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While using QuickBooks Point of Sale, even the smartest businessman gets irritated when he faces unexpected errors and his work gets hampered. Every business man wants to get the best revenue of his services and goods, thus, it gets quite essential to resolve the QuickBooks Point of Sale unexpected errors.

Here today through this blog, we will discuss about these unexpected errors that occurs in QuickBooks Point of Sale, also we will share best troubleshooting steps for it.

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Resolving unexpected errors when opening QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS)

While opening QuickBooks Point of Sale, you find it difficult to resolve the unexpected errors.

Then you can resolve them by following the steps given below:

  • First of all, make sure that the QuickBooks Point of Sale is updated.
  • Then, ensure that the System you are using is well configured.
  • Now, open and execute the Microsoft Component Clean-up tool.
  • This tool will identify the errors and resolve them.
  • Now, Switch to a New Window user. Create a new user id.
  • Restart QBPOSShel and troubleshoot compatibility.
  • Uninstall and install Microsoft.NET Framework 4 and QB Point of Sale.

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Make Sure QuickBooks POS is updated

  • On the Products updates page, the Point of Sale should be selected as the product and then, you can follow the instructions to install the Manual update.
  • After this, you would be required to reboot.
  • To get these errors resolved, you can dial QuickBooks Error Support Phone Number 1-844-405-0907 if you need instant help to resolve unexpected errors of QuickBooks POS.

Make Sure that Configuration of System is essential

  • To start, check the minimum configurations that re required for your system to run the program.
  • Click on the Windows logo and right click on Computer.
  • Go to Properties
  • Check installed memory, that is RAM [Random Access Memory]

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Run the Microsoft Component Clean-up tool

  • Shut all the programs and download the QuickBooks Component Repair Tool and save it in the desired location.
  • Double click on the saved file and when asked for security prompt, click on Yes.
  • Now, click Yes on the next two screens as well.
  • When everything is over, reboot when prompted.

This will take 15-20 minutes to complete and requires a reboot. During this process, a couple of black screens will appear. At that time, you need to just observe and wait when the process is over.

Switch as a new window user

  • Go to Windows Start button and type user accounts.
  • Press Enter in search space
  • Now Click on Manage user accounts.
  • Click on Manage another account
  • Create a new account and give it a name of test.
  • Choose Administrator for user type.
  • Now log off windows and sign in as a user. Open Point of Sale (POS) again.
  • If the issue persists, try toggling your UAC settings.

Restart QuickBooks Point of Sale Shell and troubleshoot

  • Close QuickBooks Point of Sale and press Ctrl+Alt+Delete button
  • Click on Start Task Manager
  • Click on Processes tab and click on Image Name Column title
  • Right click on QBPOSShell.exe and end this process
  • Close Task Manager
  • Open POS software again

Important Note: If you see more than one QBPOSShell, files or folder the please follow the steps above to troubleshoot compatibility with Windows.

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I hope all the above steps will be useful to you in order to resolve the QuickBooks Point of Sale Unexpected Errors. For any further assistance, you can call our QuickBooks Point of Sale Support team on our toll-free number +1-844-405-0907.


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