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Trying to sign in Gmail through QuickBooks Desktop, but came across an unexpected error stating: QuickBooks Gmail not working? Well, if that is the case, then here is what you need to do. Often when there is an update from QuickBooks for added security, such sort of errors are experienced. You can further come across such errors when the credentials are incorrect or the Gmail settings are misconfigured. You can try reconnecting your account to eliminate any sort of email errors. The message that appears on the screen mentions that the security of the mail is under threat. However, it simply reflects that the app had tried to sign in to the Gmail account. 

quickbooks gmail not working

To learn further about QuickBooks Gmail not working issue, you simply need to go through this piece of writing carefully or can further connect with our technical support team at +1-844-499-6700 and we will provide you with answers to all your queries immediately. 

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Effective steps to rectify the error QuickBooks Gmail not working 

Now that you have sound knowledge about this error, it is time to implement the rectification steps for the following error: 

Solution 1: Use 2-step verification for Google 

This procedure adds up to the security of your account. You can implement the following steps to add to the security of your Gmail account. 

  1. The very first step is to navigate to the QuickBooks edit menu and further opt for preferences. 
2 step verification Google - quickbooks gmail not working
  1. You are then required to select Send Forms and then pick Web Mail and add option. 
Company preferences-quickbooks gmail not working
  1. Heading forward, you need to enter in the add email info section and also click on ok tab. 
  2. Towards the end, you need to select ok tab to save changes. 

Solution 2: Turn on less secure app access in Google 

To start with, you need to disable 2-Step veriication for your Google Account .

  1. You need to first, create a Google Account
  2. After that, choose security section.
  3. Now, select the two-step verification option
  4. Sign in for this and to turn off the verification, click on turn off tab.
  5. You will see a pop-up
quickbooks email preferences

Following that, in Google, Enable less Secure App Access.

Less secure application
  1. In order to understand how this may affect the account, then you must read the Google security requirements.
  2. Head to edit menu in QuickBooks.
  3. Furthermore, head to the preferences tab.
  4. And also, select send forms.
  5. Go for Web main and then click on add.
  6. Now, note that the add email info area must be filled out.
  7. The next step is to choose ok tab.
  8. The last step is to click on ok tab again to save all of the changes.

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Solution 3: Change the enhanced security setting in QuickBooks 

If in case you have configured Gmail to use enhanced security, then you will be simply asked to Authorize QuickBooks when sending a transaction or report.

  1. At first, click on the allow tab to use Gmail in QuickBooks. 
  2. After that, from any active report or transaction, choose email. 
  3. Now, hit the send tab. 
  4. You might receive a pop-up requesting that you check in to your account using your credentials. 
  5. In the window of webmail authorization, you need to enter the credentials and click on the Continue tab. 
  6. Towards the end, choose allow to complete the process. 

 In case you are unable to authorize QuickBooks, then simply reconnect the Gmail account to QuickBooks and clear the option to use enhanced security. 

  1. You can set up webmail in QuickBooks to connect to your Gmail account. 
  2. Later on, just head to the menu and click on the preferences tab. 
  3. After that, select send forms. 
  4. Move to the menu and select webmail. 
  5. Once done with that, add the webmail by clicking on the add tab. 
  6. From the drop-down list, you need to head to the provider to connect your Gmail address. 
  7. Go for the option Utilize enhanced security. 
  8. And then, hit the ok tab. 
  9. After you are prompted, sign in to your Intuit account by entering the credentials. 

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How to set up your QuickBooks Gmail Account? 

At times, your Gmail account might not be set up properly which can further trigger QuickBooks Gmail not working issue. You can carry out the steps below to set up your Gmail. 

  1. Navigate to the menu and choose the edit tab, 
  2. Head to the preferences option and select forms. 
  3. Now, click on the My Preferences tab. 
  4. Followed by heading to the webmail and clicking on the add button. 
  5. You will now see a dialog box, where you need to enter your Gmail id and select Gmail. 
  6. After that, the SMTP server information will be filled in automatically by QuickBooks. 
  7. Toward the end, click on ok tab and your email address will be added to your email ID. 

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How to email QuickBooks invoices using Gmail? 

Emailing QuickBooks invoices using Gmail is possible after connecting QuickBooks to the Google Account. You can manage all of your Customer emails in one place. 

Steps to Integrate your Gmail Account with QuickBooks 

Note that you can only connect one Gmail account at a time for the time being. In case you need to change your Gmail address, then you will simply have to unlink the one you are connected to at the current time. Further, you can link the one you want to use. The steps to integrate Gmail account with QuickBooks are as follows:

  1. You need to simply create a new invoice or open one that is already open. 
  2. Further, once you have entered all the required fields, click on save and send to bring up the preview window. 
  3. You will then have to select the customer’s email from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Followed by, selecting Connect Google Account after adding Gmail address. 
  5. Now, head to the sign-in window enter the email address, and hit next. 
  6. After that enter the credentials. 
  7. Make sure to tick mark the should be chosen box. 
  8. This will let you send invoices successfully. 

Steps to Unlink your Gmail Account 

  1. When you remove your current email address, QuickBooks will send invoices using the default email. 
  2. You are supposed to create a new invoice or open one that is already open. 
  3. Further, enter the required information and click on the save and send tabs respectively. 
  4. Select the customer’s email from the drop-down menu. 
  5. And also choose the remove email address option. 

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Performing the set of steps enumerated above might help in eliminating the QuickBooks Gmail not working issue or Gmail Couldn’t Sign you in From QuickBooks. However, if for some reason you land into the same error even after performing the set of steps discussed above, all you need is to reach out to our technical support team at +1-844-499-6700, and let them help you with your QuickBooks queries. Our QuickBooks support professionals have sound knowledge to deal with any sort of error experienced when working on QuickBooks. For more details, give us a call right away! 


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