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QuickBooks POS Socket Error 10060 is just another common issue faced by users. It is a connection timeout error which occurs when processing a payment using credit or debit card. When we swipe debit or credit card in the system, it processes the details related to card and its holder. And for this the connection has to be perfect. When there is poor connectivity then the user gets this error. QuickBooks POS Error 10061 and QuickBooks POS Error 11001 both signify the same error.

Reason behind QuickBooks POS Error 10060

The reason which leads to the POS socket error 10060 are-

  • Internet connection issue
  • Socket connection issue
  • EFT server problem
  • Network connection is blocked by security software

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Troubleshooting of QuickBooks POS Error 10060

Following are the latest methods in order to troubleshoot the QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 10060:

Solution 1: Socket is not connected

  • Confirm whether socket is connected or not
  • Tighten socket just to make sure
  • Try to connect
  • See if this works otherwise move to the next step

Solution 2: Interference of security software

  • Deactivate all the security software installed on your computer including Windows firewall
  • Process the transactions one more time
  • The issue must be resolved if there is no error showing

Solution 3: More than one workstation is in use

  • Firstly, Click on Edit menu
  • Choose Preferences
  • Select Company
  • Click on Communication Setup
  • Confirm if Use this computer for all credit card and debit transactions option is chosen. If not then choose it
  • Click on Save
  • Exit window and then reopen QuickBooks POS
  • Jump to Tools menu
  • Select User Information
  • Watch if WS-EFT server is there under Workstation and if it is yes, then process the card

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Solution 4: Make a new data file

  • Go to File menu
  • Click on Company Data
  • Choose New
  • Enter Test into the available fields and then give a unique name to the new data file
  • Browse to Edit menu
  • Choose Preferences
  • Select Company option
  • Click on Merchant Service and then enter the asked details
  • Click on Save
  • Jump to Tools menu
  • Select User Information
  • Open POS and then process the card again

Important: If the EFT is running, then the issue is with original file. In this situation you need to take help from your IT expert or accounting professionals.

We hope that the steps mentioned above for solution of QuickBooks POS socket error 10060 has helped you a lot and if you still have any doubts related to QuickBooks then feel free to seek help from our QuickBooks Support team by calling on their toll-free number at +1-844-499-6700.


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