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How to learn Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6155, 0 – Unable to Open Company File.

QuickBooks Desktop software is accounting software that helps you to manage the books and accounts of a particular organization. Like any other computer accounting software, this software is also prone to many errors. So, in this invaluable segment we will discuss one such error of this accounting software named as: This QuickBooks Error 6155, 0 is an error code of -6000 series.

At times, User faces trouble in opening their company while accessing their financial record of their company. Well, the reason behind this issue might be the presence of this -Error 6155, 0. And the error message of this QuickBooks error code 6155, 0 that displays on your screen while opening the company file is stated as:

‘Error 6155, 0 an error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the company file’.

QuickBooks Error code 6155, 0

However, one of the most evident causes of this error is corrupt or incomplete installation of QuickBooks Desktop application software. Beside this, there are several other reasons that are responsible for the occurrence of this QuickBooks Error Code 6155, 0.

So, in order to know more about this error its signs, its causes and also troubleshooting solutions to rectify this error read this article till the very end where we have covered almost every detail about this QuickBooks Error 6155,0 that will help you to resolve this error without causing much technical distress.

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What are the factors that Triggers QuickBooks Error 6155, 0?

It is very important for the users to know all the possible factors that are responsible for this error to occur, as it makes error- resolution process easier and effective. So, to help you with that, we have listed below all the possible causes that trigger this error and for that you need to keep eyes on. They are:

  • Corrupted or Incomplete installation of the QuickBooks Desktop Software on Windows.
  • Another reason that triggers this error could be missing company file from within QuickBooks installation directory.
  • Due to Detrimental malware attack or virus attack your Company file may be infected.
  • Sometimes this kind of QuickBooks error takes place, when you are not using an updated version of QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • Corruption and Data damage in QuickBooks Desktop Company file.
  • When you are possibly trying to access read-only Company file.

Effective Measures to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 6155, 0

Here, we have listed the most considerate instructions that may help you to resolve this error effectively. To do so, follow the stepwise instructions given below:

Procedure 1: Renew the QuickBooks Desktop Application.

At times, due to an outdated version of QuickBooks Desktop Application you might end up with this error code 6155, 0. So to fix this error code, update this software to latest version by following these steps:

  • Go to QuickBooks Desktop application, click on Help from the main menu.
  • Then from the Help menu, Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop.
Update quickbooks desktop using help menu
  • Now from ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop’ dialog box, click Update Now,
  • Select the Reset Update checkbox. Click on Get Updates.
Get updates for quickbooks desktop
  • Restart your QuickBooks application. Install the new release when prompted.

Check if you can open the .QBW file from the QuickBooks Desktop application without any error. But if the error 6155, 0 persists, move to the next solution.

Procedure 2: Repair corrupt company file by running QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.

Running QuickBooks file doctor using tool hub
  • At First, download the QuickBooks File Doctor tool on your system.
  • Now in order to launch the QuickBooks® File Doctor icon on your desktop Double tap on it.
  • Choose the company file you want to repair using the tool and then hit on the Next button.
  • Follow the prompts on your screen to run the tool and wait until the QuickBooks File Doctor accomplishes the process of repairing the company file.
  • Finally check the results. If you still receive QB error 6155, 0 use the next error -resolution method.

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Procedure 3: Try to change the attribute of the QuickBooks company file to not Read-Only.

First of all, confirm that the QuickBooks Company File you are trying to access is not Read-Only. As you can open a Read-Only QuickBooks company file, but will not be able to make changes to it. So, to overcome this problem, you need to change this attribute of the company file.

  • Precede to the QuickBooks installation directory, then right-click the company file you want to edit.
  • Now from the drop-down list choose Properties and then unmark the box against Read-Only
  •  Hit the Apply button and then OK to finish the task
  • Again, try to open the company file and check if the QuickBooks error is fixed. If not fixed, try the next set of steps.

Procedure 4: Use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool to Reinstall the Software.

QuickBooks clean install tool is a tool that can repair a corrupt or incomplete installation of the program so that you can easily access or view your QuickBooks Company file without any difficulty.

  • Download QuickBooks Clean Install Tool and save it to a location where you may easily find it
  • Then, Open QuickBooks_Clean_Install_Utility.exe.
  • Next, agree to the license terms and choose the QuickBooks Desktop version you are currently using.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Now, when you get the message- “QuickBooks is now ready for Clean Install,” install it to the default directory.

Procedure 5: Changing the .Nd and .Tlg file names

At times, the files related to QuickBooks like the nd and tlg files can trigger certain errors in QuickBooks. Thus, it is suggested to try changing the file names by adding .OLD at the end of the filename. The steps involved in this procedure are as follows:

  • Start the process by heading to the location where QuickBooks company file is stored.
  • Further, search for the files having extensions .ND and .TLG files.
Rename nd and tlg files - QuickBooks error code 6155
  • Right click the files and click on the rename option.
  • Moreover, type in .OLD at the end.
  • Click on Yes to end the process.

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Procedure 6: Download and run quick fix my program

Running quick fix my program can fix the issue up to certain extent. The steps involved in this procedure are as follows:

  • Begin with downloading and installing QuickBooks tool hub program.
  • Now, head to the program problems and click on quick fix my program.
Quick fix my program - QuickBooks error code 6155
  • The process might take some time to complete.
  • Further, reopen QuickBooks desktop and check if the issue continues.

Procedure 7: Copy the company files to desktop

If none of the above procedures helped in eliminating the error from its root cause, try copying the company files to desktop. This can be done as follows:

  • Right click the desktop and mov to the new tab.
  • After that, select folder options.
  • Later on, create a new folder on the desktop.
  • Once done with that, move to the current company file location.
  • Furthermore, right click the company file and select copy.
  • You will then have to open the new folder and right click and click on paste tab.
  • Heading forward, click on ctrl.
  • And also tap on open or restore an existing company.
Open or restore an existing company file - Error code 6155 0
  • Now open a company file and click on next.
  • Browse the desktop file and click on open.
  • Check if the issue is rectified.

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To Sum Up!

When you are still unable to access your QuickBooks Company File after following all the step wise instructions mentioned above and you are getting 6155, 0 error messages. Now you surely need to make contact to our certified experts from QuickBooks Error Customer Support Team immediately by dialing our QuickBooks error support phone number + 1(844)405-0907. Our professionals will technically assist you with utmost dedication to cut the roots of this 6155, 0 error. And in no time, you can get back to your business accounting and financial data from QuickBooks software free from all technical glitches.

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What is error code 6155 in QuickBooks?

Error message 6155 appears when you try to open a company file in the QuickBooks Desktop (QBDT) application. This can be a result of corrupt or incorrect QB installation, opening the company file in old version of QBDT, data damage or corruption in the company file, etc.

What causes QuickBooks error 6155 0?

There are a couple of factors causing this issue:
1. Incomplete installation of QuickBooks
2. Damaged company file
3. Missing company file from the installation directory
4. Company file you are trying to open is a read-only file.

How do I fix QuickBooks error 6155?

To fix this issue, you can update it to the latest release:
1. Open QuickBooks from the help tab and click on update QuickBooks.
2. Select update now tab and wait for the download process
3. Click on exit from the file tab.
4. Open QuickBooks and select yes on the update now tab.

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