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QuickBooks error 15241 shows up when a user tries to download or update the payroll services. Another reason behind the occurrence of this error might be, if the QuickBooks Desktop File Copy Service (FCS) is disabled. QuickBooks payroll update error code 15241 can be very annoying for the users to tackle. To learn further about QuickBooks error 15241, make sure to stick around this piece of writing till the end.

QuickBooks error 15241

However, you can make an immediate call at +1-844-499-6700 to speak with our QuickBooks error support team to solve this error. Our support team will be pleased to help you.

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What is QuickBooks Update Error 15241?

QuickBooks error code 15241 comes up with an error message being popped up on the screen stating:

QuickBooks UpdateError 15241: The payroll update did not complete successfully.
The QuickBooks FCS service is disabled.

There can be multiple factors leading to this payroll error. It can be caused due to damaged Microsoft Windows Installer or due to damaged QuickBooks desktop installation. The error code 15241 creates a difficulty in QuickBooks payroll function, and is usually seen when the user installs or updates the payroll. There are plenty of facts related to this error, which will be discussed later in this post.

How to Establish Preference in QuickBooks Desktop?

  • Just go to ‘Edit menu‘ and then select ‘Preferencestab.
Preferences option - Screenshot
  • After clicking of preferences please choose ‘Reports‘ and ‘Graphs located‘ on the left side.
  • Now, choose any of the one like ‘My Preferences’ or ‘Company Preferences‘ option.
Company preferences - Screenshot

For My Preferences

  • Ensure to ‘modify report option‘ and check before opening a report.
  • Then every time you create a report the modify report window will open automatically.
  • After refresh, set graph and ‘report preferences‘ to confirm.
    • Ask me to refresh- When the report is refreshed a prompt message will display on the screen which shows that the graph or graph has to be refreshed.
    • Automatic refresh- Whenever you have to make any changes in the report QuickBooks Desktop automatically refreshes it.

Important Note: This is the slowest of the 3 mentioned options. In case, if you are working with a graph or report in a multi-user mode then you have to face a long interruption and if other users are making changes to QuickBooks Desktop data, then there is high chance cause QB to refresh the graph/report.

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What Causes QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15241?

  • QuickBooks Desktop File Copy Service (FCS) is disabled. This service is very important for the function of QB application and payroll service
  • The downloaded file got corrupted somehow
  • Or if the QuickBooks installation was not done properly
  • The same error could be seen, in case the Windows registry files got corrupted due to the installation of QuickBooks
  • A trojan attack can be one such reason
  • In case some QuickBooks related essentials files got deleted somehow
  • The QuickBooks error code 15241 can also be detected if the anti-virus program is blocking access to the updated file

Symptoms of QuickBooks error 15241

  • Error 15241 shows up and the program window crashes
  • Windows runs sluggishly and responds slowly to the keyboard and mouse inputs
  • The user will receive an update notification in QuickBooks Payroll
  • Unable to install the payroll update

Steps to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 15241

Below we have discussed the steps to repair QuickBooks Error 15241, classified by the Windows version you use-

For Windows 8/7/Vista and Windows 10 Users:

If you use Windows 8, 7, Vista, or 10 then follow these steps:

  • The initial step is to close your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • And then tap on ‘Windows Start‘ button from your keyboard and then right-click on the Computer.
  • After that, the user is supposed to select ‘Manage‘ tab.

For Windows 10 Users: Click on the Search button located on the taskbar and then search for Computer. Right-click on this PC and then choose Manage tab.

  • Followed by clicking on ‘Services‘ and then select ‘Applications‘, from the left pane
  • The next step is to click on ‘Services‘, in the right pane.
  • Perform a double-click operation on ‘Intuit QuickBooks FSC‘.
  • Click on Startup type drop-down option.
  • Select ‘Manual‘ in the startup window.
  • Select ‘Apply‘ button.
  • Choose the Start option and then select ‘OK button’.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop once more.
  • Download QuickBooks Desktop product updates.
  • Finally, ‘Update latest payroll tax tables‘.

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For Windows XP Users:

If you use Windows XP then implement the steps mentioned below-

  • The very first step is to Close QuickBooks Desktop.
  • And then, from the Desktop, do a right-click on ‘My Computer‘ and then select ‘Manage‘. Here the computer management screen will ‘Open‘.
  • Hover to the Services and Applications tab and then select ‘Services‘. Now the Services window will open.
open Computer Management to fix QuickBooks FSC services to fix error 15241
  • Scroll-down and then double-click on ‘Intuit QuickBooks FSC‘ service. The Intuit ‘QuickBooks FCS‘ Properties window will open.
Choosing Intuit QuickBooks FSC service in Computer Management Screen to resolve error 15241
  • Click on ‘General tab‘ after then select ‘Startup‘ type drop-down list and select ‘Manual‘ option.
Intuit QuickBooks FSC properties (Local Computer)- switch to mannual
  • After that, the user needs to click on ‘OK‘ button.
  • Followed by opening QuickBooks Desktop again.
  • Download the updates of QuickBooks Desktop product.
  • Update Payroll tax tables
    • Hover to Employees and then click on Get ‘Payroll Updates‘.
updating payroll tax table to fix quickbooks error 15241
  • Select Download the entire payroll update.
    • Select ‘Update‘ tab.
    • When the download process will it will display a message, “A new tax table and/or updates to your payroll tax forms have been installed on your computer“.
    • End the process by clicking on ‘OK‘ to read about the changes which will be displayed on your screen.
Downloading payroll tax table

An Additional Solution

updating quickbooks

You can also setup your QuickBooks for automatic update. This would keep you from manually updating your QuickBooks Desktop and its various tools and applications. Here is how you can do it:

  • Click on ‘Help’ tab and then select Update QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Next, go to the ‘option’ tab.
  • Click ‘Yes’ to turn on automatic updates.
  • Click on the ‘Close’ tab.

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The Bottom Line!

I hope you found this blog helpful. However, if the QuickBooks error code 15241 is still disturbing you then you can get in touch with QuickBooks payroll customer service team by dialing +1-844-499-6700. Our certified ProAdvisor team is always here to assist you in the right manner. Thus, do not hesitate in calling us anytime, our team will surely fix the error for you.

FAQs Related to QuickBooks error 15241

What is error code 15241 in QuickBooks desktop?

In case the file copy service or Intuit.QuickBooks. FCS.exe process is disabled due to some unintentional user action, then QuickBooks won’t be able to complete the download or installation of the update.

How do I fix a reconciliation error in QuickBooks?

For this you need to ensure you entered the correct amount:
1. When you are reconciling an account, go to the reconciliation window and choose edit info.
2. After that, review the ending balance and ending date.
3. Check your bank statement. Make edits as needed.
4. When you are done, choose the save tab.

How do I fix a locked file error in QuickBooks desktop?

To fix locked file error, you simply need to confirm multi-user hosting and then on the server and workstation, update QuickBooks desktop. Now, use the task manager to restart QuickBooks database service.

What is error 15212 in QuickBooks desktop?

QuickBooks Error 15212 can occur due to the following Reasons: When the particular shared download is turned off and the particular data file is accessed from a different location. If the download updates or shared location is mapped to a presently unavailable drive.


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