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How to transfer QuickBooks from Old Computer to a New Computer?

How to transfer QuickBooks from Old Computer to a New Computer?

When a user is working on QuickBooks software, there comes a time when he wants to transfer the QuickBooks from old computer to new computer. There can be any reason behind this decision. A user can easily use the QuickBooks migrator tool to transfer QuickBooks software from their old to new computer with maximum three files, and if the user is using a US version of single-user QB desktop. When a user wants to do this, he should follow the steps below to reinstall or move the QB Desktop installation:

For a chance, if you have QuickBooks license and product number but do not have QB installation files, then you can download them from Intuit website.

When a user re-installs or transfers QuickBooks to the new computer, then registration is required. User can register following the below steps:

  • Go to ‘Help‘ in QuickBooks menu bar
  • Click on ‘Register QuickBooks
  • Enter ‘business phone number‘ and ‘postal code
  • Once the information is complete, your QuickBooks will be registered
  • Intuit will also record your ‘registration details‘ for the new computer


  1. If you registered from this PC earlier, then you are not required to register again.
  2. As you have transferred QuickBooks from one to another PC, then you will also have to transfer QuickBooks company files. You can copy these files to the new PC once the QB is installed properly.

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Requirements for transfer QuickBooks to another computer

The user system needs a few things to transfer QuickBooks desktop to a new system. Let us hav a look:

  • Make sure to register for the software after the installation and also ensure that the new system is connected to proper internet connection
  • Also, uninstall QuickBooks desktop from the old system, but before that create a backup of the QuickBooks company file
  • Keep the QuickBooks software installation disk or the setup file stored on an external device
  • The license and product registration details are other important things
  • External storage device to store the QuickBooks desktop files
  • Make sure to have a USB flash drive with enough free space to hold QuickBooks files.

How to transfer QuickBooks from one computer to another using Migrator Tool?

Migrator tool is one of great features of the QuickBooks software. A user can complete the process of transfer in just few clicks due to this feature only.

How does migrator tool work to transfer QuickBooks from one computer to another?

Migrator Tool is also known as Move QuickBooks tool. This tool can be accessed only if you are an Admin user. You will need to create a complex password and need to remember it by writing it somewhere, however, it is required only once.

The migratory tool will allow you to copy max three company files in the USB flash drive along with the supporting documents. Pen drive will physically move the files and the migratory tool will do technical work in background. The tool will also download the right version of QuickBooks Desktop in the new computer and will aid in setting up all the files.

Using migrator tool to move quickbooks to another computer

Note: Using migratory tool will not delete any file or reformat your system.

Requirements of migratory tool to transfer QuickBooks to new computer:

  • There should be internet connection to new computer.
  • Pen drive should have good amount of empty space. Free space around 150-200 MB is required usually.

Data which gets copied through migratory tool while moving QB to new PC:

All the data required to run QuickBooks Desktop gets copied, however, the list is as below:

  • Version and other QB Desktop details
  • Recent company files- max 3 files with supporting documents
  • All other related files and custom templates and forms
  • QB templates and letters
  • Local attachments
  • Memorized reports
  • Spell checker
  • Printer settings
  • Financial Statement Designer
  • Layout designer
  • Business planner (.bpw)
  • Cash flow
  • Statement writer
  • QB Loan Manager (.lmr)
  • Advanced reports (for QB Enterprise)

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What is not copied using migratory tool when QuickBooks is transferred from old to new computer?

  • Multi-user set configuration.
  • Payroll or payments services set up in QuickBooks will not be copied as per Intuit policy to protect data.
  • Intuit Data Protect needs to be uninstalled in the old PC and reinstalled in the new PC
  • Company files which have not been recently opened will not be copied.
  • Manual backups created by the user will not be copied.

Below given are the steps to use migratory tool:

On Old Computer:

  • Go to ‘File menu‘ in QuickBooks menu bar
  • Select ‘Utilities
  • Find ‘Move QuickBooks’ to another computer and then, click on it.
Requirements to move quickbooks to new computer
  • After that, click on ‘I am Ready’, and create one-time password
Move QuickBooks to another computer
  • Choose ‘pen drive‘ to use
  • Wait when files get copied
Moving QuickBooks to another computer

On the New Computer:

  • Insert pen drive
  • Find ‘Move_QuickBooks.bat’ file on pen drive and run it.
  • Enter password that you created
  • Click on ‘Let’s go
  • Migrator tool will now do its work.

