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Learn the steps to deal with QuickBooks Error TD500 from its root cause.

Errors and glitches in QuickBooks are common. When software uses different codes and algorithms to provide a different set of features, it is common to come across various glitches. The best part about QuickBooks is that those glitches can be resolved easily using some set of steps. Today, we are going to discuss a unique and uncommon error that QuickBooks users might come across i.e., QuickBooks error TD500. The user might see a warning message popping up on the screen stating: “There was a problem with the update”. To learn further about this glitch, make sure to scroll through this piece of writing carefully. You can also contact our QuickBooks support professionals at +1-800-360-4183 and ask them to eliminate the issue from its root cause.

QuickBooks Error TD500 There was a problem with your update prompt

Brief into QuickBooks error TD500

As we mentioned earlier this is a unique error that can be seen in rare cases. The causes behind this issue aren’t completely identifiable. The user might experience this issue when trying to process a credit card in QuickBooks. Also, it can be seen when more than one version of QuickBooks is present on the system. The error can be resolved by performing some set of steps, which we have tried to elaborate on later in this segment.

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Measures to resolve the error code TD500 ‘There was a problem with your update’

One can try to perform the below set of steps to eliminate QuickBooks error code TD500.

Method 1: Update all the versions of QuickBooks and repair the install file

A mere update and repair can fix the error from its root cause. Thus, the user can try to perform the below set of steps and eliminate the issue permanently. Let us have a look:

  • The user needs to first note the version of QuickBooks and further press the F2 key
product information for QuickBooks Desktop
  • Later on, close QuickBooks and if more than one version of QuickBooks is available, the user can press F2 key
  • Now, search for the version of QuickBooks being used
  • Later on, select the windows start icon
  • Once done with that, go for the windows start icon
  • Followed by heading to the letter Q

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  • The user needs to then choose the down arrow for the QuickBooks folder
  • This will open up all the versions of QuickBooks installed
  • To install QuickBooks and repair the file, the user needs to open each version and ensure QuickBooks is updated
  • Choose the help and update QuickBooks desktop
update QuickBooks desktop to resolve QuickBooks Error TD500
  • Followed by ensuring that QuickBooks is updated to the latest version
  • The next step is to download the repair file and save it where it can be accessed easily
  • Now, double-click and unzip the file
  • Later on, the user needs to right-click the quick_fix_tdtool.bat and choose run as admin
  • After the process ends, the user needs to open the version of QuickBooks showing an error
  • Perform the onscreen steps
  • And carry out the process of the customer’s payment as usual.

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Method 2: Uninstall QuickBooks 2016 and install repair file

This method tends to work only in the case of QuickBooks 2017 and later versions. It won’t help QuickBooks 2016 users. Moreover, note that uninstalling QuickBooks doesn’t eliminate the QuickBooks company file. The steps to be performed here are as follows:

  • The very first step here is to press F2 key in QuickBooks and note the version of QuickBooks being used
  • Followed by closing the software
  • If the user is making use of more than one version, then ensuring that all versions are closed is recommended
  • Followed by selecting the windows start icon
  • Look for the control panel and also open the same
  • Choose programs and feature tab
programs and features option
  • And hit uninstall a program
  • Now move ahead and choose QuickBooks desktop 2016 or QuickBooks or QuickBooks 16.0
  • Hit the uninstall/change tab
Uninstalling or Reinstalling QuickBooks to resolve QuickBooks error TD500
  • Perform the onscreen instructions
  • And save it
  • Double-click on the file to unzip it
  • And right click on the quickbooks_fix_tdtool.bat and then select run as admin.

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Final Verdict!

You might find this error a bit difficult to rectify the QuickBooks error code TD500. However, once the above steps are implemented, it is believed that the reader might be able to rectify the issue up to a certain extent. On the contrary, if you are unable to eliminate the issue even after using the above set of steps, or if you require any sort of technical assistance in eliminating the error code TD500, then contact our tech support professionals is recommended.

You can contact our team at +1-800-360-4183 and ask them to perform the necessary steps on your behalf to get rid of the issue. We are a team of certified QuickBooks professionals who work round the clock in providing immediate QuickBooks support services for all sorts of associated issues.

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