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While installing QuickBooks runtime redistributable, does it spontaneously restart the server? Does your server show restarting without any prior warning? In many cases, the server might come back fine and could later show QuickBooks runtime redistributable in programs and features. You can experience this issue if the Microsoft Visual C++ installation in the system is damaged. This particular program is generally used to run QuickBooks and is further automatically installed when you Install QuickBooks Desktop. In order to start fresh, you can re-install it. 

Just in case your QuickBooks came with a CD, then you can simply add the disk and further run the Microsoft C++ installer. However, if it doesn’t run, then you can download Microsoft Visual C++ from the Microsoft website. To learn further about QuickBooks desktop runtime redistributable, make sure to stick around this segment till the end, or you can further connect with our technical support team at +1-844-499-6700, and let our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors help you with your queries. 

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System Requirements of QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable 

Before you proceed further with the rectification measures, let us first find out the basic system requirements for QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable. 

  1. Operating System
    1. Service pack 1 for Windows 7 
    2. Windows XP 
    3. Version 8 Windows 
    4. Service Pack 2 for Windows Vista 
    5. Version 8.1 windows
  2. Server
    1. Server Windows 2003 
    2. R2SP1 Server Windows 2008 
    3. Service Pack 2 for Windows 8 
    4. Server Windows 2012 
    5. R2 Server Windows 2012
  3. Hardware Requirement
    1. The basic requirement is RAM 512 MB 
    2. A 5400 RPM hard drive is essential 
    3. Also, a processor of at least 900 MHz or higher 
    4. At least 50 MB of hard drive space is a must 
    5. Powerful visual card with a high-resolution display. 

Reasons for Installing Multiple Microsoft Visual C++ Visual Redistributable

Microsoft visual C Redistributable

Here are a few reasons that can cause an issue with Runtime Redistributable. Let us have a look: 

  1. Note that depending upon the Windows version you are using, various versions of C++ Visual are preinstalled with the same. 
  2. In case you identify another version of C++ visual redistributable on the system, it might be installed with the software. 
  3. Note that, when you use some programs for the first time, a notification might show up stating redistributable packages have been installed. 

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Issues that show up QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable 

There are a few issues that show up due to QuickBooks runtime redistributable. Let us understand it better: 

  1. The server might crash or become unstable
  2. Another issue can be if the Microsoft Visual C++ installation in the system gets damaged 
  3. Or the system restarts without any warning. 

After installation QuickBooks runtime redistributable errors 

Such sort of errors indicate that a specific version of the visual C++ redistributable required by the software that you are trying to install is corrupted or missing. Note that, MSVCR110 handles the visual C++2010 SP1 redistributable. 

  1. MSVCR71.dll, MSVCR08.dll, and MSVCR09.dll (from 2008 to 2010)
  2. MSVCR120.dll (2012) 
  3. MSVCR130.dll (2013) 
  4. MSVCR140.dll (2015)

During installation, many programs include a duplicate of Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable. 

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Steps to eliminate and Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ to fix QuickBooks runtime redistributable issue 

To fix this issue, you can carry out the steps below and try to remove and reinstall Microsoft C++ Visual. 

Step 1: Uninstalling Microsoft Visual C++ 

The steps installed to get the Microsoft Visual C++ uninstalled from the system are: 

Uninstall Microsoft Visual C - quickbooks runtime redistributable
  • Start by closing any program that is open 
  • Once done with that, make use of Windows + R and launch the Run tab. 
  • You now have to look for Control Panel and then click on the ok tab. 
Control panel - QuickBooks runtime redistributable
  • Now, select Microsoft C++ software that is right for your QuickBooks version. 
  • You will later have to follow the onscreen prompts after hitting the uninstall tab. 
  • Towards the end, you need to reboot the system. 

Step 2: Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ 

Here in this step, you simply need to re-install a fresh copy of Microsoft Visual C++. Let us have a look: 

Reinstall Microsoft Visual C- quickbooks runtime redistributable
  • You need to first insert the QuickBooks CD into the system’s CD drive. 
  • The next step is to close QuickBooks installation windows that might show after installing the CD 
  • Now, click on Windows + R and then you might open the system 
  • The last step is to download and install Microsoft Visual C++ from the Microsoft website in case you do not have a QuickBooks CD. 

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QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable and related issues can be a bit confusing for a QuickBooks user. Hopefully, going through this piece of writing might help you with your queries related to QuickBooks Desktop Runtime Redistributable. In case any of your queries remain unanswered, give us a call at +1-844-499-6700, and let our QuickBooks support professionals help you out with your QB errors. 

FAQs Related to QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable

What is QuickBooks Desktop Runtime Redistributable?
Talking about QuickBooks Runtime Redistributable, it consists of various components that are mandatory for the smooth functioning of QuickBooks. These components include libraries, frameworks, and other runtime files.

How do I fix runtime error in QuickBooks?
In order to fix runtime errors in QuickBooks, you need to simply perform the below steps.
1. Download QuickBooks install diagnostic tool
2. When asked to, save the file to the local desktop
3. Close any program and run QuickBooks Install Tool
4. Reboot the system after running the tool

How do I fix script errors in QuickBooks Desktop?
To fix script errors in QuickBooks, simply carry out the below steps:
1. Click on the tools menu
2. After that, choose internet options
3. The next step is to select security tab
4. You now have to select active scripting under scripting tab
5. And then, click on apply

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