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Manual Procedure to transfer QuickBooks desktop from old computer to a new computer

The users can manually transfer QuickBooks from old computer to new computer. The steps involved in this process are as follows:

Step 1: Create a backup of the company files and QuickBooks license

  • The first step is to create a backup of company files and QuickBooks product license to the external storage device
  • The next step is to install the latest or current QuickBooks version to the new system
  • Once done with that, download and restore the backup file to the new system
  • After that uninstall the QuickBooks software

Step 2: Restoring the backup of the company files on the new system

  • Initially, the user needs to install the QuickBooks on the new system
  • And then, insert the storage device
  • Followed by opening QuickBooks and navigating to the file menu
  • Later on, choose the open and restore company option
  • Also, click on restore a backup copy and also click on next tab
  • After that click on local backup option and head to the backup file created in the old system
  • The last step is to pick a location in the new system for saving the backup and also click on save tab

Winding Up!

There is no fix time on how much time will it take to complete the process. It completely depends on the internet speed and size of company file. In case you face any issue while following these steps, you can contact our QuickBooks enterprise support team or accounting consulting professionals at toll-free number. i.e. +1-844-405-0907.


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How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 108?

How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error 108?

QuickBooks accounting software offers numerous tools and features to the users for managing accounts and other business operations. This accounting software involves numerous codes and algorithms, and this makes it prone to errors can glitches. These can be encountered while managing their bank account in QuickBooks Online. The errors can occur due to technical issues or due to some faults at the banking end. It is not uncommon that the QuickBooks users encounter technical glitches, and look for technical assistance to get rid of such errors. One such banking error is QuickBooks Error 108. If you are also facing such error, then this article might be helpful to get rid of this error.

We have come up with this article, with an aim to troubleshoot this error and also find out the real causes behind the same. Thus, if you want to explore the troubleshooting steps, then stay tuned to the article until the end. However, you can contact to our QuickBooks online support team anytime to save your time and efforts.

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What Leads to QuickBooks Error 108?

  • In case the bank generates any kind of message requiring the user’s action.
  • Or in case the problem in logging in into the bank account arises due to various reasons just like, invalid username or password.
  • Another reason can be if the user is unable to smoothly connect with the bank server.
  • Any kind of issues with the bank server might lead to such error.
  • Lastly, in case the user has installed more than one version of QuickBooks.

How to Identify the QB Error 108?

To identify the error, you can make a note of the symptoms that might appear such as:

  • The first symptom can be error message displays on the screen.
  • The next symptom can be that the user is unable to work on the QuickBooks.
  • Or the QuickBooks program window crashes.
  • Also, in case the PC becomes sluggish.

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Methods to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 108

Well, after exploring the symptoms and causes, it is now time to learn the quick fixes to the Error 108. Let us have a look at the methods one by one:

Solution 1- Disable the Pop-up blockers

  • The first step is to ‘login into the website‘ of the bank or financial institution.
  • Now, the user is required to go through all the notifications or messages. In case the user is unable to read the messages, then the pop-up blocker might be the reason. Thus, the user is required to disable it and then also check the messages.
  • The next step is to act on the messages or dismiss them.
  • Once done with the above steps, the user is required to ‘visit the QuickBooks Online‘.
  • Moving ahead, the user should visit the menu on the left side and then select the ‘Banking‘ option.
  • Now, the user is required to tap on ‘Update‘ in the Banking page.
  • Lastly, the user is required to check if Error 108 QuickBooks is appearing.

Solution 2- Checking the Firewall settings

  • To begin with, the user is required to login to the computer as an administrator.
  • The user required to ensure that he/she is using the latest version of QuickBooks and also make sure it is up to date.
  • The next step is to verify the Firewall settings, to ensure that it doesn’t block access to QuickBooks company file.
  • Now moving forward, the user is required to check the internet security settings.

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Solution 3 – Run system file checker

  • The first step is to click on the ‘Start menu’, followed by typing ‘Command’ in the search bar.
  • Once done with that, the user is required to press ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Shift’ keys simultaneously, and then tap on ‘Enter‘.
  • Now, the user will see a permission dialog box, for which they have to click on ‘Yes‘.
  • Moving ahead, the user will see a black box that will appear with a blinking cursor.
  • After that, the user needs to type ‘SFC/scannow‘ and then tap on the ‘Enter‘ tab.
  • Once done with the above steps, the ‘System File Checker‘ will commence the scanning process.
  • The last step is to follow the on-screen instructions in order to proceed further.

