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All you need to know about QuickBooks Condense Data Utility Repair tool and its Functionalities & Usage

QuickBooks accounting software is being used all over the world and all because of its powerful features. Small and medium businesses have been highly benefited from this software as it helps in business management. Right from accounting, to payroll to sales to inventory, QuickBooks manages it all. But then it encounters problems at times. Intuit provides QuickBooks Condense Data Utility feature to the users. This tool helps the user to work fluently and also helps in maintaining accurate transactions seamlessly.

To learn the entire procedure behind the condense data utility, make sure that you go through this piece of writing carefully. You can also get a call with our technically sound team of professionals at +1-844-318-0008.

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What is QuickBooks Condense Feature?

The Condense feature is the latest feature that comes in QuickBooks Desktop 2019 edition. This feature enables an option to delete or remove the audit trail that decreases or minify the file size but keeps the detailed transactions accurately unlike the traditional File Condense feature. The QuickBooks Condense feature in the upgraded version in QuickBooks 2019 and it is much faster from the previous version.

QuickBooks Condense - Screenshot

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What are the Uses of QuickBooks Condense Data Utility tool?

QuickBooks Condense Data Utility or Condense Repair tool helps to organize the Company data file. Few times, one such error happens when you try to archive your data and you might encounter a system error that blocks QuickBooks from condensing the data file that’s when you QuickBooks Condense repair is supposed to be done. At that situation QuickBooks Condense Repair tool is the best device for troubleshooting those issues. In this article here we have discussed about how to resolve QuickBooks condense data errors and problems with QuickBooks Condense Utility tool?

What is Condense Repair Errors in QuickBooks?

The error message displayed is: ‘QuickBooks Condense Repair’.  QuickBooks faced a system error when trying to archive your data file. QuickBooks will not condense your data file. The issues happen during verifying or rebuilding and this directs QB data errors.

It is very important to understand the actual nature of the error so as to repair the source transaction. And once the transaction issue is fixed QuickBooks will pop up the message that there aren’t any problems with the data. QuickBooks data files containing negative inventory or negative quantity will not condense. So, the first thing to do would be fixing the negative inventory or file before actually condensing the file.

You can go through this post to troubleshoot these condense problems or you can get the best help from our QuickBooks Enterprise support Team. These errors occurring during verify or rebuild indicate data errors in QuickBooks Software. Depending on the error, the source transactions need to be repaired. After repairing the damaged or corrupted transactions, running a verify should display the message ‘QuickBooks detected no problems with your data’ which indicates that your data file is clean.

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How to Condense the QuickBooks Company file?

Suppose you have an oversized file that is taking too much space, then QuickBooks Condense repair tool can help you to minify or compress the file size without any data damage. To Condense the QuickBooks Company file please follow these steps:

Condense the QuickBooks Company file - Screenshot
  • First of all Choose the ‘File ->Utilities -> Condense Data command
  • Select the ‘Transactions‘ before a specific date radio button.
  • Specify the ‘Remove transactions‘ before date.
  • Click on ‘Next‘ when you finish specifying which transactions QB should remove.
  • After that Specify how to condense inventory transactions -> click on ‘Next
  • Specify which transactions you want to remove-> click ‘Next
  • Next, specify any list cleanup that should occur -> click ‘Next
  • Confirm your condensing and archiving operation
  • Click on ‘Start condense
  • Back up the data file when prompted

You will see a success message on your desktop screen

QuickBooks Condense Process Successful Message - Screenshot

What are Condense Data Utility Error Codes?

Following are the QuickBooks Condensing Data error codes

Freezing of QuickBooks Condense

Unable to run QuickBooks Clean Up Company Data Utility

Transaction is on hold as transaction has not been paid.

Transactions on hold as funds are not deposited.

QuickBooks software faces a system error while trying to archive data file. QuickBooks will condense the data. This error is unspecified.

QuickBooks program faced an error and was unable to condense successfully. Your company file has been restored to its old state.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Condense Data Errors?

Get basic data damage troubleshooting is the same for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows and for Mac. These solution steps will help you resolve minor data issues with your company file. Check out the methods to Solve QuickBooks Condense Data Errors

Transactions that condense does not remove

Here are the transactions that QuickBooks Condense doesn’t remove.

