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Without any doubt, QuickBooks is a high-tech accounting software that is trusted by millions of small and mid-sized business owners across the world. However, despite being an innovative software, it at times receives errors that freeze its functioning and also makes it problematic for the users to work on the software. QuickBooks Desktop Update errors are among those errors that may pop-up anytime while downloading updates or latest upgrades. These errors might prevent QuickBooks from being upgraded and also installing the new features of QuickBooks. If you are a QuickBooks user, you would know that the software releases new updates all year round. The motive of these updates is to automatically fix the errors that trouble users. Considering this, QB users might receive issues in downloading updates that might not take place due to the software.

In this blog post, we are going to inform you of some credible solutions for QuickBooks desktop update errors. We hope you will be able to get rid of from the update errors using these troubleshooting steps given here. However, you can also get in touch with our QuickBooks error support team via our toll-free number i.e. +1-844-405-0907 and discuss the issue with our team. Our team will resolve the issue for you without any hassle.

What May trigger QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors?

  • The very first reason behind the occurrence of QuickBooks desktop update errors is poor Internet Connection
  • Also Restrictive Settings of Personal Firewall or Internet security may also cause update errors
  • One computer with multiple instances of QuickBooks

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Methods to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors

Checkout the troubleshooting steps to resolve QuickBooks desktop update errors:

Condition 1: General Internet Connectivity Issues

Many a time, unstable internet connection may trigger some issues related to QuickBooks desktop update errors. In order to fix such issues prior updating your QuickBooks, you must inspect your internet connections signal. In case the signal is weak, you shouldn’t update as it may cause to updating errors in your QuickBooks Desktop software.

Solution 1: Check the system date and time on the computer

  • Firstly, Check the clock at the bottom right corner of your screen
  • Now Do a right-click on it and choose adjust Date/Time
  • Tap on Change date and time
  • Select current date and time
Windows Data and Time Settings - Screenshot

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Solution 2: Check your Internet Connection Settings

Check Internet Explorer Settings - Screenshot
  1. Firstly, Check if your Internet connection is secure
  2. Open a Web browser (Such as internet explorer and Google chrome) and go to Chase banking
    • If you are not able to open the Chase banking page, you won’t receive updates from QuickBooks. You can contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for support if this situation occurs
    • Open QuickBooks and continue follow the below given step if the website is visible to you
      • Go to Help and select Internet Connection Setup
      • Select “use my computer’s Internet connection settings” to set up a connection and click Next
      • Click Advanced Connection Settings, and then Advanced tab
      • Now Select the Restore Advanced Settings button
      • Click OK and then done
      • Finally, Update QuickBooks Desktop

Important Notes:

  • Users, who use America Online (AOL), log on to their AOL account with the master login id, if possible, and should ensure that the parental controls settings are disabled. Users can refer to AOL’s online support for more information.
  • QuickBooks users, who use a dial-up connection should make sure that the minimum internet speed they receive shouldn’t be less than 28.8 kilobytes per second (Kb/s).
  • Users who regularly use download accelerator should ensure that such software are not enabled while the QuickBooks updates are downloading. Else, the software will interfere with the new QB updates.
How to change internet security and firewall application settings?

Sometimes, default setting and limitations set by the QuickBooks user for internet security software and personal firewall might conflict with each other and prevent the software updates from being downloaded as they may take them as a threat to the computer. Always recheck your computer setting and verify that is not the case. You need to verify your Internet security configuration and personal firewall software settings. Ensure that ports 80 and 443 are enabled, and access to following files is provided with you:

Set the specific firewall ports for your version of QuickBooks Desktop:

  • AutoBackupExe.exe
  • DBManagerExe.exe
  • FileManagement.exe
  • FileMovementExe.exe
  • IntuitSyncManager.exe
  • Dbmlsync.exe
  • QBCFMonitorService.exe
  • QBDBMgr.exe
  • QBDBMgrN.exe
  • QBGDSPlugin.exe
  • QBLaunch.exe
  • QBW32.exe
  • QuickBooksMessaging.exe
  • QBServerUtilityMgr.exe

Important: If you are using all these ports in other processes, then port 56719, which is a fallback port, be used for the QuickBooks Database server.

Owing to the complexities and various firewall programs, Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks, cannot offer support for particular firewall issues. In case you need further help in configuring your firewall, contact with your computer or network administrator, who sold to you the firewall software or hardware, the website of the manufacturer or software developer, or a local expert.

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Condition 2: If more than one versions of QuickBooks on the same computer

Update errors may appear If there are multiple items of QuickBooks desktop for the similar version and year and they are installed together on one computer system. For instance, if you have QuickBooks desktop Premier Edition 2016 and QuickBooks desktop enterprise solution 2016 on your computer at the same time, it would cause confusion and may create troubles in installing QuickBooks updates. In a situation like this, you can manually update the QuickBooks accounting software.

Solution 1: Download and Install a manual update

Please note that updating QuickBooks is different from upgrading the software. Your QuickBooks desktop can be updated to the latest manually as well as automatically. The easy way is to turn on Automatic Update that enables QuickBooks to auto download the latest updates, no matter the program is running or not. In case you wish to keep this feature off, you can go with updating QuickBooks software manually, at least once a month.

Solution 2: Download and Install QuickBooks release updates

Update QuickBooks Desktop - Screenshot 1

Updating QuickBooks to a new release at times require you to make small changes in the database. However, these minor changes will have no unfavorable impact on the data file.

Here are three ways to update QuickBooks manually:

  1. Download from the Internet
  2. Update from within QB Desktop
  3. Critical fixes

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Winding Up!

We hope that you now have detailed information of QuickBooks desktop update errors by the time you come to the end of this article. In case any of your query remained unanswered, or you need any assistance, contact us at +1-844-405-0907. Our QuickBooks support & help team will provide you with quick and precise solution of your issue.


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