on the amount entered for these areas in the Begin Reconciliation window.
    • Cleared Balance: The figure reduce when the users select/clear the checks and payments & increases when they select/clear the deposit and other credit amount.
    • Difference: This allows the user to find out the difference among the beginning balance that was entered and the cleared balance (the financial transactions that was selected up till now). Also, it should be noted that as per the ideal conditions, the difference should be null.
  3. Leave: The user is required to opt for Leave button, in order to operate other account or to edit financial transactions after moving out of the reconcile window.

What will happen after clicking on the “Leave” button?

QuickBooks accounting software tracks the financial transactions already manifested as clear – that is, they remain checked in the Reconcile window. The user is supposed to visit the account register, an asterisk (*) will appear in the cleared column of the financial transactions that the user has marked until the reconciliation process completes. The asterisk symbol depicts that the financial transaction is awaiting or pending due to QuickBooks bank account reconciliation with the financial statement hasn’t finished completely.

When the user is prepared to resume the reconciliation process, he/she will be required to go back to the Begin Reconciliation window, and also re-enter the beginning balance & proceed with reconciliation as usual

  1. Reconcile Now: The user can opt for the Reconcile Now button in a situation when the process of selecting all the financial transactions completes.

What next?

If the difference is zero: QuickBooks software will save the reconciliation & shows the “Select Reconciliation Report” window. The user is then required to select the category or type of report and later perform click on either the “Display” or the “Print” tab. The user should select the “Close” tab, if you want any financial reports at this point of time.

QuickBooks software allows the  user to select among the “Reconciliation Summary” or “Reconciliation Detail” report, or the user can select both of them. Though it doesn’t show after the user finishes the reconciliation process, the ‘Reconciliation Discrepancy Report’ is also available in QuickBooks to assist him/her to figure out any problem or issue that occur while reconciling the account.

If the difference is anything but zero: QuickBooks software shows the Reconcile Adjustmentwindow. The user can select from the following:

If you want to find the journal entry, you can:

  • Return to Reconcile: To go back to the earlier window.
  • Leave Reconcile: To move out of the reconciliation window, in order to review or edit existing financial transactions that are causing the issues.
  • Enter Adjustment: If the user would wish to finish the reconciliation procedure even if he/she didn’t get a zero difference on the preceding window. QuickBooks software will automatically type-in the Journal Entry under a special expense account known as Reconciliation Discrepancies. It can be verified & edited as required by going to the Chart of Accounts.-
    1. Use the Find feature.
      • In the Edit menu, click on the Find tab.
      • In the Find window, navigate to the Advanced tab and choose the Memo filter icon.
      • Under the Memo section, enter the Balance Adjustment and later, click on the Find tab.
      • Any balance adjustment will be displayed.
    2. See the Previous Reconciliation report.
      • In the Reports tab, click on the Banking tab => Previous Reconciliationtab.
    3. Under the Cleared Transactionfield, the General Journal Entrywill appear at the top in a situation where the balance adjustment was made

For Credit Card Accounts: If the ending balance is anything except zero, QuickBooks software will pop-up the Make Payment window & redirect to write a check or enter a bill to pay for the outstanding balance. If you do not desire to record payment, you can click on the Cancel tab.

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3. Reconciliation Discrepancies

The user might come across technical hassles while reconciliation of the bank/credit card account. Discrepancies are mismatches caused by financial transactions in the account that don’t agree with your printed statement.

Below are two of the available resources dealing with mismatches and other reconciliation issues?

  • Zero or incorrect Beginning Balance in the Begin Reconciliation Window
  • Fix reconciliation discrepancies

With this we end the article here, and also hope that with this technical article you will be enlightened with deep knowledge about the bank & credit card reconciliation.

How to Reconcile Multiple Credit Cards in QuickBooks Online?

Well, reconciling credit cards is a core step in bookkeeping. This ensures that the credit card performance in QuickBooks is similar to the activity of the credit card statement itself. The software allows you to reconcile two credit cards in a combined bank statement. All you need to do is first set up your bank account. Note that, you can also do a force reconciliation. Here, you are required to reconcile the particular account and then make a new transaction adjustment.

Procedure 1: Build a Bank Account as a Parent while the other account as a particular Sub-account

Step 1: Choose the Transaction or the Banking option displayed on the screen.

Step 2: Go for the Connect option or select the Add Account button if you have not created an account due to any reason.

Step 3: Search for your bank.

Step 4: Opt for the Continue button.

Step 5: Furthermore, add the particular username along with the password that is used for the bank website.

Step 6: In addition to that, choose the type of account that you want to add.

Step 7: Go for the date range in order to download the transactions. Few banks permit you to download the transactions of the last 90 days, whereas a few allows it for 24 months. 

Step 8: Further, go for the Connect option.

Note: After you are connected to online banking, ensure how downloaded transactions are shared with you by the bank. If your particular transaction is downloaded to any one single account, then it is possible to connect it with the parent account only. Or else, in case the transactions are downloaded to individual accounts, it is possible to connect the sub-accounts instead of the parent account.

Just in case, your opening balance is wrong, then delete the balance. You can delete the balance with the help of the instructions given below:

Step 1: Choose the Accounting menu available on the left side of the panel.

Step 2: Go for the Chart of Accounts option.

Step 3: Opt for the account.

Step 4: Later on, select the View Register.

Step 5: In addition to that, click on the Edit button and then erase the opening balance.

Step 6: Furthermore, click on the Save button.

After all the steps are done, reconcile the parent account. When you do so, all the particular transactions will increase in the sub-accounts.

Procedure 2: Reconcile the Account and then Add the required Adjustment for the difference.

Step 1: Start with, selecting the Gear icon.

Step 2: Furthermore, click on the Reconcile button in the Tools section.

Step 3: Go for the Account.

Step 4: Later on, add the Ending Date and Balance.

Step 5: Choose Start Reconciling and then click Save for later.

Step 6: Go for the Finish now tab and then select the Add to adjustment and finish.

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Winding Up

However, if the user is still confused or have any queries, then he/she can feel free to take the advanced assistance of the QuickBooks certified technicians and ProAdvisors. You can dial our QuickBooks enterprise customer support helpline .i.e. +1-844-405-0907. 

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Why do you need to Reconcile their Credit Cards?

It is important to reconcile the credit cards to ensure that the credit activity is in sync with the credit card statement. Thus, make sure to timely reconcile your credit card account.

How to identify the Transactions to remove from QuickBooks Account?

You can determine the transactions that were not displayed in the bank statement for over a month. The user can also spot the transactions that are missing from the QuickBooks account.

How to fix Reconciliation Discrepancies in QuickBooks Desktop?

To fix the reconciliation issues you can navigate to the reportsmenu. And head to the banking tab and select reconciliation discrepancy. Later on, choose the account you are reconciling and also click on the ok tab. Later on, review the report and also look for any discrepancies. You can also communicate with the person who performed any changes. 

How to Clean up Reconciliation in QuickBooks?

To clean up reconciliation, you need to head to banking and click on reconcile. Choose the bank account that you want to correct. In addition, in the Date of Statement field for off-cycle reconciliation enter a date. Now, in the Ending Balance field type the balance of the last successful reconciliation. You are then required to click on continue and check off each transaction you are trying to fix in the reconcile window. Now, confirm that the different field that shows $0.00. Also, choose Reconcile Now.

Can Credit Card Accounts be Reconciled?

Well, note that the transactions done with credit cards and the transactions that appear in the General ledger are known as credit card reconciliation. This we confirm that the transactions on both sides are correct, complete, and valid to how most account reconciliation processes work.


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