Solution 4 – Install Windows updates

  • The first step is to click on the ‘Start‘ button.
  • Now, the user is required to type ‘Update‘ in the search bar.
  • Moving ahead, the user will encounter a ‘Windows Update dialog box‘ on the screen.
  • The last step for this process is to click on the ‘Install Updates‘ option, if any of the updates are available.

Solution 5 – Log in to your bank account

  • To start with the solution, the user is required to log in‘ the bank’s website.
  • After that, look for the ‘KB details‘ in the download transactions.
  • Lastly, by holding the ‘Ctrl key‘, the user is required to enable and run the pop-up blocker.

Solution 6: Checking for the Financial Institution’s Notification

  • The very first step is to sign into the online banking account from the browser
  • Once done with that, check your bank’s notifications for any that require immediate action.
  • The next step is to clear notifications that don’t need to be addressed.
  • After that, open QuickBooks Online after signing out of your online banking account.
  • And then, from the left side panel of QuickBooks Online, go for Banking.
  • And click on the Update button on the Banking tab.

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The above-discussed are the five of the solutions that can be used to do away with the QuickBooks Error code 108. The QuickBooks user can prefer any of the methods and resolve the error. However, in case any problem arises, or if the user is unable to tackle the error even after following the above-enumerated methods, then he/she can consult with our QuickBooks error support technical experts. You can simply dial our toll-free number­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ .i.e. +1-844-405-0907, and our QuickBooks Support team will be there to assist you in a single call.


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How to Know Pros and Cons of QuickBooks Online?

How to Know Pros and Cons of QuickBooks Online?

Insight into QuickBooks Online and its Pros & Cons

We live in a tech-driven era, where every industry is exploring and incorporating technical advancements, and the accounting industry is not an exception. One of the recent technological advancement is QuickBooks. Though this technology is ruling for decades, it has gained popularity recently.

In other words, it can be said that businesses all over the world have understood the value of incorporating QuickBooks. No doubt, the progression of QuickBooks programs has been growing at an exceptional rate. This software has completely transformed the way entrepreneurs conducted their business operations earlier. QuickBooks has now become synonymous with better and simpler accounting.

For further information, you can get in touch with QuickBooks Online Support team at +1-844-405-0907, and get a better insight into QuickBooks Online.

From hundreds of users to million subscriptions, QuickBooks has marked its presence in this hi-tech world. Not only this, this software has witnessed some significant changes and advancements, one of which is QuickBooks Online. Regardless of the fact that whether you have a small business or your business is scaling up, it is very much important to understand which accounting software is best for you and your business. To make you familiar with the pros and cons of QuickBooks Online, we have come up with this comprehensive guide.

In this article, we will be dealing with notable features that separate QBO from top performers, such as ease of access, limited features, and many more.

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Steps for Pros and Cons of QuickBooks Online


QuickBooks Online usually differs from the standard PC version, where the users pay for the program once, and it is good to go for a few years. Also, with this, the users pay a monthly subscription. This is like a pay-as-you-go program. However, users can add additional features to the basic services, just like tax filing, payroll, and credit card acceptance.

QuickBooks Online offers three different programs to the users, and each program offers a different set of features. Let us have a look:

Simple Start

Talking about the Price of this pack, this pack is of $20 per month (but in this case they run promotions for introductory periods). This plan basically works well for freelancers and also for the ones running small businesses online or in-person. This pack includes a certain set of features such as:

  • Create and send estimates
  • Create, send, and track invoices
  • Track sales and connect with your favorite POS
  • 20+ built-in reports
  • Import income transactions right from your payment processors, such as Square, PayPal, and your bank
  • Integration with your bank account and third-party apps.

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This is the second pack offered by QuickBooks Online. The price of this pack is $40 per month (but they run promotions for introductory periods). This pack is suitable for small businesses that look for a few more capabilities, as it offers numerous features including the features offered the pack discussed above.

  • Create checks from any device and then save to print later
  • Pay and keep track of bills and also set up recurring payments
  • 40+ built-in reports
  • Track employee time or billable hours with clients
  • Set up auto-syncing so that everyone is on the same page.


The third and the last pack is the Plus pack (but they often run promotions for introductory periods). This pack is favorable for businesses with contractors or freelancers working for businesses. The features in the plus plan include all of the above features and in addition to that, the features listed below:

  • 65+ built-in reports
  • Inventory tracking, along with alerts when stock is low
  • Also, keeping track of 1099 contractors, including payments made to them.

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Pros of QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is the choice of numerous entrepreneurs all across the globe, and the reason behind this is the perquisites of QuickBooks Online. We have jotted down the pros of QBO, let us have a look:

1. Shared Access

The very first plus point of QuickBooks Online is that it allows users to work or access a single file at the same time. QBO collaboration feature permits multiple users to read and write into the company file at the same time.

