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How to Change Service or Inventory Item Types in QuickBooks?

How to Change Service or Inventory Item Types in QuickBooks?

An easy guide to change QuickBooks services or Inventory item types

It’s important for every business owner to create inventories of their purchases, sales, products, services, and anything else that needs to be tracked. And since QuickBooks is extremely user-friendly accounting software, it makes it as simple. QuickBooks services or Inventory Item or QB inventories is not a tough task, here are some simple and effective methods to add them to QuickBooks. To learn further about changing service or inventory item types in QuickBooks, make sure to read this segment till the end. Or you can also consult our technical support team at +1-800-360-4183, and we will provide you with instant support and guidance.

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Understand QuickBooks services or QuickBooks Inventory items

Before jumping onto any conclusion, it is important to understand the basic difference in between QuickBooks Services and QuickBooks Inventory Items:

An Inventory Item can be defined as anything that the company offers, resells or acquire within the course of company, just like the product, delivery fees as well as handling fees, discounts and excise responsibility (tax) (if applicable). It seems as a line on an invoice or various other sales forms. Setting up things integrate inventory part and also sub-assemblies right into a single product.

QuickBooks Services or Inventory Item

A Service is something that you offer to your clients to help them with their business and individual needs. You charge them to complete a task or by the hour. Service items can be created in QuickBooks Pro inside the list of items for the services that you provide. This helps the users to get rid of manually writing the similar item details into sales forms of the services that they offer.

QuickBooks Inventory Items:

QuickBooks Inventory Items - Screenshot

A QuickBooks inventory item, on the other hand, is anything that your business sells, resells, or purchases within the course of business such as the product, charges for shipping, charges to handle the product, and applicable excise duty or tax. On invoice and other sales forms, it would appear as a line. Assemble items put together the inventory part and sub-assemblies.

The user can simply create service products in QuickBooks pro inside the Item list, for the services that are offered by the user. This assists in escaping repeatedly writing a comparable item information into sales forms for services offered.

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Steps to create your service items in QuickBooks Pro

  • Go to the “Item List” window.
  • Click “Item” on the lower left.
  • Once the drop down box opens, click the “New” command.
  • After “New Item” window pops up, choose “Service” from Type drop-down menu.

In the “New Item” window, the fields will appear and look like ones like creating “Inventory Part” items.

In case you face any trouble or require assistance you can contact Pro Accountant Advisor team that is certified from Intuit. Our team of certified QuickBooks enterprise support experts has cutting-edge tools and technology to fix all sort of QuickBooks related issues.

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Create and add services or inventory items in QuickBooks Pro

Here is how you can create and add services/inventory items in QuickBooks Pro:

  • Tap on “List” on the Menu bar.
  • After that tap on the Item list, followed by opening the Item List window.
  • Click on the Item tab in the lower left-hand corner of the list window to create service in QB pro.
  • After a drop-down menu shows up, select “New” to open item window.
  • In the next, opt for Service from the Type drop-down.
  • Now, the user needs to manually put in an item name in “Item Name/Number“.
  • In case you wish to make this service as a sub-item of another service, select the Checkbox in front of the Sub–item.
  • After that select the “Main service item” in a category where the user wishes to add a current item from the adjacent drop-down.
  • Write about the service you offer in the description box so that it’s displayed in “Sales receipts” and “Invoices“.
  • Enter the rate at which you provide your service and choose the appropriate “Tax code” for the service.
  • Choose an “Income account” for the sales of your service through the Account drop-down.
  • Click the following check-box to change the available fields. This is to mention the services your customers purchase in their “Invoices“.
  • Enter the “Purchase details” for the service in the “Purchase Information box“.
  • Furnish sales descriptions for the service in Sales Information and that would create Service item.
  • The last and final step is to hit “OK” button, in order to save it into the Item list.

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Different types of Products and Services and ways to change them

With an exception for bundle and inventory items, it should be noted that the products and services can be easily changed for one type of item to another. The items mentioned generally have a different way of tracking. It should also be noted that there are 4 item types in the Products and Services list on QuickBooks accounting software.

Different product/services types

Inventory items: Inventory items can be purchased and sold and their quantities can be tracked. You will be required to choose the Tracking Quantity on Hand option for this item type.

Non-inventory items: To define Non-inventory items, it can be said that they are those items that can be purchased and sold but it is not possible to track their quantities, such as nuts and bolts used in an installation.

Services: You provide services such as support, landscaping, and training to your customers. 

Bundle: They are like a collection of products and/or services you sell jointly, for example, a beach kit that includes sunscreen, towel, flip flops, and other items. It’s the decision of the user whether to hide or display bundle components, when sending/printing transactions.

In order to add or edit bundle items, the user needs to visit the products/services option via bundle section and set as he/she wishes to put on show your bundle items.

