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Why experts recommend QuickBooks to fix payroll issues

QuickBooks is an advanced accounting software that is trusted by millions of business owners and accountants worldwide. This software helps the users perform tasks related to accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll with ease. However, sometimes QuickBooks receives some errors and glitches despite being a robust software. This article is crafted to assist you in case you have been facing payroll related issues.

New payroll features in QuickBooks offer improved business experience to users, but payroll problems may cause a delay in their work and can also cause a shutdown. It’s necessary that you verify a payroll sheet at least twice before concluding it, in order to avoid any kind of further mess. You can also code up multiple devices in the software to further reduce your manual work.

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Different types of payroll problems

Accounting is quite a daunting task and more often than not it may be challenging. In case the business being served is too large, the job may be even tougher as the payroll of the employees is a very sensitive thing to do.

Not everything can be performed manually. And if tried, there might be more chances of encountering various errors. Though, many of the payroll problems encountered by organizations can be fixed using QuickBooks accounting software.

Below enumerated are different types of payroll problems organizations have reported:

  • Overtime issues
  • Employee misclassification
  • Unreliable time records
  • Untimed payroll processing

1. Overtime Issues:

An organization may have employees getting different payouts. Furthermore, not all employees work for regular hours. While some sources decide to work for extra hours to earn extra wages, a company may also require some employees to deliver more hours to meet some delivery agreements. The working hours and payment must be included in the profiles of every individual employee.

As per the Fair Labor Standards Act, all organizations should pay their employees with the fair, which should be one and half-hour higher than their regular work period. For that, it is mandatory to create and maintain the overtime data sheet to keep the payroll process simple.

2. Employee misclassification:

A company might not give every individual the status of an employee. The owners may also hire freelancers or sources on contract to get some work done. In situations like that, it’s necessary to keep a note of such work agreements.

The process incorporated to pay the organization’s permanent employee may vary from the process through which the freelancers are supposed to pay. The same may apply when reporting to IRS, the processes may be dissimilar. W2 cases are supposed to be used for the company’s employees and 1099 should be used for freelancers and other non-employees.

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3. Unreliable time records:

If you must use paper time cards, the unpredictability in timing may cause an issue. If an employee or resource is unable to use his paper time cards, the payroll for the employee may be delayed. In the time records, the error may display the salary underpaid or overpaid.

The payroll management must be performed with a significant software like the QuickBooks. Among all the apt accounting applications, QuickBooks is especially known to help the small- and mid-sized business enterprises. Make sure that you have an updated version of QuickBooks to solve payroll related issues.

Using QuickBooks may enable you to record the in and out timings of all the employees. The software assists you to maintain a clear calculation of the time records and also assists you in processing the payroll with ease.

Maintaining the accurate data of overtime for all the employees of the firm manually is not possible. Thus, it’s imperative to use QuickBooks accounting software that can help you create and maintain records of the firm’s employees. When it’s time to push the payroll, details can be extracted from QB without any manual assistance.

4. Untimed payroll processing:

Employees working for an organization may have multiple commitments related to their payout. A delay in processing the payroll may impact their commitment towards work. If there appears any sort of error in the payroll management, then fixing it manually may take a lot of time. If you want seamless payroll processing every month, you can opt for an updated version of QuickBooks accounting software.

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Author’s words!!

There are multiple ways to fix payroll issues, out of which a few are described in this article. However, using a robust accounting software like QuickBooks is something that ensures a seamless payroll system. Also, you can contact our Pro Accountant Advisor team whenever you have a query or you need assistance. We feature a Payroll support team of QuickBooks experts that is available round the clock at +1-844-499-6700. Our experts ensure quality assistance and ensure to provide the most relevant information for all QuickBooks related queries to fix payroll issues.


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