2. Easy to set up

QuickBooks Online is just like a plugin and go setup. The users can easily configure the account and use the available templates for a basic account. Not only this, it is easy to use the software.

3. Remote Access

Remote accessing basically means that you can access your account from anywhere. The users can log in to the account and work from home or while traveling via PC or Smartphone.

4. Automatic interface with the bank

QuickBooks Online gives the option to the users to accept credit card details or any electronic payment form and automatically update bank transaction, ultimately minimizing the entry time.

5. Payroll integration

QuickBooks Online can be integrated with third-party app, in order to carry out online payroll transactions.

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6. Easy to manage users

QuickBooks Online allows easy access to more than one admin preferences, and the users can set the rights of each user in the employee online details.

7. Secure data

The confidential data of QuickBooks users are securely saved in the Intuit served in the cloud. They don’t have to do the manual data backup of the company files, along with that, it gives the users access to comprehensive storage services.

8. No software upgrades

The users need not worry about the software updates and upgrades, as no local data or software to manage, unlike QuickBooks desktop which needs to update the software version.

9. Real-time information

Any transaction that is carried out is automatically updated to the QuickBooks account, providing the users with real-time access to the employees.

10. Automatically send transaction processing documents

Users can automatically send invoices, statements, as well as reports among other documents to customers and suppliers. They can also generate online reports and send them to other users online.

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Cons of QuickBooks Online

Checkout the cons of QuickBooks online:

1. Security Concerns

Though it is a rarely encountered concern, with the growing number of cyber-attacks, hackers can hack the network and tap some confidential information, such as customer bank details over the transmission medium. 

2. Limited internet access

Another issue that may arise is that QBO requires high-speed internet access, and many users might have limited internet speed, ultimately slowing down access to online QuickBooks.

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3. Monthly fee

Another thing that might seem a con to many QuickBooks users is that it has a monthly licensing fee for a single company file. If the client has multiple businesses, he is required to pay a monthly fee for each of this company file, and this adds to the cost of using QBO.

4. Software bugs

Software bug is another con of QuickBooks Online that might annoy the users at times, but each of the issues that the users might face can be resolved easily. There can be a few annoying software bugs from the upgraded version you have to deal with when dealing with QuickBooks Online.

Everything has its pros and cons and talking about QuickBooks, it comes with a wide breadth of features and has complex accounting capabilities. Though it also has certain cons, but tackling them is not a big issue. This software offers an impressive number of integrations and is working on bettering the customer support. Recently, QuickBooks Online adds a much-needed project management feature along with other new features, along with other new features, just as progress invoicing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question – What is QuickBooks Online?

Answer – QuickBooks Online was launched in the year 2004, and this software offers a robust feature set, strong accounting, unique lending feature, and 500+ integrations. This software is also pretty easier to learn and use, as compared to other software. QuickBooks Online is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 10, etc. In a nutshell, it is one of the finest accounting software preferred by a majority of entrepreneurs worldwide.

Question – How secure is QuickBooks Online?

Answer – In order to ensure that your data is secured, Intuit has put many features for security purpose. QuickBooks Online is one of the safest and secured accounting software that the majority of entrepreneurs prefer these days. QuickBooks Online protects the data and transactions with multiple layers of securities so that the confidentiality of the data of the users is not hampered in any case.

Question – QuickBooks Desktop vs QuickBooks Online, which one is better?

Answer – QuickBooks Desktop VS QuickBooks Online is one of the most common debate topics among entrepreneurs. The business owners generally get confused with the two options. Both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online have their pros and cons. The biggest difference between the two is that QuickBooks Online requires no installation on a computer or Desktop. Also, the choice between the two depends on the type and requirement of the business. Thus, it is recommended to consult an expert before jumping onto any conclusion.

Question – How much time would it take to learn to operate QuickBooks Online?

Answer – QuickBooks Online is an easy program to learn. Majority of the times what the user sees on the screen is simple to figure out. It is not important to be an expert in accounting, to operate QuickBooks Online, but the person should possess the basic knowledge of accounting transactions or activities. QuickBooks Online doesn’t include any rocket science, as it can be easily operated with basic accounting awareness. Thus, learning QuickBooks Online is not as difficult as many people consider it to be.

We end this blog here, with the hope that it would help you in any way. However, if you seek for expert guidance, then feel free to dial our toll-free +1-844-405-0907, and find out solutions to all your queries.


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