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Having duplicate accounts might require you to merge them. This process of merging accounts in QuickBooks usually moves all the data into the one you wish to keep and makes the duplicates inactive. Not only that but keeping the lists clean usually speeds up the bookkeeping and makes it much easier. Note that, it is suggested only to merge the duplicates that were created mistakenly and be very careful when carrying out this process. In case you are an accountant, you need to follow the steps to consolidate multiple client lists at the firm. As this process is irreversible, it is essential for you to merge QuickBooks accounts carefully. To help you with this process, here we are with this segment sharing the complete set of steps to merge accounts in QuickBooks. 

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Steps to merge duplicate accounts 

Before you proceed with the steps, we would like to remind you again that merging accounts in QuickBooks is a permanent process. You can’t undo Intuit merge accounts once you have performed the steps. QuickBooks makes use of some accounts as the default for certain features. These accounts like the one connected to online banking, can’t be merged or deleted. Having said that, let us continue with the steps below to merge duplicate accounts. Note that, you should be in Accountant’s view before performing the steps. Here is how to combine accounts in QuickBooks:

  1. In case you are merging accounts in QuickBooks online that have reconciliation reports, you need to save those reports first. 
  2. The account that you are trying to merge might not keep the reconciliation history. Moreover, the transactions remain on the merged account and stay reconciled. 
  3. Note that if both account registers have an opening balance equity transaction, then you will have to delete the transaction with the most recent date prior to merging. The older transaction is the opening balance in QuickBooks of the newly merged account.
  4. Once done with that, you need to head to the settings tab ⚙ and choose the chart of accounts in QuickBooks
  5. Also, find the account you want to keep, choose the dropdown in the action column, and click on the edit tab
  6. Also, note save account under (account type), tax form section (detail type), and account name (name) of the account, all of these should match in both the accounts you want to merge.
How to Merge Accounts in QuickBooks
  1. Check if an account is a subaccount or a parent account. You can see the names of the subaccounts in the name column of the chart of accounts list. In case it is, then note down the parent account it is associated with. 

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You now have all the information that is required for the account you wish to keep. The steps below are associated with the duplicate account. 

  1. Head to the chart of accounts. 
  2. You will now find the duplicate account (the one you won’t keep). 
  3. Choose the dropdown ▼ in the action column and also click on the edit tab
  4. Once done with that, change the account name. Along with the tax form section (detail type), so the duplicate account’s information tallies to the account you wish to keep. 
  5. In case you want to make this as a subaccount, then keep the following things in mind:
    • In case you are merging two parent accounts, then it is essential to ensure that they do not have any subaccounts. 
    • Or if you are merging two subaccounts, then they both must have the same parent account
    • Also, if only one is a subaccount, then you need to change the save account under (account type). This is to match the other parent account so it becomes a parent account. 
  6. Once done, you need to choose the save tab and click on Yes, merge accounts

This will successfully merge two accounts so that you end up with one. QuickBooks moves past transactions from duplicate to the new merged account. 

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Merging accounts in QuickBooks Online isn’t that difficult. All you need is to perform the right set of steps carefully. However, if you are unable to merge accounts in QuickBooks online even after carrying out the set of steps enumerated above, then in that case, feel free to reach out to us at  +1-844-499-6700, and we will provide you with immediate support services. Our technically sound QuickBooks ProAdvisors will provide you with immediate support services.

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