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It’s time to start paying your bills with the top rated service like Paytrust Software!!! Technology has taken over and no one likes stand in the queues or visit the center to pay bill for a specific item. The process now needs to be interesting, quick and safe. Right from receiving, reviewing, organizing, and paying your bills online, Paytrust can do the all for you! This will resolve the hassle of signing the cheques, stamping the papers, and you can avoid late payments. Paytrust is no doubt a better way to pay your bills. You can easily integrate Paytrust with QuickBooks to ensure smooth payments and quick processing. To learn further about Paytrust and QuickBooks, make sure to stick around till the end. Or you can also reach out to our technical support team at ++1-844-499-6700, and we will provide you with immediate support services.

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Here are some of the amazing features of Paytrust Software

The security that Paytrust offers is because of the password-protected Bill Center. In addition to this, it also provides compelling customer experience. Features are as below:

  • Paytrust has the ability to combine both paper and electronic bills. This ensures that you receive all your bills online and do not miss any.
  • Get Complete Control: Paytrust equips you with the full control to manage your bills. You have the authority to set up a payment or recurring payment rules.
  • Pay Easily & Quickly: It enables fast and secure payments.
  • Banks on Paytrust: You can use any bank or brokerage account with check-writing privileges. You can also set multiple payment accounts to pay different bills and that too from different accounts.
  • Track your records: All the bills that are received or paid through Paytrust are saved online for an year and for eight months when offline. At the year-end, you can buy a CD-ROM which has all the bill images from the past year. You also have an option to export all the information into Microsoft Money, Excel or Quicken.
  • Paytrust helps you avoid late payments and skipping due dates.
  • You can easily track the status of all your finances.
  • Paytrust is a kind of life saver for small business as it offers a Small Business Edition for the small business owners.

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Logging into Paytrust

  1. Visit
  2. This will give you access to the simplest way to pay and track your bills online.
  3. As you login with the help of, you also get access to various benefits. Company also offers various great deals through which you can save a lot of money.
  4. With Paytrust, you can eliminate all your paper bill work, scanning, and emailing. This will also help you invest your precious time somewhere else.

Steps to login to Paytrust

  • Log on to Paytrust website.
  • This will direct you to the homepage of Paytrust website where you will get your User ID and then, you can tap on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • Then, you will go to the next page, enter your password for Pay Trust User ID. Now, Login.
 Paying Bills by handTraditional Web Bill PayPayTrust
All your paper and electronic bills are received                       


Scan all your paper bills and convert them into electronic ones           —              —     
Accept e-bills             √              √     
Detailed Bill is shown to you             √             —     
Set standards to pay each of your bill             —              √     
 Set payment rules             —             —       
Access to pay from multiple banks all in one place             —             —       
The need for envelopes, stamps and checks is eliminated             —                     
Reminder for non-receiving of any bill             —  —         
Alerts you about bill arrival, bill becoming due and payment confirmation    —                      
One-point destination for receiving bills, whether you move or switch banks   —  —         
You’ll find your money comes out of the account the day the bill is paid, not sent                —         
Late charges covered if the fault of service                        
Monthly summary of bills due and paid           
All your bills saved & organized online  —         

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PayTrust Review

  • There is no doubt that PayTrust takes care of all the bills you would have on paper or electronic. This will eliminate not just your paperwork but will also spare your time to spend somewhere productively. You can also integrate PayTrust with QuickBooks Accounting Software to track financial transactions round the clock.
  • PayTrust receives all your bills and upload them to the account you have created on it. This also removes the hassle of paying any bill late or missing on any bill. It alerts you whenever a bill is received or not received on time.
  • All the bills are posted in online and offline account as well. In this way, you can easily view your bills without leaving the website.

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All the information related to paytrust software has been incorporated in the article. The benefit of making use of Paytrust online bill pay is that it assists to save time, and also offers you peace-of-mind simply by streamlining the bill pay process. Paytrust merely enables you to authorize repayments separately every month or set up recurring payments. It supplies e-mail and telephone support 24-hour a day, 7 days a week. I have been using Paytrust for many years – from its inception. It has organized bill paying and made a very tedious task very easy and reliable. Bills are never misplaced or lost – or late. If you have any other query or want to more discuss about this topic then dial our toll-free QuickBooks help number ++1-844-499-6700.


FAQs Related to Paytrust: Online Bill Paying Software And Service

Can I pay vendors through QuickBooks Online?

You can make a vendor payment using the steps below: 
1. At first login to your QuickBooks online account. 
2. Now, on dashboard, choose the bill pay online widget. 
3. Further, choose the make a payment tab. 
4. Also, enter payment information for vendor.

How do I pay bills directly from QuickBooks Online?

You can pay bills using the steps below: 
1. Initially, sign in to QuickBooks online account. 
2. After that, choose + New. 
3. Once done with that, choose pay bills online. 
4. And further go for checkbox on the bills you want to pay and hit next. 
5. The next step is to review the payment info, in case you need to make any updates, and choose edit details. 
6. Now, choose submit payment to submit your scheduled payments. 

Can you pay directly through QuickBooks?

You can easily pay bills directly from QuickBooks with your bank account, debit or credit card. You can further choose how your vendors receive the payment by ACH or check. 

Where are payment methods in QuickBooks Online?

You can find the payment methods by performing the below activities in QuickBooks online. 
1. Move to the settings ⚙ tab. 
2. After that, choose all lists in the LISTS column. 
3. After that, go for the payment methods. 
4. You now have to find the payment method you want to edit or disable.

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