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Just like every other accounting software, even QuickBooks is prone to technical glitches. Some glitches should resolve by a simple reboot, while others might need to perform certain other steps. One such error that we are going to highlight in today’s article is QuickBooks error OL-334. Well, this error is basically a banking error or can also be termed as a banking setup and connection error. One might come across such an error when there is an interruption in the internet connection or if the internet connection is poor. This error basically highlights that there is some sort of issue with the bank. This can be either any sort of improvement offered by the bank related to the admin or related to the web connector. Tackling errors in QuickBooks Software is easy, as every error can be resolved using some steps and even the banking errors are no exceptions.

The QuickBooks Banking error OL-334 can be resolved easily using the steps that we will be mentioning later in this article. Thus, we recommend you stick around till the end and understand every method properly. But if you are a newbie or have zero technical knowledge, then you should consult a professional for eliminating the issue. You can contact our experts at +1-844-521-0490 and ask them to help you out in fixing the error permanently.

What lands you in QuickBooks banking error OL-334?

As mentioned earlier, there can be a couple of factors leading to QuickBooks banking error OL-334. Find out what those reasons are below:

  • One of the basic reasons can be an inactive bank account empowered for online banking in QuickBooks.
  • Performing download or import incorrectly can fix QuickBooks banking error OL-334.
  • Bank servers or internet service providers can also be a common reason behind the occurrence of such an error.
  • A discontinued adaptation of Windows or QuickBooks desktop can trigger error OL 334.

Important points

Before you jump on to the procedures to eliminate such an error, it is very much essential to perform certain activities or keep certain things in mind. Let us have a look:

  • Ascertaining that QuickBooks desktop is up to date to the latest release is a must to resolve QuickBooks banking error OL-334
  • Reaching out to the bank to verify the account information and that the bank is not experiencing any outages at that moment.
  • One has to re-check if there is an active internet connection. If yes, then verify the firewall and internet security settings to continue.
  • Confirm that a supported version of QuickBooks Desktop and internet explorer is being used, else make sure to update it

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Procedures to eliminate QuickBooks banking error OL-334

Getting rid of the error becomes easy with the steps we have tried to elaborate on below. Let us explore the steps one by one:

Process 1: Create a new test company file

Create a new test file - Banking error Ol-334
  • This method requires the user to choose and Click new company
  • After that click on Express start from the QuickBooks new company file menu.
  • The next step is to Add a Bank account, in the newly created test company
  • After that set up the account for Bank feeds.
  • Now, download bank feed transactions to test the account.
Create a New Test Company File

Process 2: Running the account set up with the ctrl key

  • This process demands creating a backup of QuickBooks company file.
  • Once done with that, look for the Inactive account in QuickBooks file.
  • After that, deactivate the account for Online services.
Deactivate all online services - QuickBooks banking error OL 334
  • End the process by running Bank feeds setup again and pressing the Ctrl key.

Process 3: Deactivating all accounts

Towards the end, the user will get an option stating chart of accounts, where one has to select the include in active checkbox and further click on deactivate bank feeds.

Deactivating Bank Feeds

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Process 4: Enable the TLS 1.2 Security Protocol

  • Start with opening the Internet explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge browser
  • Check if the latest version of QuickBooks is installed.
  • Now, click on the Gear icon.
  • Head to the Internet options and click on Advanced tab.
  • Now, in Security section move down.
  • And then, uncheck the USE TLS 1.0 and mark USE TLS 1.2
  • After that click on apply and hit OK tab and close the programs.
  • Complete the process by rebooting the system.
Enable the TLS 1.2 Security Protocol

Process 5: Create a new account and merge the accounts to resolve QuickBooks error OL-334

  • The very first step is to right click and then choose Edit account.
  • Once done with that, highlight the Account name
  • Also, go for the Copy option
  • Now type in an asterisk (*) at the end of the account name.
  • The next step is to click on the Bank feed settings
Create a new account and merge the accounts
  • After that, the user needs to click on Deactivate all online services tab.
  • Moving ahead, the user should click on Save and close.
  • And then, click on Chart of accounts to create a new account.
  • After that close and reopen the company file
  • The next step is to click on Chart of accounts
  • Also, go for the Edit account option
  • After performing the steps above, remove the (*)asterisk
  • And then, right click the Account to choose
  • Once done with that, click on Save and Close.
  • When the prompt appears, the user needs to click on Yes and Set up an account for bank feeds.
  • The last step in the process is to download transactions to newly merged account.
  • The process ends here

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Eliminating the QuickBooks banking error OL-334 becomes a cakewalk once you are thorough with the steps that can be performed to get rid of the error. In case the error continues to trouble the user, even after implementing the steps discussed above, then contacting our tech personnel at +1-844-521-0490 will help. Our technically sound professionals will be able to help you in removing the error from its root cause successfully. Thus, do not hesitate in sharing your queries with our professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QuickBooks Banking error OL 334?

QuickBooks Banking error OL 334 is basically an error code that occurs when there is an issue with downloading transactions or connecting to the bank when using online banking services in QuickBooks.

Is there a way to prevent QuickBooks banking error from occuring?

Note the below options to prevent QuickBooks banking error from occurring:
1. Make sure to correct and update bank login credentials entered in QuickBooks
2. Update QuickBooks to the latest release
3. Maintain a stable and reliable internet connection for online banking activities.
4. Review and update the bank accounting settings in QuickBooks periodically to ensure they are accurate and properly configured
5. Keep your system and network security measures up to date, and be cautious when accessing online banking services.

Can using a different browser help resolve QuickBooks banking error OL 334?

Well, yes in many cases, switching to a different browser or clearing the cache and temporary internet files of the current browser can resolve connectivity issues and therefore, fix the error.

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