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Interrupted by QuickBooks error code 80070057 when opening a QuickBooks company file? Well, often when trying to open a QuickBooks company file, an error i.e., QuickBooks error 80070057. This error often stops your QuickBooks software abruptly and at times ends up in QuickBooks crashing. A common reason behind the occurrence of this issue is the communication gap between the file and the server or host network. There are a bunch of factors triggering such an error, which we will be elaborating on later in this segment. To understand the parameter is incorrect.0x80070057 error better, stick around this piece of writing carefully, or you can also get on a call with our technical support team at +1-844-499-6700, and we will provide you with instant support and guidance related to all sorts of QuickBooks queries.

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What is QuickBooks Error 80070057?

QuickBooks Error Code 80070057 is a run-time error that generally appears when you try to open a company file. This error is usually associated with communication issues with the QB Company file over the network on a different system (Server or Host). QuickBooks Error Code 80070057 simply means that you do not have adequate permissions to delete/eliminate the QB files in the specified folder. You can use/open/access the QuickBooks application in the multi-user environment if you have access to read/ write and have the authority to delete/create QuickBooks Company files stored in a specific folder.

When this error occurs, the system displays an error message that says:

80070057: the parameter is incorrect


Error Status: 80070057 The parameter is incorrect, or You do not have sufficient permissions

QuickBooks error message 80070057

If you want to resolve error code 80070057 QuickBooks by yourself, follow the below-given instructions that the industry’s best accounting professionals provide.

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What Causes QuickBooks Error 80070057?

Here are some of the potential reasons causing QB Error 80070057 : –

  • Damage Network Data (.ND) file(s): Network Data (.ND) files are the configuration files that store relevant information/details of QuickBooks Company Files accessibility in the multi-user mode. It enables the programs & other applications to identify the database server that it will utilize. This generally happens when the users try to move or delete the .ND files on the host or server machine, then file turn to an unreadable file. Hence, it leads to the Error Code 80070057.
  • Improper Firewall & Internet Security Setting: Sometimes, System Security applications and Firewall configuring incorrectly or improperly tend to distort the communication path between QuickBooks Desktop & QB Database Server. In this scenario, the chances of experiencing QB Error code 80070057 elevate a lot.
  • This error code can also arise when the QB user tries a direct attempt to open/access the QB company file via a shared folder. This generally happens because only the server or the host computer has permission to access or open the QB server files.
  • The antivirus used is BitDefender, which blocks uncommon ports when there is data traffic between the computers. QuickBooks Desktop 2018, 2017, and 2016 which uses the database service running on the host computer. This database service communicates through ports 56728(2018), 56727(2017), and 56726(2016) respectively. Bit Defender blocks these ports by the default manner.

Some Other Possible Causes of QB error 0x80070057

  • QuickBooks is unable to read your company file because of changed company file extension.
  • Damaged installation of QuickBooks software.
  • Incorrect QuickBooks extension such as .qbm, .qbb, .qbxfor Windows file extension.
  • Use of a third-party firewall that is not configured for QuickBooks.
  • You are trying to access a portable company file before opening QB software.

Signs and symptoms of QuickBooks error Code 80070057

Identifying the error becomes easy using the set of steps listed above. Let us have a look:

  • In case the company file abruptly got damaged.
  • An error message abruptly appears on the screen
  • The system freezes for some time again and again
  • In case the system responds slowly to the inputs
  • Just in case you do not have the perform to delete your company files.

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Latest Methods to Troubleshoot the QuickBooks Error Code 80070057

Check out these 5 Possible fixes for QuickBooks Error 80070057 through the below given info-graphic. You can skip this part and follow below given steps if you want to see the in-depth troubleshooting steps for this error.

5 Easy Steps to Fix QuickBooks Error Code 80070057- Infographic

Follow below possible methods to fix the QuickBooks error code 80070057: –

Solution 1: Edit or Delete the .nd File

  • At first, jump to a new copy of the Network Data (.nd) configuration files in the QuickBooks Company folder.
  • Ensure that all the users are logged out/sign out, and then shutdown the QuickBooks application on the entire machines.
  • Login as the system administrator and then go the QB company file folder.
  • Find the .nd extension file that associated with the QB company file that’s have the issues.
  • If you will be successful to find the desired file then, either rename it or delete it. This action will tend to automatic creation of the file itself in both the scenario.

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Solution 2: Rescan your File using the QuickBooks Database Server Manager

Note: This step is only applicable if you are using the company file over the network. We recommend you to perform this process on your server

QuickBooks Databse Server Manager
QuickBooks Database Server Manager – Screenshot
  • Now Go to the windows “Taskbar” tab, enter the “QuickBooks Database Server Manager” and then choose the “Open” icon.
  • In case, you notice that QB company file are already listed: –
    • Select the “Scan” option.
    • Hit onto the “Add Folder” tab.
  • Go to the folder location, select the desired folder and press the “OK” button. Later, hit onto the “Scan” option.
  • The scan process will reconfigure the ‘QuickBooks File Sharing Permission’. Thus, it enables all the computers to access the permission which tends to report error associated with the firewall & Internet Security Settings.
  • Try to open the QuickBooks software on both the host computer & the system showing QB error code 80070057.