Important: It should be noted that the feature for tracking inventory is available just in QuickBooks Online Plus. Also, bundle items can only be used or created in the browser version of QuickBooks Online. Android or iOS mobile apps are yet to support them.

Ways to change the types of products/services

Below we have discussed few points to change the product/service type:

Change Service Item(s) to Non-inventory items:

Change Service Item(s) to Non-inventory items - Screenshot
  • Click on the “Gear icon” on the top and select “Products and Services“.
  • Hit a click the checkbox in front of the service item you have to change.
  • And then the user needs to click on the “Batch actions” drop-down box, followed by selecting the “Make non-inventory” option.

Change Non-inventory item(s) to Service Items:

  • In this, firstly tap on the “Gear icon” on the top, and then select “Products and Services“.
  • Click the “Checkbox” in front of the non-inventory item(s) you have to change.
  • Now give a single Click on the “Batch actions” drop-down box and choose “Make service“.

Service or Non-inventory items to Inventory Items:

  1. First of all, the user needs to tap the “Gear icon” on the top, along with that select “Products and Services“.
  2. Now, search and spot the “Item you want to update” and then visit the “Action column” and click on “Edit” button.
  3. Once done with that, the user needs to select the “Change type link” and select “Inventory” button.
  4. Here are the additional details you’ve to enter:
    • Initial quantity on hand.
    • As of date or an effective date (It should be noted that the date mentioned must be a date prior to any transactions where this item was used).
    • Inventory Asset, Income, and Expense accounts.
    • Sales Price, Cost, and Sales/Purchasing information
  5. The last and final step is to select “Save and Close“.

Steps to change service types in QuickBooks online 

The steps below can be performed to change the service types in QuickBooks online. Let us have a look:

  • The very first step is to sign into the QuickBooks online 
  • After that head to the settings tab.
  • Select the products and services option from the settings tab. 
  • Once done with that, select the edit option from the action column. 
  • Now, choose the change type tab. 
  • And then, select the appropriate type. 
  • The user will then have to select the save and close tabs to save all the changes. 
  • Note that, you can use the batch action from the product and services list, in case you want to change multiple items to any type.

Important: Please note that inventory items can’t be converted to any other types. If you want to change the type of Inventory items, you will have to create a new item.

Steps to change the inventory items in QuickBooks online

The user can try performing the below set of steps to change the inventory items in QuickBooks online. Let us check it out.

Step 1: The user needs to adjust the Quantity of inventory item 

  • The first step is to choose the products and services option from the settings tab. 
  • After that, from the products and services list, look for the inventory item. 
  • Now, choose the edit option from the action column. 
  • And then head to the quantity on hand section. 
  • After that select the edit option from the action column 
  • Now, head to the quantity on hand section 
  • And also choose adjust tab 
  • Later on select quantity tab 
  • In the inventory quantity adjustment window, enter the 0 value, in the new window. 
  • Save the changes and close by clicking on save and close. 

Step 2: Find the Total Value of Adjusted Inventory 

  • Head to the settings tab 
  • After that choose charts of accounts. 
  • From the Chart of Accounts section, find out the Inventory Shrinkage Account. 
  • Now, choose Run Report option. 
  • Search for the inventory item that you have adjusted. 
  • And keep the amount of the adjusted note in another place. 

Step 3: Create a Journal Entry to Account 

  • Start with clicking on the new tab and choose the journal entry 
  • Head to the Account drop-down menu.
  • Now, choose the Opening Balance Equity option. 
  • Debit Column – Enter the adjustment amount in this field. From the second line, go to the Account drop-down menu, and choose the Inventory Shrinkage option. 
  • Credit Column- Enter the same adjustment amount in this field
  • Click on save to end process

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We hope that you are able to add as any services or items as you wish and run your business with ease. In case you have any query or require assistance, you can contact our experienced QuickBooks technical support team at +1-800-360-4183.

We are available round-the-clock and offer nothing but the best solutions and services for all QuickBooks related issues.


Can you change the type of an item in QuickBooks desktop?

Well, of course, one can change an item’s type, if the item is a non-inventory part, other charge item, or an inventory part. For this, you simply need to head to the lists menu and choose the item list for windows or items for Mac. And then, double click the item you want to change. After that, from the type drop-down, choose the new item type.

How to set up service and non-inventory items in QuickBooks?

For the non-inventory items:
1.           The first step is to head to the sales menu.
2.           After that choose products and services.
3.           Once done with that click on new and then select non-inventory.
4.           The user needs to then add the name of the item.
5.           Followed by selecting the category that best describes the service item from the category dropdown.
6.           The user will then have to enter the rest of the fields and information.
7.           The last step is to click on save and close tabs.

How to change the default product or service in QuickBooks?

