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QuickBooks Condense Data Utility: Repair your Data Files

QuickBooks Condense Data Utility: Repair your Data Files

QuickBooks Condense Data Utility often assists in streamlining the company data file and enhancing performance. Intuit, lets the QuickBooks users to make use of the condense data utility feature and reduce the size of the company file to make it more compatible and easy to use. To use this utility, you simply need to use the QuickBooks condense data tool. This tool comes in handy, when the file size is way too large and causing issues. This particular tool was introduced in the year 2019. The tool keeps the data intact and ensures that your overall file size is usable.

QuickBooks Condense data utility

To help you understand QuickBooks condense data utility better, we have drafted this segment right here. Thus, stick around this article and find out the quick ways that can help you condense your data using the tool. However, if you need any technical guidance, you can contact our team at +1-844-499-6700, and let our certified professionals help you fix the issue.

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Condense Your Data using QuickBooks Condese Data Utility

Now that you have an idea about what QuickBooks Condense Data Utility is, it is time to understand the right steps that can be performed to condense your data. Let us have a look:

Condense QuickBooks Data While Keeping All Transactions

  • Here you simply have to opt for File and then go for Utilities
  • Now, choose Condense Data
  • After that, go for Keep all transactions, but remove audit trail info to date
  • The next step is to click on Next
  • Once done with that, choose Close.

Condense QuickBooks Data by Removing Selected Transactions

  • Under this procedure, you will have to opt for File tab.
  • Later on, choose Utilities
  • Once done with that, go for Keep all transactions, but remove audit trail info to date.
  • The next step is to choose Next.
  • Lastly, let the process complete, and choose Close.

Condense Data by Removing Selected Transactions

  • The very first step is to choose File and then go for Utilities
  • After that, choose Condense Data
  • You now have to choose Remove the transactions you select from your company file.
  • Now, select Next tab
  • The next step is to choose the transactions you would like to remove and then hit Next.
  • Choose how transactions would be summarized, and then click on Next
  • Select how inventory should be condensed, and click on the Next tab
  • After that, choose the recommended transactions you would like to remove and then hit the Next tab
  • You now have to go for the list entries you would like to remove and click on the next tab
  • The last step is to choose begin condense and wait for the process to complete.
  • Hit close and end the process.

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Understand QuickBooks Condense Data Utility Better!

There are a few factors that you can know to understand the QuickBooks Condense Data Utility in a better way. Let us Explore:

QB Condense Data Repair isn’t Reversible

After you condense your company file, note that it can’t be undone. You can try other solutions first, before you perform the steps related to condensing the data. Here are some quick reasons to do so:

  • Having a large data file
  • You have close to a list limit
  • In case you have upgraded your hardware
  • Your Accountant and technical support have discussed other options and are willing to proceed with condensing

Condense Data Utility in QuickBooks may or may not affect the size of the company file

  • It might reduce the size as it’ll remove transaction details and list entries.
  • Furthermore, open transactions won’t get condensed and the file size won’t be affected
  • The condense won’t be available, in case there is no significant change to the file size.

Condense Data Repair might not fix Data file damage

There can be scenarios, when QuickBooks condense data repair might fail in fixing damaged files, in such scenarios, you need to try the following:

QuickBooks Condense Data Repair doesn’t remove certain transactions

Transactions Description/Reason
Payroll TransactionsIn case the condense date is before 12/31/2018 or if an employee’s W2 isn’t reviewed.
Invoices, payments, credit memos, and refund checksIn case they are not linked to each other in a proper manner.
Payments recorded to Undeposited FundsIf they haven’t been deposited to a bank account.
Bills, bill credits, and bill payment checksIn case they are not linked to each other in a proper manner.
Estimates linked to invoicesEstimates are non-posting entries and can’t be condensed into journal entries, which are posting transactions.
Sales tax not paid in Pay Sales TaxPaying sales tax with checks leaves invoices open which are non-condensable.
Transactions linked to a non-condensable transactionExample: You entered an invoice on 12/15/2015 and the corresponding payment on 1/15/2016, then ran the Condense Data utility through 12/31/2015. Both won’t be condensed. This is because the invoice is linked to a payment made outside the period.

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Condense Data Utility Affects Various Reports

Account and item-based reports

The account-based reports will be accurate due to entries on accounts aren’t affected:

  • Profit and Loss (accrual)
  • Balance Sheet (accrual)
  • Statement of Cash Flows (accrual)
  • Trial Balance (accrual)

The item-based reports will be blank due to all of the item data is gone.

