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Are you looking for the right set of steps to deal with QuickBooks error 15103? If yes, then reading this blog post till the end will surely help. This is one of the most common error and belongs to QuickBooks 15000 series error. This error generally occurs in your system when the user tries to download QuickBooks Desktop or payroll updates. Incorrect configuration can cause these errors. As a result of such an error the user might not be able use the improved features of the QuickBooks payroll service.

In the QuickBooks series 15000 there are many different series codes. Here we are going to discuss QuickBooks Error 15103 and how to resolve this error. It can be seen with a error message that says “The update program is damaged or the update program cannot be opened”. To know more about the causes and fixes of such an error make sure to read this post till the end. Or contact us for any further information at +1-844-499-6700.

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What leads to QuickBooks error code 15103?

This error can be seen due to the following factors. Let us have a look.

  • You can face this issue if the shared download drive wasn’t mapped correctly
  • In case of a missing file or component for payroll updates
  • Or if there is a damaged window files
  • Also, if a firewall setting can block payroll updates in QBDT
  • QB file copy service is disabled
  • Moreover, if you are unable to verify digital signatures, then such an error can be seen

Steps to fix QuickBooks error 15103

Before you perform the steps to fix QuickBooks error 15103

Process 1: Clean install QuickBooks

  • Firstly, uninstall the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The next step is to download and start the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool.
  • Now, manually Rename the QuickBooks Desktop installation folder.
  • After that, reinstall QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The user should lastly check whether the QuickBooks update error 15103 is still there or not.
QuickBooks Clean install Tool

 Process 2: Install digital signature certificate

  • The user should first start a window search for QBW32.exe which is in the C:\Program File\ Intuit\ QuickBooks. And to find the QBW32.exe window.
  • If QBW32.exe does not appear in the initial search then click on the more result in window search.
  • Click on the computer icon on the next screen.
  • Now, from the search result, find QBW32.exe which has a type of application.
  • In this step click on QBW32.exe then go to the Properties option.
  • Now, tap on the Digital Signature tab and make sure that Intuit inc. is selected or not in the signature list.
  • The user should head to the Details option.
  • In the digital signature, the Detail window clicks on the View Certificate.
  • Now, click on Install Certificate in the Certificate window.
  • The user should now click on the tap button on Next until the finish tab appears, then hit on Finish.
  • After that restart your computer system.
  • When the restart successfully completed then open QuickBooks Desktop.
  • The last step is to download the update again.

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 Process 3: Edit internet explorer settings

Internet explorer QuickBooks
  • At first the user should open your Internet Explorer.
  • And click on the gear icon and then choose Internet options.
  • After that move to the security tab > Trusted Sites > site.
  • The user should then add the following website
  • For US version of QuickBooks:-  * or *
  • For Canadian version of QuickBooks:- * or *
  • The next step is to click on the Close button.
  • Now, choose the Apply option and then OK.
  • End the process by verifying whether the QuickBooks error 15103 continues.

 Process 4: Configure antivirus defender

QuickBooks port number image
  • The user should setup firewall anti-virus defender to check that the QuickBooks files are saved and secure. 
  • If the firewall is not fixed it will damage QuickBooks files when you try to download updates and reinstalling any version.

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 Process 5: Verify internet and settings of QuickBooks

Configure internet settings
  • The user should ensure that the QuickBooks files have internet access of incoming and outgoing, configure your firewall and antivirus.
  • When the user tries to download the update and the firewall is not associated with QuickBooks can be because of the 15xxx series error.

 Process 6: Download update in safe mode

Safe mode with networking
  • The user should first open your system in safe mode.
  • After that download the update.
  • The user should then restart the system in normal mode.
  • The last step is to re-download the update and verify whether it continues or not.

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Process 7: Go for normal startup mode

  • At first, the user should head to run window by clicking on Windows+R together.
  • The user will have to enter in MSCONFIG in the Run box and click on OK.
Type msconfig in Run box - Screenshot
  • After that choose the Normal startup.
Normal startup
  • Now hit a click on the apply button and then the OK tab.
  • The last step is to restart your system.

 Process 8: Use quick fix my program

  • The very first step is to download the QuickBooks tool hub.
  • After that, the program is completely installed on your computer.
  • The user should head to the Program Problems tab and click on the Quick Fix my Program.
QuickBooks fix my program
  • Have patience, as this might take some time to start.
  • The last step is to reopen the QuickBooks Desktop.

Process 9: Rename the downloadqbxx folder

  • The very first step is to open the folder where the QuickBooks update files are present.
  • Find the downloadqbxx folder
  • Here the xx denotes the version number of QuickBooks Desktop
Rename the downloadqbxx file
  • The user needs to now right-click on the folder and choose rename
  • After that, add old to the end of the folder name and press enter
  • The last step is to update QuickBooks desktop again

Process 10: Start the reboot.bat file

Run Reboot.bat file - Screenshot
  • The very first step is to close the QuickBooks desktop
  • Now, right-click the QuickBooks icon and then select the properties tab
  • After that, move to the open file location, and then you have to type in reboot/reboot.bat at the top right search bar
  • Select run as admin and click on yes
  • The user will then have to apply to the changes, and reboot the system, and also reopen QuickBooks
  • The user will then have to click on update if you agree to install the updates on the system

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This article tends to provide the best possible assistance in fixing the error successfully. However, if for some reason the user isn’t able to deal with such an error, then contacting our QuickBooks Support professionals at +1-844-499-6700 is suggested. We are a team of technical professionals working on fixing all sorts of QuickBooks-related issues instantly.


What is error message 15103?

The error usually occurs due to a damaged or corrupted file, although there can be other possible reasons for this error. The error 15103 QuickBooks Desktop states that the update program is damaged or cannot be opened, and thus, you need to address this error code immediately.

How do I reset QuickBooks desktop update?

The user can try to fix the issue using steps below:
1. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
2. Go to the Help, then select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
3. Select Update Now.
4. Select the Reset Update checkbox.

How do I fix a firewall issue in QuickBooks?

The user can try to fix this issue using the steps below:
Step 1: Download the QuickBooks Tools Hub and run QuickBooks File Doctor.
Step 2: Update QuickBooks.
Step 3: Check your firewall settings.
Step 4: Set up your folder permissions.


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