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Trying to work on QuickBooks, and suddenly got interrupted by a warning message that stated: QuickBooks Internet Explorer is Turned Off? Well, recently many QuickBooks users have reported this error. This particular issue is experienced when opening QuickBooks desktop. There are a bunch of factors behind the occurrence of such an error. One of which can be a disabled Internet Explorer browser. The IE is turned off error can also be termed as QuickBooks won’t open without Internet Explorer. The error message that shows up on the screen is: 

QuickBooks has a problemInternet Explorer is turned off in your copy of Windows, but QuickBooks needs it to work properly. Please turn on Internet Explorer, You can find out how to do this on the Windows support site.
QuickBooks internet explorer is turned off

To help you understand this glitch better, here we are with this segment sharing the complete details about this issue along with the right fixes that can be implemented to get rid of it immediately. However, if you do not want to tackle this issue manually, then we can definitely help you with that as well. You can simply get in touch with our technical support team at +1-844-499-6700, and we will provide you with instant support and guidance. 

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What factors can lead you to QuickBooks Internet Explorer being Turned Off error? 

There are a bunch of factors that can drag you into such an error. Let us evaluate a couple of the common ones: 

  1. One of the basic reasons can be if Internet Explorer is disabled. 
  2. Another possible factor can be if the Internet Explorer is uninstalled from the system. 
  3. You can further come across similar issues if the installed version of Internet Explorer is older than the 6.0 version. 

Procedures to fix QuickBooks Internet Explorer is turned off issue

Getting rid of the QuickBooks won’t open without Internet Explorer error becomes easy, once you go through the steps below. Let us have a look at each of the procedures that you can carry out to fix the error from its root cause: 

Procedure 1: Restart the System 

At times a mere restart can fix a bunch of glitches. Thus, we suggest you to first try restarting your system and then try to open QuickBooks and check if the issue still troubles you. The steps involved here are: 

Reboot or restart the computer
  1. Begin the process by hitting the start menu. 
  2. Once done with that click on the power tab. 
  3. You now have to go to the restart tab. 
  4. Now, wait for the system to restart 
  5. You will then have to open QuickBooks after the system has restarted. 
  6. Also, the software should be functioning normally now and if the same issue continues, try implementing the procedures listed below. 

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Procedure 2: Update Internet Explorer Browser 

As mentioned earlier, using an outdated Internet Explorer browser can also lead to such an error. The steps involved in updating the browser are: 

Update windows - QuickBooks Internet explorer turned off
  1. You need to first right-click the start tab. 
  2. Once done with that head to the settings tab
  3. After that, go for the update and security tab. 
  4. Also, select the Windows update menu. 
  5. You will now have to click on check for updates. 
  6. Followed by selecting the updates and clicking on the update tab. 
  7. The last step is to restart the system and apply the updates. 

Procedure 3: Uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks desktop 

If you still face the issue, then it can be due to faulty QuickBooks software. Thus, try to uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks. The steps involved in here are: 

  1. In order to access the run command, click on Windows + R tabs. 
  2. After that, enter control in the run window and click on the ok tab. 
  3. Select the programs tab and opt for programs and features. 
  4. You will now have to click on uninstall after selecting QuickBooks Desktop from the list of programs. 
Microsoft.Net Framework - QuickBooks Internet Explorer turned off
  1. In case asked to, click on yes. 
  2. Also, select Remove by clicking on the next tab. 
  3. Removing QuickBooks from the system might take some time. 
  4. Once the uninstallation ends, click on the finish tab. 
  5. Reboot your system, reinstall QuickBooks through the official Intuit website, and check if the issue gets resolved. 

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Procedure 4: Enable the Internet Explorer in programs and features 

  1. Here in this process, you would have to turn on the Internet Explorer to let QuickBooks access it. 
  2. Initially press windows + R and let the Run command open. 
  3. Enter Control and click on the ok tab. 
  4. There from the control panel window, head to the programs and select the programs and features tab. 
Turn windows feature on
  1. Click on the left panel and further click on turn Windows features on or off. 
  2. After that check the box next to Internet Explorer to turn it on and click on the ok tab. 

Procedure 5: Reinstall Internet Explorer if uninstalled earlier 

In case you uninstalled the Internet Explorer browser, then reinstall the same to get it fixed. The steps to reinstall the Internet Explorer are as follows: 

Reinstall Install Feature - quickbooks internet explorer is turned off
  1. You need to first download the Internet Explorer installation package from the Microsoft website. 
  2. After that, double-click the .exe file. 
  3. You will then have to click on Install to finish the installation. 
  4. Select the Restart tab. 
  5. And towards the end, restart the system, but before that activate Internet Explorer under turn Windows features on or off menu. 

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Internet Explorer is a crucial factor in opening QuickBooks, thus, the occurrence of such an error can prohibit you from working on your software. Thus, it is essential to eliminate the error as soon as possible. However, if you are still unable to access QuickBooks and the same error shows up even after performing the set of steps and procedures enumerated above, we recommend you to connect with our technical support professionals at +1-844-499-6700. You can discuss your queries with our technical team and seek for professional guidance. Our team will ensure instant support and guidance for all your QuickBooks-related queries. 

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