  • Payroll transaction in case the condensed date is before 12/31/2017.
  • Payroll transaction if by chance an employee’s W2 is not checked.
  • If payments, invoices, refund checks and credit memos aren’t linked correctly with each other.
  • All payments that are recorded to Undeposited funds and were not deposited to any bank accounts.
  • Incorrect linking of bills, Bill credits, and bill payment checks.
  • The estimates are linked to invoices. Estimates are actually non-posting and they cannot be condensed into journal entries that are posting. It is better if these transactions are deleted.
  • Pay Sales Tax Screen’ used to pay sales tax. Payment of sales tax with cheques leaves the invoices open. Replacement of cheques with sales tax payments. Ensure that the same date and amount are provided for the same as of the cheques. You require to reconcile the sales tax payments.
  • The transactions are linked to a non-condensable transaction. For example, you enter an invoice for 12/15/2015 then provide payment on 1/15/2016 and then run the condenses through 12/31/2015. Actually, the payment is not condensed as it is not within the condensed period and the invoice is not condensed as it is linked to a transaction that isn’t condensed.

Steps to use QuickBooks condense data utility

The condense data utility method ensures that you will not have to suffer any sort of data loss and also the files that you are converting will be safe from any data breach. This will save a lot of file, and also will make the loading files quickly.

Condense data
  • Spot for non-condensable transactions – Running the report
    • The very first step is to click on the files on the QuickBooks desktop and then select utility tab
    • Click on the condense data command
    • Select the transactions option which is located before the specific date radio tab.
    • Now, click on remove transactions before the date required and also click on next.
    • A window will come up where you will have to specify the method of condensing a transaction which is followed by clicking on the next tab.
    • Select all the transactions that are removed from the system, then click on the next tab.
    • Specify any list cleanup that is supposed to be occurring, and click on the next tab.
    • The software will ask you as to whether you want to confirm the condensing and archiving operation.
    • Click on start condense and follow it by backing up procedure on the data file.
Company preferences
  • Prepare the company file
    • You need to first eliminate the data file closing date
    • Move to the edit tab and click on preferences option
    • Moreover, choose accounting option and move to the company preferences tab
    • Enter the date in the closing date section
    • Remove the date from the closing date box and click on ok tab
    • Furthermore, run profit and loss and balance sheet
    • Re-sorts the lists and run rebuild and verify the data utility file and ensure that there is no data damage
    • Copy the company file and create a backup.
  • Save the comparison reports
    • Condensing might end up in deleting some files. Make sure to save a copy of all the reports as PDF such as, Accrual based Profit and Loss for all dates, Accrual based Balance sheet for all dates, Cash Flow Statement, Account payable and Account Receivables, and Other essential books required by the accountant

Condensing QuickBooks desktop company files

Note: Make sure to create a backup and an archive copy before starting the condensing.

TransactionsUnused List Entries
Uncleared (unreconciled) bank and credit card transactions

Transactions marked “To be printed “

Invoices and Estimates marked “To be sent “

ALL Estimates, Sales Orders, Purchase Order, and Pending Invoices

ALL Time and Mileage activities

Transactions containing unbilled expenses and items

Customers and Jobs


Other Names


Done” To Do Notes

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Final Note!

If you aren’t able to fix the error with the simple solutions available, then in all probability the data files may be corrupted. In that case you will need the QuickBooks data recovery support service. And still if the problem persists then seek help from our QuickBooks support number that is +1-844-318-0008.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Can I undo the changes made by QuickBooks Condense Data Utility?

Well, it is not possible because the changes made by QuickBooks Condense Data Utility are irreversible. We recommend users, please create a backup of your company file so that you can restore it if needed.

Can I customize the criteria for condensing data?

QuickBooks desktop allows you to customize the criteria for condensing data based on certain time periods, such as removing transactions older than a specific date or condensing data by a specific number of years.

When should I use QuickBooks Condense Data Utility?

The Condense Data Utility is mostly used at the time your company file data has grown large or it is causing performance issues.


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