  • Sales and Purchase reports
  • Job Costing reports
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Aging report

Cash Basis Reports

Cash basis reports for the condensed period will not be accurate. There aren’t any links from cash into income or from cash out to expenses.

Reports filtered by Class

Note that, any transactions summarized by the utility won’t have classes assigned. When you run a profit or loss by class report will show amounts in the unclassified column.

Sales Tax Liability Reports

It is important to note that the invoices with sales tax no longer exist. A condensed journal entry basically has an amount credited to income accounts. QuickBooks will not be able to identify what part of the income is taxable and which part is nontaxable. Moreover, the tax collected comes from the invoices, which no longer exist, so it will show zero.

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Sales and Purchase Detail Reports

The reports draw their data from items on invoices and bills. As there are no more invoices and bills, there will be no more items and the reports will be empty.

A/R Collections Reports

The A/R collection report will usually show the condensed journal entries under No Name. The entries will contain the entries to A/R that aren’t linked to closing transactions and are considered as open. The total is zero as all of the invoices in the file are paid.

A/R reports won’t show the condensed journal entries as they have a default filter of Names All Customer: Jobs. You need to remove this filter and the A/R aging reports that will show the condensed journal entries.

Audit Trail Reports

  • Only edited, voided, and deleted transactions are removed from the audit trail report when condensing.
  • Moreover, the condense data doesn’t remove the audit trail report.
  • The audit trail report info option will be available in case a company file has a significant amount of edited, voided, or deleted transactions.


  • Note that the opening balance for your next reconciliation will be correct as the condensed journal entries are cleared transactions
  • The checks and deposits no longer exist, so the reconciliation reports might be incorrect or gone.
  • The statement date gets incorrect as the last reconciliation ismissing.

Note: Before you condense, and reconcile all accounts, print all reconciliation and discrepancy reports, or save these reports in PDF format. Also, backup the company file.

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Toward the end of this segment, we believe that the reader might be able to successfully condense QuickBooks data file using the condense data utility. However, in case of any queries, or if the user needs our technical assistance at any point in time, then in that case contact us at +1-844-499-6700, and our certified ProAdvisors will help you with your queries immediately.


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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15271? (Maintenance Releases & Update Error)

How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15271? (Maintenance Releases & Update Error)

15xxx series errors are pretty common in QuickBooks, especially when trying to update or install QuickBooks. One such error that we are going to talk about in this segment right here is QuickBooks error code 15271. This error can be a bit annoying as it hinders the update process. To help you out in dealing with QuickBooks error 15271, here we are sharing the details about the error, along with the factors causing the issue, and ways to rectify the same. Thus, stick to this piece of writing till the end and learn more about error code 15271 in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Error 15271

In any case, if you are not able to fix it on your own or you are having any trouble while fixing it then you can get help from our experts who are highly skilled and have years of experience. You can contact them by dialing our QuickBooks Enterprise help number at +1-844-499-6700, and all your queries will be addressed immediately.

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What is QuickBooks payroll error 15271?

Generally, this error occurs when a user is updating/installing QuickBooks Desktop Version .i.e., QuickBooks Pro/Payroll/Desktop. You get one of the following errors:

Error Description
Error 15271: The payroll update did not complete successfully. A file cannot be validated.
Error 15271: The update did not complete successfully. A file cannot be validated.

This error usually indicates that there is a file that cannot be validated. There can be a bunch of factors triggering such an error in QuickBooks, which we have tried to elaborate on later in this segment.

What Causes QuickBooks Error 15271?

Here are a few common reasons, why you can come across QuickBooks error code 15271. Let us evaluate them one by one:

  • Corrupt download or fragmented establishment of QuickBooks Pro software.
  • Corruption in Windows registry from a current QuickBooks Pro-related software change.
  • Having an attack of Infectious malware contamination that has ruined Windows framework files or QuickBooks Pro-related program records.
  • Another program perniciously or wrongly erased as related to this QuickBooks Pro-reports.
  • Incorrect SSL of Internet Explorer browser.

Important Points to Remember

Before heading forward with the procedures to eliminate the issue, the user should keep the following points in mind.

  • The very first thing is to open QuickBooks desktop.
  • After that, head to the file menu.
  • Followed by, clicking on the backup company option along with the create local backup tab.
creating local backups in quickbooks

Symptoms of QuickBooks error code 15271

The following can be the signs and symptoms of QuickBooks error code 15271 that can help you in identifying the error.