This can be done by performing the steps below:
1.           At first, login and navigate to settings tab.
2.           After that, in the top right corner, choose the gear icon.
3.           The user needs to then head to the firm settings.
4.           Now, under the integrations, choose QuickBooks.
5.           Once done with that, choose the default QuickBooks service.
6.           And save the changes.
7.           Enter the information and you are done

How to edit the inventory items in QuickBooks desktop?

To edit the inventory items, the below steps would work:
•             In the inventory items, select lists and then choose the item list option for windows
•             If you are a Mac user select items.
•             Now, double click the item you want to change.
•             Also, edit the info for the item.
•             The last step is to click on ok tab.


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How to Sync/Share QuickBooks Files Between Two Computers?

How to Sync/Share QuickBooks Files Between Two Computers?

Having a problem in Syncing QuickBooks files between two computers?? Don’t you worry..! Here, you will get the answers of your all queries. In this informative article – we are going to clarify all such topic. Moreover, you can also converse with a QuickBooks expert to attain the best possible solution without wasting time & effort. Sync augmented productivity and increases the flexibility to access the data. In many situations, it has seen that many users desire to connect their data between multiple devices to enhance their productivity & flexibility in accessing the data. Unfortunately, they fall short to sync QuickBooks files between two computers as they don’t have proper awareness about it.

Intuit sync manager

Here, we will endow you the exact insight & knowledge for – how to sync QuickBooks files between two computers? This information is provided as we understand that many QB users desire to sync data or files between the devices in their workplace or home.

Note: Ensure that there is a right installation alternative for each PC, before syncing the files. And, also you must confirm that both computers linked with the same network or not. There is one additional choice available for you that you can also uninstall the QuickBooks software on both the machines & later, reinstall it with the correct options.

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How to Synchronize the QuickBooks desktop files?

To synchronize the QuickBooks file between two PC’s, one of the best way is to confirm that you chose the correct installation alternatives for each machine. Also, sync both of the computers on the same network. On the other hand, you can also uninstall the QuickBooks on both PC’s & reinstall it with the correct options. When the QuickBooks re-install & configuration get completed on both the computer then, be sure that the primary computer stores all the company files. It also allows you to synchronize the QB data to other machines on the same network. Apart from this, you can also use the ‘Data Transfer Utility’ also known as a third-party commercial utility.

Note: Synchronize the QB files between two systems that allow & makes it trouble-free for employees to work together on one combined accounting report.

Important points to remember 

Before you start with the process, it is important to make sure that there is a correct installation option for each of the systems. Moreover, check if both systems are connected to the same network. The user also has the option to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks on both systems and then use QuickBooks on both computers with the right options. 

After reinstallation, the configuration gets completed on both desktops. The primary desktop will store the company file and will permit the user to sync the data to other systems on the network. 

One can also leverage the benefits offered by the Data transfer utility, also known as a third-party commercial utility. This is possible only if it contains two separate company files that need to be merged. Having visited these facts, let us jump on to the process to sync QuickBooks files between two computers.

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How to Sync the QuickBooks File between two Computers?

Checkout and follow the systematic steps to sync the QuickBooks files between two computers:-

Blog Summary in Infographic

Steps to Sync QuickBooks Files Between Two Computers - Infographic
  1. From the Intuit’s official website, download & install the ‘Data Transfer Utility’.
  2. Copy the QB company files from the secondary company and paste it to the primary computer.
  3. In the primary computer, open the QuickBooks software.
  4. In the “Export Data from the source company”, choose the ‘Open Source Company’ button.
  5. Select the dialogue ‘Yes and permit access even if QuickBooks is Not Running’ and see the option to permit the application to access the personal data. Now, click on the ‘Continue’ icon => ‘Yes’ icon => finally ‘Done’ icon.
  6. Select the ‘Close’ tab in ‘Currently Connected To’ section within the Data Transfer Utility.
  7. Verify the ‘File’ menu & select the ‘close Company’ in QuickBooks.
  8. Select the ‘File’ option & then, choose the Open or Restore Company & select the ‘Open a Company’ in the QuickBooks.
  9. In the ‘Import Data Into Destination Company’ section, select the ‘Open Destination Company’ of Disk Transfer Utility.
  10. Select the dialogue Yes, Always permit access even if QuickBooks is Not Runningand allow the application to access the personal data. Hit onto the “Continue” tab => “Yes” tab => finally “Done” tab in the QuickBooks.
  11. Select the ‘Close’ tab for the ‘Currently Connected To’ section in the Data Transfer Utility.
  12. Choose the ‘File’ menu & ‘Close Company’ in the QuickBooks.
  13. Select the ‘Type of Data’ and ‘Change’ tab of Data Transfer Utility.
  14. In the ‘Data Transfer Utility’, go to the ‘Import Data Into Destination’ and select the ‘Import Data’ button.

