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Lost your QuickBooks password? Or is your QuickBooks password you are entering incorrect? At times, one might miss out the password, or due to security concerns one might have to change the password, in such scenarios a tool that comes in handy is the QuickBooks automated password reset tool. Passwords are case-sensitive, especially when we talk about QuickBooks admin password, it is important that you update your password on a timely basis, to ensure that your company file is safe and protected. The software only lets the authorized users reset the password in case it is forgotten.

And to make the password resetting process easier, one can access the automated password reset tool. To learn the procedure involved in recovering the lost password, all you need is to stick around till the end. However, if you aren’t well versed with QuickBooks and do not want to mess things up by performing the steps on your own, you can simply reach out to our QuickBooks tech support team at +1-844-499-6700, and they will help you with password resetting process.

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Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop

This Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop is helpful in resetting the QuickBooks Admin Password. This tool is helpful in case you have lost the password or forgotten it.

You will need these details when you try to reset the password through the automated tool.

  • License Number
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number
  • Postcode

Important Note: Your license number, e-mail address, phone number and postal code will certainly be verified against your business Registration record in our database. If any one of the parameters do not match the information, we carry file for your business when you register your product, after that the request will certainly fall short.

Essential tips regarding changing/resetting QuickBooks admin password

QuickBooks accounting software requires manually entering the password each time you wish to access the QuickBooks company file. This is for security purposes. And for the same reason, it is recommended to change your QB password every 90 days. QuickBooks offers the users multiple prompts to change the password when the expiry date of the password reaches. In order to crack the QuickBooks password, you would have to perform the below stated steps. However, there are certain basic requirements for creating a new password, let us first explore them:

  • The password must be of a minimum of 7 characters.
  • There should be at least one numeric character and one upper case letter.
  • Another requirement is that there shouldn’t be any spaces.
  • Moreover, ensure that your password is simple to remember and difficult to crack.
  • Avoid adding social information when arranging the QuickBooks admin password

Keeping all these points in mind can help you in generating a strong password. You can make use of the Automated password reset tool to retrieve your lost password and generate a new one.

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How to Use Automated Password Reset Tool?

The first thing to do is select the tool as per the version of QuickBooks used by you.

This image will help you out to find the right options to choose

Automated Password Reset Tool for QuickBooks Desktop

Step 1: It is very important to identify the version of QuickBooks Desktop being used.

And below are the ways you should follow to determine the version that was used last.

  • First thing to do is find the ‘Product version‘ and release the numbers.
  • After this select the product from the list and try to learn how to check the version and then release the information and follow the given instructions.
  • QuickBooks Statement Writer: Select ‘Reports‘ and ‘QuickBooks Statement Writer‘ in QuickBooks.
  • Once the program opens select the ‘Help option‘ and then choose About ‘QuickBooks Statement Writers‘. In the About Window the version information can be found.
  • Merchant Services: Since QuickBooks used the ‘Merchant services‘ that’s why there is no version or release.
  • Point of Sale: Select ‘Help‘ then ‘Product Information‘. There will be information about the version or the release.
  • QuickBooks Basic or Enhanced Payroll: Choose ‘Employees‘ and then ‘Payroll Centers
  • Click on ‘Payroll‘ button
  • QuickBooks for Mac: Choose ‘Help‘ and the on ‘Product Information
  • QuickBooks Desktop: Click on ‘F2‘ to in order to open the Product Information Window

Important Note: You should have .Net Framework 4.5 installed to run the Automated Password Reset Tool.

Step 2: Choose the QuickBooks Desktop version which was last updated to, so as to open QuickBooks Company file

  • First choose the version from QuickBooks Desktop.
  • When registering QuickBooks enter the ‘license number‘ and business info and then click on ‘Submit‘.
  • Once done ‘Accept the agreement of license‘ and then hit the ‘Download‘ tab.
  • Click on ‘Download Now Link‘ in the next screen.
  • In the token number field enter the ‘Token number‘ which you have received in your email.
  • In the QuickBooks drop-down menu choose your ‘version of QuickBooks‘.
  • Click on ‘Browse‘ to find the company file and then choose the ‘company file‘ for which you want to reset the password.
  • In the new password and confirm password fields enter the new password
  • And finally, click on ‘Reset Password‘.

NOTE: If you are resetting the password for an Accountants Copy working file such as .QBA. After that you will need to type *.* in the file name box and press Enter. This will permit you to see and choose .QBA files.

Steps to Crack QuickBooks admin password using Automated password reset tool

One can use QuickBooks automated password reset tool to crack QuickBooks admin password.

