Having a problem in Syncing QuickBooks files between two computers?? Don’t you worry..! Here, you will get the answers of your all queries. In this informative article – we are going to clarify all such topic. Moreover, you can also converse with a QuickBooks expert to attain the best possible solution without wasting time & effort.

Sync augmented productivity and increases the flexibility to access the data. In many situations, it has seen that many QB users desire to connect their data between multiple devices to enhance their productivity & flexibility in accessing the data. Unfortunately, they fall short to connect the QB files between two computers as they don’t have proper awareness about it.

Here, we will endow you the exact insight & knowledge for – how to sync QuickBooks files between two computers? This information is provided as we understand that many QB users desire to sync data or files between the devices in their workplace or home.

Note: Ensure that there is a right installation alternative for each PC, before syncing the files. And, also you must confirm that both computers linked with the same network or not. There is one additional choice available for you that you can also uninstall the QuickBooks software on both the machines & later, reinstall it with the correct options.

How to Synchronize the QuickBooks desktop files?

To synchronize the QuickBooks file between two PC’s, one of the best way is to confirm that you chose the correct installation alternatives for each machine. Also, sync both of the computers on the same network. On the other hand, you can also uninstall the QuickBooks on both PC’s & reinstall it with the correct options.

When the QuickBooks re-install & configuration get completed on both the computer then, be sure that the primary computer stores all the company files. It also allows you to synchronize the QB data to other machines on the same network. Apart from this, you can also use the ‘Data Transfer Utility’ also known as a third-party commercial utility.

Note: Synchronize the QB files between two systems that allow & makes it trouble-free for employees to work together on one combined accounting report.

How to Sync the QuickBooks File between two Computers?

Checkout and follow the systematic steps to sync the QuickBooks files between two computers:-

Blog Summary in Infographic

Steps to Sync QuickBooks Files Between Two Computers - Infographic
  1. From the Intuit’s official website, download & install the ‘Data Transfer Utility’.
  2. Copy the QB company files from the secondary company and paste it to the primary computer.
  3. In the primary computer, open the QuickBooks software.
  4. In the “Export Data from the source company”, choose the ‘Open Source Company’ button.
  5. Select the dialogue ‘Yes and permit access even if QuickBooks is Not Running’ and see the option to permit the application to access the personal data. Now, click on the ‘Continue’ icon => ‘Yes’ icon => finally ‘Done’ icon.
  6. Select the ‘Close’ tab in ‘Currently Connected To’ section within the Data Transfer Utility.
  7. Verify the ‘File’ menu & select the ‘close Company’ in QuickBooks.
  8. Select the ‘File’ option & then, choose the Open or Restore Company & select the ‘Open a Company’ in the QuickBooks.
  9. In the ‘Import Data Into Destination Company’ section, select the ‘Open Destination Company’ of Disk Transfer Utility.
  10. Select the dialogue Yes, Always permit access even if QuickBooks is Not Runningand allow the application to access the personal data. Hit onto the “Continue” tab => “Yes” tab => finally “Done” tab in the QuickBooks.
  11. Select the ‘Close’ tab for the ‘Currently Connected To’ section in the Data Transfer Utility.
  12. Choose the ‘File’ menu & ‘Close Company’ in the QuickBooks.
  13. Select the ‘Type of Data’ and ‘Change’ tab of Data Transfer Utility.
  14. In the ‘Data Transfer Utility’, go to the ‘Import Data Into Destination’ and select the ‘Import Data’ button.

Get Quick Help & Support

By following the above given steps we hope now, you have successfully synced the QuickBooks files between two computers. We anticipate that this technical editorial would be helpful for you to comprehend this issue in a better manner. However, it could be possible that there are some indistinct topics or trouble associated with the QuickBooks. In such an event, you can directly speak to the QuickBooks support team anytime.

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