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If you have to sync your QuickBooks file to another computer

  • You may also be interested in learning how you can sync QuickBooks file to another computer.
  • Start by copying the QB installer file on both the computers.
  • Next, choose the ‘Use QB on this computer’. On the main computer, select the ‘Store company file for Network Sharing’.
  • Now insert your product number and license and click ‘Install’. Select: File < Utilities < Host Multi-User Access.
  • Go to ‘Scan Folders’ select ‘Add Folder’ and proceed to ‘Scan’ for the QuickBooks company file.
  • After you find the QB Company File, close the folder.
  • Now create a username and password by clicking ‘Set up users and passwords’.
Set up users and passwords - Screenshot Image
  • Select options for changing and deleting transaction permissions and then click ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’.
  • Next, open the other computer and look for the option ‘File’
  • Click ‘Open or Restore Company’ in QuickBooks accounting software.
Open or Restore company - Screenshot
  • Browse the accurate network location of the primary company file in that other computer.

Steps for database server setup for synchronization

The user is suggested to store the company file or network sharing on the primary computer. One can also use the QuickBooks software without storing the company file on the secondary computer. The steps involved in the process of synchronization are as follows:

  • The first step is to scan folders. 
  • And then click on the scan tab to scan the primary computer for the QuickBooks company file. 
  • After that click on close once the verified company file has been found.
  • The user will then have to click on the Company menu and head to the Set up users and password and opt for the Set up users tab within QuickBooks on the primary system.
  • Now, click on the Add user tab in the system display and then assign the QuickBooks username and password.
  • Once done with that select the Access options for the secondary computer and hit on the Next tab.
  • The user is then required to go for the Changing or deleting transaction permissions and proceed to the Next and Finish tabs respectively.
  • After that click on the Open or restore company and hit on the Open a company in QuickBooks on the secondary computer system.
  • Look for the Location on the network where the primary company file is stored.
  • Also select the file, and then log in with the username or password created on the primary system

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Get Quick Help & Support

By following the above given steps we hope now, you have successfully synced the QuickBooks files between two computers. We anticipate that this technical editorial would be helpful for you to comprehend this issue in a better manner. However, it could be possible that there are some indistinct topics or trouble associated with the QuickBooks. In such an event, you can directly speak to the QuickBooks support team anytime.

We, Host Docket is a specialized team of expertise technicians to fix, Resolve all QuickBooks issues and Errors. You can even avail our services by just making a call on our toll-free helpline i.e. +1-800-360-4183


What are the Important Points to be Aware of Prior to Synchronizing Data Files on other Computers?

It is important to consider the following points before synchronizing the data files on other computers:
1. Search for both computers and check if they are connected to the network or not.
2. Make sure that there is the right installation on every computer prior to syncing the files.
3. Or uninstall the QuickBooks and then reinstall QuickBooks on the two computers and after that use QuickBooks on the computers with the correct options.

What are the Different Types of QuickBooks Files?

QuickBooks has a bunch of files containing a different set of data. The different types of QuickBooks Files are as follows:
QuickBooks Backup files
QuickBooks Company files
QuickBooks Bank Statement files 

How to sync data in QuickBooks?

The user can try performing the below steps in QuickBooks to sync the data:
1. The first step is to choose settings.
2. Now, under Sync, choose Preferences.
3. Also, click on edit.
4. Choose the QuickBooks Online accounts to use. 
5. After that choose to save and you are done with the process. 

What is QuickBooks Sync Manager?

QuickBooks Sync Manager is one of the tools used that securely syncs your QuickBooks company file data with 3rd party applications and some internal add-on services such as recurring payments. It is a crucial tool to sync files in QuickBooks. 


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How to Fix Error: This is a Corrupt or Damaged QuickBooks Database?

How to Fix Error: This is a Corrupt or Damaged QuickBooks Database?

QuickBooks Accounting software is widely used and recognized software that has been developed by Intuit and offers great accounting services to the users. It is used by small as well as medium-sized businesses helping individuals and businesspersons to manage their accounting and bookkeeping effectively. This software has wide usage such that it is used in multi-user and networked environment. This is one of its great benefits that it allows more than one user to work on it online. Along with this, come frequent errors that may hamper the work of the user. A user can overcome these errors with appropriate customer support. QuickBooks customer support experts have their hands-on on all the editions and versions of QuickBooks.

There is no doubt in the fact the QuickBooks software products are least troublesome when compared to the other software applications available in the market. Each of the QuickBooks Products goes through a rigorous testing process. The software after many testing sessions has fewer chances to encounter problems. And in this case, QuickBooks customer support team lends a great help to the user by resolving the errors in no time.

QuickBooks is a software that has been especially built for the computers and other support devices. At Host Docket, we have prepared our technical support professionals to resolve the issues in the least time possible and with maximum accuracy. Here in this article today we are going to discuss about one of the frequent error which is faced by many users “This is a Corrupt or Damaged QuickBooks Database”. Get Step-by-Step troubleshooting steps to resolve this error by your own.