  • One of the basic signs can be if the system gets slow and QB software crashes now and then.
  • Or if the windows OS works sluggishly.
  • Another sign can be if the system shuts down again and again.
  • Another sign for the same can be if the error message itself appears on the screen.

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Solution steps to resolve QuickBooks Error code 15271

Many times, this type of error can be resolved by turning off the UAC in Windows, then update your software again.

Solution 1: Turn Off UAC in Windows

To resolve this, you need to turn off the “User Account Control(UAC)” in “Windows“. Please follow the steps below:

Turn Off UAC in Windows - Screenshot

✔ In Windows Vista:

  • Firstly choose “Windows” option.
  • Now select as “Control panel“.
  • Type “UAC” in the given search dialog box. Hit the “Enter key” button.
  • Now click to the turn user account control (UAC), “ONorOFF“.
  • Click to the “Ok key” button.
  • Finally reboot your device once.

✔ In Windows 7, 8 and 10

  • Go to the “Control Panel” settings.
    • In Windows 7: Choose Start > Control Panel.
    • Windows 8: From the Start menu type Control Panel, then click Control Panel.
  • In the search box, enter “UAC“.
  • Click “Change User Account Control settings.
  • To turn off the UAC: Move the slider to “Never notify“.
  • Click “OK“. If you are prompted for the “Admin password” or confirmation, enter the password or provide confirmation. If want to make any changes, restart your system.
  • Now turn as “ON” your UAC: Move the slider to when you want to be notified.
  • Click to theOk key” button.

Important Notes:

  1. Hopefully, this will help you in your critical time. If the error still persists there please restart your QuickBooks. 
  2. If the QuickBooks Update Service message window appears, click “Install Later“, and then reset your “QB release update“.

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Solution 2: Change the System Registry

Change the System Registry - Screenshot
  • First of all, apply any registry repair system where a user can easily repair the harmed registry entries which are related to the QuickBooks applications.
  • First press the “Start” key button.
  • Then write a command in the given search dialog box. Don’t hit the enter key button.
  • Now press or hold the “Ctrl + Shift” keys & hit the “Enter key” on your keyboard.
  • A permission box opens, select to the “Yes” option.
  • A black box will start a twinkle cursor.
  • Then write “regedit” & then choose an option to hit the “Enter” key.
run regedit - quickbooks error 15271
  • Select the “failure 15271” (at which the file you want to take backup) from a registry editor.
  • Now choose to “Export” from the main file menu.
Changing the system registry - QuickBooks error 15271
  • Select the folder where you want to save your data back up from the save option in the list.
  • Save a file, & then assure the selected branch into your selected from the export range.
  • Then fix the attack of malware contamination. Now utilize the malware expulsion system and then arrange the malware from your system.
  • Now remove all undesirable as well as garbage records from a system (this will consists temp files & folders).

Solution 3: Clean Your Systems Junk Files

Clean Your Systems Junk Files - Screenshot
  • Firstly Conduct a “full malware scan” on your computer.
  • Clean all your “Junk files” (including temp files).
Scan the system malware
  • Update your PC device drivers as instantly.
  • Now try to utilize windows system to restore them and fix it as recently system changes.
  • Uninstall or reinstall your QuickBooks pro app that is associated with this critical error 15271.
  • Run your “Windows System File Checker” (‘sfc scannow”).
  • Try to install all your latest windows updates.
  • Finally perform a clean Installation of your Windows OS.
Perform a clean Installation of your Windows OS - Screenshot

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Solution 4: Update to the latest release of QuickBooks Desktop

How to update quickbooks - Automatic update (Screenshot)
  • From the “Help menu“, choose the “Update QuickBooks” option.
  • Now go to the “Options tab“, On the “Update QuickBooks window“.
  • Turn on automatic updates by clicking on the “Radio button” for “Yes“.
  • Now hit a click on “Close“.
  • Your QuickBooks will now download the latest release update.

Solution 5: Perform a clean installation of QuickBooks in Selective Startup Mode

Clean installing QuickBooks can rectify the error up to a certain extent. Here is how you can clean install QuickBooks in selective startup mode.

  • First of all you need to Press “Windows” button with holding “R” key on your keyboard.
  • This will open “Run” dialogue box will open.
  • Type “msconfig” and then enter “OK” key.
Type msconfig in Run box - quickbooks error 15271
  • You need to choose it on “Selective Startup” under the general tab in main menu tab.
  • Now choose “Load System Services“.
Selective startup mode - quickbooks error 15271
  • After that go to the “Services” and then click on “hide all Microsoft services
  • Hit a click on “Disable all” tab
  • Now uncheck “hide all Microsoft services“.
Install QuickBooks in Selective Startup - Screenshot
  • To verify that the windows installer is marked as checked confirm the service list. If not then mark it check and hit a click on “OK“.
  • Now hit a click on “Restart” Tab in your “System Configuration” option.
  • Perform a “uninstallation” and then “reinstallation” of your QuickBooks once the computer system is restarted.