Solution 3: Reconfigure the BitDefender

Configure BitDefender to allow QuickBooks Desktop Communication
  • Firstly, go to the ‘BitDefender 10.0’ menu, select the “Antivirus” option.
  • Choose the “Custom level” icon => “Exclude path from scan” option. 
  • Select the “New item” tab.
  • Choose the “mapped drive” or “UNC path” feature. Both of them use to browse the QB Company files. i.e. “Q:\”

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Solution 4: Download, Run QuickBooks File Doctor tool

QuickBooks File Doctor (QuickBooks Tool Hub)
  • To resolve this error, you can take help of the QuickBooks File Doctor (QFD) tool.
  • You just need to download and install this tool to your PC first and then run it.
  • This tool will automatically detect all the damaged or corrupted files and repair them.

Solution 5: Authenticate the company file name Extension

  • First of all, you need to Select the Company file and right click on it.
  • After that select the Properties option.
  • Click on QuickBooks tab.
  • Now Enter the file extension in the Filename field and version of the QuickBooks software in the last opened with a file.
  • Finally click on OK button.
Step 1: Change the File Extension
  • Right click on the screen and choose create a new folder.
  • Copy and paste the Company file into a new folder.
  • Now give a right click on the folder and choose Rename option.
  • Rename the file extension to .qbm and click on Save to made changes.
  • Open QuickBooks to restore the Portable company file.
  • Rename the extension to .qbb if you encounter any issue in opening QuickBooks.
  • Open QuickBooks desktop and Restore the Backup.
  • If you are unable to open the file, rename the extension to .qbx
  • Finally, Open QB Convert to an accounting copy.

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Step 2: Copy the company file from its current location and paste it into a different folder in Flash drive
  • Open the Windows Explorer and QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Go to the “File”, Right-click and choose the New Folder.
  • Copy “Companyfile.QBW” from Flash drive and paste it into a new folder.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop again and open a new folder.

Solution 6: Perform a Clean Installation of QuickBooks

Select QuickBooks version and product version in clean install tool
  • Perform a clean install during Uninstall and reinstall QB Desktop.

Solution 7: Converting Files from Mac to Windows

Solution 8: Opening up the company file properly

You might come across this issue if the company file is not accessed properly. The steps to be performed here are as follows:

  • Initially, the user needs to open QuickBooks desktop.
  • Furthermore, opt for the Company file.
  • Later on, click on the Open option.

Solution 9: Update QuickBooks to QuickBooks Desktop 2023 or whichever is latest

Update QuickBooks - Error 80070057
  • Under this process, you simply need to head to the help menu
  • Furthermore, click on the Update QuickBooks desktop.
  • Now, choose the Reset updates option if you wish to erase the earlier Update downloads.
  • Go for the Get updates option
  • Click on the Start QuickBooks again option.
  • Check if the issue is resolved

Solution 10: Cleaning up drive space

Often the junk files can pile up and create issues. When Windows perform a system update, it usually stores the old version in a folder that takes up much space. You can check out the space available on your system drive, by simply performing the steps below:

  • At first press Win + E
  • And launch the File Explorer
  • Now move to This PC.
  • If you feel the space is less, then right-click the drive
  • And choose the properties tab
  • And also click on Disk Cleanup
Disk cleanup in QuickBooks
  • Now hit click on Clean up system files
  • After that check the Recycle Bin and Windows Update Cleanup
  • And click on the ok tab
  • Select the delete files option
  • And this would resolve the issue up to great extent

Solution 11: Sync the Windows Date and Time

Date and time settings

Often when the Windows clock is out of sync, it might cause issues including error 0x80070057. However, it can be resolved by using the steps below:

  • At first, look the time and date by clicking the time in the Windows Taskbar
  • If you spot an issue, then continue with the steps:
    • Windows 11: Press Win + I to launch the Settings app and select the Time & language and Date & time options respectively
    • Windows 10: Here, you need to right-click the Taskbar and choose Adjust date/time.
  • It is suggested to enable the below options
    • Set time automatically
    • Adjust for daylight saving time automatically
    • Set time zone automatically
  • Now click on Sync now tab
  • In case you end up in same issue again and again, then there might some other technical issue

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Solution 12: Use the system file checker

It should be noted that Windows have an inbuilt System File Checker tool that can be used to scan the system for any potentially corrupted files. This can be done by using the steps below:

Run system file checker
  • At first, open an elevated Command Prompt by right-clicking the Start Menu
  • Choose the Command Prompt (Admin) or Windows PowerShell (Admin).
  • Now run the following command: sfc /scannow
  • This might take some time, so do not close the Command Prompt window until the verification is 100% complete. On completion, you’ll receive one of the following messages:
    • Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations. Your system did not contain any corrupted files; you need to try another fix for this issue
    • Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation. You need to reboot your system into Safe Mode, then run the command
    • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them. Details are included in the CBS.Log %WinDir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. To view the details of what the System File Checker fixed, see the instructions below
    • Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them. Details are included in the CBS.Log %WinDir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. You’ll need to manually repair the corrupted files.