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What is Corrupt or Damaged QuickBooks Database Error?

Usually when QuickBooks database error occurs, the error is displayed on the screen as:

“Error: This is a corrupt or damaged QuickBooks database”

Here, we will discuss all the possible errors and the reason behind the occurrence of these errors. This will help you resolve the error to some extent. Also note that this error applies to all versions of QuickBooks accounting software.

Note: This error may occur on all the QuickBooks software versions.

With the huge database server, QuickBooks allows many businesses to manage their company data and access the data easily. It is known to all the users that QuickBooks has a vast virtual space and this leads to some errors with the database. Among all the errors, one is corrupt or damaged QuickBooks database.

This error makes it difficult for the users to understand. If you are encountering this error for the first time, then you should seek the proper QuickBooks help & support to resolve your issues. Our Customer oriented support team is available round the clock and is highly experienced. A computer software program, Database is mainly used to store and retrieve information through an internet connection. In the same manner, QuickBooks database lets a user not just access, but also store and retrieve the company data files. This can be done on a system, smart phone or on a tablet.

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Possible causes of this error

QuickBooks database usually encounters problems or errors unknowingly. And in this case, it also throws up errors that need to treated and resolved seriously. In its conventional database, the lack of resilience comes to the surface and the .QWB file makes it difficult to determine the file corruption. When QuickBooks detect the files, most often they become corrupt. Thus, to resolve these errors, you need to have a guided step-by-step process, and also a QuickBooks file recovery solution.

If the error has occurred and you try to access the QuickBooks, then this message will appear: “Error: This is a corrupt or damaged QuickBooks database.”  There are few chances that the error occurs due to the network problem, In that case, we would advise you to:

  • Choose Close Company/Log off option in QuickBooks
  • And then run the Verify Data utility
Verify and Rebuild Data
  • This option can be found in the QuickBooks File menu

Moreover, it is worth noting that if the file is corrupt, QuickBooks will display message- “Data has lost integrity”. So, as and when you receive this message, repair the file or connect with the reliable customer support team so that they can assist you.

Signs and symptoms of QuickBooks company file corruption

Identifying the error becomes easy, once you go through the below signs and symptoms. Let us have a look:

  • Just in case the system or QuickBooks shuts down suddenly
  • Errors like a data problem stop the QuickBooks software from continuing with the process to verify data utility
  • Another sign can be missing transactions or entries from the lists
  • If there are any faulty reports such as balance sheets and the total assets and liabilities doesn’t tally
  • Another common sign can be if the paid bills and invoices show up as unpaid
  • Also, if the account named are preceded with an asterisk due to original accounts being missing

How to prevent QuickBooks company file corruption?

You can’t prevent the error, but try to minimize the risk factors. The preventive measures can be:

  • Ensure to backup the data multiple times, that too at different locations.
  • You can further opt for online banking.
  • Another preventive measure can be to keep tabs on the size of the QuickBooks database file, and if it threatens to exceed the limit, then try to reduce the size using third party tools.
  • Avoid the causes of data corruption.

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Steps to Fix Corrupt or Damaged QuickBooks Database Error

Step 1: Install and Run Rebuild Utility

Fix damaged QuickBooks database error

Run the Rebuild utility to repair the corrupt database file. Before running Rebuild utility, follow the below steps:

  • Copy the file to the local drive of it is stored on a network drive.
  • Ensure that items like Accounts, Customer Name are not hidden.
    • After this, you can run the Rebuild Utility.
    • Now, go to QuickBooks File menu and find this utility.
    • This will give you a message to backup the affected file.
    • After running Rebuild utility, return to the Verify Data Utility.

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Step 2: Run QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks file doctor tool
  • Wait until that repair tool opens, if it takes too long or doesn’t open, open it manually from QuickBooks Desktop
  • Browse or select your QB company file from the drop-down menu
Intuit QuickBooks File Doctor tool
  • Select Check your file (option in the middle) and then Continue
QuickBooks File Doctor Check Damage database file
  • Enter Admin password for QuickBooks and hit Next
Resetting Admin password becomes easier with QuickBooks 2020
  • The scan should take approximately 5 minutes. However, the time taken in the process also depends on your file size
  • Try to open your file even if File Doctor scan result shows unsuccessful. You may receive that message even if the gets solved

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Step 3: Repair your company file manually by rebuilding your data

The following steps will allow you fix the database manually. Always create a backup of your data before performing the below-mentioned steps. If you are not comfortable in performing the manual repair, contact a specialist.