Solution 6: Using Safe Mode to Install Payroll Updates

The user can try installing payroll updates in safe mode using the steps below to fix the issue. The steps involved here are as follows:

  • The very first step is to choose start tab and then select restart tab from the shutdown menu.
  • Once done with that, press F8 key as windows reboot to display the advanced boot options screen.
Run Windows in Safe Mode
  • The next step is to click on safe mode and click on enter tab.
  • The last step is to install the payroll updates after the widows restart in safe mode.

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We Hope you found this article helpful and also now you are able to fix the QuickBooks error 15271 by own. If you are not good in technical aspects or have any query related to your QuickBooks Software, you may ask it directly to our QuickBooks experts. Call us at our QuickBooks payroll technical support number i.e. +1-844-499-6700.


How can I identify the QuickBooks error code 15271?

Other than the error message itself displaying on the screen, there can be bunch of other signs that can help in identifying the error. Here are a few symptoms:
1. Windows begins running slowly
2. Computers freeze on a timely basis for a few seconds.
3. The system crashes post encountering the error.
4. Windows face the latency issues and respond slowly to the given input

Does turning off UAC can fix the QuickBooks payroll update error 15271?

Yes, if UAC is turned off on the system, the the payroll update error code 15271 can be eliminated easily. The user can try fixing the issue using the steps below:
1. The user needs to press windows + R
2. Now, a run box will be visible.
3. The next step is to enter the control panel in search bar and then click on ok tab.
4. Navigate to the user accounts and again click on user accounts option.
5. Click on change user account control settings.
6. Select the never notify option.
7. The last step is to press ok tab and then reboot the system.

How to fix errors in QuickBooks?

The user can try to fix the errors in QuickBooks by running a quick repair on the program. The steps listed below can surely help.
1. The very first step is to select program problems in the QuickBooks tool hub.
2. Now, choose quick fix my program.
3. The next step is to start QuickBooks desktop an open the data file.


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How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 30159?

How to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 30159?

QuickBooks error code 30159 is basically a payroll error that you can come across when trying to upgrade the payroll. Errors in QuickBooks can be extremely annoying, and dealing with issues immediately is crucial to avoid any further nuisance. Talking about QuickBooks error 30159, it usually appears on the screen with a warning message that states: QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close.

QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 30159

Payroll errors in QuickBooks aren’t very common. However, you can experience such issues when trying to add an existing payroll subscription to your QuickBooks payroll account. Such an error can be further triggered due to misconfigured system files in Windows.

Furthermore, when running Windows-compatible programs, there is the probability of coming across this issue in QuickBooks. To further learn about this issue, make sure to read this piece of writing till the end. You can also get in touch with our technical support team at  +1-844-499-6700, for any further QuickBooks-related assistance.

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Possible Causes/Reasons of Error Code 30159

The QuickBooks error 30159 can cause damage to the data of the company so it needs to be fixed. The main symptoms of this error are it crashes the program error, the PC often crashes while working on it or the system runs very slowly. Payroll update error 30159 occurs due to several reasons and they are listed below.

  • Incomplete installation of QuickBooks software.
  • Corrupted Windows system files due to virus infection.
  • Any program related to QuickBooks has been deleted mistakenly.
  • QB company file is corrupted or damaged.

Signs and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 30159

  • The very first sign and symptom of this error can be when it appears and crashes the active program.
  • Also, if the system frequently crashes with this error, when running the same program.
  • Error message 30159” gets displayed on the computer screen again and again.
  • The system performs slowly or sluggishly.

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Methods to Fix QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 30159

Perform the below-given solution methods in order to resolve the QuickBooks error code 30159 manually.

Method 1: Restore your system to an earlier point

  • Start your computer system and login as “System Administrator
  • Hit a click on “Start” button, on your keyboard
  • After that go to the “All Programs” and click on “Restore” option.
  • After this open a new window and select “Restore My Computer” and click on “Next” button.
Restore the Windows System -
  • Choose the most recent system restore point and again click on “Next” button.
  • Once done click on the “Confirmation Window“.
  • The next step is to restart the system once.
  • Once the system rebooted successfully, you need to download and install the “QuickBooks File Repair Tool“.
  • Click on the “Scan” button, after installing the QuickBooks file repair tool.
  • Hit a single click on “Fix Error” button after the scanning is finished.
  • Once the “Success” screen prompts, you need to restart your computer system again.

