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Certain errors in QuickBooks aren’t common and can seem a bit daunting to handle. One such error that you might have heard about is QuickBooks Delivery Server Down Error. This error is often linked with the attachments in the sales or invoice when forwarding it to a customer in QuickBooks. This issue usually prevents users from sending transactions along with the attachments. As this error is a bit unique and uncommon, here we are to help you with its rectification procedures. In this article, we are going to spill the beans on how you can rectify the QuickBooks delivery server down error.

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Procedures to rectify QuickBooks Delivery Server Down error 

You can try to eliminate QuickBooks delivery server down error using the set of steps below: 

Procedure 1: Configure the print and pdf settings 

At times, incorrect printer or PDF configuration can trigger the delivery server down issue in QuickBooks. Thus, to eliminate this issue you need to configure the print and pdf settings. The steps involved here are: 

Step 1: Configure Adobe Acrobat settings 

  1. You need to select the actual size.
Configure Adobe Acrobat Settings - quickbooks delivery server down
  1. Further, the orientation should be set to automatic 
  2. The option to choose paper source by pdf size should be on. 

Step 2: Configure the pdf settings of the browser 

For Google Chrome users: 

  1. Here, you will have to run Google Chrome 
  2. Further, make a move to settings 
  3. Once done opt for the advanced drop-down and then click on the content settings option. 
  4. Click on the PDF documents option. 
  5. Disable the option to download PDF files rather than automatically opening them in Chrome. 

For Mozilla Firefox users: 

  1. You need to run the Mozilla Firefox browser and then move to the options
  2. Once done with that, click on applications and proceed to the content type option. 
  3. You now have to proceed by searching for the portable document format
  4. Also, click on the option to use Adobe Reader
  5. Exit from the options tab and move to QuickBooks Online to retry sending the invoice to make sure that the QuickBooks delivery error no longer exists. 
  6. This might rectify the issue up to a certain extent. 

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Procedure 2: Check the sales forms email option

  1. Under this process, you need to initially move to settings
  2. Further, make a move to account and settings and move to sales. 
  3. Followed by clicking on the online delivery option. 
  4. After that, select or clear the checkbox beside the PDF attached option. 
  5. Click on save and then end by clicking on done. 

Procedure 3: Rectify the invoice format 

You need to access or create invoice and get any special characters from the invoice info removed. The special characters include ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ – = + : ”. Make sure that the characters are not included in the information like description, message, email id, attachment name, or custom form templates. 

Procedure 4: Correct the email address of the location

It is important to double-check the email address format used when sending the sales form. The steps involved here are: 

  1. Choose the settings tab. 
  2. Further, pick all lists and then locations
  3. You now have to search for the location used in the invoice. 
  4. And then, click on edit
  5. Check the email address in the section: This location has a different email address for communicating with customers. 
  6. And further, make the required changes if needed and click on save

Procedure 5: Resolve issues with the email address formatting 

If none of the above steps didn’t work, then you can try fixing the email address formatting issue. Let us have a look at the steps involved: 

  1. You need to first choose the settings .
  2. After that, you need to click on accounts and settings in the settings window and click on account and settings
  3. The next step is to click on the company option
  4. Also, click on the company info tab and check the emails for their formatting. 
  5. The correct format is [email protected], while email:[email protected] is an incorrect format. 
  6. You now have to fix the formats, click on the enter tab, and retry sending the invoice. 

Steps to send invoices manually outside of QuickBooks

If you are unable to rectify the issue, then you can temporarily send invoices manually outside of QuickBooks using the steps below:

  • At first, open transaction
  • Click on print or preview
Send invoices manually outside QuickBooks - quickbooks delivery server down
  • You need to click on download and then save the file.
send invoices manually outside of QuickBooks
  • Attach the file to the email and then send it to the customer manually.
send invoices manually outside
  • Perform the same steps for other invoices.

You can also visit the link for updates:

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Getting rid of the delivery server error becomes easy using the set of steps enumerated above in this piece of writing. However, if there is any query or if the user needs any sort of QuickBooks support services, feel free to reach out to our technical support team at +1-844-499-6700, and we will provide you with answers to all your queries immediately. 


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