  • Open QuickBooks and go to the File menu
  • Then hover your mouse over Utilities and tap Verify Data
Verify hosting data
  • Wait while the tool checks your file for data issues
  • Next, from the Verify Results screen, choose Expand All to see the errors
fix data damage in QuickBooks company file
  • Once you have the list of errors, proceed to fix them accordingly

Step 4: Free tools to fix the company file issues

Other than the file doctor tool the user can access the below tools from the QuickBooks tool hub to get rid of the company file or database issues in QuickBooks. Let us have a look:

  • QuickBooks install diagnostic tool– This tool is designed to fix issues that appear at the time of installation of QuickBooks desktop. Company file issues mainly related to Microsoft .NET framework can also be diagnosed using this tool.
  • QuickBooks component repair tool– Another tool you can access is the QuickBooks component repair tool. It fixes the error that prevents QuickBooks from running.
  • Running Quick fix my file -One can also access the quick fix my file tool from the tool hub to eliminate the issue related to the company file in QuickBooks. 

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Final Words..!

If you still face any problem, you can connect with Intuit Certified ProAdvisors. Our QuickBooks Customer Support specialists are constantly there to assist you with 24 hour of customer service. For more details concerning the errors, reach us at our toll-free number i.e. +1-800-360-4183. We will be more happy to help you out in this.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Corrupt or Damaged QuickBooks Database Error!

What is Rebuild Data Tool in QuickBooks?

The rebuild data tool is a built-in tool that automatically fixes the minor data issues in QuickBooks company file. In case there is corruption in QuickBooks file or if the user is finding damaged data issues, this tool comes in handy. It can be used by performing some basic steps.

What is QuickBooks Tool Hub?

Intuit, the developer of QuickBooks offers tons of tools to deal with the issues that the user might come across while working on QuickBooks. QuickBooks tool hub is one stop-solution for all QuickBooks issues. The QuickBooks users can easily access different tools in this tool hub and try eliminating different issues in QuickBooks.

How to install or update QuickBooks desktop?

The user can install QuickBooks desktop from the official Intuit website. It should be noted that a license key and product number will be required to complete the installation. And for updating the user can simply update the software by performing some set of steps.


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How to Upgrade QuickBooks Software?

How to Upgrade QuickBooks Software?

Often QuickBooks users get confused between the terms upgrade and update. Upgrading QuickBooks generally means upgrading to the latest release like moving from the 2023 version of QB to QuickBooks Desktop 2024. However, switching the versions is considered as updating as well by a majority of QuickBooks users. In case you need to upgrade QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise, then here is how you can do it. After buying QuickBooks, you can simply start using the upgrade tool.

This article will brief you on the procedure to upgrade QuickBooks software and other important aspects related to QuickBooks upgrades. However, if you need any sort of technical assistance related to QuickBooks at any point in time, feel free to contact our technical support team at +1-800-360-4183, and they will provide you with instant assistance.

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Why We Need to Upgrade QuickBooks Software?

How to Upgrade QuickBooks Software–QuісkВооks Uрgrаdе Ѕuрроrt

We have listed a few reasons related to the upgradation of QuickBooks software:

  1. In order to enable yourself to enjoy the latest versions of QuickBooks, it is essential to upgrade the software. It is known to all QuickBooks users that a new product is introduced every consecutive year by QuickBooks that has all the new, stimulating, and exclusive features. These features not only make your work easy but enhance your performance as well.
  2. Microsoft keeps on updating its versions and thus, QuickBooks updates its versions to maintain compatibility with the operating system. We suggest you do not ignore upgradation for a longer period.
  3. Moreover, it is important to remember that every QuickBooks Tech Support comes with the latest versions and that too with the service discontinuation policy, thus, to get optimum and reliable tech support, you would need to upgrade to the latest version to get all the support facilities.
  4. Users have an advantage with the availability of an amazing feature- a free QuickBooks upgrade. You can get this free upgrade if you have launched the latest series within 60 days when you have obtained QuickBooks. Along with this, you can also get a free upgrade if you register for QuickBooks within 60 days of the launch period of the latest version.

After all this, you would fill in the criteria, you can do this. But in any case, if you are facing any problem, then you can connect to our QuickBooks Customer Service at toll-free +1-800-360-4183 for assistance.

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Upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop Subscription

When a new version of QuickBooks is out in the market, you will surely get a message when you open QuickBooks. This makes upgrading easier for QuickBooks users.

  1. Once you are ready, you can opt for the Upgrade Now tab.
  2. Followed by selecting Keep the old version on my computer, in case you want to keep your current QuickBooks.
  3. Further, choose let’s go.
  4. Now, QuickBooks will download, install, and activate the new version for you.
  5. It will also upgrade your company file.
  6. After the upgrade is done, choose Open QuickBooks.

Note that the upgrade might take some time. It completely depends upon your internet speed and the size of your company file.

In case you do not see a prompt to upgrade your QuickBooks subscription:

Bring back all one-time messages – In case you don’t get a prompt to upgrade then simply change your one-time message prompts. This can be done as follows:

  • Move to the edit tab and further choose preferences.
  • Once done with that, go for general.
  • And also opt for My preferences.
  • Now, select Bring Back all one-time messages and hit the OK tab.
  • Close and reopen QuickBooks.
  • You will have the prompt to upgrade your QuickBooks subscription.