Method 2: Install the Windows Updates

  • Firstly, hit on “Start” key, on your keyboard
  • After that type “Update” in the search box and then hit on the “Enter” key.
  • The system will check for the updates (if there any)
Update the Windows 10 (Check for updates)
  • If you found any updates there just try to install all of them.
  • Once the process completes, reboot your computer.

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Method 3: Use Windows File Checker

  • Login as the “System Administrator” on your computer.
  • Hit on the “Windows” or “Start” button, on your keyboard.
  • After that Press “Windows + R keys together to open the run box.
  • Type “cmd” and then hit “Enter” key, on your keyboard.
  • A black screen will open on your desktop screen.
  • Type “sfc/scannow” and then hit on the “Enter” key.
Use Windows File Checker
  • This process will take few seconds to complete.
  • Once the process is done, follow the screen instructions on your desktop screen to restore the corruptions problem of system files.

Method 4: Adding EIN to your company file

Adding EIN to your company file - Screenshot
  • First of all Login to your QuickBooks as “System Admin“.
  • After that hit a click on “Choose Payroll” option.
  • Now, the users needs to click on “Use my Existing Payrolls Service“.
  • A newly window named “Account Maintenance” appears on your desktop screen.
  • After that hit a click on “Add file” option.
  • Check on the radio button that is labeled as “Add EIN Number“.

Note: It should be noted that in case the radio button is disabled, then it means that the user has already subscribed to “EIN Number” for your company.

  • After that click on the “Next” button.
  • Check out the information and open your QuickBooks.

Method 5: Edit and Re-enter your payroll service key

  • You need to first proceed to the employees menu.
  • Further, opt for the My payroll service option.
My payroll service option - QuickBooks error code 30159
  • You now have to click on the manage service key and also click on account/billing information.
  • The next step is to find and choose your payroll service key and opt for the remove tab.
  • Once done with that, click on the add tab.
  • And also enter your active payroll service key.
  • Hit the finish tab and click on OK to end the process.

Method 6: Perform QuickBooks error scanning

  • You need to first download the QuickBooks payroll error utility.
  • Further, follow it up by installing the program.
  • You now have to click on the scan and start tab with the scanning process.
Scan the system malware - Quickbooks payroll error 30159
  • After that, select QB-related issues after the scanning process ends.
  • Towards the end, reboot your system.

Method 7: Perform disk cleanup in Windows

  • Under this process, you need to wipe off the temporary files by clicking on the start tab.
  • Once done with that, click on the enter tab.
Disk cleanup for QuickBooks
  • Choose the drive that you want to free up.
  • Also, click on the OK tab.
  • The next step is to select and remove all unwanted files and further click on the ok tab.
  • Now, select clean up system files in disk cleanup.
disk cleanup - QuickBooks error 30159
  • Select the file types and click on the ok tab.
  • This would remove all unimportant files from the system and further create the required space.
Cleanup drive windows

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QuickBooks error code 30159 is not complicated and can be easily fixed. I hope you have successfully troubleshooted this error from your QuickBooks. If the problem persists, then we recommend you to seek assistance from our QuickBooks online support team by dialing  +1-844-499-6700, and getting quick help from the experts. Our certified ProAdvisor’s are capable to handle your all type of issues related to QuickBooks.


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Some Quick FAQs relating to QuickBooks Error 30159

What is QuickBooks Error 30159, and what causes it?

QuickBooks Error 30159 is a common error that occurs when the user tries to update or install QuickBooks software. It is usually occurs due to incorrect or incomplete installation, virus or malware attacks, corrupt system files, or registry errors. Other reasons for the error can be an outdated version of Windows or QuickBooks software, an incomplete installation of QuickBooks Payroll, or problems with the .NET Framework.

How can I fix QuickBooks Error 30159?

There are several methods you can use to fix QuickBooks Error 30159. Some of these methods include:
1. Run the QuickBooks Payroll update tool to fix the error.
2. Update your Windows and QuickBooks software to the latest version.
3. Verify your payroll subscription and make sure it’s active.
4. Perform a clean installation of QuickBooks software.
5. Use the QuickBooks file doctor tool to repair any damaged files.

How can I prevent QuickBooks Error 30159 from occurring?