Look for System File Check Log

  • Just in case you get the final pair of messages, then you might have to look at the System File Check log. For which you need to continue with the below steps:
    • Start with opening an elevated Command Prompt
    • Right-click the Start menu
    • Choose the Command Prompt (Admin), Windows PowerShell (Admin), or Windows Terminal (Admin).
    • Run the following command: findstr /c:”[SR]” %windir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log >”%userprofile%\Desktop fcdetails.txt”
    • This command will copy the details of the log to a plain notepad file on the desktop
  • In case you have corrupted files that shows the SFC process was unable to automatically replace, then the following entries might show up (taken from the Microsoft Support document on the System File Checker):
    • 2007-01-12 12:10:42,
    • Info CSI 00000008
    • [SR] Cannot repair member file [l:34{17}]”Accessibility.dll” of Accessibility, Version = 6.0.6000.16386, pA = PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE_MSIL (8), Culture neutral, VersionScope neutral, PublicKeyToken = {l:8b:b03f5f7f11d50a3a}, Typeneutral, TypeName neutral, PublicKey neutral in the store, file is missing
  • In that case, we can replace the corrupted file with a known good copy, with the help of command prompt
  • Here, you need to open an elevated Command Prompt
    • This can be done by right clicking the Start menu
    • Now go for Command Prompt (Admin), Windows PowerShell (Admin), or Windows Terminal (Admin).
    • This might require you to have admin access. Make sure to replace the path and filename with the information provided in the sfcdetails.txt created in the previous section.
  • The user will then have to use the following command: takeown /f pathandfilenameem>Windows 10 Command Prompt takeown command
  • After that grant access to: icacls pathandfilenameem>/grant administrators:F
  • The last step is to replace the corrupted system file with a known good copy by using the following command: copy sourcefile destinationfileem

Solution 13: Run the DISM Command

Using the DISM command can help you in performing the steps easily. DISM stands for Deployment Image & Serving Management, it can be used to an attempt to download and restore the system files.

  • Enter the below command from the Windows command prompt: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  • According to your system health and the level of corruption present, this might take some time to process
  • After it ends, check if any files have been replaced.
  • And then restart your computer
  • Also, run the sfc /scannow command again.

Solution 14: Fix Group Policy Interference

This is a unique solution is for Windows 10 Home users. However, Windows 10 Pro users had the option to alter their Group Policy settings as to render the update system impotent. The steps to be performed here are:

  • At first, press Win + R to open the run dialog
  • And then enter gpedit.msc
  • After that hit enter tab Head to system configuration and admin templates
  • Now select Wwindows components
  • And then choose Windows update
  • Once done with that configure automatic updates
  • And also click on not configured
  • Lastly, reboot the system and this would fix the issue

Solution 14: Update Windows

Last but not the least, try to update windows version to the latest release. At times the Windows version tends to create discrepancies with other software like QuickBooks and throws up various errors such as error 0x80070057. Updating Windows can eliminate such errors. Moreover, using the updated version of the operating system makes sure that the software doesn’t come across any sort of compatibility issues.

Update windows - QuickBooks error 80070057

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Use the steps shown above to resolve the QuickBooks Error 80070057. If you need immediate help & support for the QB problems – you can get in touch with our QuickBooks support helpline number i.e. +1-844-499-6700. We are available round the clock and provide you with the best services that you need.


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Some FAQs Related to QuickBooks Error Code 80070057

What causes QuickBooks error 80070057 and how can I fix it?

QuickBooks error 80070057 typically occurs when a user tries to open a company file without the appropriate permissions or when there is an issue with the file path. To resolve this issue, ensure you have the correct permissions, update QuickBooks to the latest version, and check the file path for any discrepancies.

How can I prevent QuickBooks error 80070057 from occurring in the future?

To prevent QuickBooks error 80070057 from happening again, make sure to keep your software updated, consistently verify and rebuild your company file, and always use the proper file path when accessing your company file.

Is it possible that a firewall or antivirus software is causing QuickBooks error 80070057?

Yes, sometimes firewall or antivirus software can interfere with QuickBooks, leading to error 80070057. It is recommended to configure your firewall and antivirus settings to allow QuickBooks to function properly. If you’re unsure about how to do this, contact our toll-free support number +1-844-499-6700 for guidance.

Are there any tools available to help resolve QuickBooks error Code 80070057?

Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks, offers a File Doctor tool that can help diagnose and repair various issues, including error 80070057. Download and run the QuickBooks File Doctor to scan your company file and repair any detected errors automatically.

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