You can get the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop from the QuickBooks desktop manager. Further, choose and install all your QuickBooks products.

Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop without a Subscription

In case you do not see a prompt upgrade, need not worry. This simply means that you have made a one-time purchase of QuickBooks. You can upgrade with an easy upgrade tool. This can be done as follows:

  • Choose help and further move to upgrade QuickBooks.
  • Now, go for the version you want to upgrade to and also choose upgrade now.
  • You can keep a copy of your current version of QuickBooks.
  • And also choose keep the old version on my computer and then select Let’s go.

QuickBooks downloads, installs, and activates the new version for you. It will further update the company file as well.

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Use the Discovery Hub to upgrade

  • Here, you need to open the discovery hub, and further choose upgrade to QuickBooks 2022.
  • Once done with that, choose Proceed to upgrade and click on upgrade now.
  • In case you want both versions, then opt for keep the old version on my computer. Or else leave it blank.
  • After that, choose open QuickBooks.

Upgrade Tool Can’t Find my QuickBooks Desktop Purchase

Find and enter your license number

Just in case you do not get a prompt to select a new QuickBooks version, then simply enter your QuickBooks license info. This happens when you buy QuickBooks with a different email than you use for your QuickBooks account. You need to continue with the steps below:

  1. Find the purchase confirmation email that you received from QuickBooks.
  2. After that, enter the license number and product number and hit continue to complete the upgrade.

In order to find the license info, you need to sign in to the customer account maintenance portal (CAMPs). You can also get the latest version from QuickBooks Desktop Manager. And further you can also choose and install all your QuickBooks products.

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Upgrade QuickBooks within the RightWorks hosting environment

As the account admin, you can install QuickBooks for others as well as for yourself. In case you are a standard user, then you do not have the right to install it for others. You can install QuickBooks RightWorks account owners and admins using the steps below:

  1. First, sign in to the RightWorks My account with your email address and password.
  2. Once done with that, opt for users.
  3. You now have to choose the specific user you want to apply for the license.
  4. Now, within the user detail page, choose apps you can install.
  5. Also, note that RightWorks displays all QuickBooks versions available to you.
  6. You can use the search bar to quickly find the version.
  7. After that, select the correct QuickBooks version, and choose install.
  8. After it installs, you will receive a prompt and you will see a shortcut on your desktop.
  9. Lastly, sign off and on again to access the new QuickBooks installation.

Install QuickBooks for RightWorks standard users:

  1. This can be done by signing in to RightWorks My account with your email and password.
  2. After that, select Apps you can install.
  3. Now, use the search bar to quickly find the QuickBooks version you need to install and choose the app.
  4. After that, select the Install App option.
  5. After it installs, you will get a prompt and you will see a shortcut on your desktop.

The next step is to sign in to the remote environment, you will see QuickBooks on your desktop. In case not, try re-adding the app. You might also be required to sign off and on again to access the new QuickBooks installation.

Upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2022- Click Here to know more!!


QuickBooks is the best accounting software that also provides a few add-on services which are upgraded once every three years. These services can include QuickBooks Number services, tracking, reporting, remote access, online banking, bill payments, credit card processing, QuickBooks merchant service, treasury software positive pay for QuickBooks, and many more.

For every user, it is also important to know that QuickBooks comes with a strict sunset policy that provides support services for the latest versions. This service is provided only for the first two years thus, to use these initial free support services, you must ensure that QuickBooks is upgraded within the stipulated time frame.

If you need more details on the discontinuation policy of QuickBooks, you can connect with our official helpline at our QuickBooks Help Number which is +1-800-360-4183.


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Some FAQs Related to QuickBooks Upgradation

What are the benefits of upgrading QuickBooks to the latest version?

Upgrading to the latest version of QuickBooks offers several advantages, such as improved performance, enhanced security features, and access to the latest tools and functionalities to streamline your business operations. With regular updates, Intuit ensures that your accounting software remains compatible with the latest technological advancements and compliant with the most recent tax regulations.

How do I know when it’s time to upgrade my QuickBooks software?

Intuit typically releases new versions of QuickBooks annually, so it’s recommended to consider upgrading at least once a year. However, it’s essential to assess your business needs and check for any critical updates or features that could impact your operations. If you’re unsure about the right time to upgrade, feel free to reach out to our support team at our toll-free number +1-800-360-4183, and our experts will guide you through the process.

Will upgrading QuickBooks affect my existing data and settings?

No, upgrading your QuickBooks software will not affect your existing data and settings. The upgrade process is designed to preserve your company file, ensuring that your financial data, reports, and settings remain intact. It’s always a good practice to create a backup of your company file before upgrading, in case you need to revert to the previous version for any reason.