To prevent QuickBooks Error 30159 from occurring, you can take the following steps:
1. Make sure your QuickBooks and Windows software is always up-to-date.
2. Regularly run antivirus and malware scans to protect your system from virus attacks.
3. Ensure that you have a stable and reliable internet connection when updating or installing QuickBooks software.
4. Avoid installing multiple versions of QuickBooks software on the same computer.
5. Always create a backup of your QuickBooks data to prevent data loss.

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 31600 – Advanced Troubleshooting Steps?

How to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 31600 – Advanced Troubleshooting Steps?

Random errors in QuickBooks can be extremely disturbing, especially when you are focusing on some important tasks and it gets interrupted by a vague error. One such error that we are going to address in this article right here is QuickBooks Error code 31600. Well, the QuickBooks error 31600 is an unexpected internal error that can appear when you try to set up or remove access for the accountant. As a result of this glitch, the software might stop working or might not respond to any inputs. Such errors can further end up in data loss and further technical glitches. Not just that, when you try to create a portable company file or backup a file, you might land into such an error.

QuickBooks Error code 31600
The image as shown above is similar to what appears on your desktop.

Experiencing this issue can be annoying. Thus, if you want to identify the possible triggers and also the quick fixes that you can implement, it is recommended to stick around this piece of writing, or you can also connect with our technical support team at +1-844-499-6700 and we will cater you with instant support and guidance.

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Possible Causes Behind QB Error 31600

QuickBooks error 31600 happens in various situations and they are listed below. Often understanding the reason or situation can help in finding a solution to this error.

  • When creating a portable company file.
  • Taking a backup
  • When you are sending payroll through Direct Deposit.
  • The error also occurs when you are trying to create a company file.
  • Using the Open Company’s facility open
  • Verifying or rebuilding properties
  • When you are saving a transaction.
  • Opening a new window in QuickBooks
  • When you are downloading the payroll updates.
  • A company closing a file.

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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error code 31600?

Now that you have unleashed the causes of QuickBooks error 31600, it is the right time to perform the necessary steps to eliminate the issue successfully. let us explore each of the method one by one to get rid of the error in QuickBooks.

Solution 1: Press your QuickBooks Desktop

Press desktop when you are starting QuickBooks.

  • Press and hold the ‘Control Key’.
  • Then double click on the ‘QuickBooks icon‘.
  • When you have company open window, hold down the ‘control key

Click on desktop when opening the company file

  • First thing to do is click and select the ‘Desired company file‘ and not make any company open window.
  • Now hold the ‘Alt key‘ on your keyboard.
  • After this click ‘Open‘.
  • Now if you are asked to login in then release the key and enter your ‘login details‘.
  • You shouldn’t ‘Alt key‘ until and unless the file is completely open and now hold down the ‘Alt key‘ and click on ‘OK‘.
  • Once you do this you will get a blank screen on QuickBooks.
  • If you can highlight a ‘QuickBooks menu‘ though your pointer, your QuickBooks file will open.

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Solution 2: Identify how many users are affected

  • From the company menu select ‘Set up users‘ and ‘Password‘.
  • Now click on ‘Set Up Users‘.
  • For Enterprise users click on ‘Company‘ and then choose ‘Users‘.
  • After this click on ‘Set Up Users and Roles‘.
set up users and roles - Error 31600
  • Once done, click on ‘Add Users‘ and provide the ‘Username and Password‘.
  • Now click on ‘Next‘ option.
  • As required customize the ‘User
  • Now click ‘Finish‘.
  • Once down, with the new ‘Login details‘ login to the company file.

Solution 3: Create a Windows Administrator

You can try eliminating the error by creating a windows admin. The steps for creating an admin might differ for different windows versions. To further understand the process, continue reading the steps below:

For Windows 10:
Create new windows admin
  • Firstly click on ‘Start‘ button.
  • Now click on ‘Settings
  • After this select ‘Accounts‘ tab.
  • Click on ‘Family and Other users
  • Under other users you have to select ‘Add‘ someone else in the PC.
  • Once done you have to choose ‘I do not have sign in information for this person‘.
  • Now click on ‘Add a user without Microsoft account‘.
  • After this enter the name of the ‘New Account‘.
  • Click on ‘Finish‘.
  • Now select the newly made account.
  • Click on ‘Account Type
  • Click on ‘Administrator‘ and click on ‘OK‘.
Steps for Windows 8.1
  • To open the Run Window, Press ‘Windows + R‘ keys on your keyboard.
  • Now select the ‘Control Panel‘ and click on ‘OK‘ button.
  • Click on ‘User Account‘ and select ‘Manager another account‘.
  • Now select ‘Other accounts‘ and click on ‘Add an account‘.
  • You need to click on ‘Sign in without a Microsoft Account‘.
  • Choose the ‘Local account‘ and enter the ‘Username, Password and Password prompt
  • Click on ‘Next‘ tab.
  • After this the screen will return to manage other accounts screen.
  • Choose the ‘Account‘ which is newly made and click on ‘Edit
  • Click on drop down option and choose ‘Admin
  • Finally Click ‘OK‘ button.
For Windows 8, 7 and Vista
  • Open ‘Run‘ dialogue box Window by Pressing ‘Windows +R keys‘ on your keyboard.
  • Now click on ‘Control Panel‘ and click on ‘OK‘ button.
  • Now click on ‘User Accounts
  • After this choose the ‘Manage another account‘.
  • Now hit on ‘Create a New Account
  • Now type the name of the ‘New account‘ to be created
  • After this select the ‘Administrator
  • Click on ‘Create Account‘.
  • Done.!

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Solution 4: Make a New Windows Server

Another possible method is that you can try to create a new server using the steps below and try fixing the error.

  • The first thing to do is open the ‘Server Manager‘.
  • Now click on ‘Tools
  • After this select on ‘Computer Management
Computer management - Error code 31600
  • Increase ‘Local Users and groups
  • Now select the ‘Groups
Change admin properties - QB error 31600
  • Double-click the ‘Administrator group‘ to open the Administrator properties windows.
  • Now Hit on ‘Add‘ option.
  • In the Select User section choose ‘Computers, Group Windows and Service Accounts.’
  • Now type the name of the accounts that you want to add in the local admin groups.
  • Finally Click on ‘OK‘.

Solution 5: Browser Inspection

QuickBooks error 31600 can be seen if there is any issue with the browser. You can try performing the steps below and inspect the browser for any configurations. The steps involved here are:

  • Just in case you are using QuickBooks online, make use of updated version of any of the search engines like Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.
  • Once you have checked the browser version, clear all your search history and remove the cache.
clean history or cache
  • Close the browser and further login again.
  • Moreover, press ctrl + shift + del together while the browser is open.
  • The history window will open and you now have to choose all the boxes.
  • In case you are using Google chrome, set the timing to – The beginning of time, or for Firefox, you can choose everything option.
  • This will clear all your history.

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By the end of this segment, we believe that the user might be able to turn down the error code 31600 in QuickBooks successfully. On the contrary, if the user is unable to or comes across a similar error again even after implementing the set of steps enumerated above, then in that case, it is suggested to connect with our QuickBooks Technical help @ +1-844-499-6700. Feel free to reach us and get answers to all your queries immediately.


FAQs related to QuickBooks error 31600

How do I fix error code 31600 in QuickBooks?

You can try fixing the error code 31600 using the steps below:
1. Create an admin
2. Create a new server
3. Browser Inspection
4. Check for the affected user

How do I fix QuickBooks files?

You can repair your company file using the rebuild data utility. The steps involved here are:
1. Move to the file menu, hover over utilities and choose rebuild data.
2. Choose ok on the QuickBooks information window
3. After that let the tool repair your file
4. You now have to choose ok tab
5. Go to the file menu
6. And let the tool check your file for data issues

How does a QuickBooks file get corrupted?

A QuickBooks company file can get corrupted due to hardware or software issues, abrupt system shutdown, network connection errors, large file size, virus attack, and much more.

How do I fix a reconciliation error in QuickBooks?

You can try fixing a reconciliation error in QuickBooks by entering the correct amount.
1. Select edit info in the reconciliation window
2. Review the ending balance and ending date
3. You now have to check your bank statement and make edits
4. Choose save once done.

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How to Choose the Right Bookkeeping Services?

How to Choose the Right Bookkeeping Services?

When you are on the verge of beginning your business, it is of great importance that you fine-tune all your financial and marketing strategies. As an individual professional of a small business with high commitments to meet, it is of tremendous help if you hire a bookkeeper who keeps a record of all your finances, manages your bills and invoices, and keeps your earnings and expenses balanced. No doubt, handing over the accounts work to a bookkeeper provides you with ample opportunities to give your time to other important business decisions. Moreover, it also reduces the risk of error that you might do in hurry. In this article we will discuss about best Bookkeeping services.

Make sure to read this article till the end for any further details. However, you can also get in touch with our technical support team in case you require our assistance. Give us a call at +1-844-499-6700 and get all your queries resolved by professionals immediately.