  1. Download the Automated password reset tool for QuickBooks desktop. You can use this to reset your QuickBooks admin password in QuickBooks 2008 through QuickBooks 2019.
  2. It should be noted that, if you do not have CEF browser available, then an HTML page will redirect you to the correct link.
  3. You now have to fill in the QuickBooks license number and business info used when you registered QuickBooks and then choose next tab.
  4. Also note, all info entered must tally to the info in the system. This includes the email address, main business phone number, ZIP code of the primary contact on the account. The access token will be available ONLY to the email address for the primary contact.
  5. Once done with that, accept the license agreement. The tool will auto download. (If the auto download didn’t work, then you need to choose download now)
  6. Important: In case you are asked to run or save the file, then select save and save it to the desktop.
  7. You now have to run the automated password reset tool and further enter the token number received via email.
  8. From QuickBooks desktop products, you need to choose the same QuickBooks version.
  9. And then, choose the browse for company file and go for company file you want to resent the password for.
  10. Note that, entering the correct company file using admin user name is essential.
  11. Now, enter your new password and then confirm new password.
  12. Create a temporary password only, as QuickBooks will ask you to change the password again after you open the company file.
  13. The last step is to choose reset password to complete the process.
  1. You need to first download the Automated password reset tool for QuickBooks from the official Intuit website.
  2. Now, choose the QuickBooks version. The version of QuickBooks last opened the company file should be installed on the system. In case not, then you might not be able to reset the password.
Automated password reset tool
  1. Enter the required segments, like QuickBooks license number and the business information used when registering QuickBooks.
Automated password reset tool
  1. Note that the phone number must be 10 digits with no extension at the end.
  2. You now have to change the country to choose the country and then manually edit the Phone Number and further save it.
  3. Furthermore, Agree and accept the license agreement and wait for the download process to end.
  4. Authorize the username, email id, primary mailing address, and zip code, when asked.
Reset Admin
  1. Enter the license number as well as your telephone number.
  2. After the download process ends, you need to run the automated password reset tool.
Intuit licence and product number
  1. And further go for the QuickBooks version that you are using from the QuickBooks desktop products dropdown.
  2. You will then have to browse for the company file you wish to set a password for.
  3. Further, enter the new password and confirm it.
  4. Make use of capital and small letters, numbers, and special characters.
  5. Also, click on the reset password option to complete the password resetting procedure.

Note that, after you have performed the steps above, make sure to access QuickBooks and log in the company file with the new password created above. You are not allowed to make use of the QBPasswordReset.exe before completing the verification form again, especially after resetting password. To reset the password on a different company file, move back to the QuickBooks automated password reset tool and perform the same steps to download a new QBPasswordReset.exe file.

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Reset QuickBooks password using the security question

Just in case you forget your password, try clicking on to I forgot my password option. The steps involved in this procedure are as follows:

  • You need to first click on I forgot my password in the QuickBooks desktop login window.
Password Reset
  • Further, you need to pick the option to answer security question option.
  • Once done with that, enter the correct answer.
  • Heading forward, you will see a window stating “Your password and challenge answer has been removed and your company files are no more password protected”.
  • Once this window closes, you need to generate a new password and go for a new answer to a challenge question.
  • This would actually set a new password and challenge questions.

Note that, keeping security factor in mind, QuickBooks asks you to change the admin login password after every 90 days and even sends reminders for the same. You can further choose a strong password.

  • The length of the password should be greater than 7 characters.
  • Further, one upper case letter is a must, and also one special character is required.
  • Moreover, a number should also be there in the password.
  • Avoid using spaces, as it is not something permitted.

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The process of resetting the password is pretty easy but if you face any difficulty then seek assistance from our QuickBooks Support advisors. You can dial our toll free number for QuickBooks help i.e., +1-844-499-6700. Our Intuit Certified team will assist you in a better way.


FAQs Related to Automated Password Reset Tool

How do I reset my password in QuickBooks?

You can reset a user password using the steps below:
1. Open QuickBooks
2. Sign in as admin user
3. Head to the company, and choose set up users and password.
4. Choose set up users and enter the admin password again.
5. In the user list, choose the user that needs to change their password
6. Enter a new password
7. Click on next twice, and choose finish tab.

What is the password security for QuickBooks?

Note that, your QuickBooks password can have 8-16 characters. It should include one uppercase letter and one numeric digit. Furthermore, it should be strong and easy at the same time.

Can I reset QuickBooks admin password by reinstalling the software?

No! QuickBooks reinstallation never resets the admin password. You will have to perform the proper steps to reset the password.


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