Can I upgrade directly from an older version of QuickBooks to the latest one?

Yes, you can upgrade directly from an older version to the latest version of QuickBooks. However, if you’re using a version that’s more than three years old, you might need to perform intermediate upgrades to ensure a smooth transition. If you need assistance with the upgrade process, call our toll-free number +1-800-360-4183, and our QuickBooks experts will be more than happy to help you.

How can I ensure a smooth and hassle-free QuickBooks upgrade experience?

To ensure a smooth QuickBooks upgrade, follow these simple steps: a. Check your system requirements and ensure that your hardware and software meet the minimum requirements for the latest version. b. Create a backup of your company file before starting the upgrade process. c. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided by Intuit for upgrading your QuickBooks software. d. After upgrading, verify your data and settings to ensure everything is working correctly. e. If you face any issues or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance.

Merchant Services vs QuickBooks Online Support [Comparison]

Merchant Services vs QuickBooks Online Support [Comparison]

Many QuickBooks users have a series of thoughts when they think about QuickBooks Merchant Services or QuickBooks online accounts. The article below has been aimed to give you a clear vision so that you know whom to contact and how someone can help you.

After following all these steps, if you still need support, then you can contact QuickBooks Online Support by calling at out toll-free number i.e. +1-800-360-4183 or visiting This will help you reach out to the right supporting associate.

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What is QuickBooks Merchant services a QuickBooks online terminal?

Talking about QuickBooks Merchant services, it takes care of all the credit card processing services like online terminal. It has multiple offerings based on where you require accepting card payments like in your store, from a mobile, from QuickBooks, or from a web browser. A merchant can simply choose two payment methods available that include either a monthly fee and low percentage for every transaction or a higher transaction percentage for zero monthly fees.

About QuickBooks online

QuickBooks online is an excellent merchant service that is used for receiving card payments online. One can simply go to the merchant online terminal account and add customer credit card information that is needed and then finish the transaction. You can also send he customer a receipt through email. It is believed that if you bill your customers daily without fail, then you can set recurring payments for such customers. The users can also process the payments with ease at the same time. Add to its credentials, the online terminal also aids in importing to excel and transaction reporting with tracking.

Why QuickBooks Merchant Services over online terminal?

QuickBooks merchant services stood first in the race due to its inherent capabilities like mobile payments.

Mobile payments

In case you want to accept mobile payments from the particular device, then intuit will help you with a card reader which links an app for iPad, Android, or iphone with the phone. You can simply swipe the credit card and ask the customers to sign in to the particular app, and then the particular charge is processes.


  • First of all, you need to verify that your merchant account is attached/linked to your QuickBooks online company
  • Then, ask questions that you have in your mind regarding the features of using QuickBooks Online with QuickBooks payments
  • Get proper assistance related to returns, processing sales, and many other things.
  • You can also set up and use an online merchant account through QuickBooks Online
  • Later that, do research all the specific transactions, non-deposited funds or batches
  • Then, obtain or verify the account number
  • At last verify your monthly processing limits

Keep in mind: This write-up is indicated to as an overview just yet not indicated to support every possible scenario.


  • Keep a check on the application status inclusive of all pending or decline statuses
  • From QuickBooks Online to a desktop version of QuickBooks, transfer your Payments account connection
  • Also, confirm when all the deposits shall be received or credited.
  • Close your merchant account
  • You can ask questions related to your monthly statement.
  • You can support related to research specific transactions, non-deposited funds or batches
  • Reopen a closed or cancelled merchant account
  • Verify all your monthly processing limits
  • Get all assistance related to risk/security and fraud related issues. This is done as they all relate to credit card transactions being accepted or processed.
  • You can inquire about the response that has been declined while you attempt to charge a cardholder.
  • Obtain or verify your account number
  • You can ask your queries about the monthly statement

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Moreover, you also have the facility to update business details, banking account information, and make any other useful changes without calling support. You can visit the merchant center at sign in by using your login credentials.

For more information on how to process mobile payments, you can see setting up and accepting payments. You can also call our QuickBooks Payment Support at +1-800-360-4183 in case you need to seek some help.


You can ask about the service costs and fees for it and can clear all your queries relation to completing the application. If you need any help related to QuickBooks payments sales contact Pro Accountant Advisor as +1-800-360-4183.

Frequently Asked Questions!

How to view the details of the payments made in your particular QuickBooks?

With your particular QuickBooks payments account, go to the Merchant Service center and manage your account to see the payment details.

Is it possible to take payment right away in updated QuickBooks?

You do not need to perform any steps to begin the payment account in new QuickBooks. You can take credit cards right away via the new bank transfer payment option and this might take a day or two to activate again.

What is the different between QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks desktop is desktop-based, whereas QuickBooks online is cloud-based. This simply means that accessing your data with QuickBooks online is much easier and more convinient as all you need is a device with an internet connection.


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