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Tips to find the Best Bookkeeping Services

Proper bookkeeping management is not just important in order to comply with the federal laws and tax regulations but is a good opportunity to understand the business operations and financial operations and figure out the ways to invest and earn more. You need to make sure that you do not fall into the trap of poor accounting else your business is bound to fail, making it quite unavoidable. So, it is necessary to find the bookkeeper but how are you going to do it. Below are some ways which can help you find the right bookkeeper for your organization:

Hiring an Employee:

Hiring a dedicated employee for bookkeeping work of a business is a good way to keep a control of your finances and its related things. It is obvious that without expertise, it is difficult for businesses to manage bookkeeping properly and with the right accounting software, the work gets quite easy.

But if a business fails to hire an employee, then it is like a true disaster for a business handling bookkeeping without any expertise. Moreover, if you have an internal bookkeeping staff, you will soon realize that it is subjected to a myriad of information security, errors, mistakes and frauds which can take place while doing financial entries. So, when hiring a bookkeeper, make sure that you keep an eye on him and related circumstances.

Hiring a freelancer for Best Bookkeeping Services:

When a businessman thinks of hiring a freelancer, many questions pop up in his mind which includes the qualification of the freelancer, his reliability, experience, track record and much more. Insurance, license and certification are three important things a freelancer needs to possess and these things need to be investigated before hiring a freelancer.

If your freelancer makes a mistake while working, there are chances that at the end, you are left with no option. Along with this, it is also necessary that you provide an adequate oversight in order to prevent serious mistakes and accounting mismanagement on the freelancer’s part.

Competent freelancers do exist in the market but you are required to be very diligent to find the right one for your business. Your bookkeeper should know how one can balance and manage books at the same time while providing an insight into the problems he is facing. So, make sure that the freelancer is equipped with relevant resources to keep the things in place.

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Value for Money:

When looking for a freelancer, make sure that you have got a custom quote fixed which implies that you value money. Prices can vary from person to person depending on their experience and reliability, but you need to choose the one that suits not just your requirements but also budget, obviously with no hidden costs.

Prefer personalized service:  

Make sure that the bookkeeping service you choose is well-experienced and is willing to work for you with complete dedication. Also, it is necessary that they meet your specific expectations. This is an assurance that you prioritize your business, and are respectful of your time. Also, ensure that the bookkeeping service understands the goals and objectives of your business, which will help them do the work accurately.


A dependable service provide is the one who is readily available even throughout the peak hours of demand. A great, customized client service is necessary for lasting health and wellness, professional relationship. Additionally, it will provide you the self-confidence of holding trust fund on the provider. However, large bookkeeping corporations are reliable, but the majority of the moments they fail to provide personalized services. If you are seeking a devoted representative choose a local business.

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Final words..!

There are many bookkeeping services which manage daily accounts for a variety of business at that you are required to employ CPAs for management roles to counsel the bookkeeper if he/she falls into a problem. Since the bookkeeping service providers work with various clients with different requirements and expectations, you may also get the right bookkeeper for your business as well who has a well understanding of your business and expectations. Moreover, such providers have great linkages in the industry which you can also leverage to expand your connections. This method of leveraging connections will benefit your business in the long run.

In addition to all the above aspects and benefits, a bookkeeping service will also identify potential risks and opportunities for your business. Thereby ensuring the integrity of your accounting and financial data.

Hire a Certified bookkeeper

We, at Hostdocket, provide you with accurate bookkeeping services. Our services give you a true value of investing your time and money. We have a team of experienced and understanding professionals who dedicatedly work for your business. Many thanks for visiting here.

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For any kind of further information pertaining to accounting & bookkeeping or any kind of other accounting problems. you can speak with our Intuit QuickBooks certified proadvisors and U.S based best accountants and CPA’s at our helpline number .i.e. +1-844-499-6700.


FAQs Related to the Best Bookkeeping Services

How do I choose a bookkeeping service?

Availing of a bookkeeping service can help you in maintaining your accounts properly. It is a must to learn about the certification and licensing before you choose a bookkeeping service.

What are the three types of bookkeeping?

The three types of bookkeeping include, cost, managerial, and financial. These are essential for a healthy functioning of business.

How to do easy bookkeeping?

For easy bookkeeping, you can simply purchase QuickBooks accounting software. Or you can also connect with our accounting professionals at +1-844-499-6700.

What are the 5 accounts in bookkeeping?

The 5 Types of Accounts in Financial Accounting
Income (Revenue)

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