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QuickBooks is one of the best accounting software. It has some of the best features and comes with many perks. And that’s the reason why it is being used by small and medium organizations all across the globe. Recently, Intuit introduced a new version QuickBooks and that means it is time to bid adieu to QuickBooks Desktop 2014. It is no longer available since May 31st 2017. And here is why it means.

If you need any help related to your upgrade options then contact us today. We have QuickBooks Advisors on staff that can help walk you through the process so you can make the best informed decisions for you and your business. Give us a call today at +1-844-499-6700 to upgrade your QuickBooks company files as well.

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What Does it Means for You?

  • The basic QuickBooks 2014 will continue working.
  • If you wish to use the latest QuickBooks version new features then upgrade to that version of QuickBooks software.
  • After the mentioned date, live technical support will no longer be available.
  • Moreover, after the date Intuit will not support or register products or retrieve Keywords

This Announcement Will Affect the Below Mentioned Products

Discontinue of Services for QuickBooks 2014

Users want an easy and simple financial tool that helps them grow in the near future. So, the best option is to keep a good balance between QuickBooks desktop and the older version for better and easier.

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All Information about QuickBooks 2014 that you need to know

  • Employer Organiser: You will no longer have access to this information
  • Basic, Standard and Enhanced Payroll: You will not be able to automatically calculate payroll taxes, send your payroll data or update the forms as the 2014 will cease to work.
  • Workers Comp: Since it will not be operational, QuickBooks 2014 will no longer support Workers comp payments through this version.
  • ViewMyPaycheck: This facility is no longer available for you as well as your employees.
  • Live technical support will not be available any longer.
  • In case, your support plan expires, you will no longer get any Online Backup.
  • The online facilities like the sending or receiving of online payments, downloading of transactions etc will also not be available for the users.
  • In case you try to download then QuickBooks will not be able to verify the information of the financial institution for the download.

Currently we talk about the previous year’s solutions, above intuit describe the basic terms which solutions are ceased.

We give the even more particular and detailed checklist of solutions for you due to the fact that we desire. You have all understanding about this.

Below are some more specific and comprehensive list of services

  • QuickBooks Merchant services: Credit Card Transactions will not be processed through QuickBooks 2014. Generally the credit card is used through the terminal. In case, you are a terminal download customer, then you won’t be able to download to QuickBooks 2014.
  • 1099: You will not be able to launch the 1099 wizard. But you can continue to work on and able to use an add-on 1099 e-filing services.
  • Automatic Credit Billing: This service will no longer work and you will be unable to download transactions. Moreover, you will not see the user profile related details and also access the data that your provided here.
  • The QuickBooks 2014 doesn’t support Intuit Check solutions
  • You will not get the bill pay facility.
  • It do no support the Accountant’s copy File Transfer (ACFT) services.
  • Contributed Reports: You will not be able to access any reports on that platform and also will be unable to contribute reports.
  • The QuickBooks email will also not be available for the services that have been mentioned earlier.

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How You Should Manage the New Version of QuickBooks?

  1. Updating a software offers you many more features making your work easier and simpler.
  2. Below are the four areas of concern when you are upgrading

Features that Have Changed

With the launch of new versions of QuickBooks every year, new features are added to enhance the work of the users.  You can check out the new and improved features of QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Enterprise 2018, and QuickBooks accountant Desktop Plus 2018.

  • Many users have the difficulty related to how the password system work and many have the answers to this issue.
  • Change in system requirements? The change in the system requirements wholly depend on our needs. When we are not compatible anymore with the old versions we change it. Update windows 8 to windows 8.1 and if you are using windows 7 then upgrade to Windows 7 SP1.
  • Converting the QuickBooks files after upgrading QuickBooks data is less of hassle, especially from QuickBooks 2014 to 2017.
  • In case, you are facing issues related to database, then the first thing to do is take a backup of your company file. In case of more complexities cropping up due to the upgrade, take the help of consultants. You will have to install QuickBooks after updating it and open the old files in a new program and check how QuickBooks 2017 converts it automatically.
  • In case, you are a QuickBooks Consultant then there is no reason to worry about the new features of QuickBooks 2017. You will be easily helping your clients and offer better advice after understanding the new version of the software. It might seem a little complex in the beginning but within a short span of time you will get a hang of the new features of QuickBooks.

Users can easily take the subscription of QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier as an option. The QuickBooks Accountant and QuickBooks Enterprise available through subscription plans.

Get Help for QuickBooks 2014 and Before Versions

In case, you have difficulty in understanding the new features or upgrading from 2014 to the newer versions then seek assistance from our QuickBooks Help & Support team at +1-844-499-6700. The expert of QuickBooks Enterprise Support providers can provide in-depth information about upgradation and its new features.


FAQs Related to QuickBooks 2014 Support

How do I update QuickBooks 2014 to 2022?

For this, you can make use of the discovery hub. The steps to be performed are as follows:
1. Open the discovery hub, and further upgrade to QuickBooks 2022.
2. You now have to choose proceed to upgrade and then click on upgrade now.
3. Once done with that, if you want both versions, then choose keep old version on my computer. Further leave it blank otherwise.
4. Choose open QuickBooks.

Can you still use old QuickBooks?

You can still use the older software, but you wouldn’t get support or updates and any add-on like payroll or payment processing stop working.

Can I transfer old version of QuickBooks to new computer?

From QuickBooks, you can head to the file menu and further choose utilities. Now, choose move QuickBooks to another system. Furthermore, choose I’m ready and then create a one-time password. Perform the onscreen instructions to choose the USB flash drive you will use. Wait for the files to be copied.

Is support for your QuickBooks ended?

All QuickBooks desktop subscription billing stopped on May 31, 2023. QuickBooks desktop access and support will stop completely on or shortly after June 30, 2023. After that, only support for moving to QuickBooks online will be available.

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